The Manual: What women want and how to give it to them

We all have special loved ones in life. It could be our best friend, parents, siblings, sons/daughters, or wife/husband.

Aside from giving them our quality time, one way to express our love is by giving them gifts, especially during special occasions like anniversaries, valentines day, and birthdays.

My finance used to surprise me with simple gifts that touched my heart. He also composed poems about our love story and put them up around the house when he had to go away on travels and special events. Sometimes he also put them in a box of chocolate and fresh flowers.

The Manual: What women want and how to give it to them
The Manual: What women want and how to give it to them

I think these were really romantic gifts. It is not a costly gift, but what is important is the love we felt for each other. But for others especially for the girls out there, the manual: what women want and how to give it to them during a special occasion?

I listed some things that I’m sure women want that can be found on Amazon.

Handbags/Shoulder bags

I searched to find out what gift you can give to special women out there especially to your girlfriend or to your loving wife. Your gift does not depend on how costly it is or if it is the cheapest one, for me what matters the most is the gift itself because by giving gifts to them, they will feel special and valued. No matter how simple it is as long as it comes from your heart and it is heartily given, I am sure they will continue to love you in return.

Girls love to shop in the malls or go somewhere like in the park, beauty salon, fast food or in a gym, the best gift that you can give to them as a present is a handy bag like a hanging toiletry bag travel cosmetic makeup kit organizer because women have so many accessories like their pieces of jewelry and beauty care products and they want those things to be with them anywhere they go because they want themselves to remain pretty and presentable to everyone.

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If you have the budget, the price for that bag ranges from $30 and up depending on the size you want to purchase.

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If not for handbags, you can also choose shoulder bags for them like an L-Lan Totes shoulder bag which costs less than a regular handbag.

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or you can also choose this bag; “Lenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag T210, 15.6-inch Laptop or Tablet, Sleek, Durable and Water-Repellent Fabric, Lightweight Top-loader, Business casual or School ( Color Black) worth $13.98 for women who are working full time in a corporate world. They need these shoulder bags for their laptops needed for their work.

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I normally see women bringing with them their bags in the street, at train stations, grocery stores, or anywhere they go. Men usually have their wallets and mobile phones in their pockets but women have more things they want to have with them always, especially if they are working far from their respective places. So a handbag or shoulder bag as a gift for them is a good idea. Choose bags that are of good quality and durable even if it is not branded and is locally made.


Aside from bags, women love to have more pieces of jewelry. But if you are unsure what she likes, wristwatches are a safer choice. We all have the same time for each one like having 24 hours a day but some women failed to budget their time, especially those women who are not working like they are busy chitchatting with their neighbors or reading some love stories in pocketbooks or scrolling on their social media accounts.

For women who are busy working, they need to be reminded of the current time they have by having wristwatches so order that they will have regular meals between work and they can find time to take rest from having long hours of work. If your budget is under $25.

I saw this Casio Women’s LQ139B-1B Classic Round Analog watch for women which cost $12.07 only.

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If you want to purchase a higher amount, you can choose a Tissot Women’s Couturier 316L Stainless Steel Case with Yellow Gold PVD Coating Swiss Automatic Watch with Leather Strap color Brown (Model: T0352072603100) with a price of $230.98.

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Yes, it depends on how much money you have for you to buy those wristwatches for men but the idea of giving watches to women is a good one. I want all women to be reminded that time is very important and our time is limited here on earth, therefore they must not waste it.

Inspirational Books

I love to read since my high school days and one way for me to get inspired and motivated is by reading inspirational books. When I was single, I used to buy one inspirational book a month after receiving my monthly salary. For women to be empowered, having and reading books is a good thing for them so for me I will buy some inspirational books for them. I searched the site again on for me to find a good book at the same time an affordable one. I found these books on their site with the price ranging from $4-20.

“A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom and Courage” ( A Year of Daily Reflections) is worth $10.79

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“Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-love is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness” is worth $13.49  

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“Woman Evolve: Break Up With Your Fears and Revolutionize Your Life” is worth $14.98

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“Worry Less, Pray More: A Woman’s Devotional Guide to Anxiety-Free Living” is worth $4.99

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“Positive You: A Personal Growth Journal for Women” is worth $13.49 and some other books on the site for you to choose from.

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Spending time reading some inspirational books is important for women to uplift their souls, gain confidence and encourage them to continue living and doing the best that they can. I remember my grandma then who is still alive up to the present she is now 84 years old and she is still active with no daily maintenance on medicines, she shared to us one of her secrets of having a long and healthy life.

What she did was early in the morning after she woke up, she had a bible with her and found a verse, meditated on it, and applied those Bible verses in her daily life. Yes, I believe women need that whatever beliefs you have, uplifting our inner self is a good lifestyle for you to obtain long life. So if you are planning to give gifts to your mom, wife, sister, or your girlfriend, choose a book that will build her inner self for her to become more motivated in life. They can apply those learning and life lessons they will get from the book that they will read to their daily living.

Talking about how to give those gifts, of course, I recommend giving those personally. Like if you are courting someone like a girl to win her heart, you need to surprise her by going to their house or asking permission from her parents and asking for a dinner date for you to give it personally. Or when you want to give a special gift to your wife during her birthday, to make it more heartwarming, you need to give it to her then you can hug or kiss her at the same time after giving that gift.

It is more proper and formal also if you give the gift in person compared to asking her friend or parent to give the gift on your behalf. Also, you can express your feelings and you can spend time talking to her in person. You can wrap the gift or you can put it in a box and then give it to her. I am sure she will be surprised, happy, and feel special with that gift no matter how simple it is.

Those are my top lists on the manual: what women want and how to give it to them. Women love to have gifts on their special days and events in life. They are more sensitive to your feelings and emotions and one way for them to feel that you care is by giving them gifts. If you always give special gifts to them, they feel they are loved by you. Giving gifts to them is an investment that no matter the amount is, your act of kindness and how you express your love to them will last for a lifetime.

So do it now before it becomes too late and buy that special gift for your wife or your girlfriend and give it to her in person to show that you love her that much. Our special gifts will not last for a lifetime but those memories we shared and the priceless value of that gift with the love that we have will always remember and will last forever.

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The Manual: What women want and how to give it to them
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