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Tequila gift set

A party will never be a party without a little funky wild fun. Laughter, throwing back funny remarkable stories, sharing thoughts, ideas, and dreams- New memories. We will have those friends who will definitely bring a cake, other dishes to try, some gifts, and liquor. Yes, liquor. The rising star, second next famous to the cake. We commonly serve different types of liquor such as wine, champagne, beer, and whiskey. Are you thinking about adding a new liquor favorite to the parties? Thinking about Tequila as a gift? Or how about a tequila gift set?

Hola! Bring the bar vibes in your own comfort, whether you’re going to the party or hosting the party.

Here are some Tequila gift sets that you might want to check out!

Monterrey Personalized Tequila Shot Flight Set

This is an amazing tequila set gift and you can personalize it and make it more special by adding your relative’s or friend’s name on it! 4 shot glasses comes with a paddle that will safely hold your precious shot of tequila.

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Gas Pump Retro Liquor Dispenser

No problems with the shot glass but wanted to make every tequila moment fun? A great gift and adds more fun refilling your shot glass. Planning to fill it full tank? A must-try liquor dispenser to a full tank of happiness!

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Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game 16 pcs. Set

A great gift and a fun exciting game to play with your drinking buddies! Comes with a spinning roulette and 16 numbered shot glasses! A must-have to a classy, lit party!

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Skull Liquor Decanter Set

A Halloween party? Birthday Halloween party? This glass is on! Perfect for Halloween parties and someone who loves spooky things! Comes with a Skull decanter, 4 skull shot glasses, and a nice serving board.

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Medical Arts Personalized Decanter Set

Do you have a family or a friend whose profession is in the medical line? This is a perfect gift for them. Comes with a decanter and 2 glasses. You can personalize each piece with two-line text.

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More ideas? Need more options?

Yking Decanter Set

This classy-looking decanter is a great tequila gift set for someone who likes the luxurious design. Comes with 4 matching glasses and coasters for glasses. Feel that beautiful and rich vibes with this set!

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Atterstone Tequila Sugar Skull Wooden Box Set

Hola! To this Set that will give you that Mexican vibe! Perfect gift as it comes with 4 premium shot glasses, garnish knife, salt tin, and a cutting stone.

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Wine Savant Tequila Agave Decanter Set

Tequila lover? This decanter with a glass Agave design inside suits you! Comes with 6 shot glasses with agave designs.

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The Spice Lab Tequila Shot Glasses

These hand-made tequila Himalayan salt shot glasses are a perfect impressive tequila gift set! Too lazy to get some salt? Just bite a lime and shot from this Himalayan salt shot glass.

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MEXArt Mexican Leather Mini Boot Tequila Shot

Fall in love with these mini boots shot glasses. Perfect gift for someone who likes novelty-designed glasses- truly unique!

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HuntPro 12 Gauge Shot Glass Set of 4

Want to look so cool? Get this tequila shot glass gift and feel that Shot in your Glass firing up! Available in green, yellow, red, and black. Comes with an acrylic tray cup holder.

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Here are other Tequila-related gift sets you might want to consider

Mixology Bartender Kit

This 10-piece bar toolset consists of tongs, spoon, jigger, corkscrew, muddler, 2 liquor pourer, strainer, shaker, and a bamboo display is a perfect gift especially when you feel like evolving your tequila to the next level of heavenly margarita.

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Thoughtfully Gifts, Mix and Match Cocktail Mixer

You would wanna consider this Mini sampler to lighten up your tequila experience! comes with lots of classic favorite flavors and gift-bag ready.

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The Cocktail Box Co. Premium Cocktail Mix

A sure fun gift for someone who likes cocktails. A perfect travel bud!

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True Bony Boy Gag Gift

This novelty liquor dispenser is a sure star of the party if you have it! Dispense your tequila here and let the party go wild!

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Alcohol Shot Gun

Freeze! You’re tequila-arrest! Feeling cop-ish yeah? Cute gift for someone you want to tequila-arrest. Let the fun shot begin!

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Now you have an idea of how much they usually cost, what kind of decanter designs, set of shot glasses to pair the tequila of your choice to complete the tequila gift set, and where to find and purchase them- Are you thinking about the next party you’ll attend, or are you planning to host a party? Are you ready to say ” the tequila made me do it ” and dance like it’s your first time to dance? Are you ready to get happily wild with your friends and family with your tequila set gift?

Partying, exchange gifts, gifting, and alcohol are a huge part of our celebrations. It’s the moment to create new unforgettable memories and settle some old issues. It’s the moment to unite and love each other- At the end of the line, we just have each other. A gift is a sign of gratitude and adoration, and a tequila gift set would make your present shine like a star! Can’t dance? Tequila. Too shy? Tequila. In love? Tequila. Single? Tequila. Wanted to ask someone to settle but needs a deeper encouragement? Tequila! Jump into the leap of tequila faith. But keep in mind that if have kids around, we need to drink responsibly. Being happy and responsible is more of a thing; maturity. We only live once and so we should make it more meaningful to each and everyone around us. Treasure every moment, and do whatever it takes to be happy. Tomorrow is never promised to any one of us. Partying, alcohol, and gifts might be some elements of a celebration, but let us make sure that we are doing the rightest thing, and that is doing the things that you will be remembered and will keep you all more close in a deeper sense of your connection. Any alcohol, not just tequila can make the situation better- or worse. Make sure you know how to limit yourself when you have to, a sense of deeper respect for everyone- a peaceful mindset. At the bottom line, it’s all cool whether you have a gift or none. Your presence, greeting, heart, and support, it’s what matters the most.

After reading and seeing some of the lists, you’d feel that inner excitement bursting and may want to build your own home bar, caught in a daydream of having these fancy, classy liquor/shot glasses, different unique decanters or dispensers, complete bar tools and utensils having fun with everyone you love and doing their desired cocktails. Can you imagine that? Now imagine your tequila-lover friend receiving gifts such as these. They would explore their hidden bartending talents, invite you over and have fun with you. I guess that is one of the purest emotions of all, when you both just got deeper and solid connection and a certain gift will remind you of all the experiences, good or bad, made you both still stand tall; stronger. Before we get too emotional, let’s get to the list!

Party, love, care, be responsible and make sure to picture not just in photographs but in your memory how things went united by thoughts, by the waves of laughter we made and we will make, the sadness we shared and fixed, the plans and dreams we want to build in the future, just us; with you. Let the celebration begin and the Tequila leads the way on! Tequila everyone?

What about Tequila?

Tequila is a well-known distilled spirit from Mexico. Tequila is made from Agave plants. There are types of tequila which are: tequila reposado ( rested, aged ), tequila Anejo ( vintage, extra-aged ), and tequila Blanco ( silver, white, no influence of wood ). What’s the best of them? Depends on your taste. If you want a mild-tasting tequila, you may choose tequila Blanco or tequila reposado. Now if you’re someone who loves the richer and stronger taste and is a huge fan of ” everything gets sexier and better as it ages ” you would for sure grab the tequila Anejo. You can shot it neat ( feel the power ) and if you’re a cocktail lover we all know the classic fancy margarita. Is there any other else aside from it? Absolutely. Tequila lovers might want to try these mixes/cocktails.

  • Classic Margarita– tequila, lime juice, and Cointreau
  • Tequila Sour– tequila, lemon juice, lime juice, simple syrup, bitters, and egg white
  • Tequila Highball– tequila, lime juice, and club soda
  • Mexican Mule– tequila, lime juice, and ginger beer
  • Tequila Sunrise-tequila, orange juice, and grenadine
  • Siesta Cocktail– tequila, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and Campari
  • Tequila & Coke– tequila, lime, and cola
  • Tamarind Tequila– tequila, tamarind nectar, a hint of ginger ale
  • Dulce de Tequila– tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, agave nectar, and a small shot of cognac

There is so much more! You can be creative and create your original fusion, twist, and own mixes if you want to. Who knows? You could probably be a new high-class bartender on your own sophisticated mixing talent. Generally speaking, tequila, especially the tequila Blanco is versatile. Mostly used in the bars for cocktails. Tequila lovers for sure wanted to try mixes on their own; at home. Giving them the right and perfect tequila gift set might make their tequila hearts go hola to happiness! I mean, it feels so good when you’re not expecting someone would give details to what you love right? It’s like they value your taste and giving attention to something not all people would give time to. And of course, you, a tequila lover or has someone who loves tequila so much would obviously think of something related or tequila itself. Obviously, por favor ( please ) just not salt, everyone got salt in their spaces, be more thoughtful Amigo! It could be something like a novelty tequila display, or if you think they deserve fun shot glasses at home then unique shot glasses would be great. Tired of plain tequila bottles? Choose a fancy decanter or fun liquor dispenser that you can all stare and talk about while enjoying your sip and a shot of tequila. Don’t wanna be bored and run out of topics to talk about while at the party? There are sets of shot glasses that can make your tequila nights or celebrations more fun such as roulettes and even shot-guns to make it wilder. Halloween party? There are lots of spooky shot glasses and decanters to choose from, you can even make it as your decor after the events. Elegant vibes? There are lots of decanters sophisticatedly luxurious designs you can definitely see. Fancy yet old-fashioned? We got you covered! Want to make your gift personalized? You can definitely do that as some stores are offering decanters, and shot glasses personalized, you can even make it customized if you want to! That’s really cute to receive something we know ” just for us ” yes? Yes. We are living in an era where we can make most of the things happen from far away, by order, by desired design- basically, by our choices. All we have to do is think of something they would like, they love and you know they would appreciate. And well, if we can’t really awaken our inner imagination to make it more authentic, don’t worry, our dearest best friend named internet and google is ready to back us up and give us some ideas on what we can do and give. We don’t have to stress too much, lay back, sit, and relax just enjoy picking the right set you might like. Yes, you might like yourself too.

Tequila gift set
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