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Shashibo Cubes

Are you ready to learn about this one cube that offers you endless opportunities? Well, the Shashibo cube has the potential to transform into over 72 different shapes. You’ll need to bring together two, three, four, and so forth for endless possibilities.

With its thirty-six unique earth magnets, you’ll have limitless things to do with the cube. Unlike basic cube toys that don’t enable you to become creative and Shashibo is a magnetic puzzle that improves your thinking and reasoning capacity.

Where to get the Shashibo infinity cubes?

#1. Shashibo Extraordinary 3D Shape Shifting Box

This unit is designed from high-quality injection-molded plastic that assures you of a strong and longer-lasting unit. It is equipped with 36 pieces of rare magnets which give it a more innovative design and can easily transform into 70 different shapes for better play. They are well designed to comfortably fit into your hands and have fun for as many hours as possible. It offers you mind-challenging fun while stimulating your senses at all times. You can easily build any structures or sculptures of your choice because it has a strong magnetic system that makes it so easier to connect different magnetic cubes. Go ahead and collect all the 12 designs to come up with vibrant and elegantly patterned 3D arts. This makes it a unique gift for your loved ones of all ages during Christmas, birthdays, or any other special event.

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#2. Shashibo 2 bundle Magnetic Puzzle Boxes

You can stimulate your senses better whenever you use this shape-shifting box. It is equipped with 36 different magnets that allow you to connect multiple boxes to come up with unique shapes and 3D art. You can collect all 9 designs to come up with different structures and sculptures of your choice. Since it is designed from high-quality molded plastic materials you are assured of a strong and durable unit that does not break easily. Ideally, they are well designed to fit into your hands for long hours of fun without straining your hands. You can offer it as a gift to your dear ones of any age. It offers one of the calming and soothing effects that relieve stress and nerves to keep you feeling better after a tiresome day.

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#3. Mystic Ocean Spaced Out Shashibo Boxes

Unlike all the other puzzle toys out there, this shape-shifting box offers you that fun that you have always desired. Featuring a high-quality injection plastic construction, you are assured of a durable unit. Since it is equipped with 36 strong magnets, you can easily form more than 70 different shapes because you can easily connect them together. You can always challenge your mind for long hours thanks to the fact that they fit into your hands comfortably to avoid any kind of fatigue. The magnetic cubes make it so convenient for you to come up with larger and more unique sculptures and structures that you will love. This makes it a fidget toy and also one of the mind teasing toys to pass time after long hours at work. With its stunning therapeutic effects, you can offer it as a gift to your loved ones during, Christmas, birthdays, thanksgiving, graduation, or any other occasion.

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#4. Shashibo Patented Fidget Shape-Shifting Box

If you are looking for a high-quality shape-shifting box, you can always opt for this brand. It is designed from quality plastic and magnetic materials that offer you a longer-lasting unit. With its unique design, this can comfortably fit into your allowing you to have fun for many hours without fatigue. It is well known to stimulate your sense while exercising your brain to come up with different shapes of your choice. The magnets keep the boxes together allowing you to come up with a wide range of structures. This makes it the best STEM toy for your dear ones. It is one best way to relieve stress while building skills and coordination that bring different people together.

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#5. Keyile Infinity Cubes Fidget Toys

Are you looking for an anxiety reliever? Look no further than this Keyile Infinity cube that offers you just that. It is ideal for both kids and adult who aims at exploring more on cubes. It will not be able to make you bored because you’re trying to create as many shapes as possible. Further, this puzzle is also ideal for eliminating bad habits. Better yet, it is made from quality and safe materials. Additionally, it is easy to carry and makes a perfect gift.

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What does a Shashibo do?

Shashibo is basically a magical magnetic cube that has the potential to transforms and change into more than 70 cool shapes within no time. A shape-shifting box is an incredible unit that offers endless possibilities to kids who like to improve their thinking skills and reasoning. With psychedelic print and funky appearance, this kit has the potential to change back into a small box that you can carry to any space environment. Aside from that, you can even combine many of these kinds of gadgets to create bigger, cooler shapes with additional cubes.

Kids normally like this unit because it is a magnetic shape-shifting cube, and it has the ability to transform into more than 70 incredible shapes. The unit weighs 25 pounds with a size of 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Furthermore, it is suitable for kids age 8 and above. This unit is also liked because it can fit conveniently in the hand for long hours which usually stimulates the mind and acquires endless possibilities as they try to unwind the other hidden shapes. Better yet, it will be the best unit that can add aesthetics to your office or home environment. Getting the solution of this unit is usually intriguing and distressing at the same time.

What is Shashibo made of?

This is where Shashibo is uniquely identified with other puzzles or games. It is made from exceptionally durable and high-quality materials that stand the test of time. You can never compare the quality of this unit with anything else because first it is made from superior injection-mold plastic that is tear-proof, matte, 36 rare earth magnets with a high-gloss surface. Every magnet puzzle boasts four exceptional, artistic drawings of colorful, impressive artwork, for all-time changing options of beauty at the palm of your hand. The design of every side of this unit is known to bring up visual impact when this box is widely opened, and their edges come together.

And you want to know why the mold plastic material is durable? Well, this material is long-lasting because the quality is unrivaled. So, you can rest assured that this is a type of toy that you’ll even desire to stay on your table in your home or office space. If you bring one than one Shashibo together, then you’ll not only save yourself a lot of money, but in the long run, you’ll be creating shapes that are incredible and ingenious.

Where is Shashibo manufactured?

This unit is manufactured in the USA and Germany. Also, it is shipped from the same country of manufacture. The company offers 30 days return policy which is always a good way to gain customer trust. However, if 30 days elapse before you can raise an issue, then it will be unfortunate because you’ll not be able to benefit from the money-back guarantee. A refund is also only possible as long as you keep the item as good as new. Before the item is sent to you, it’s packaged well so that it reaches the right destination in its proper conditions.

The company has been making steps at improving the look and style of Shashibo to enable you to enjoy the most as you figure out to make a wide range of shapes as much as possible. But they have a favorable price that will ensure both the buyer and the company get a mutual benefit in the long run. As such, you’ll get the value for any penny that you pay for the item. The game is also exciting, and you’ll always want to do as much as possible to learn new possibilities with this unit.

How does Shashibo Cube work?

As opposed to other puzzle box toys that normally turn out to be disappointing and dull, the award-winning, patented Shashibo fidget box boasts 36 rare earth magnets for one of the innovative looks that can be able to change into more than 70 shapes. It can fit perfectly in your hand for long hours of challenging fun, while it stimulates your senses with endless and limitless creativity options. It also boasts a unique design and using this kit is easy. You need to be able to come up with different shapes that are unique and different. It comes as an extended structure so you can unearth varied options.

Even a beginner can try his or her luck with this puzzle because it is clear but the puzzles are challenging enough to induce thinking. It is also the best gift that you can get for those who mean a lot in your life. The more you uncover different shapes, the more you stimulate your therapeutic and calming effects in your body. Further, it stimulates your mind, imagination, and even your body. You need to consider this Shashibo Cubes puzzle.

Shashibo Cubes
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