Project 24

Replace your regular work with passive income in 24 months! Surely it sounds tempting? Who does not want passive income and be able to work less? I’ll share my plan!

How do you get a good passive income? Of course, there are many possible options. What I have chosen is to work as an affiliate. It means that I link from my websites to companies that I think have good products. I get a small commission for every person who clicks on my link and buys from the company in question. For me to have a good passive income, many people need to buy the products I recommend. The more visitors I have to my website, the more people will want to shop. To get many visitors to my website, there need to be many good texts where and the pages need to be listed high on Google. Just writing text and posting is not always enough. The content must be good too so that both people and Google like it. It is also important to produce a lot of new material. Something that many, not just me, fall for is writing. Previously, it could take me a whole day to write a post. But now something has happened that makes a difference. I was going to tell you about that here.

Do you want to exchange your job for passive income in 24 months? Here you will find out how I do to get where I want to go.

AFFILIATE How does it works?

Affiliate marketing works like this. I write about various topics on my website that I think the reader can benefit from. I can recommend different services or products that I think they need or benefit from in my texts.

In principle, it works like this: For example, I am very happy with the noise-reducing headphones that I have bought. Therefore, I gladly recommend them to others. If I have an agreement with the company that sells these headphones and links to where the reader can buy them, I get a small commission if he or she buys them. The commission’s size can depend on which company the product or service is sold and what the commission is on that particular item. Want to know exactly how to put affiliate links on your website and start making money right away? Then you will find more information here!


As I wrote and told about before, I work with affiliate marketing and work actively with two sites


My favorite YouTubers are Jim and Ricky and run the Income School channel. There I have received a lot of inspiration and tips. In addition to having a lot of free material available online, they also run Project 24.

Project 24 is a platform where you as a participant get help to step by step create your own website, fill it with good material and then when you get traffic to the website also add affiliate links to it and start making money on it.

In Project 24, you get access not only to the 60-step program to make your own website and get income from it. Project 24 contains so much more than that. What I have benefited most from so far is writing high-quality content for the website quickly. You can actually write a page with 1500 words in just 90 minutes. I did not do it before! It could take a whole day to write that amount of text.

There are also courses on choosing a good subject area for your website, photography, courses on how to speed up the website, etc. I have not had time to look at them yet.

If you want help with something, there is a user forum where you can turn. There is always someone who has answers to the questions. Even if they are purely opinionated questions, such as which logo is the nicest, you can get answers quickly.

Are you curious to join Project 24 too? Visit the page and Jim will tell you more!


I want passive income and be able to choose when and if I want to work. That’s my big goal. But what made me join Project 24 is that I think what Rick and Jim are talking about sounds reasonable. Previously, I only used the free material they shared, but now it cost me to join Project 24. What attracted me especially was that course to learn to write faster. It is the one that I think I will benefit the most from.

Well, then maybe the 60-step program is useful too. When you get a task each. It usually takes 90 minutes. It is not insurmountable to achieve a big goal in the future. I’m used to working with the web and such, so some parts of the program I could simply skip. When I sit down at the computer, it’s much easier to start working on the design than to write a blog post. But really, the look of the website does not matter at all, not before I have traffic to the website. Keeping up with one step every day is not absolutely necessary either, but as long as you continue to push the project forward, you are on your way to your goal.

Being part of Project 24 is also good for keeping your motivation up. It is easy to get tired when you do not get any income immediately. For Google to find and index a new website, it can take up to six months. To then sit and work with the texts on that site can feel quite inconsolable. To write day after day, even though you have no visitors and no income from it. I think it’s useful to see their project plan. Of course, they can not give any guarantees about income, but to see that a normal site does not generate income until six months into the job, even if you follow their plan, feels good. Then I know I have not done anything wrong. It can feel quite inconsolable to sit and write to a website that no one visits. Getting peppering every day and knowing that you are not alone makes writing easier.

It’s not a shrimp sandwich exactly. Starting a website and generating passive income is hard work. A lot of work will be required. But most people sit on the couch for at least 90 minutes every day. But I do this instead.


I have learned to work more efficiently and more purposefully. And not to spend so much time poking around with the design, but get a website that works and then move on. It is not the design that will generate any passive income.

When I have worked with my gift site, I have put in a lot of work, but I do not know if I have worked as efficiently as possible. I have just joined Project 24, but have still had time to learn a lot. When it comes to the site with housewife tips, I will work completely differently.

I have learned to write posts with higher quality. In the past, I was more focused on producing as many posts as possible. They did not always become so long or of high quality. But if I instead focus on writing the best and most helpful post to help my readers, I will be listed at Google’s top. It may not give as many pages, but if the pages I actually have rank top one or two on Google, I will still get many visitors to my website. So now the focus is on quality instead of quantity.

When I get a task to do every day to do, it’s not that hard to deal with it.


Joining Project 24 costs $ 449. It may sound a bit expensive, but if I manage to get to the finish line with my website a single month earlier than I would have done on my own, the course will be worth the money. I would like to have a passive income from my websites.

Project 24 helps me keep my motivation up for writing. Because the tasks come divided by a small thing every day, it feels affordable. Writing for 90 minutes every day is something I can do.


Do you also want to exchange your regular income for a liability? Join Project 24, you too. I promise it’s a hobby that is more profitable than watching TV!