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Prank gift boxes

Fake gift packages have been trending lately, and it’s easy to see why. These packages can help you switch up the gifting moments for your loved ones and friends with their hilarious layouts, photographs, and typographs.

Prank gift boxes are packages with different kinds of pictures and layouts you can use nicely package gifts to give to your loved ones. However, the images displayed on these boxes don’t necessarily represent the true gift you plan to give out.

They’re usually empty boxes and come in various sizes and designs for versatility. This article discusses the top 15 gag gift boxes you can consider during gift exchange occasions and the holidays. Their hilarity, corny jokes, and puns will make the gift recipients think they’re getting bizarre presents when it’s only fake packaging.

It’s hard to resist laughing when receiving a present packed in a fake box, and that’s the sweetest and memorable moment in gifting. Check out these hilarious gag gift packages for prankful yet extremely breath-taking gifting moments.

The most comical prank gift boxes that should be on your radar in 2021

When receiving a present, the surprised and ‘wow’ part is usually the funniest and striking moment. However, you may ruin the surprise if the recipient knows what he/she is about to get. These detailed and hilarious fake packages can significantly twist your gifting occasions into unforgettable and laughable memories.

Crib Dribbler

This fake gift package can be an excellent gag gift box for recipients with babies. It convinces the recipient you’re providing them with a feeding solution to their baby, something they’ll quickly fall for. It can also be a great prank box for baby shower gifts.

You can then sit back and watch the recipient turn to laughter after realizing the actual present. The description and details on this package make it even more laughable and hilarious. For example, when it claims feeder comes in two types and can hold various kinds of baby drinks, including energy drinks. Babies energy drink? Really? That’s truly funny and unusual.

It’s spacious enough for different kinds of gifts, like a sweater, a huge book, and a baseball mitt. It measures 11.25x9x3.25 inches. You only need to get the present, pop it into the box, and wait for the fun time.

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Roto Wipe prank gift box

Roto wipes are an excellent substitute for toilet paper. Putting a gift into this fake gift box will make the recipient think you gifted them with this nether-region cleaning tool. Then you can wait to see their faces brighten up when they notice it was only a fake box, but the gift is actually unique.

This packaging has a detailed layout and photographs that are reasonable enough to be existing. Like the Crib Dribbler, Roto Wipe gag gift boxes are big enough to put almost any funny gift for your friends and loved ones.

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12000 pieces jigsaw puzzle

This fake present box is an excellent option if you’re planning to gift a puzzle maniac. The recipient will indeed be puzzled when they notice another thoughtful present in the box instead of what they expected.

It’s a great idea to include shakeable items into the box during packaging to make the receiver believe that the package has puzzles. Or you can still put in actual puzzle pieces to make the receiver happier. The fact that the packaging says it has tweezers and a lens makes this gift wittier and can raise the anticipation of the receiver.

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Any busy person would love to have a VisorGanizer, a small case you can place on your head to easily access mostly used items like keys, lipstick, change, and IDs. Place a gift in this box and watch the recipient feel pranked as he/she opens his/her gift.

Like other boxes mentioned above, this box has a reasonable size for most presents, and it’s suitable for several occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more. In addition, its layout is detailed enough for anyone to believe it’s an actual VisorGanizer and is a pocket-friendly gift packaging solution.

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Pet Talk

Most of us struggle to understand what our dogs want, especially new dog owners. If your sibling, dad, mom, or friend has recently purchased a pup, this prank box can be an excellent package for a prankful present.

They’ll be thrilled and excited to open the box and finally get a look at the fantastic pet translator collar, only to find another more thoughtful and exquisite present. What a remarkable way to get a gift! Fun, right?

Simply put the actual present into the box, and put up a firm face when giving it out. Then watch your loved ones get gracious and thankful as they open the gift. The humor and shock on their faces after opening the box will remain in your memories for decades.

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Carole’s Sardine Oil

Do you know any sardine oil enthusiasts? If yes, a gift put in a Carole sardine oil prank box can give them a great laugh and a memorable present. They are a great gift box for wine-loving individuals and white elephant parties.

The glossy finish, quality material, and clear descriptions and images on this gift box are plausible enough. Hence, the receiver will quickly believe they’re getting sardine oil, only to realize later you had so much more planned for them when they open the box.

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Pet Butler

If you have a well-trained and fun pet, even your friends and visitors will love it. Most pet owners love showing off their four-legged companions, and one great way is by using pet butler serving vests. Gifting any pet owner a nice present in this prank box is a great way to make your gift look more special.

With the box’s quality, images, and description, the receiver will laugh hard at the satirical prank and become more thankful after seeing the actual present you got him/her.

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Sizzl-Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

with versatile use of dryer sheets today, your friend or loved one will have palpitations thinking you gifted them 144 dryer sheets plus a dispenser. It can be a plus if the recipient loves the bacon scent too.

With a well-selected gift stashed in the box, the present’s receiver would be completely astonished and excited when they find another excellent and more considerate gift. Like the Roto Wipe, Crib Dribbler, and other boxes mentioned above, the Sizzl prank box is suitable for all occasions and has a considerable size.

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Bartender Playkit prank gift box

This fake present box is an excellent gift package for people who are really into unique drink combos and recipes like mojitos, margarita, and more. This kit has more than 20 popular alcohol recipes and bartender advice from the box’s product description.

Such information can give the recipient lots of thrills and enthusiasm to see how the product works and looks. He/she will be highly puzzled and laugh hard after seeing the actual present and discover it was only a trick.

It can be an excellent present box for your spouse, lover, co-worker, bartender, parent, or sibling. Just get the present they deserve, put it inside the empty package and wait for the big humorous moment.

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Any computer tech lover or an individual just learning how to drive can easily fall for this prank. The receiver would believe he/she is getting the same device he/she sees on the box. You wouldn’t stop laughing at the comments and facial expressions the receiver makes upon opening the package.

While it may seem like a harrowing prank to pull off, the fine details and description on the box will make your gift seem real and existing. It’s generally an excellent box for almost any occasion, and it’s big enough to fit vast gift choices.

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Hatch Your Own Spider Terrarium

Although this product doesn’t truly exist, it’s hilarious and ludicrous enough to someone believe it exists. It’s a great gift package for kids who love spider stories or fear them. From its instructions and layouts, this product gives more details about spiders, for example, their venom antidote, net, moods, and facts.

When packaging the gift, you can add a few plastic spiders to make the present seem more real. At first, if the recipient hates spiders, he/she may even throw the box away, but after noticing he was merrily tricked, he’ll laugh it off and appreciate the real gift.

It is spacious like most other gift boxes and relatively easy to assemble too. The funny photos, instructions, and layout of this box will make your gift a household name for quite a long time.

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Belly Lint Collector Kit

Belly lint describes the decomposition found in your navel. It is usually composed of clothing fibers, body hair, and dead skin cells. You can embarrass or excite your loved ones and make a gifting moment more remarkable by putting your present into a belly lint collector kit.

For someone who loves inappropriate humor, this prank gift box can greatly amuse them. It has high-end photographs, instructions, and tips to make the recipient believe it’s a genuine lint collector kit. The best time is when he/she opens the box and finds an entirely different yet very reasonable gift.

You can also opt not to include anything in the box because prank boxes make the receiver thinks they’re given a bonafide present. You can use this box during an anniversary, birthday party, or any other special event.

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Home Liposuction Kit

Liposuction/body contouring describes the process of removing excess fats in some regions of the body that it’s hard to get rid of by dieting or exercising. Typically, any health or fitness-sensitive individual would believe you’re gifting them an authentic liposuction kit, and that’s where the hilarity starts.

The receiver is more likely to portray a mixture of reactions after opening the box and finding something else. she may also wish it was a genuine liposuction kit. Still, in general, the whole moment will be full of laughter, puzzlement, and delight.

Besides pranking, you can decide to put an actual liposuction tool for a loved one who worries about his/her weight a lot. He/she would love to see that you care and share their fitness journey with them. It’s a fantastic fake gift box for Elephant White Parties and other regular gift events. This box is well-built and has funny graphics that will make the prank even more comical.

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My First Fire

Make your sister or best friend get shocked and upset when you give their kid a hidden present in this box. At first, they’ll think you want to train their sweet baby to be a rampant arsonist. Then cheerfully watch them feel relaxed and pranked after seeing the real present you brought.

The description provided for this gag box will make anyone get concerned. It describes how it will help kids nurture their fire fascination, the excitement they get from using fire, preparing fries, and other fire-related details.

No parent would like their child to have this product, making it a perfect prank gift box that will leave everyone laughing and thinking about that moment.

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An iArm can sound like an excellent addition for busy people who multitask a lot. If you’re planning to give a present to such a loved one, it would be easy and fun to trick them with this fake gift box. Their thought of getting an additional helping hand will make them more eager and excited to see the actual product.

Although confusing at first, it’ll be amusing in the end when your friend/loved one finds another equally reasonable and essential gift stashed in it.

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Which of these fake gift boxes is right for you?

All the boxes listed above are suitable for almost all events. However, it’s essential to consider the mood of the party, the recipient’s taste, or dislikes for a funnier and awesome prank. You can get more than one type of box for various receivers, and all of them will undoubtedly be hilarious and make everyone identify you as a fantastic gifter.

The above boxes have almost the same size and are made with high-quality material for a high-end and classy gag gift box. There are ideal present packaging solutions for a birthday, Christmas, parties, and any event that needs gifts. They’re affordable, portable, and straightforward to assemble and utilize.

Prank gift boxes
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