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Gifts for a poor sleeper

Are you looking for a gift to someone who sleeps poorly or suffers from Asperger’s, ADD, ADHD, dementia, or another diagnosis?

Or maybe it’s you who lie awake night after night. If you sleep poorly one night, and then you need not worry. This is normal and is not particularly dangerous. However, it becomes a problem if it returns night after night. The body and brain need to recover and process the impressions they received during the day.

What is a nice gift to a poor sleeper
What is a nice gift to a poor sleeper?

By giving our body the rest it needs, we can handle more stress and pressures that we face during the day. Good sleep also reduces the risk of diseases.

This happens when you sleep

When you go to bed for the night and go to sleep, your body will relax and drop blood pressure. Your breath becomes fewer, pulse and body temperature lowers, and the muscles of the body relax. Although your brain’s activities decrease, they will process both new knowledge and new impressions in your mind.

It is so good to sleep is that the immune system is activated and form a lot of essential hormones. Hormones are one reason we do not lose weight, and at worst, we also gain weight, which can be useful to consider if you are careless with your sleep. And for young people and children are growth hormones produced during sleep, of course, important. The benefits need to sleep, so it also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

We all have different needs for sleep

Some adults do well with only six hours of sleep, while others feel that they need nine hours to rest. We have different needs, mainly about how adequate sleep was, therefore, how much deep sleep we had during the night.

The fact that young children need to sleep than adults, most of us are aware of. There is so much happening in their bodies with growth, discoveries such as learning to walk or crawl. And anyone who has a teenager knows how it is with all the hormones raging around the body, as much-needed rest and recuperation.

How can you get better sleep

There are many useful tips for those who want to sleep better, and the prospects for actually getting a better night’s sleep are more significant than you might think.

You have probably heard it before, but it is worth repeating that we should avoid computers, tablets, and mobile phones before bedtime. It is not just that we are exposed to the light from the screens, but rather that these devices trigger the brain’s reward system and can be compared with a bag of candy that releases dopamine in the brain. It may be sufficient that the mobile phone is in your pocket or is lying on the table beside the bed to disturb concentration. So leave it outside the bedroom.

Another tip is to create a harmonious room with good curtains, etc., that keep the light away from getting dark in the room. Thick curtains also attenuate ambient noise outside. Also, make sure not to have too hot where you sleep. A temperature around 16-18 degrees is usually considered to be the ideal temperature.

A good method is a weight duvet

It will take much for a physician to prescribe medicines to those who sleep poorly. Only after alternative methods are tested may it be necessary and then only after they investigated the cause of the problem. But the suffering of poor sleep can quickly end up in the sense of not finding some ways, so you get tips on a good option.

Some of the most common causes of sleep problems, anxiety and stress, and quilts with weight as the main quilt from Zenkuru proven to be very efficient and helpful. The high mass of the covers stimulates the release of oxytocin and serotonin, which is known as the feel-good hormone. Simultaneously, it can get the stress hormone cortisol drop by the effect of deep sleep will be better. It has also been shown to be useful for children or, for that matter adult, who suffers from motoric and mental anxiety.

There is a theory that the body has different impressions receiver at such sight, taste, smell, and hearing and the other senses that are not as well known as the tactile sense to perceive touch and pressure. One of the reasons that weight covers are so useful is that our body tissues respond to its strength, like when we get a massage or a warm hug. It has also been shown that quilts which consist of weights, make it not only falls comfortably around the body; it also follows when moving around during the night and change position. 

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and a weight duvet is equally good and appreciated by those who are already sleeping reasonably well, as for the miserable night’s sleep. No matter the age. The duvet’s pressure makes us both happy and calm and is reminiscent of the security and tranquility we felt as children when our parents hugged us. However, we do not quite remember how memories remain in the body, and our brain remembers the feeling.

Find the weighted duvet that suits best

There are many suggestions online for those who want to sew their weight duvet, but it takes time, requires a lot of material and calculations to get the right weight. Then this is the weight of the duvets from Coolstuff, a smart investment, and an appreciated gift.

The filling-in-weight duvet consists of tiny glass beads, and polyester batting together creates that proper weight. They usually recommend a blanket with a weight equivalent to 10-15% of body weight, and therefore there are several different covers to choose from.

All tired parents dream is probably a child who sleeps harmonious whole night. Then it may be useful to know that weight duvet is so lovely that it might as well be on the couch. Why not an effective way to calm down the restless and troubled children who need to calm down after a day and prepare for the evening night none. Win-win!

When I sewed a weight duvet was the total cost of $85,6. The weight duvet cost $100. So in hindsight, I might put a few bucks and buy ready-made. Today it is available at Amazon for $ 89,90.

Gifts for a poor sleeper
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