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Photo Magnets: A Unique Way Of Displaying Our Memories

Many of us take pictures so that we can keep them as memories. We wanted to preserve that special moment so that we could relive it once in a while. The problem, however, is where to keep them.

More often, we place them in a photo album. Also, with the advancement of technology, many of us are already content to simply have them on our computers. But, how can we relive them often, if we rarely see them?

Many would suggest that we pick our favorite one and have it framed. Then, we can display the framed one in our living room. Don’t get me wrong, I love that idea. In fact, I have some of my pictures framed and displayed like that.

But the thing is, we can only do that for a certain number of pictures. And now, the tricky part is choosing which ones to display. What if we have so many favorite pictures with memories that we love to remember often?

The solution to that is Photo Magnets.

What are photo magnetes?

Photo magnets are a unique way of displaying our memories. They come in various sizes. You can have them small if you want to display many of your pictures on your refrigerator. Or, you can have it in different sizes and be more creative with the layout. So now the question is, how are picture magnets made?

There are actually two ways to do this. The first one is by using magnetic picture frames. To do this, we can simply have our photos printed and then put them inside a magnetic picture frame. The second option is to directly print them on magnetic sheets. You will need a special printer for this option.

The use of a magnetic picture frame is actually cheaper than the second option. Though, with the second option, you won’t be limited to certain sizes. You can print the picture in any size that you want.

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The best Photo magnet frames on the market

If you don’t have enough budget to buy a special printer for your photo magnets, then do not worry. This is because there are many photo magnet frames that are available on the market today. These frames come in four different sizes: the 4×6 inch, the 8.5×11 inch; the 2.5×3.5 inch and the 5×7 inch.

You can choose to buy one type, the size you prefer the most. But, we recommend getting all four sizes so that you can be more creative and playful with how you organize your photos. With all four sizes, you can organize your pictures based on which you love the most. You can print your most favorite picture in the largest size. And then, all the other photos in other sizes. The choice is yours. You will surely have fun doing it.

Cheap Photo Fridge Magnets Online

If you choose to buy just one size, it is still okay too. That is the thing with photo magnets: you can be playful with how you arrange them on your refrigerator wall, regardless of their sizes.

Magtech magnetic photo pocket picture frame

This magnetic photo frame can hold a picture the size of 4×6 inches. It comes in three options: a white colored frame, a black frame, and an assorted colored frame. It is considered to Amazon.com’s best seller.

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Sooyee 15 pack magnetic photo frame 2.5√ó3.5

Unlike the first option, this one can hold pictures the size of 2.5 x 3.5 inches. For the frames, you only have two options: black or white. It is also considered to be one of the best on Amazon.com with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It has a total of 1984 reviews.

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Hiimeiei magnetic photo frames for refrigerator 8.5√ó11

Of the four magnetic frames, this one has the largest size. It can fit a picture the size of 8.5 x 11 inches. It is specifically made for refrigerator walls. This is actually Amazon’s Choice and it has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Unfortunately, its frame has only one color, white.

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Iconikal 5√ó7 magnetic photo sleeves

This magnetic picture frame can hold photos the size of 5√ó7 inches. Similar to option 3, this one only has one color, black. Both are neutral colors, so putting colorful pictures on them will not be a problem. This is also one of the highest rated magnetic picture frames on Amazon.com, with 4.7 out of 5 stars. It has a total of 336 reviews.

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Reasons why we love photo magnets

Photo magnets allow us to display more picutres in many different parts of the house

After we have created our photo magnets, we can now display them in various parts of the house.

Kitchen area ‚Äď For the kitchen area, we can choose to stick the picture magnets on our refrigerators for everyone to see. This situation, actually, allows us to display more pictures apart from the ones that we already have in the living room. With our photo magnets on our refrigerators, we can now see more pictures and relive more memories. Whenever we eat, cook, or wash dishes, we can now be reminded of our priceless moments. After all, who says we should only relive memories in our living rooms?

Bedroom ‚Äď There is no doubt that you can already display pictures that are framed in your bedroom. But, with photo magnets, you can now showcase more of those memorable pictures in a more creative way. This is especially true since they come in various sizes. You can choose to print them in small sizes so that you can have as many as you want.

Black Metal Magnet Board ‚Äď Then, proceed to organize it in a unique way on your magnetic boards. Yes, you will need a magnetic board to display your magnetic pictures in your bedroom. Thankfully, there are magnetic boards available on Amazon.com that you can use in your bedroom. A good example would be the Black Metal Magnet Board

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You can use them to decorate and beutify your refrigerators and other magnetic walls and spaces in your house

Since photo magnets can be made in different sizes, you can organize them in various patterns. In addition to that, you also have the freedom to choose which of your favorite pictures to use. Regardless of how you do it, the previously blank and plain refrigerator will now have ornaments. You can do the same to any of the metal or magnetic boards in your house. You can be creative and playful with how you organize them.

You can also change the pattern easily whenever you want it without fearing that your photo magnet will be destroyed. The magnet at the back allows it to be removed and re-attached easily without damaging the picture in front.

You can use it to promote yourself or your brand, if you have a business

You can do this by including your picture, the name of the brand or logo in the design of the picture frame. You can put the frame together using a computer and the soft copy of the picture before printing it on a magnetic paper. This is usually done by many companies during corporate or marketing events.

During these times, people often line up in a photo booth with their friends. Once the picture has been taken, the person in the photo booth can now place the picture frame on the photo. Then they will print it on magnetic paper for souvenirs.

When you get home after the event, you now have your photo magnet with the logo of the company on the frame. Whenever you see the picture on your refrigerator, you will see the logo and be reminded of the brand and the event that you attended.

On certain occasions, the logo of the brand or the picture of the person involved are placed on the borders of the magnetic frame. Regardless of how you do it, one thing is certain: you can use the idea of photo magnets to promote your brand.


Photo magnets can turn your ordinary refrigerator into a fun-filled image board where you can display your precious pictures. Not only can you use it as an ornament, but you can also use it to promote yourself or your brand. Regardless of the reason why you may like photo magnets, one thing is certain: they can offer a unique and creative way for us to display our pictures.

Photo Magnets: A Unique Way Of Displaying Our Memories
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