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Party Blower

An exciting and noisy party is a happy party, no doubt about it. Having the best party blast depends on the different things that you are going to do and provide to make a party memorable and happy for both the organizers and attendees. If the party does live to the hype it could be that you are not using the appropriate materials that will create a lot of excitement and fun for your celebration.

Best Choice of Party Blower and Party Horn
Best Choice of Party Blower and Party Horn

Your Best Choice of Party Blower and Party Horn

We are hoping that we can help you with these concerns. In most parties that we have seen, witnessed, and attended, one of the staples is a party blower which is also known as a party horn, a party pipe, a party elephant, party noisemaker, and a blow tickler. This party blower or party horn is a rolled paper formed into a tube or a flattened piece of rolled paper and made into a coil that will unroll when blown hard by the party goer.

It produces loud, and often tingling sounds that signal that a party is ongoing. Some of the modern twists in these party blower or party horns have improved their appearance over the years. A modern party blower or party horn is installed with a plastic mouthpiece that prevents fast degradation of the device since it is being blown continually for the duration of the party since it touches the mouth for a period of time.

Also, a feather is added to the end that vibrates as the horn is blown repeatedly. On November 21, 2009, 6,991 people in Tokyo, Japan blew together party horns at one time that set a world record for most horns blown in a single time.

What is exactly a party blower or a party horn?

A party blower or party horn is something that a party goer blows so hard that everybody heard it, blows theirs harder and everybody is going to have a good time. That is exactly a definition of a party goer of what a party blower or party horn is. But a more technical description states that a party horn is a piece of paper or plastic tube that is blown to create a sound. It is rolled and will be straightened once it is blown.

It adds excitement and fun to every party. The noise it creates would encourage other party attendees to blow their horns harder than you and thus it will create chains after chains of excitement and laughter every blow. The harder it is blown, the more fun and excitement it generates. Even if you are the loner type, if you hear the sound of the party horn, you can’t help but be attracted to the noise it generates and let you soak in the fun.

Does it create or induce noise pollution? Of course, it does, but who cares, it’s a party for crying out loud. It’s like asking, is it okay to have fireworks during the new year? What do you think! it’s new years eve, what part of the universe were you from?

How do you use a party blower or party horn?

To use a party blower, simply put in your mouth that part where it has a plastic mouthpiece and blow as hard as you can to generate the loudest noise you could make. The more people blow the party horn, the greater the amount of noise it generates, the more exciting the party would become and the more happy memories it creates.

D-I-Y party blower or party horn

What do you usually do with your used milk tea or bubble tea straw? Do you just throw it away thinking that it doesn’t serve anything useful? You can make something useful and fun with those straws so stop throwing them. You may ask your friends to give their straws also so that you create more party blowers or party horns out of used straws. Just make sure that you are to wash it properly before making it into a D-I-Y party blower.

Creativity surely knows no bounds. This simple arts and crafts introduction can help you save money though not a ton, but having to brag to your friends that you made those party horns can add a ton of bragging rights every time they blow the party horn you made. And at the same time, since you will be utilizing those used straws, in one way or another you just helped save the environment by recycling items that can contribute to pollution.

For this art and crafts D-I-Y project you will be needing the following:

  • Your collected recycled straws
  • Magazine paper cut into 5″x9″ rectangle
  • Scissors
  • and a roll of tape

After you have collected the things that you will be needing to create several pieces of party blower or party horn. Let us now proceed to the fun part, which is making our party horn, if you are ready and prepared, let us start.

  • Step 1 – Fold your paper lengthwise, divide it into three equal parts, and put tape on those parts where the two sides met.
  • Step 2 – Fold the end of the paper and stick it with tape. Make sure that your taped parts are air-tight.
  • Step 3 – With the sealed end behind wraps, wrap the magazine paper around a pen, repeat this process several times until it curls on its own, you may roll it and wrap it with rubber bands to curl it better.
  • Step 4 – Carefully and slowly insert the straw on the opened end of your rolled paper. Fold tightly the paper around the straw and firmly fasten it with your tape. Check it for any leaks, you have to make sure that your party blower is air-tight to create that loud and boisterous sound when you blow it up.
  • Step 5 – That’s all about it, you are done. You may start blowing as hard as you can until you hurt your cheeks and your neck blowing hard your D-I-Y party blower or party horn. Enjoy and be ready to earn your bragging rights as your friends blow their party horn that you also made for them.

See, it is just easy, even a third-grader can make a party blower easily. If you have lots of time to spare and was able to collect lots of recycled materials, you may craft several party horns for your future party needs. As you gain expertise in making your own party blower, you may add several creative options that will make your party horns stand out.

And who knows, you may end up selling your party horns when you can already create excellent quality out of ordinary materials that are present and are lying idly at your home. In the meantime, enjoy your success with your newfound skill.

Our choices of party blower or party horn to make your party more exciting

If you do not have the time to spare to do some arts and crafts, we can help you provide the ultimate party solution for your party needs. Our wide choices of party products and materials like a party blower or party horn can help you organize a fun-filled and energy-filled party. Choose from our several lists of party blowers that are sure to make your party the best party ever.

Scroll down for more products and fill your party with good vibes.

Koogel 100 Pcs Colorful Party Noisemakers

Plan your party to be the most excited party ever, you have the nicest and most delicious food, print every invitation, and painstakingly delivered every last one to your guest. You have all the souvenirs in place and the next question is, how are you going to make it exciting and fun? That is right, you need noise and lots of it. We have just the noise-producing stuff that you might just need.

Each set has 100 pcs. of paper party blower, it comes in assorted colors and styles. You would be needing a lot of party horns since your guest would be asking for their piece. Each party horn is 2.75 inches long and will stretch up to 7.9 inches when it is blown up. We are sure of our quality to be excellent. It is non-toxic and very safe to use,

Perfect for Easter parties, New Years’ celebrations, cheering ups, Halloween parties, and more. Our party horns are attractively designed, make some and noise, and let us get this party started.

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HEHALI 72 pcs. Party Blowers

Party celebrations are just boring without these party blowers. Party horns add a ton of excitement to every party out there. Every package of our party horns has 36 colorful paper party blowers and 36 glittering metallic tassel blowouts. Blowhard while red, pink, blue, yellow, silver, and green paper blow horns expand and adds a ton of excitement every moment.

Our party blower is made of high-quality plastic, and paper, it is durable and does not tear easily. It is guaranteed to make every party an exciting and fun-filled party the moment our party blowers are blown hard happily by the party-goers. It is very safe and eco-friendly. With our party blowers, you are sure of the best party ever and we guarantee it.

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36 Pieces Party Blower Noisemakers

The term noisemakers mean it would make a lot of noise to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. The best party depends on the choice of items you are planning to have to provide the vibes you are planning to produce once the party starts. Our party blower package is sure to make your party the best with 36 glittering gold and silver party blower that adds luster to your party.

It is made of fine quality materials assures you of a durable and beautiful piece of party blower. It is very lightweight and highly portable, carry it anywhere and you are sure that the fun never ends. It is safe to use and non-toxic does not easily tear or break, it can be used for a long time. Blow furiously and light up everybody’s mood with this party horn.

A perfect party accessory for street parties, sporting events, gatherings, school activities, and more. Celebrate New Year and Christmas parties and liven up the atmosphere with the cheerful sounds this party blower produces and have a blast.

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50-Pack Party Horns – Assorted Foil Party Blowers

Parties are just simply fun and memorable when a lot of noise is being made. Make some noise with these party horns and have a blast with your party. It is not only for kids but adults will surely love blowing this party horn as it makes a lot of funny and exciting noise that will elevate your party to the next level. Each party pack has several colors that add a bit of luster to your fun-filled party.

This party blower is great for the outdoors, bring the party vibe outside and you are in for a treat. Perfect for street parties, parades, games, and other outdoor celebrations. It is the perfect party accessory or it can also be a fun party game prize, the possibilities for fun with this party horn are just endless. It is about 2.5 inches in measurement but will fully stretch to 6.2 inches long when blown hard by a party goer.

Blow your hardest with this party horn during weddings, birthdays, graduation parties, bachelorette, and more. What are you waiting for, Create the best party atmosphere and start the never-ending fun now?

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Party Pack of 36 Musical Blowouts Noisemakers

Make every party memorable and full of fun with every blow of this musical blowout noisemaker. Each bull pack has 36 pieces of musical party blower that will make any party awesome. Hype your team’s energy by blowing hard with this party horn. The colors are just amazing, you can use these party blowers to decorate your party making it more exciting and more fun-filled.

It is the perfect party item that will level up your party vibe and atmosphere. It can also be a cool toy item for children’s parties. Make a joyful noise every time someone blows hard with this party horn. Are you planning for a noisy and exciting New Year’s eve celebration, get a complete pack with these party blowers and you are surely able to hype the event.

The more people blowing this party horn the more excitement it creates, the noise resonates with your party venue and the fun will surely never stops and never ends. Celebrate in style, celebrate with lots of good vibes, whether it’s a kiddie event or an office party this party horn will not disappoint you to bring that vibe that is sure to create a lot of lasting memories.

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24 Pieces Glitter Metallic Fringed Noise Maker Musical Blowouts

It’s glittering brightly and it’s providing your party with the much-needed noise to make it exciting and fun. This 24 pcs. gold-fringed party blowers are just absolutely insane and full of fun. Have this at any children’s party and they are sure to have a blast. Create that party noise that encourages and induces fun and excitement.

This funny noisemaker creates cheerful and funny sounds that make the party livelier and happier. Wear this during kid’s parties, baby showers, bridal showers, New Year celebrations, and other exciting special occasions and everyone is going to have the happiest memory of your party. Street parties and celebrations are sure to be a blast if you include this set of accessories in your repertoire.

It is completely safe and eco-friendly. Each party blower is sure to be non-toxic and durable. It doesn’t break and tear easily.

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Creative Converting Purr-Fect Party Blowouts

Making the kids appreciate the happiness that children’s party brings can bring a lot of positive experiences as they grow up. Let them have the best experience of their formative years by organizing the best party you could give them. To have the best children’s party ever, you can provide this Purr-Fect Party Blower and you are sure that the kids will have a blast.

Each pack contains 8 cat party blowers, it is the perfect party accessories and can bring the best memories for your children and their friends. It is just perfect for every children’s party and birthday celebration. It is made of high-quality plastic that is safe and non-toxic. It is great for celebrations both indoors and outdoors. Bring the best party experience and you are going to enjoy it as well.

Every blow the children do on the party horn, it stretches and creates a very funny experience that will surely generate a lot of laughs and smile. Children’s happiness is just priceless and a joy to watch. Let the children enjoy the party and we are sure, you are not going to regret it.

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Toyvian Blow Outs Whistles – Party Pack of 30 Musical Blowouts Noisemakers

With 30 pcs. of party blower each pack you are getting the best bang for your buck. Parties are never the same without this noise-making machine. Dish around and get crazy with your party as this party horn will make the party the most exciting party experience ever with some noise to back it up.

Each pack is filled with party blowouts in white and gold it is a magnet of fun. You can use it as decoration for parties as well as to make some noise to level up the party experience. Make your party bright and colorful with gold. The possibilities are simply endless, you can be creative and it will result in a fun-filled experience that will last a lifetime.

The perfect addition to every party like birthday, New Year celebration, Independence Day, and many more. You can use it as a price for a game and still it will result in a fun experience, let laughers filled the room as the party-goers blow this party horn endlessly for hours until everyone is tired. It is safe, non-toxic, and best for any party out there.

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Kicko Party Blow-Outs

New Year’s Eve celebration is fast approaching you and your friends are outside waiting for the year to finally change, goodbye old year, and welcome new year. The food and drinks are ready, everyone is set and is hype for the celebration 3-2-1 and all you are hearing are crickets. You don’t have to suffer that, get this Kicko party blower and everyone is sure to have a blast.

Each pack contains 144 pcs. of 11 inches long party horn. Gather all your friends and loved ones and face the year with loud bang and noise with this party blower. Make a joyful noise whether you are celebrating or rooting for your favorite team this party blower is just perfect and will fit perfectly for the occasion. No parties should be organized without this party blower, this will blow everybody’s mind and we are sure of that.

It is perfectly safe to use, it is non-toxic and harmless. It is very durable and free of BPA and Lead which can cause serious illness. Each pack has several colors that make your party noisy and colorful. The fun will never end when you have a party blower at your side. Get your phone or laptop, order it now and have the best party ever, we are sure you are not going to regret it.

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Blue and Green Fringed Party Noisemakers

Party blowers are a perfect addition to every party you are set to organize. Be sure you have prepared everything including this Fringed party blower and experience the best party ever. Each pack has 6 pcs. of party horn that is ready to use and will fill your venue with much fun and laughter. Create a lot of sounds and make the party more lively. This party blower is great for birthdays, baby showers, New Year celebrations, and more.

Each party blower is made of high-quality plastic and paper, it is also non-toxic which is safe to use. With every blow, a green and blue tassel comes out and elevates your party to the next level. Get yours now and have a blast.

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