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Origami Gift Box

Folding pieces of paper into something artistic and beautiful is great. Being creative allows you to express yourself and make others see what you deeply feel. An origami gift box or masu box is a nice item that is best in keeping trinkets and other articles like sweets and small candies beautiful in an organized manner.

How do you make an origami gift box?

An origami gift box can be a perfect gift item for your friends and loved ones. Some cute items just simply bring the biggest set of smiles when you hand them something nice and creative. Spend a whole lot of love in small packages with our cute origami gift box. Fill the world with smiles and love and keep beautiful memories stored with our wonderful origami gift box.

Making an origami gift box

You will need a pair of scissors, tape and some sheets of scrapbook paper.

Here are the steps in making an Origami gift box

  1. Position your paper side down, fold it in half so that it will make a crease, then open your paper.
  2. Turn your paper and fold the other half like what you did on the other side, by this time you already have 4 squares.
  3. Fold your paper corner to corner, by this time, you are now seeing a triangle crease being formed out of the folding you have made.
  4. Open the paper, turn 90 degrees and repeat everything.
  5. Fold one of the corners into the center.
  6. Repeat the steps for the other 3 corners.
  7. Take the folded paper and open the back out.
  8. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat the previous step.
  9. Open the back out.
  10. Lift the 2 opposite sides which are now forming a triangle and lay it flat.
  11. To form the box, lift and fold the sides going to the center.
  12. At this juncture, the sides of the top triangle are now forming, collapse the corners and it is now forming a crease.
  13. Elevate the top flap, you are now seeing 3 sides of your box.
  14. Turn on the other side and repeat all the steps.
  15. Repeat all the processes, this time use a small piece of scrapbook paper to form the cover.

Is origami a good gift?

For origami enthusiasts, giving origami as a gift and receiving an origami as a gift is both a good and nice feeling. Even if it is not intended as a gift for a special event, giving and receiving origami as a gift is both an honor and a privilege. For Japanese culture, an origami gift has something to do with prosperity and good health. An origami crane in Japanese is a symbol of peace.

Giving of origami cranes were given as wedding gifts in Japanese culture, wishing the newlyweds a thousand years of happiness and prosperity. An origami crane given to a newborn baby is wished long life and good luck. Friends give each other origami because it is believed to be a lucky charm and a token of friendship.

Is origami a good gift? definitely Yes.

Amazing Origami Kit: Traditional Japanese Folding Papers and Projects

Looking at an origami leaves you mystified for hours and hours. Learning it may seem difficult, but after acquiring the skills,,, it will be easy and instantaneous. This amazing Origami kit is ideal for all ages and perfect for all skills levels. It will provide you with everything that you will need in creating and Origami art items. Learning this ancient Japanese art gives you a lot of pride and develops positive values and traits within you.

Simplicity is what makes this Japanese art form unique and timeless. Folding with no glues or tape to hold the edges and surfaces is simply amazing. With just simple material, you can create seemingly complex art forms that are truly masterful and authentic. Re-create harmony and balance as peace brings you tranquility after a stressful day. Bring out the creativity in you in this classic Origami kit.

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Hapray Origami Kit for Kids

Kids can impress us in ways we are not expecting it. Encourage kids’ creativity with this hapray Origami kit. Each kit contains high-quality origami sheets with 8 sheets of practice paper and 144 double-sided origami fold papers. There are 72 easy-to-follow patterns. Give our kids a headstart in being creative and artistic with this Origami kit.

Our high-quality materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is very safe to use. It is ideal for training kids with hand skills that can be used in other skill sets in the future. Creating something with their hands can encourage lots of positive things that can help them in the future.

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Amazing Origami Boxes

Creating something with your hands can give you a sense of accomplishment and reward. Creativity always brings the best in us. With these Origami boxes, you can put all your finished products and outputs in cute Origami boxes. Origami master Tomoko Fuse gives us his original designs for Origami boxes. From simple design to seemingly complex, and what makes it amazing? It is made only with one sheet of paper.

You are sure to learn the trade secret with colored photographs that accompany step-by-step instructions on how to create and craft functional Origami boxes. Craft simple square and rectangular boxes to more complex forms like birds, baskets, cat’s heads, flowers, and other shapes. With a slight change of angle and fold, you would create something unique and beautiful.

Combinations can be endless, a perfect gift for beginners, novice, and expert Origami enthusiasts. Spend countless hours and create the best set of outputs that you can truly be proud of. A nice Origami gift box only for you.

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Origami Boxes

Fold a piece of paper and create something astounding. Let your creativity flow and make something exciting that promotes a lot of positivity and good vibes. Creating and crafting Origami boxes fascinates not only children but also adults as well. A well-known Origami expert Florence Temko shared his experience on making seemingly difficult items with a few twists and folds of a sheet of paper.

Your hands can amaze you in ways that are quite surprising in ways you are not expecting. Several illustrations and photographs will teach you how to make something out of a sheet of paper. Paper folding techniques clearly explain how to craft a seemingly complex form but are just easy if you know the secrets. Several practical and useful tips are clearly emphasized in how to be an effective Origami creator.

This can be a good bonding moment with your children. You can learn together and acquire skills together. Make the best time for you and your family with several guides on how to craft and Origami, and you will never be going to regret it.

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JHGCVX Single-Sided Scrapbook Paper Pad

Start your creative journey and become an Origami master. Learn the steps and techniques of how folding a sheet of paper turn something simple into beautiful creations. Get a total of 24 sheets of paper for your paper folding journey. Create something unique with this sheet of paper and turn your hobby into an advanced arts and craft skill.

This scrapbook paper will be going to make a master out of you. The possibilities are endless. Your creativity knows no bounds. Cut, fold, and create an artwork that will be an object of appreciation among your friends and loved ones. Spend several hours without getting bored with your kids and turn idle times into a productive and interactive moment.

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Amazon Basics Origami Paper, Assorted Colors, 200 Sheets

The only limit to your creativity is the limit you put yourself. Being the best entails a lot of hours of practice until you are skillful in Origami making. This Origami papers will help you with your goal of becoming a skillful folder that can create stunning creations with a single sheet of paper. Each pack contains 200 sheets of 6-inch square-shaped Origami paper.

Fold for countless hours and become a skilled folder. Learn the technique and unlock secrets on how to become the best Origami maker. Each pack contains assorted colors and is an ideal hobby for both children and adults to learn. Each paper can be folded easily, but it is resistant to tearing. It can be easily folded and manipulated but yet strong. Be the best with countless hours of creative practice, and you are on your way to perfection.

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Origami Paper

If you are good with folding with papers when you were a kid, continue that passion and attain the next skill level by practicing for several hours until you are perfect in everything that you do. Every pack has 300 pcs of square sheets of Origami paper 6″x6″ in size. Creating an Origami can encourage the kids to be patient and creative, which are two positive traits in becoming successful.

This is the perfect gift item for kids and adults who like to rekindle their creative spirit by folding sheets of paper. It comes with a book that will easily explain the steps. Becoming proficient and master in making Origami is easy. Learn the tricks and techniques and become one of the best in folding paper and create stunning articles. Each pack has assorted colors. Your creativity is simply limitless. Get that crisp fold and create a masterpiece.

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Origami Gift Box
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