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Olaplex gift set

Is the Olaplex gift set ideal for all hair types?

Olaplex is becoming an essential household item, particularly for regular salon-goers. Although an Olaplex gift set is quite a universal product so far, only a few people understand why it is the favorite item for many hair pros. For your information, Olaplex is quite effective in restoring compromised hair, according to those who have already been using it. Besides, Olaplex is compatible with other hair products, yet it offers a 100% guarantee for strong hairs free from regular breakages. According to a reliable cosmetic chemist and colorists we spoke to, here are some benefits of using Olaplex to fix your hair issue.

1. The formulation of Olaplex is designed in such a way to offer maximum protection of your hair from any chemical damage.

Many colorists opt to use Olaplex during hair coloring to keep the hair in its optimum condition, especially during chemical treatment in which hair destruction is inevitable. According to a reliable colorist, Yoshiko-A lexis, when you do some crazy colors to your clients, the chemical integrity of their hair is compromised. Olaplex can protect hair from damages caused during coloring to achieve the desired hair color. Besides, Olaplex makes the hair healthier and stronger, also mending any damages caused by the previous chemical treatment.

Due to its amazing performance, Olaplex is referred to as a bonder, meaning it can restore disulfide bonds. Often, these bonds get fragmented, damaged, or shattered in case of over-bleaching, and this means that you will need something effective to restore your client’s hair. Using Olaplex means that you can comfortably breach your client’s hair for a relatively long time and also leave it in that breached condition for a longer period without having them break off the head.

2. Olaplex comprises three active ingredients in one component.

You may have come across several bottles of Olaplex, but you are not aware that each bottle contains three-part treatment ingredients. Each present ingredient has one or more active components. For instance, bis-aminopropyl dimaleate is the active part that is responsible for restoring the broken disulfide bonds, as mentioned above.

Bold Multiplier, a water-soluble ingredient, is the active part that you can apply to your clients while in the salon to restore all the damaged hair during breaching. Besides, you can add it directly to your permanent dye solution, which you will use during the hair-coloring procedure.

Bond Perfector comprises a bis-aminopropyl dimaleate but in small amounts and a wide range of conditioning agents. It should be smeared in the salon after completing your coloring conditioner treatment.

Hair perfector comprises many functional ingredients, although it has an additional assortment of hair acclimatizing agents.

3. Olaplex has other benefits apart from restoring damaged hair during bleaching.

Since bleaching can significantly damage hair bonds, an effective natural component that can restore such bonds is highly appreciated. The breaching process has a direct effect on the disulfide bond, thus resulting in maximum fragility. Using super-lightening blonde such as the high-lifting tint will push the hair lift to its maximum level, and this can also damage the hair just in the same way as bleaching. The good news is that Olaplex is very effective in repairing and protecting the hair’s broken bonds after lightening, thus leaving your hair in a healthy condition.

Apart from coloring your hair, you may decide to give your hair a heat-up style for different results. Olaplex is your answer. Remember, most heat-styling or over-curling with curling wands that don’t control the heat can damage your innermost hair core. Olaplex is an effective perm solution since it restructures any damaged disulfide bond.

There are other bonders apart from Olaplex.

Although Olaplex is the most popular bonder brand in use today, there are other reliable bonder brands available in the market. However, the Olaplex brand is relatively expensive compared to other bonders. There is a great chance you will be addicted to Olaplex once you taste it, particularly due to its high quality and result-oriented. You will be assured that the quality and texture of your hair will improve over a short period. With Olaplex, you can bleach your hair three times, and no one can easily tell if you have done breaching recently.

Many loyal Olaplex users can testify to the immense benefits of using it. For instance, it can significantly slow down any coloring process and change your blondes’ vibrancy.

If it is for the first time you are using Olaplex, you will be initially excited to have a product that is quite effective in repairing any color damage.

How does Olaplex works?

Human hair comprises millions of disulfide bonds, and these bonds are responsible for giving the hair its strength, structure, and stability. In case these disulfide bonds are weakened or broken, they ultimately get damaged. However, applying Olaplex on partially damaged hair can restore compromised or damaged hair. This is because it has several active ingredients that are responsible for repairing the hair inside out. Once all these bonds are aligned and intact, you will have shiny, healthy, beautiful, and touchable hair.

To whom is an Olaplex gift set a suitable gift?

Olaplex is very effective in repairing all damaged hair bonds

Ideal for hair coloring, bleaching, perms, keratin, and relaxers treatments.

 Olaplex strengthens hair for mechanical factors such as friction, brushing, pulling, and tugging on wet hair.

Strengthens hair for environmental factors such as UV damage from direct sunlight or against other adverse weather elements such as extreme cold/ hot conditions, humidity, and pollution.

Olaplex is formulated to repair any broken bonds of the hair effectively.

The active chemistry of Olaplex is designed to work based on molecular levels since Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate is a single molecule with significant potential to improve the strength of your hair. It protects hair from inside out and also provides instant results in any hair.

Olaplex is effective in all hair types of hair.

It is a highly reparative and moisturizing conditioner with the ability to repair and protect damaged hair, re-linking all broken bonds, and split ends.

Ideal for everyday wash/ daily use.

Apply your Olaplex after washing your hair with No 4 Shampoo and leave it at least for four minutes before rinsing.

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Olaplex gift set
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