Most popular toys

Our choices of the most popular toys and gifts are something that will put a smile on every kid. A gift heartily given can positively impact a child’s disposition in life. Giving something is an act of selflessness that can come back right to the giver once the one given appreciates the value of the item being given. Our wide array of popular toys and gifts are meant to share overflowing love that will make the world a better place.

With just a few clicks and swipes of your screen, make a kid happy. Bring the best smile out of that kid.

Our list of popular toys and gifts

Aqua 4-in-1 Monterey Pool Hammock & Float

Who can resist a quick dip in the cold waters? Lie comfortably for hours in this incredible pool hammock. Allows you to relax and enjoy the passing minute while appreciating a stress-free moment. It is made of soft vinyl and soft mesh assures you of a soft but durable pool hammock that is sure to last for a long time. It is thicker than most pool hammocks and can easily be converted into a chair, a drifter, or a saddle.

Perfect for kids and for those who are still learning to swim, it has a high buoyancy that allows you to float in the water easily and conveniently. Lying flat on your back while enjoying the cool waters is just a breeze, ideal for both short and tall people (4ft. to 6ft.). Very easy to set up just put on water, lie on it and you are good to go enjoying the best times of your life.

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Funko Disney, It’s a Small World Game

Enjoy countless hours of playtime with this Disney’s small world game. One of our most popular toys and a perfect gift item to any kid. Each set includes a 3D game board with illustrated scenes from a Disney attraction. It also comes with 80 unique picture cards that feature children and animals from around the globe. Have the best journey by following the game’s trail and path and play as long as your child likes it, it is a perfectly safe and child-friendly game.

It is composed of a game board, clock tower, card tray, scene boards, rotating bases, boats, flag sails, flag tiles card holders, 100 cards, and instructions. Perfect game for children ages 4 and above. Can be played by 2-6 players.

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The Suicide Squad – Harley Quinn

If you are a fan of Harley Quinn or of the entire Suicide Squad this cute toy is for you. This stylized Pop is quite fun to play with, it stands about 4 inches and perfect souvenir gift or a part of your most popular toys collection.

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It is made of vinyl and is just light at 0.25 lb. Ideal to be carried around anywhere, have this for your kid and she will surely love this. Trust us, we know.

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Picasso Tiles

Encourage your child’s creativity with these Picasso tiles. There is no limit to creativity.  As they play, they are also learning some new skills. Practice your kid’s sense of color, shapes, and number concepts at an early age. Ideal for kids ages 3 and above can be a good bonding activity between you and your child. Learning can be fun when they are enjoying every moment of it.

It is the perfect educational toy that will encourage critical and creative thinking. Each set has magnet buildings, 3D color magnetic building blocks, and playboards. Storage is just easy and convenient. Start molding your child’s mind and help him achieve greater heights at an early age.

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The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

Attention, cutie spotted. This octopus plushie is a perfect gift for kids and kids at heart. Available in different color options for more variation and choices.  Both sides are certified cute making it the perfect toy to be carried around anywhere your kids go. Whether it’s the happy side or the angry side, both sides are cute and fluffy.

The cuteness of this toy captivates not only kids but adults as well. A perfect souvenir gift for all occasions. Collect all cute animals like unicorns, narwhals, cats, dogs, pandas, turtles, and more. Play with it, hug it or have it as decor the possibilities are endless with this octopus plushie. You can show your friends how you are feeling without talking by simply showing them which side you are feeling at the moment.

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LeapFrog 100 Animals Book

An interactive educational toy that teaches your kid some fun facts, trivia, and everything about animals. It has six double-sided interactive pages that explain clearly facts about the environment like the forest and the ocean. Stir your child’s curiosity at an early age and let them learn a lot while enjoying every moment of it. It is bilingual, aside from learning things about animals they can also learn English and Spanish as well.

Sing songs, imitate the animal sound, and learn a language every time your child opens the interactive pages. A perfect gift for children ages 18 months and higher. It only requires 2 AA batteries and your child can learn interactively and easily.  Let children appreciate science with this interactive toy.

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Disney Treasures of The Vault – Chip & Dale

Your child will definitely love this Chip and Dale Pop 2 pack. With treasures of the vault, this would make a perfect gift for kids of all ages. The cute tandem of Chip and Dale has captivated the imaginations of children all over the ages, it can also capture your child’s smile too. Made of viny and is about 3 inches tall. If you are the ultimate Disney kid, you can pass it down to your kid with this Chip and Dale Disney collection toy.

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Play-Doh Modeling Compound 10-Pack Case of Colors

For years Play-Doh has helped children fashioned and created items that later on became skills that would make them successful. Help mold and shape your kid’s imagination by letting them play and form several items with these non-toxic and squishy compounds. A perfect gift item for children ages 2 years old and above. See your kids smile and laugh their hearts out with this Play-doh Modeling compound.

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SplashEZ 3-in-1 Splash Pad

A good way of teaching your kids and toddlers not to be afraid of the water. Let your kid splash and take a dip in this cool splash pad. Splash safely and let your kid play without it any fear of any mishaps. Learning is easy and enjoyable. Take a dip while having a lesson in just one sitting. A toy made by parents for parents that would like to teach their kids some useful stuff at an early age. What are you waiting for? Get yours now.

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Cry Babies Magic Tears Pet House, Pack of 2

Surprise your kid with this Cry Babies Pet House. Having something that can make them laugh for several hours is such a delight for parents. Each set includes a pet bottle that allows your child to feed water to your cry baby. With a gentle press on the cry baby’s head, it will cry tears. Collect all 12 pets and fun will never end. This toy is just simply cute. Get one for your kid and let your kid have a blast.

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IDAODAN Portable Dual Nozzle Electric Balloon Blower Pump

When there are balloons all over the place, kids would just simply go nuts. If it is them that made the ballons, the more they get nuts and enjoy every moment of it with this portable dual nozzle electric balloon blower pump. Made by IDAODAN you know it’s going to be of excellent quality. It is lightweight and portable a perfect item for a party. It is guaranteed safe and comes with a 1-year warranty. Get the best party experience ever with this portable balloon pump.

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VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

An interactive learning walker that will make your kids enjoy learning and fun times in one. It has a piano key that plays musical notes. This walker has a colorful spinning roller that lights up which helps develop fine motor skills. It also has a telephone handset for role play and other fun games. It can be adjusted to a two-speed control switch on you can customize as your child grows and develops.

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Exploding Kittens – A Russian Roulette Card Game

This card game brings a lot of explosive fun and laughter. More than 10 million sold a fun-filled game for both kids and adults. A perfect game for family bonding. It is very easy to learn. Invite your kid’s friend and they are sure to have a blast. It is a perfect gift for all occassion, have it played on family nights at the beach, or on a road trip, or just anywhere it never misses a beat of providing fun and laughter for the entire family.

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The First Years Stack Up Cup Toys

Let your kid learn the concepts of order and stacking at an early age. It comes with an attractive colorful set with 8 brightly colored cups stack together. It promotes learning to count and number recognition while enjoying every moment of it since it is presented as play and not like formal teaching. Learning is more effective when kids are enjoying it.

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HITOP Water Guns for Kids

Get 2 medium size water guns for your kids. Very easy to play perfect for little kids. Made with high-quality ABS materials. Proven durable and safe. Kids would definitely love it. Perfect for summer activities in the water very easy to re-fill and fire.

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SHASHIBO Shape-Shifting Box

Made with 36 rare earth magnets, this innovative toy puzzle allows your kid to transform items into 70 different shapes. It encourages creativity and critical thinking. The unique design is an astounding innovation that only Shashibo has. A perfect gift item for any kid, it is proven to provide the best fun and excitement ever.  Allows your child to enjoy countless hours forming several objects, creativity is surely limitless.

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Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers

For years, Crayola has been a staple in providing artistic training to kids and toddlers. It features 40 different crayons. It is clean and washable, it washes markings and spots in the child’s skin, in your child’s clothing, and the walls. A perfect art supply to encourages creativity during art classes and other crafts. It is perfectly safe and non-toxic. Perfect for kids 3 and up.

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100 Glow Sticks Bulk Party Supplies

Glow sticks are perfect for parties and other fun activities. This glow stick is made from high-quality materials that ensure 6 hours of continuous glowing. It is kids-safe and non-toxic. Light up and make your kid’s parties exciting with these glow sticks and they are sure to enjoy every moment of their event.

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Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy

Bathing can never be more fun with this floating octopus. Getting cleaned up is easy as 1-2-3 when this octopus shares the tub with your kid. Get rid of the struggle every bath time with this toy. Playing and bathing just goes to the next level with this floating octopus, it has 3 rings that allow for interactive play. Bath time is always a happy time. Perfect for kids 18 months and above.

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Inflatable Swimming Pool for Kids and Adults

Enjoy a quick swim with this inflatable swimming pool for kids and adults. Create the perfect bonding moment and let fun-filled hours pass with much fun and laughter.  Made from excellent quality material, the pool is durable and long-lasting and meets standards for children’s toys. It is 22 inches deep fits 2 adults and 4 kids, isn’t it exciting.

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Pokemon Assorted Cards, 50 Pieces

The tandem of Ash and Pikachu has a global fan base of children all over the world. Collect all cards and let your kids enjoy trading their cards with their friends. This Pokemon assorted card is the perfect gift for kids, teens, and even adults that consider themselves kids at heart. If you are collecting cards this is the perfect item. Enjoy countless hours trading and playing with this Pokemon card. The Pokemon fever is here to say forever.

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