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11 Best Miscarriage Gift for Dad

Looking for a miscarriage gift for a dad? Although men are not affected the same way as women when a miscarriage occurs, they also suffer. Women will suffer physical, emotional, and mental pain, while men suffer from mental and emotional pain. You were anticipating holding your bundle of joy, and the thought of not having to see it grow to term is quite draining for both parties. It is true you can’t take the pain away or tell the man how to mourn the loss of his unborn baby. But there are other ways to encourage him to move on.

Gifts play a major role when people are grieving as they bear healing and encouraging messages, especially in situations when you cannot be able to express your condolence to the dad.

Miscarriage Gift for Dad?

Why give miscarriage gifts?

  • They encourage parents who lost their unborn baby
  • It is a sign to the parents that you are with them during such a hard period of their lives
  • They are memorable as the gifts will always remind them of their miscarried baby.

The following are the 11 best miscarriage gifts for dad

1. Angel Engraved Bracelet

Uplift the spirits of a dad who lost his infant by gifting him this bracelet. It is a bracelet meant for grieving parents as it reminds them that even if their little one was not born, they are still watching over them. The bracelet is made with a handmade chord and an extra adjusting chord to fit on most wrists. A silver detail is engraved with the ‚Äúdaddy of an angel‚ÄĚ on it. This bracelet ensures daddy does not forget about his little one, and the bracelet is there to remind him of that.

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Angel Engraved Bracelet

2. Morse Code Bracelets

Bracelets are some of the most memorable gifts to give people, and those grieving are not exceptional. This is another morse code bracelet ideal for fathers grieving the loss of their infant, plus the bracelet is handmade, so a lot of thought is put into making it. The bracelet comes with a beautiful message about the dad not forgetting about his little one in heaven. The bracelet features beads fitted on a chord that is adjustable to accommodate most hand wrists. This bracelet is made with pure materials and does not cause any irritation as no metal is involved in making it.

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Morse Code Bracelets

3. Loss Memorial Keychain Miscarriage Gift for Dad (and mom)

This cute key chain is suitable for gifting a dad who just lost a baby through miscarriage. It is made with quality stainless steel materials and has a special design that gives the two grieving parents support and encouragement. The keychain has two pieces of steel joined with a heart at one end, and each side is dedicated to the parents. One side has ‚Äúthe daddy of an angel, while the other has ‚Äúmommy of an angel.‚ÄĚ One side‚Äôs end has a dove that mimics the flying angle they lost. This keychain comes with a cute bag for gifting with or storing in.

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 Loss Memorial Keychain Miscarriage Gift for Dad (and mom)

4. Memorial Jewelry gift griving dad

This jewel has a special message of ‚Äúa piece of my heart is in heaven‚ÄĚ engraved on the interior side of the bracelet. It is a recommendable sympathy gift for the dad who lost their infant as a reminder that their deceased baby will always be part of him. The bracelet is also versatile since it bears a message of encouragement, but it is comfortable to wear for other occasions. Besides that, the message is engraved on the inside, something only the dad should see to honor his loss.

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Memorial Jewelry gift griving dad

5. Forever in My Heart Terra Cotta Candle Holder

The terracotta candle holder is meant to send a sympathy message to grieving parents to remind them that even if they did not get to see their bundle of joy, it is still around in spirit. You can gift this candle holder to a dad who is grieving. The candle holder can be used in many ways other than holding a candle. It has a cute lid so the parents can display it in the room. The message engraved on this candle holder is quite touching and encouraging something a grieving parent needs.

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Forever in My Heart Terra Cotta Candle Holder

6. Beyond Tears: Living After Losing a Child

Some people have a hard time dealing with the loss of a child, which is quite okay as we are all different. If there is a dad in your life having a hard time coping or moving forward from a miscarriage, this is a good book to get him as a gift. This is a book meant to encourage parents and guide them on moving forward without necessarily forgetting about their lost kids. This book is unique because it is written by nine mothers who have lost kids. Therefore, the advice found in the book is given by people who have gone through the same issue.

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Beyond Tears: Living After Losing a Child

7. Goodness Miscarriage Picture Frame Gift

The sonogram frame is meant to hold picture memory that the dad has for his unborn baby to keep their memory alive. It also has a beautiful message of a parent assuring that he will never forget about their little one as long as they live. This is a good miscarriage gift that one can buy for a dad or a mom who is grieving after losing a baby. It is made with wooden materials, and the words are engraved in white. So, it is a good-looking sonogram frame to hang on precious house areas. This frame can hold a 4 x 6 sized sonogram picture.

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Goodness Miscarriage Picture Frame Gift

8. In Loving Memory Pocket Token Coins Miscarriage Gift for Dad

These are simple yet consoling gifts to get a dad who just lost a baby through miscarriage. The coins have great messages written on both sides. The front part of the coin has ‚Äúin loving memory,‚ÄĚ and the back is written ‚ÄúGone yet not forgotten. Although we are apart, your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart.‚ÄĚ The coins come six pieces per package and comes packed in a cute organza bag. Another thing that I love about these memorial coins is that they are quite affordable. A bag of six costs 15 dollars, which is a good option for people on a budget.

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In Loving Memory Pocket Token Coins Miscarriage Gift for Dad

9. Hand Crafted Sympathy Wind Chimes

There is something unique about wind chimes that work magic in helping us come down. The sounds that come from the chime have a soothing factor that allows one to unwind and good energy flow in the body. This is a good gift to get a dad who lost his unborn baby since it is a way of helping him cope with the loss of the unborn child. A miscarriage gift for dad to help him heal.

Most dads cannot express their feelings, especially when grieving, but with such a chime, he can find a console in relieving the negative feelings he has. The chimes are attached with acute sympathy message rings at the bottom, which are removable. These chimes are recommendable for installing in outdoor areas or at the door.

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Hand Crafted Sympathy Wind Chimes

10. Miscarriage Gift, Child Loss Necklace

Miscarriage mourning is a long journey, and to be honest, the mourning parents will never forget about the little one they never got to hold with hands. So, a gift such as this necklace can help a grieving dad feel better and know that he is not alone in the grieving mode. The package consists of a cute tiny plate with; an ‚ÄúA Piece of My Heart is in Heaven‚ÄĚ message engraved on the plate. On top of that, it has a necklace that the dad can wear with a pendant.

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Miscarriage Gift, Child Loss Necklace

11. Sympathy Gifts Memorial Moon Lamp

The parents may be grieving the loss of their unborn baby, but still, the little one will forever remain in their lives. This moon lamp is suitable for people grieving someone who has died, and that is why we recommend it for dads who are grieving a miscarriage. This moon lamp has the globe engraved with ‚ÄúBecause someone we love is in heaven, there is a little bit of heaven in our home.‚ÄĚ as a reminder that even if the dad did not get to see the baby be born, it is watching over him in heaven.

So, the presence of the unborn is still around the house. The lamp is powered by triple-A batteries and has great illumination. So, the dad can set it in his bedroom or study area.

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Sympathy Gifts Memorial Moon Lamp


Let the dad who lost his baby through miscarriage know you are thinking of him, and all will be well with these gifts. Losing someone does not mean that we forget about them entirely as their memories are still with us, including even unborn babies. These 11 gifts are recommendable because they express sympathy and bear an encouraging message, something very parent grieving needs. The good thing is that these gifts are sold at varying rates. So, choose wisely a good gift for a dad grieving a miscarriage from these 11 options.

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