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27 Best Knitting bags and cases

If you love knitting or crochet, there is one thing you can’t get enough storage space for. To carry knitting projects and supplies, you can use a knitting bag, which can be anything with a handle. Some knitters keep their supplies in an old tote bag. In addition, there are a variety of knitting bag alternatives available.

The folding, open-topped kind, and the tote style are the two primary types of knitting bags made for storing yarn craft items of all sizes. Soft or hard-sided tote bags can be made by knitting. Most tote bags are fastened at the top. Bags designed for knitters sometimes include additional pockets for storing supplies like scissors and patterns in addition to the main carrying space for the knitting project and its needles. Folding bags, on the other hand, are meant for making at home.

The 27 best Knitting Bags And Cases

Durable canvas yarn bag

It’s easy to work on multiple projects at once when you have Craftiness yarn storage bags. A crochet bag is constructed of natural, chemical-free material that is long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. Use our knitting project bag to save unfinished projects in two large external pockets while you are on the go.

The crochet purses and totes come with a FREE knitting equipment case if you purchase them. Customers who register their yarn holder for knitting after purchase will receive a one-year warranty free of charge.

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Teamoy knitting tote bag

Knitting supplies won’t slip out thanks to a drawstring design. The bottom of the flat bottom expands to accommodate yarn balls and sits flat on a flat surface. The main compartment has plenty of space for stowing away yarn skeins and yarn projects.

Approximately 15.5 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 5 inches deep. When you’re on the run, it’s easy to carry a tiny project in progress and start a new one.

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Yarn boss, yarn bag

Travel-friendly Yarn Boss Yarn Bag keeps your projects organized and allows you to make anything out of your favorite yarn. While knitting at home, in the company of friends, or on the road, this beautiful canvas yarn bag will keep your yarn tangle-free and accessible. Grommets that don’t catch on anything make this a no-fuss bag for crocheting or knitting.

Organizing is simple. When working with yarn, you don’t have to worry about it tangling or twisting thanks to six enormous grommets. Without the need for unnecessary spaces, you can stack up to six skeins of yarn on top of each other without any issues. It has a large,.75″ hole on the top of the tote and is symmetrically placed. The Yarn Boss Yarn Bag is ideal for multiple-color crafts since it eliminates the need for irritating tangles and messes.

A zipped pocket and four pencil pockets for hooks and needles are included in the Yarn Boss Yarn Bag, making it simple to find everything you need. Without the use of Velcro, our bag makes it easier to maintain track of many projects without having to be concerned about yarn or fabric getting snatched up. You can customize your organization by using the removable divider in each bag.

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Nicogena with drawcord closure

Plenty of room for yarn balls and very lightweight. Designed as a lightweight carrying bag for those who enjoy crafting while on the road, this yarn bag is great for small to medium projects. The three bigger grommets allow Yarn to be pulled through the eyelets without catching.

Easy closure structure. A drawcord with a cord lock keeps the yarn in place and prevents it from falling out. Additionally, it protects from small hands and furry paws. Designed with the customer in mind, this bag is composed of heavy-strength nylon to offer the best possible product.

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LOOEN knitting large size

The knitting storage bag is adequate in size 14.17×6.1×7.28in. A total of 20-27 50g balls of yarn can be stored within, with additional compartments for scissors, crochet hooks, and other necessities.

No more tangled yarn or pets in your project You can keep your yarn from tangling by using a crochet organizer container with three holes on top. As a result of the holes’ stiffness, no yarn or animals may fall through. Lightweight and easy to carry. You can carry the knitting bag by the handle. You can take your knitting projects wherever, and it’s a lot more convenient.

Your jaw will drop when you see how well-made and attractive it is. Many people will compliment you on your stylish and adorable knitting organizer bag idea of a gift. The perfect present for a new knitter or crocheter, this yarn project bag is ideal for holidays such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, and birthdays.

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LOOEN knitting multifunctional organizer

Substantial yarn, medium-sized crochet projects, and sewing tools can all be stored in the Looen yarn bag. Keep only what you require. 14″ x 5.25 x 12.25″ is the dimensions of the knitting storage bag. 16-18 50g skeins of yarn may be stored within, and there are also pockets for scissors, a crochet hook, and a knitting needle.

Whether it’s a purse for a hasty outing or a knitting basket at a park on a Sunday afternoon, you can always count on it. High-quality knitting bags and cases or crocheting supplies are a must-have for any aspiring knitter or crocheter. Your jaw will drop when you see how well-made and attractive it is. You’re sure to get a lot of admiring glances with this stylish and opulent knitting organizer bag. Lightweight and sturdy nylon construction. Even when it is empty, it retains its shape.

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Nicogena knitting bucket bag

Knitting, crocheting, and other small craft supplies can be stored in many pockets. There are six side compartments inside this cylindrical yarn box, so you may personalize it for each project. The cord-lock drawcord maintains the yarn in place and keeps it from falling out. Additionally, “tiny hands” and “furry paws” are kept at bay by this feature. 12.5×16.5 inches is the exact measurement. It’s a great size for both beginning crocheters and those who enjoy working with yarn.

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Crochet is my therapy

This is a cool toot bag for gifting to a passionate knitter. The dimension is 16 inches. Knitting Is My Therapy, says the bag. Gifting a crochet bag to a loved one is a great idea. This tote bag is ideal for storing all of the knitting items you need for going to work. It’s perfect for any trip if you want to bring everything you need with you.

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Nbeads portable knitting bag

Yarn tangles can be avoided by using this mesh yarn bag’s top hole to thread the yarn through the holes and keep it from becoming entangled. It’s simple to see the color of the yarn in the mesh storage bag, and you’ll know exactly when the yarn is going to run out.

Dimensions 13 cm in diameter, 20 cm high, 10 mm hole. To keep your yarn balls and other essentials safe, this yarn storage bag is the answer. Having a handle makes it simple to transport a small project from A to B. It may be used anywhere, from the airport to a park to a train, and even at home.

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Yarwo knitting with a small pouch

The material used to construct the knitting bag is strong and durable, making it a wise investment. Moreover, it can be folded flat for storage when it’s not in use, taking up minimal space. There are two long slots for knitting needles and three inside pockets for ongoing projects and skeins of yarn in the bag’s large main section.

 You can attach your keys to one of the carabiner clips inside of the bag. It’s easy to carry your knitting around with you, whether you’re on the train, bus, or plane. Size: 12.4, 5.3, and 13.8 depending on how you count the handles. In addition to being a great knitting bag, this bag may also be used for everyday tasks like grocery shopping or DIY. Knitting lovers, beginners, and those who simply enjoy knitting will appreciate this present.

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Katech piece green knitting

When knitting with different balls of yarn, the reinforced grommets on the bag’s top help keep the yarn from tangling. 3 piece set comprises a large and small round yarn storage bag, as well as an open-ended rectangle.

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Pacmaxi storage knitting bag

The ability to store an array of small instruments, such as crochet hooks, knitting needles, a small ruler, and small scissors, in a single place is invaluable. Everything you need to get started knitting would be there. I Love It. It’s easy to see what’s inside the bag when the two zippers are open thanks to a clear PVC panel on the interior. Four little grommets allow the yarn to be fed through, and two sets of velcro strips keep the yarn in place while not being used.

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Lekelede hanging yarn storage

The yarn storage organizer is simple to maintain. Store your thread, wool, unfinished projects, and knitting supplies by hanging them on the door or the wall! Skeins of yarn are organized and tangle-free thanks to five different compartments.

A total of five compartments, each measuring 25 centimeters by 40 centimeters by 13 centimeters (or 49.2 inches by 15.7 inches by 5.11 inches) apiece. Designed with polyester material, clear plastic compartments, and a sturdy zipper, this bag has it all. Three-door hangers hung from the ceiling. 850 grams is the approximate weight.

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PandaHall fold-up wooden yarn

No more scouring for needles or looking for the next ball of yarn because all of your supplies are conveniently stored and organized in one place. This caddy has reinforced sidings for durability and strength and is manufactured of high-quality polyester for yarn, knitting, crochet, or any other craft supplies.

The large storage compartments can be used to store your knitting and sewing tools, crochet hooks, and grommets. It’s much easier to store the container flat when it’s been deflated. It measures about 19cm 7.5inches wide by 27.3 cm 10.3 cm 25cm 9.8inches tall by 27.3cm 3.5 cm 29.8cm/1.4×11.7inches when folded. Fold-up: When the wooden cage is not in use, it is simple to fold up and put away.

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Large Tote Bag with Printed Knitting Theme

It’s Lightweight and Portable. You may carry it by hand, wear it over your shoulder, or wear it across your body thanks to the top-sturdy carry handle and a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap. A great gift for a knitter or crocheter of any skill level.

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Knitting Organizer

The Knitting Storage Organizer is constructed of heavy-duty polyester to ensure long-term use. A sturdy zipper and clear PVC bags make it easy to find what you’re looking for A folding form makes it easy to transport and store in a purse or backpack. Large storage capacity and dust resistance make it an excellent choice for archival purposes.

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Rolling Knitting Bag with Trolley

Knitting supplies can be easily transported in this Trolley bag with several handles and straps. Whether you’re in the airport, a park, a railway, a boat, or just relaxing at home, this knitting bag is perfect for you. Keep your knitting supplies out of the reach of your furry friends by using yarn bags to keep them out of the rain, dust, and curious cats and dogs.

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Travel Knitting Tote Bag

Large enough to hold a slew of yarn balls and all the supplies you’ll need for a big project! Crafters on the run will appreciate the bag’s lightweight design. Using four large grommets, you can effortlessly thread your yarn through and keep it from tangling up.

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Funny Knitting Tote Bag

This yarn bag reflects our passion for hand-knitting from the front to the back. Keep our belongings neat and orderly to avoid the headaches of clutter: Portable and lightweight design. The handle allows you to carry it either by hand or by slinging it over your shoulder.

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Knitting PhD Tote Bag

A fun knitting tote bag gift for a knitting friend. The great advantage of using a tote bag is that when not used, you just fold it and put it away.

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Knitting Needles Case Portable Travel bag

This empty crochet case has a transparent zipper bag and knitting needles slots, which is roomy enough to fit knitting needles.

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Knitting Humor Tote Bag Gift

This is another funny tote bag for the knitter.

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Knit Happens Funny Tote Bag for Knitters

This beautiful tote yarn bag will keep your yarn tangle-free and accessible. A fun and eye-catching gift when shopping for a knitter.

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Rounded Knitting Bag Organizer

Knitting Storage Bag is your all-in-one yarn storage solution. This bag is constructed from high-quality canvas and features an elegant grey diamond print. Lined with high-quality PU leather, this bag is dressed to impress. Your yarn skeins, needles, and accessories will all fit thanks to the two large spacey compartments securely.

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Yarn Bag on The Go

Made of premium, heavy-duty, and durable oxford textile fabric which can greatly keep it from wear and last a long time. The top two-way zipper is designed to keep your knitting supplies safe on a journey.

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Knitting Bag Backpack

There are many smaller slots for different types to store hooks and needles on the interior. It has spacious pockets for crochet and knitting equipment such as scissors, measuring tapes, knitting books, etc. An easy-to-access zippered compartment for small items. It’s made of heavy-duty nylon, which means it’ll endure a long time without needing to be repaired.

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Yarn Bag Large Size Yarn Storage Organizer

Saving space has never been easier than with this Yarn Storage on a Hook. Perfect for bedrooms, closets, laundry rooms, and even college dorms. Make the most of unused space and add extra storage as needed.

Clear bags make it simple to see the contents, and the separate design makes it simple to find the yarn you’re looking for without having to filter through everything.

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27 Best Knitting bags and cases
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