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Is it OK to give shoes as a gift?

Is it OK to give shoes as a gift? No matter what it is, as long as it doesn’t explode and cause fire, I always welcome it if someone I know would give me something. We need to understand that if someone gives us something, it only means we are special to them. You won’t be doing things to someone if you don’t find them important to you.

But should you welcome all gifts given to you? For starters, there were some beliefs about some items to bring an omen if that is given to someone. Yes, there was a time when people believed in something and they were hesitant to give and receive it because it might not be a good idea.

Is it OK to give shoes as a gift? I hope we can shed some light on this because, like you, I’m dying to have a brand new pair of kicks.

Is it OK to give shoes as a gift?

There was a time when I believed shoes were not wonderful gifts. Because my mom told me so as my grandmother during my mom’s time. I remember one time, when we picked up items to be given during my mom’s friend’s wedding, we were at the mall and my little finger pointed to a pair of elegant-looking shoes on the shelf and I exclaimed Mom; I think this would look good on her. Let’s buy that one and give it to her as a present.

To my surprise, my mom just shook her head gently from left to right and whispered we can’t! And I was like, but why? In my mind, I was like, who doesn’t love shoes? I love shoes! But as we move further away from that shelf full of nice-looking footwear, mom’s reaction was quite an enigma to me.

I let it go for a while, I and my mom went down with our business and finished a cone of ice cream each while we headed towards home. At the dinner table, I blurted out again, mom, why didn’t we buy those shoes? They’re nice, aren’t they? I remember my old man’s puzzled look while sliding a piece of food into his mouth. What’s with these shoe thingy?

Mom explained to dad everything that happened that day, and he just said to me, next week your grandma’s giving us a visit, you can ask her everything about that shoe thing. I just took those words my old man told and while looking at the calendar, I told myself, I’m going to ask Nana.

Nana: Just don’t give them a pair of shoe!

I can still remember it clearly when our front door opened and Nana greeted us with her usual warm smile. She looked at me and said, come here you little pumpkin, don’t you miss Nana? While my grandmother joined us for lunch, I couldn’t contain myself and I popped the million-dollar question.

Nana, why did mom didn’t give aunt Bessy a pair of shoes for her wedding?

Nana just smiled at me and said, give them a dinosaur, a dragon, or whatever it is, but not a pair of shoes.

It just stuck on me like glue for quite some time, that we should not buy a pair of shoes and give it as gift, because that’s what mom and nana said. As they say, and that is all she wrote.

I just don’t believe it, you’re into that crap

A few years have passed and my officemate has chosen me to take part in her special vow. I told my boyfriend we’re going to the mall to buy some gifts for the wedding. As we walk along the aisle, we saw tons of items ranging from perfume, jewelry, clothing, and a lot more. It was such a delightful afternoon to find the perfect gift for the wedding.

Passing through several shoe racks, my boyfriend blurted, hey look at this! This pair seems nice. With little to no hesitation, I just rocked my head left and right and blurted out, NO! My boyfriend was just puzzled like I was before and asked, But why?

I explained to him what mom and nana told me, and he was like, whoa, no way! I just don’t believe it. You’re into that crap! I gave it a thought and told him, Let’s go! And get that pair of shoes NOW!

No more superstition from this moment on

For the longest time, I thought that if you gave someone a shoe as a gift, that person would walk out of your life. I believed it for some time until my boyfriend made me relinquish that belief. I brought that shoe and gave it to my office mate as a present and, as a result; we became much closer.

I’ve realized what mom and nana told me wasn’t really accurate, so to speak. So helping you choose a nice pair of shoes would be a perfect way of telling you, it’s okay to give someone a shoe as a gift. Enjoy.

Thank you very much!

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I hope by now, you’re now convinced that giving a shoe as a gift is perfectly alright. I can just imagine your sigh of relief when you realized there’s nothing wrong with giving your friends a nice pair of shoes for their special occasions like birthdays and weddings. Always stay tuned on our website for more information about giving gifts. We love every moment you grace us with your presence. Until next time.

Is it OK to give shoes as a gift?
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