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How to Wrap a Skateboard?

Giving a skateboard as a present can be very fulfilling because it is one of the coolest items that can be given especially if he/she loves to skate around parks making the perfect gift. But the problem is the wrapping because technically you wanted to surprise him/her, and you cannot just warp it according to the shape of the skateboard which is why wrapping takes skill and creativity.

We can watch the Birdman Tony Hawk do all his fancy tricks with a piece of skateboard and we would always get mesmerized by it. The fun and the level of thrill with each trick would sometimes leave us all speechless because of how crazy it seems. But no matter what, he always pulls it off like he usually does.

So, how to wrap a skateboard? The easiest way to wrap a skateboard is in a box. The box can then be wrapped in nice paper. If you want to wrap the skateboard looking not like a skateboard, you can also use butcher paper. It is sturdy and will not break when gift wrapping the skateboard.

Skateboarding is just purely extreme and adrenalin-pumping. You can watch it on TV at different competitions. There are tricks that would leave you dumbfounded and would just ask yourself how they could do it? I’m sure you’re toying with performing those tricks yourself, but I strongly advised you against it.

But how do you wrap a skateboard? We have already passed that stage of learning new tricks with skateboards, but I’m sure your son has been bugging you for years to buy him one. Might as well buy him all the gears needed to ensure he’s safe and free from injuries.

Before you get overly excited, you need to learn how to wrap a skateboard so you can finally give him what he’s bugging you for years.

Most of the time because of the difficulty of wrapping it people will just give it as it is without any wrap which can be seen as a lack of effort. But if you really want to show your appreciativeness and resourcefulness you will need a lot of patience and resourcefulness to be able to wrap it properly.

How to wrap a skateboard

A skateboard has an insanely unique shape which makes it challenging to wrap. It’s odd and elongated, making it a wrapping nightmare for gift-givers. But a little ingenuity can make it a surprise. The purpose why we need to conceal its shape is to make a surprise as much as possible.

Skateboards come in different sizes and shapes. On average, it’s about 8 inches wide and around 30 inches long. So it would need more than just wrapping skills to conceal it. You need also to hide the wheels because if you don’t you’ll have them showing and you’ll lose the element of surprise.

Before wrapping the skateboard there are tools and materials needed

1. Scissors – going to be used for cutting excess wrapping paper and tape

2. Cutter – used for cutting seamlessly excess wrapping paper

3. Measuring Tape – to measure the entire dimensions of the skateboard

4. Clear Packaging Tape – used for securing the skateboard into the cardboard box

5. Clear Tape for Gift Wrapping – used to tape the open edges of the wrapping paper

6. Large Cardboard Box – the box where the skateboard will be placed and then be wrap

7. Wrapping Paper – used to wrap the entire cardboard box as a gift

8. Ribbon – used to make the gift look more elegant

9. Gift Card – used to show that there is thought and creativeness for the gift. 

All of these materials can be easily found and be brought for a cheap price all the person needs is creativeness and resourcefulness to better wrap this gift with ease and compassion.

Wrapping a skateboard using a butcher’s paper

Step 1 – Wrapping the skateboard with some butcher paper.

The reason we’re using butcher paper is to make the skateboard not look like a skateboard. The butcher’s paper is excellent in concealing the odd shape of the skateboard because it covers it entirely. If you don’t want to use butcher’s paper, you may choose any kind of paper that would cover entirely the skateboard.

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Unroll the butcher’s paper and position the skateboard on top of it. If you need more paper, try to unroll enough to cover the entire board until you have it perfectly wrapped.

Step 2 – Wrap it around securely and try to conceal the wheels with butcher’s paper.

By now, we have the entire skateboard wrapped in butcher’s paper. You’ll notice that both ends are open. Flip over the flat side of the board, try to cover more paper to conceal the shapes of the wheels. Be sure you don’t press it too much because you might tear the paper. The wheels could punch through the paper and it’s going to ruin it.

Step 3 – Apply a liberal amount of tape to fasten it together.

Cut several 2 to 3 inches of tape to secure the paper and prevent it from unwrapping. Skateboards are quite challenging to wrap because of their unusual shape, so I recommend taping them securely. Turn the corners at the end of the skateboard and tape any loose ends.

How to wrap a skateboard using a box and wrapping paper

Using cardboard to wrap a skateboard

Step 1 – Measure your skateboard.

Use a measuring tape to measure both the length and the width of the skateboard. Be sure you have all the measurements on paper for your reference because you’ll need them later. There are different sizes of skateboards usually they come in small, medium, and large it is best to better measure its dimensions in a timely manner before buying the right size cardboard box.

Step 2 – Measure your cardboard

Measure your cardboard box to scale – now that the skateboard has been measured perfectly find a cardboard box that will exactly fit the dimensions of the skateboard and make sure that it is durable enough to handle the weight of the skateboard since the wheels are usually the heaviest.

Choose a cardboard box that would cover the length and width of your board. Always refer to the measurement you have jotted down. If the cardboard box is short, you need to be a little creative with it and add some boxes from any recycled box you have at home. Be sure to secure the joint with some tape and it’s going to be okay.

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Step 3 – Layout the box and slide the skateboard to fit it in nicely

Prepare the cardboard box – now that you have the cardboard box reinforce its corners and bottom with packaging tape to add security since the skateboard can be a little heavy. Ensuring that when the skateboard is placed the cardboard box will not be destroyed or damaged.

Open your cardboard box and slide gently the skateboard into it. If you need to trim down the corners, you may do so using a sharp cutter. Lay your cardboard box and skateboard flat – the cardboard box is secured its time to place the skateboard flat side down and use packaging tape to secure it so it will not move inside when being transported.

Step 4 – Trim the box to remove any excess edges

Slowly close your box and trim all any excess. Try to cut it straight by marking it lightly with a pencil before you cut it with your cutter. Cut any excess cardboard box that might get in the way of the wrapping process, since most cardboard boxes usually have excess areas for packaging.

Enclose the skateboard in the cardboard box – after securing the skateboard enclose the cardboard box and use the packaging tape to secure the top box to enclose it properly.

Step 5: Wrap the cardboard box

Wrap the cardboard box – now that the cardboard box is secured and enclosed it’s time to grab the wrapping paper and start measuring the dimensions of the entire cardboard box. As you closed your box with your skateboard in it, get a piece of wrapping paper and make sure you overlap all the edges of the box. Try to make wrapping even because it might not look good if you don’t make it snug.

Wrap the cardboard box one section at a time – measure first the exact dimensions of the box and then start wrapping it one section at a time. Most of the time it will take at least 2 sheets of wrapping paper for the entire box which is why it is better to have extra wrapping paper.

Extend with an additional sheet of gift wrapping paper – if the cardboard box is much bigger than expected an excess wrapping paper is needed to better wrap the entire cardboard box.

Create triangular flaps on the sides – these triangular flaps will show creativity so it is important to have them on the sides for additional decorations and creativity.

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Step 6 – Put a ribbon, and it’s done

Decorate the box – after wrapping the cardboard box it is time to add decorations such as ribbon and a card to better show your compassion and creativity in wrapping this skateboard gift. Use tape to put the ribbon on top of your wrapped gift.

If you haven’t brought a skateboard, choose from this list

Minority Skateboard

Made from 100% maple deck that can support up to 220 pounds of weight. It’s a cool piece of skateboard that I’m sure will drive you insanely cool every single time. It has ABEC-9 precision bearings, which makes it highly maneuverable in tight spots and responsive when you’re doing creative jump tricks. Get this one now.

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Double Kick Deck Concave Cruiser Trick Skateboard

Get to ride it and feel the thrill as you execute all the moves with no problem. It’s 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, giving you plenty of room for your feet. It’s super light at 4.7 pounds, giving you full control and ease of ride every single time.

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Magneto SUV Skateboards

An excellent skateboard made by skaters for skaters. It’s versatile and allows you to create tons of tricks with it. It features large soft wheels which respond to your every twist and turn. Cruising in rough terrains became less challenging and skating in your favorite spot is just as easy as a breeze.

This skateboard uses Canadian maple, which is durable and adds a ton of attitude. You’ve got to get your hands on this. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

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Magneto Mini Cruiser Longboard

This Magneto longboard is an excellent piece of extreme sports equipment that gives you all the frills and thrills. It’s highly portable and just makes skating an excellent way to be creative. It features a high-quality design which makes the trick easy to execute because this board is a high-performance board. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

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JBM Skateboard Helmet

Don’t forget to protect yourself at all times. Use this skateboard helmet to ensure you’re always safe when you do tricks. This skateboard helmet is excellent, providing your head with the best protection ever. Made from tough and durable PVC, PC, and EPS foam, which absorbs impact effectively. It has multiple vents that reduce sweating and keep your head cool. What are you waiting for? Get it now.

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Outdoor Master Skateboard Helmet

It’s durable and provides the best comfort for your head. Ride your longboard with no worries with this skateboard helmet. It is easy to clean. You just remove all the lining and wash it to ensure you’ll have a clean and fresh-smelling helmet each time you’re ready to ride. This helmet is also excellent not only for skating but also for cycling and other extreme sports. You need to have this one. Get it now.

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Knee and Elbow Pads With Wrist Guards

You need to protect your loved ones before they execute those insane moves. These protective gears are what you need to ensure everything is well. It protects against impact because it’s made from durable PP shells which are breathable. It’s applicable to all extreme sports. Get this one now.

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Skate Pads

I’m sure you’d love to ride your board and perform all those tricks. But before doing it, you need to ensure you’re protected and these skate pads would be helpful in keeping you and your loved ones safe when the going gets tough. Execute those sick moves without worrying about getting injured because these pads got you perfectly covered. Get them now.

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Adidas Skate Shoe

If you want to fly high, you’ve got to wear these Adidas sneakers and do those tricks like you’re in extreme games. Made from premium-quality and comfortable materials, you can do all those moves like you’re stepping in clouds. It’s also perfect for everyday casual wear. It’s breathable and comfortable, which I’m sure you’ll love every moment you have it on your feet.

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Final thoughts

Overall wrapping a skateboard can be a real challenge, especially for a person who is not capable of wrapping huge gifts with extra accessories, since the skateboard has wheels that can be really hard to wrap, and due to its size and shape it can be easily recognized as a skateboard which some people do not bother to wrap it up. But if you really love the person and you wanted him/her to be surprised then you will have to go the extra mile which is going to need a lot of patience since wrapping a skateboard as a gift is not easy.

Skateboards are one of the most popular and coolest gifts to give because they look cool and awesome and gives the rider a sense of freedom when he/she is riding on them most skateboards come in various sizes and designs so make sure before you buy them to ensure that this durable enough especially the wheels since skateboards are notorious for always being physically abused in skate parks due to the difficulty of tricks and high landing maneuvers that could potentially damage the skateboard which is why if you want these as a gift always buy from a reputable and trusted store since skateboards that are not durable enough can cause accidents and endanger the life of the user.

Also always practice safe riding wear the proper equipment and safety gear before using the skateboard and always teach it to the younger generation since skateboarding can be considered an extreme sport due to high-risk maneuvers and tricks that literally injure a person. Make sure to include safety gear to the skateboard as an accessory and gift to have a safe riding experience.  

I hope I could share a lot of tips on how to wrap your skateboard and give your friends and loved ones a surprise in their lives. Remember, the board is only a small part, but you need to be well-protected before you ride your board. I have shown you all the things you need to wear to ensure you safe and injury-free.

How I wish I can see you one day executing these moves and tricks. Good luck!

How to Wrap a Skateboard?
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