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How to wrap a round gift

How to wrap a round gift without your guest knowing it poses quite a challenge. I know you have plans in mind, but planning it would have an entirely different effect when you execute it. Sometimes, or maybe often, it will take you a lot of trial and error before you finally get it right and your round gift won’t appear lousy when you finally have it wrapped up.

Of course, wrapping a piece of round gift isn’t exactly rocket science, but it also isn’t a walk from the park. It would entail skills to make it look perfect because, unlike a square-shaped object where you can just stick the wrapping paper on the corner, a round object won’t give you that many options and that would be a little challenging.

As we highlight the steps in how to wrap a round gift, I’m hoping you’ll share your newfound skill and share a lot of love with your loved ones.

How to wrap a round gift

Here are some ways how to wrap a round gift. But before you even think of wrapping a round gift, you need to be familiar with these steps.

  • Put a large bowl under your wrapping paper with your round gift on top of it so it would be easy for you to wrap it.
  • Make sure you use all the foldings and creases in wrapping your gift tight to make sure the excess paper or flaps won’t stick out.
  • Roll the gift right up to the center and put tape on its edge so it would have a geometric shape.
  • For gifts having a cylindrical shape, roll the center of the wrapping paper and fold those leftover flaps on top of the much flatter side of your object so it’s easy to move around.

Twist wrapping a round object

Here are the steps on how to wrap a round gift.

  1. Cut a long piece of wrapping paper that is longer than its width. You need to make sure that if you close the wrapping paper, it will cover the entire gift. Estimate your paper’s entire length and width that when you will finally close it, you would still have a few couples of inches that will allow you to cover both sides. So how big your wrapping paper should be? The answer is, it would depend on how big or small your gift is. As advice, I would suggest you have it a little bigger when you close the wrapping paper because you can just trim the excess when you will finally close all the sides or flaps.
  2. Slide won a bowl under your wrapping paper while you are placing the gift on top of it. The reason for this is that a large round bowl will give it something to allow it to stand up, which would be more convenient when you finally wrap your gift. When you have slid the bowl below it, gently place the gift on top and make some minor adjustments so you’ll be sure you have it placed in the center of your wrapping paper. Make sure the short sides would have to be located to the left and right of your gift and the long sides would have to be in front and back of your gift. Make sure the bowl that will allow you to hold your gift with it slips through.
  3. Pull your wrapping paper to the top of your gift while you are bending or folding the paper up and over the top. You need to have it reach the center of your gift and let the excess paper slip to the sides.
  4. Fold the wrapping paper gently and slide it around your round gift to have it completely covered. Hold the edge of your wrapping paper while you are holding the gift with one of your hands. Fold the rest of the paper while you are moving the paper around your round gift. Make sure you are folding each flap tightly to have a snappy and neat look.
  5. Tie the excess wrapping paper at the top of your ribbon while you are gathering all the excess wrapping paper at the top. Use the ribbon to tie it in place. Use some tape to secure all the secured flaps and cut the excess paper until what’s left is just a few inches. Cut the ribbon when you are about to wrap so you won’t be holding the paper and cut the ribbon after you have everything set up.

Martha Stewart’s classic way of wrapping an odd-shaped object

  1. Lay the wrapping paper on top of a flat surface like your desk or your table. Make sure the paper is big, wide, and long enough to cover the entirety of an odd-shaped gift you are about to wrap.
  2. Measure the paper by covering all the entire odd-shaped gifts and then cut it using a scissor. Make sure you still have a lot of room or wiggles space so you can cover everything nicely and easily.
  3. Tape the edges of the paper.
  4. Imagine you have the left and right flap meeting at the center of the paper and then fold it as if you’re folding a towel.
  5. Fold the bottom so you’d be forming a base.
  6. Crease on the diagonal so you’ll be creating a triangular flap like the bottom of a juice box.
  7. By then you’ll notice you have a paper bag, place your odd gift inside
  8. Close the other end by just folding it nice and easy, like you’re folding a paper bag that’s filled with bread.
  9. Secure it with tape and you’re done. See, very easy.

Wrapping a round object Elaine Cuzner’s version

  1. This wrapping lesson would entail an object like a round piece of tin. For the first step, you need to stand the tin on its side. This part is a little tricky because the tin would roll as you let it stand on its side. While you are preparing things you would need, I would suggest you hold the tin with your other hand.
  2. Prepare two pieces of wrapping or tissue paper. Here’s a thing, you have the wrapping or tissue paper prepared in advance. Imagine you have a square-shaped paper. What you need to do is to fold it where you’ll be forming a triangle. You need two pieces of it.
  3. While you are letting the tin or any round flat object stand on its side. Position it in such a way where the tin is at the center while the side of the paper with the longer side (remember you folded it and it forms a triangle) passes through the center of the tin.
  4. While you’re holding the tin with your wrapping paper is partially covering it, put some tape on the side of the paper that touches the tin so you can have them secure.
  5. With your free hand, fold the flaps as if you’re making a folding fan. Fold an inch wide pleats and you’ll notice the paper will find its own way, forming a bouquet of some sort on top of your tin. Do the same procedure on the other side until you have every flap folded and you’ll see a bouquet of some sort forming on top of the tin.
  6. Lay the other sheet of paper and do exactly what you did with the first batch of paper until all the papers are covering the tin.
  7. Tie a ribbon and arrange the part of the paper that forms a bouquet.
  8. Gently press the pleats and you’re done.

Wrapping a circular gift using a golden garden wrapping paper

  1. Take a piece of wrapping paper, lay it flat on a surface like a desk or a table. Make sure the wrapping, when folded in two, would cover the entire circular item with at least 2 inches of the flap on both the front and backside.
  2. Fold an inch on one side of the paper.
  3. Put the circular item on the middle part of the paper and gently close both ends where you’ll be forming a cylinder sheet.
  4. Tape the flaps where the ends meet. Use double-sided tape so you would tape the inside part of the wrapping paper.
  5. Gently fold the excess paper on the bottom part of the circular object while you are also folding the other end.
  6. Start folding on the part where both papers meet. Slowly fold it where you’ll be forming small triangles and do the same step on the rest of the flaps until you have it closed, forming the top part like a cake. You need to tuck the last folded flap at the end to secure it nicely.
  7. Do exactly the steps on the other side of the circular object until you have everything folded up nicely.
  8. Put the ribbon and secure it using tape.
  9. You can tape those loose ends if there are any. You’re absolutely done.

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Wrapping a circular or odd-shaped gift could pose a challenge, but a few practices would make you an expert with a few practices. I hope I could share some tips with you on how to wrap some odd-shaped objects. Keep on practicing and I’m sure you’ll attain mastery of it in no time.

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