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How To Wrap A Mug – 12 Creative Ways

Mugs are the best go-to gift for adults. No one can say no to a mug, especially coffee lovers. They are practical, can be personalized, available in different designs, and are easy to acquire. Whenever there is a celebration and a need for a present, expect a mug to pop out. Want to know one thing that can make your mug gift extra special? The answer lies in the wrapper. Mugs are common gifts, but if you wrap them creatively, your gift will stand out among other mug gifts. When you wrap it beautifully, the celebrant will appreciate the effort you put into your gift. It will create a lasting impression. But how do you wrap a mug in such a way that can impress the person you will give it to? I got your back. Here are 12 ways how to wrap a mug creatively. Each list comes with a picture for your reference.

How To Wrap A Mug – 12 Creative Ways

Wrap the original box

There’s no need to think about how to wrap your mug gift like a pro. You can use the original box that it comes with. Of course, you have to have the box. Order a mug that is inside a box or comes with a box. This way, wrapping will be easier. Mugs are fragile gifts. One drop and your gift will turn into bad luck and disaster. The package will prevent this thing from happening. Choose a wrapping paper that speaks of that person’s personality. You can watch videos online on different wrapping styles to make the wrapping creative. You can also use recycled paper for an environment-friendly gift. If you want it to be simple, wrap the box with plain colored wrapping paper. Then tie it with a ribbon that sparkles with glitters. If you are into arts, you can paint the wrapping paper or put stickers and glitter on it.

Make a box

This can be your option if your mug doesn’t come with a box. You can just make your gift box. This is where your creativity will be put to a test. Choose a color palette or theme you will follow in crafting the box. Make it out of thick cardboard so it’s sturdy and can support the weight of the mug. Choosing the box material is crucial because you don’t want the base to tear open and drop the mug. You can also buy a brown and plain gift box available in many gift shops. You can just put stickers or draw on it. The most important thing is the bow. Make a cute bow that goes well with the gift box.

Use thin fabric to wrap the box

This is another way to wrap the mug’s box creatively. If you don’t want the paper wrapper because it’s too familiar, why not try a thin fabric? Yes, you can wrap a box with a piece of cloth. If you watch Korean dramas, then this will seem familiar to you. This is how Korean wrap their lunch boxes. You use a big handkerchief or just plain cloth that is square. Place the handkerchief in a diamond-like position. Put the box in the middle part of the handkerchief. Tie together the bottom and top corners of the handkerchief. Do the same with the left and right. As easy as that. There are other ways to do this. You can just search for video tutorials online. The most important thing here is choosing a quality cloth with stunning color and pattern.

Use a gift bag

Gift bags are classic. The gift bag will also make it easy for you to carry the mug gift around. Creativity will be seen in how you make or design the gift bag. You can make a gift bag out of almost anything. You can make it out of recycled items. You can make it out of thick cardboard. Keep in mind that the base of the gift bag must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the mug. If you create your gift bag, you can purchase stickers, glitters, and other crafts to design the bag. You can also buy brand new gift bags if you don’t have enough time and have already run out of design ideas. To secure the mug inside the gift bag, wrap it around a newspaper or any paper to prevent it from breaking.

Use Cellophane Wrap

This is a unique way to wrap a mug gift. It’s also easy to make and doesn’t need many crafts. To do this, you only need a cellophane wrap and a ribbon. If you want to decorate the cellophane, you can put cute and aesthetic stickers on it. The highlight of this wrapping style is the mug inside and the ribbon. You must ensure that the mug is appealing enough because the cellophane is transparent. The mug has to be at least colorful and stunning so your gift will look cute. The ribbon must also be colorful. You can choose thick ribbons with glitters to add more appeal to your gift. If you want to bring this gift to the next level, you can put sweets inside the mug before wrapping it with the cellophane. You can put foods like chocolates and candies. Or you can put other small items like lip gloss and inspirational quotes.

Present the mug as is

If you think your mug is too cute to hide, then you can present the mug without any wrapper. You just have to put a decoration inside the mug, so it doesn’t look empty. You can wrap sweets inside a cellphone and then put that inside the mug. Or you can copy the image below. You can buy coffee pods and then wrap them inside transparent cellophane. Put that inside the mug, and then voila! It is now ready to be given to your friend or special someone. Again, the ribbon is crucial. Pick something cute and colorful to give life to your gift. You can watch video tutorials online if you don’t know how to tie a ribbon. If you failed to buy a cellophane wrapper for the sweets, you could just put them inside the mug. Just tie a ribbon around the mug.

Use Colored Tissue Paper

This is similar to the cellophane wrap mentioned above. The only difference is that the wrapper is not transparent. This way, you can fully cover the mug inside. If your mug is plain and white, you need something that can make your gift more appealing. To do this gift wrapping style, you need two colored tissue paper that is big enough to cover the mug. You can also use cellophane as the outer layer to protect your gift from getting wet or damaged because the tissue paper is thin and fragile. You tie a huge ribbon to secure the wrapper.

Wrap Around the Mug

This gift wrapping style is simple yet unique. You can’t seldom find mugs that are wrapped this way. The first thing you need is to have a piece of cardboard that is long enough to cover the mug. You only cover the base and the top, leaving the handle and the side of the mug opposite to it exposed. You wrap the cardboard around the mug and then secure it with glue or tape. Since the handle is not covered, this now gives you a way to carry the gift. You then put decorations on the cardboard to make the gift more presentable.

Carrier Gift Bag

This is similar to the coffee cup carrier used in coffee shops. You have to replicate the structure and then design it on your own. You can find a pattern on how to make the carrier. You have to copy the pattern on a cardboard and then cut it. The design is not that hard to make. You can even make one yourself. Remember that the carrier must be sturdy enough so the mug doesn’t fall. There should also be barriers on both sides of the page, so the cup remains in place even it moves around. You can tie a ribbon at the carrier’s top or create your prints on the cardboard. You can use the brown cardboard or buy a colored one if you want it to be cute.

10. Explosion Box

Don’t take this literally. This gift wrapping is quite popular because it gives excitement and thrill to both the receiver and the spectators. If you want an astonishing gift, then wrap the mug inside an explosion box. This box is pretty easy to make. You can watch video tutorials online. This is just made out of cardboard. The process is similar to how you make a typical gift box, but this time you don’t glue the four edges of the box. This way, when you remove the cover of the box, the mug will suddenly pop out of the box, creating an explosion-like scene. You can also put treats on the corner of the box, so more surprises are revealed when the package is opened.

Paper Lantern Gift Box

This box is used initially as a lantern. You put a candle inside and then light it like a lantern. But wouldn’t they make a great gift box for your mug? Nothing can be more creative than this. You have to make the lantern durable to keep the mug safe and secured inside it. Making a lantern is easy if you only pick an easy-to-cut pattern. There are patterns you can copy online. Use cardboard so it’s thick enough. When you wrap the mug inside a paper lantern gift box, you give that person a mug and a lantern they can use later on.

Cupcake Transparent Boxes

Creativity means thinking outside of the box and being resourceful. You don’t have to put extra effort into crafting a beautiful box when you already have a cupcake box in front of you. Just make sure that the box is big enough to accommodate the mug. If it’s too small for the mug, don’t worry. You have to replicate this transparent box and make it bigger. You will need a thick plastic cover to do this box. Since it’s transparent, you will also need to purchase a colorful and stunning ribbon to go with it.

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How To Wrap A Mug – 12 Creative Ways
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