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How to make a chocolate bouquet?

How to make a chocolate bouquet? Always wondering what to give your significant other when celebrating an important day? Tired of the same old gift ideas? Do not fret, my friend. I got your back. I know sometimes it’s not easy to come up with amazing gifts that your wife or girlfriend will appreciate. But that’s one of the reasons why articles like these are written. I’m here to assist you in coming up with gift ideas that your loved one will like.

Gift-giving has been a tradition ever since time immemorial. However, the kind of gift you need to give in a particular instance is not taught in school. There’s no degree program that you need to take, you just need to trust 100% on your instincts on what to give, or rely on the usual. Nevertheless, it’s always fun to be creative and interesting with giving presents.

Why make the gift yourself?

Gifts vary in size, shape, color, and price. Not everyone has the same amount of money that they can spend on a particular gift. Then in cases like these, handmade ones can save the day. It is hard to appraise something which you devote your heart to making. Most of the time it is more treasured than things that are bought with money.

Sure enough, jewelry like diamonds is always tempting for women, but we don’t always have the budget for that and that’s totally okay. As long as all the necessary stuff is covered, indulging in luxurious gifts is not a priority. They will always appreciate the gesture behind every gift given by their dearly beloved.

Arranging a sweet bouquet for her

It’s a known fact that flowers and chocolate are classic gifts to give your partner on any special occasion. May it is her birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, or your upcoming anniversary, you could never go wrong by buying her those two. However, if you’re feeling extra and she has a sweet tooth, you should consider arranging a sweet bouquet for her.

But what exactly is a sweet bouquet? A sweet bouquet or chocolate bouquet is a handmade arrangement of various chocolates laid out like flowers in a bouquet. These edible bouquets have been popular for quite some time now and there are many variations to them like candy or cookie bouquets.

So you’re asking now how are you supposed to make that? Also, are you hesitating because it sounds quite difficult to create? Do not worry. Even someone who’s not into arts and crafts can make it. Continue reading so that you will know the step-by-step guide on how to make a chocolate bouquet.

Buy the right kind of chocolate

First things first, you have to buy the right kind of chocolate. Does she fancy milk chocolate? White chocolate? Or is she more of a dark chocolate kind of woman? You need to consider that before you go ahead and purchase the product. Once you’ve decided on the right type of chocolate, you can buy them along with the wrapping paper, ribbons, and skewers that you need in making the bouquet. (This is assuming that you already have a glue stick, glue gun, scissors, dry sponge, and tape at your home, but if not then you must purchase them as well.)

Before anything else, I will enumerate the things you need to buy and the link where you can obtain them with their matching prices so you could acquire them prior to proceeding with the instructions.

Here is the list of items that you must have in order to create this sweet bouquet

1. Chocolate

This is the most crucial piece on the list. As an example, we’re going to use Cadbury chocolate for this post.

You could get them here in bulk for $59.98.

Read more and order

2. Wrapping paper

I took the liberty of choosing a holographic wrapping paper with a heart design for you. The silver one is what we need in order to have contrast with the purple packaging of the chocolate. You could buy them here for $12.99.

Read more and order

3. Ribbons

Based on research, red doesn’t always have a good reputation with purple, but when they are put together, it creates a moody and cheerful vibe that is unique. So why not try it out? You could acquire the red ribbon here for $2.97.

Read more and order

4. Skewers

If you have leftover sticks from your barbeque party, you could use them. However, if you’re running out of skewers, you could purchase them here for $5.34.

Read more and order

5. Glue gun with glue sticks

Luckily for you, I found the best-selling glue gun on Amazon and it comes with 30 pieces of glue sticks already. You could get them here for $13.54.

Read more and order

6. Scissors

I’m sure you already have this at home, but in case yours has turned dull, you could buy them here for $5.59.

Read more and order

7. Giant Sponge

This item is also common at home, but just to be sure, you could acquire them here for $3.98.

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8. Tape –

There’s nothing wrong with stocking up with tape especially when a holiday that requires gifts is around the corner. So go purchase yours here for $5.39.

Read more and order

Now that you have all the stuff that is needed.

Please follow these instructions carefully and accordingly

Step 1: Cut 12 skewers into half. Then take one Cadbury chocolate and raise the flap at the back. Afterward, attach the skewer to the chocolate bar with a glue stick. Repeat this action for the remaining chocolate and skewers.

Step 2: The next step would be putting those 12 chocolate bars with skewers on the dry sponge. Make sure that not all of them have the same height or level when you put them in there. (For example, 6 of the chocolate bars are thrust 5 centimeters deep, 4 chocolate bars are thrust 3 centimeters deep and 2 chocolate bars are thrust 1.5 centimeters deep. You could adjust it to your preference.)

Step 3: After that, go ahead and get your silver wrapping paper and fold them on each side diagonally. You don’t need to make them identical or one and the same. Just fold the other one a bit longer than the other side. Asymmetry makes it seem natural. Then place the dry sponge with chocolates on the center. You could use tape or a rubber band to secure it.

Step 4: Then, in order to hide the dry sponge, get another wrapping paper and cut it big enough to cover the lower part of the bouquet, where the dry sponge is located. Last but not the least, you could now add the ribbon in the middle of your sweet bouquet. You could also add fancy lollipops if you wish to for design. Just stick them in the center or in between chocolate bars.

Who can you make a chocolate bouquet for?

Moreover, don’t be shy and share this article on how to make a chocolate bouquet with your friends or co-workers. Maybe they’re looking for some good gift ideas as well. A helping hand is always valued, why not be one? In fact, practice it on a daily basis, you might never know who would benefit from your assistance.

There’s a saying by Sarah Dessen which goes like this:

“The best gifts come from the heart, not the store.”

Sarah Dessen

Sweet bouquet

And I couldn’t agree more! Again, flowers and chocolate might be considered timeless gifts, but a sweet bouquet is a thoughtful one! What makes it even more romantic is knowing that the person who’s giving it ensured that their loved ones are getting this kind of handmade gift. It’s always the thought that counts.

As a cherry on top, when you give this chocolate bouquet to your sweetheart, you might want to serenade her with the song that the two of you love as a couple of the songs that you danced to during your wedding. Or better yet, prepare a picnic date where you guys can reminisce about the good old times. If it’s not too much to add, maybe try writing a love poem as well. Going the extra mile is always charming.

Final thoughts

A person’s idea of a romantic gift is not always equivalent to flowers and chocolate. Sometimes, you just combine those two and create a new one and that doesn’t seem so bad either. I know for sure that future generations will come up with more unusual romantic gifts and I can’t wait to see them. Maybe I’ll write another how-to guide on one of those to keep up with the times.

Easy-peasy right? So when the next memorable day comes up, like your anniversary, why don’t you try this gift idea? I know for sure that whatever gift you give her, she will cherish it knowing that it came from you. But the fact that you also made an effort is a big plus! It just shows that you just don’t rely on store-bought things.

Just don’t forget that every gift you give, as long as it came from the heart, no matter the price, will surely be valued greatly. So keep giving heartfelt gifts to your beloved.

How to make a chocolate bouquet?
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