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How to close a gift bag with the strings?

Hello there! I think a couple of days from now, you would receive gifts from folks. I know it feels happy and great.! Some people love to wrap their presents on tightly wrapped brightly colored gift wraps, the old-fashioned way of wrapping presents. But today, most people will just put it nicely on a gift bag because it’s easier and saves time.

But how to close a gift with the strings? Do you do it like you’re tying your shoelaces? I’ve seen many people do that, and I didn’t mind at first, because I also do the same thing. And then one day, a friend got her eyes wide open when she saw how I was closing a gift bag. She remarked in a loud voice, hey, hey, what are you doing?

Closing your gift bag like a pro

I was like, What? And she pointed out, there’s a much better way of doing it, FYI it’s not shoelaces! She grabbed the gift bag, and she did some finesse and agile movements like a gymnastic routine and, just like that, everything is now presented just like royalty.

My friend was shaking her head as she was in disbelief at what she saw. But is there a crash course or a masterclass for this? But luckily, I’ve found something online to help ordinary folks like us, to learn a skill or two on some a few easy steps and hack on how to close a fit bag with the strings. If you’re ready, let’s start!

  • Step 1 – Grab the end of the ribbon or of the rope from the inside of the bag and thread it carefully through the holes on the opposite side of the bag. If you notice, it seems complicated and awkward because you’re seeing a lot of hoops and loops. Just focus on both ends and holes and everything is going to be alright.
  • Step 2 – You need to repeat the steps you did on the other side. This method will make a neat seal across the top of the bag. And it also looks more elegant than to just close it with a tape. It’s also faster and you won’t be compromising the aesthetics.
  • Step 3 – (This part is optional. You may choose not to do it, but I would advise you to do this for a more artistic feel.) For more a more customized touch, I would love to recommend that you print some adorable stickers that you can use to fold at the center of the bag to seal it. But if you are not a fan of stickers, a bow is also nice. Actually, a lot of folks use a bow or a ribbon to seal the gift bag.

How to choose the perfect gift bag?

So we have highlighted all the steps on how to close a gift bag with the strings. The next question would be, how do you choose the perfect gift bag for your perfect gift? We know it’s easy to just purchase some handy-dandy gift bag at the gift store. But the perfect goodie bag for the right occasion would be adorable.

For high-end events and business functions, laminated paper bags would be perfect. The luxurious appearance and glossy finish would be the perfect texture and feel for such events. You should also take into consideration the size of your gift,

But if you love to use earth-friendly gift bags, then you may do so. There are beautiful tote bags which are more durable. Tote bags are also washable, which is good to use it again for some other time to help curb the piling waste being thrown. It always feels great that you have done your part in saving the environment and you made someone feel special.

How big your gift bag should be?

A rule of thumb would suggest that your gift bag should be about two or three times larger than your gift. And I would also recommend cushioning the bottom part of the gift bag with a new and clean sheet of tissue paper just to make sure that you are adding a piece of protection to keep everything safe.

Another important step, please remove the price tag from both the gift bag and the gift. It would be awkward for your recipient to know the price of everything that is related to your gift. Be sure to flip over the bag and look for the price tag and remove it carefully.

What items are best placed inside gift bags?

We have asked some folks what items are better placed inside gifts bags, and most of them have these answers.

  • Clothing – Most people would use a gift bag to present an apparel to a receiver. Since apparels are not fragile, a gift bag would save you a lot of time rather than wrapping it with gift wrap.
  • Gifts that you can eat – If you’re planning to give chocolates or other food items that would melt, a gift bag would be nice. You need to put your gift in the fridge before placing it in the gift bag. When you’re ready to give it to your recipient, just put it nicely on the gift bag, deliver, and just like that, it’s done.
  • Last-minute gifts – If you have little time to choose for a gift, but you need to. Putting it on a gift bag is way better rather than rushing to wrap it on a piece of gift wrap and do a crappy job. It would simply kill off the thrill.

There are other items that a gift bag won’t apply to them. For example, it’s hard to put a bicycle or a large and cuddly teddy bear inside a gift bag. A brand new walker won’t fit inside a gift box. Pets, a brand new car or a brand new home would simply be too much for a gift box. Just tie a bow and everything is going to be great, trust me!

How to close a gift bag with the strings?
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