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How do you decorate a small box?

Gift boxes can be embellished with small branches, pine cones, buttons & craft paper felt material, or paper bows with vibrant ribbons, pompoms, & natural ropes. Old ties may be a great ornamental accent in a gift box.

Simple Christmas gifts become really memorable and surprising when you use creative gift box decorations, save money, and showcase your skills. Gift boxes manufactured by hand and designed distinctively make important loved ones feel extraordinary and eager to receive them.

When it comes to gift boxes, there are no rules. Your recipients will enjoy handcrafted gift boxes and artistic embellishments no matter what you do. Here are some fantastic gift box decoration ideas to help you develop unique and individual designs.

A basic design becomes unique and unforgettable when paper crafts & fabric appliques are applied to present boxes, inventive forms, or uncommon material.

Handmade gift box decorations are a great way to recycle small objects that clutter your home while also saving money on wrapping paper and presenting a stylish gift. Here are some ideas on How do you decorate a small box

Use fabric

You can make a box that matches almost anything using fabric, spray adhesive, scissors, a ruler, as well as a pencil. You’re halfway there if you have any fabric remnants from previous projects or a worn-out favorite t-shirt (or you could buy something fancier from a craft store).

Cut your cloth to the dimensions of your box. Mark the box’s bottom location, spray glue it, and place it on the cloth. Cut a line down the box’s long edge on both sides. Attach the long side with spray adhesive and then cut flaps to the small end with the cut flaps. Carry on with the remainder of the sides in the same manner. And that’s all there is to it! You may either repeat the procedure or leave it alone to emphasize the difference unless you have a lid.

Use buttons

Use buttons to give your box more oomph and texture if you want to be creative Other-sized buttons in diverse colors of the same color family seem sophisticated and put-together, but different shapes and forms also work. You will need a hot glue gun and your grandmother’s button collection.

You don’t really want your box to be covered with little transparent blobs with a button every now and then, so use caution and sparingly with the hot glue gun.

Use lace

Choose an exquisite material, such as lace (or maybe a string of beads if you’re feeling really fancy!). You may lodge podge the whole piece or use the same decoupage paste, rubberized cement, spray adhesive, or anything that sticks without leaving a colorful residue. To add texture and complexity, try overlaying lace designs. Cut your lace into shapes ahead of time. Even if the box is completely covered in lace, the motifs on top may stand out and add dimension and pizazz.

Washi tape

So simple, yet so stylish! For a fun effect, mix & match color combinations & try overlapping pieces. I also have the perfect balloon to go with them!

Oversized embroidered star

Draw multiple star shapes on the lid with a pencil, then poke holes through each of the star’s points. Attach a star using ornamental threads.

Potpourri For a long time, I‚Äôve had a few old potpourri hanging around that needed a new lease of life. I adhered several to the lid with a hot glue gun. I simply managed to stumble upon some light, purplish-blue ribbon that perfectly fits the dried blueish leaf‚Äôs color and texture. This handmade gift box décor is wonderful!

Stick on gift tags

I was blown away when I discovered some handmade Christmas gift tags. Instead of using the tie to attach the star gift tag to the little square present box in this guide, I elected to glue the tag to the gift box. I stuck the mini star on top of the big one at the highest point because the giant star in the photo came with one.

Necklace made from repurposed beads

If you have an old necklace that is stretched, worn, or broken, you may use the beads to adorn a cardboard box or a gift box. Because the necklace I wore was comprised of gorgeous brown seeds, I thought they’d go well with the red card Christmas trees I’d cut out. After that, I attached some silver beads to the tops of the trees and tied a bow with a silver ribbon.

‚ÄúConfetti‚ÄĚ made with yarn

Don‚Äôt toss away all those tiny bits you snip off the next time you make yarn pompoms ‚Äď they make delightful ‚Äúconfetti‚ÄĚ for other art projects! Run a piece of double-sided tape along the center of the gift boxes, place a handful of yarn on top, then shake off the excess. To patch in any gaps, use a dab of glue and extra yarn.

Use contact paper

Contact paper may well be the simplest method to spice up even the most basic of boxes if you have a steady touch. The sticky layer backs it, so you won’t have to deal with any sticky mess! Take a look at the shelving area of your home improvement store. And who knows, maybe you could even redo the insides of your cabinets!

Paper beads

I have some leftover paper heart beads from when I used to create earrings. Paper heart beads are straightforward and don’t require any adhesive, making them even more fulfilling.

Decorative sticky tape

I lined the lid and sides of my gift box with some sparkly tape. Then, using (still more) leftover notebook paper, I cut out a tree shape and adhered to some silver beads. I then cut out topological changes from some gold-printed cloth and attached it to the top! Silver & red with a dash of gold is a typical Christmas present box decor motif.

Cut-out paper flowers

Another one was made using scrapbook paper… I cut out a few flowers from the template and adhered them to the lid. I like how the flowers’ hues contrast with the cardboard background.

How do you decorate a small box?
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