12 Unique Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

Every single one of us knows someone who loves hot chocolate. It could be your brother, your best friend or your favorite co-worker. It could even be you, yourself. Regardless of who it may be, we all have someone who is always going to be down for a cup of hot chocolate. And honestly, we can never blame them for loving this delectable drink. This is especially true given the many reasons why people are so into it. For some people, Hot chocolate brings back good childhood memories of their past holiday seasons. It could also be the warm drink that some people love to consume and enjoy as they reminisce the moments they spent indoors and with their families during cold rainy nights. There are also those who just love it simply because of the joy of having it, to name a few. While there are indeed many reasons as to why people love hot chocolate, one thing is certain, and that is, the perfect gifts for these people are those that can allow them to enjoy this delicious cup of liquid happiness.

Here is the list of Adorable gifts that your Hot Chocolate-Lover Friends will definitely be going to love.

La Cocina Heat Changing Coffee / Hot Chocolate Mug with Spoon

An excellent gift for your significant other, this Heat Changing Mug features a young couple holding their hands together lovingly. What is interesting about this cup is that the couple’s hair color changes from black to white when hot water is poured into the mug. Made from high-quality material, this white ceramic mug comes with a matching spoon. The design of this adorable mug also makes it a suitable gift for your friends. Just purchase and give them a pair so that they may be able to enjoy the Hot Chocolate in this mug with their romantic partners.

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Self stirring Coffee / Hot Chocolate Mug

Your tech-savvy friend will surely appreciate this gift, because who needs a spoon for mixing when you already have a mug that can stir your drink by itself. What is even more amazing with this mug is that it is very easy to operate. Your friend will only need to press the button that is located at the handle once for the stirring to begin. As soon as he or she is done with the stirring, he or she will just need to press the button again for it to stop. This Kare & Kind Brand exclusive comes in two colors to choose from, Black and White.

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The Mug with A Hoop

Perfect for people who either love basketball or simply enjoy unique items, this cute mug comes in the shape of a basketball with a ring on its handle. What makes this mug interesting is that the basketball ring in the handle does not have any base to make it hold the items. This means fun for couples or friends who are enjoying their hot chocolates together. They can take turns in throwing the marshmallows playfully to the rings of their partner’s cup instead of simply and directly putting the toppings on their drink. Highly suggested to be purchased and gifted in pairs.

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Enesco Our Name is Mud Holiday Hot Cocoa and Pajamas Mug and spoon set

If you are already doing your shopping for the coming Holidays, then you should definitely consider checking this adorable mug out. With a Christmas theme Design, this mug comes with a uniquely shaped spoon that is perfect for scooping marshmallows and other toppings on your Hot Chocolate. This Enesco Brand exclusive is the perfect budget-friendly Christmas gift for your friends and colleagues.

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New Marshmallow Shaped Mugs Set of 4

This mug set will be an amazing gift to your friends who either have children already or simply enjoy Hot Chocolate in relatively smaller amounts. The set has 4 pieces of smaller-than-usual ceramic mugs with a capacity of just 5.92 ounces. With its cute marshmallow design, the experience of drinking hot chocolate in it is guaranteed to become a fun memory, especially for children.

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Land O Lakes Cocoa Classics: Hot Cocoa Mix in 11-Flavor Variety

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift to give away to your co-workers or friends, then you might want to consider this Hot Chocolate Gift Set. This set contains 11 different hot chocolate flavor mixes, each of which is guaranteed to have delectable tastes. With these 11 varieties, the friend, who will receive this gift, will surely have a different hot chocolate experience every time he or she opens a packet of it.

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Thoughtfully Gifts, Cocoa Therapy Gift Set

As if having 4 varieties of Hot Cocoa mixes is not amazing enough, this gift set also includes 3 Toppers that are guaranteed to make one’s Hot Chocolate experience even more satisfying. Organized in a simple but classy-looking box, each of the cocoa mixes and the toppers is placed in a bottle. The four mixes include Double Chocolate, French Vanilla, Peppermint, and Salted Caramel while the Toppers include Vanilla Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, and Mini marshmallows.

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Whittard of Chelsea-Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate Gift Set

A great gift for your Vegetarian and Vegan friends, this gift set contains 6 different flavors, which include Rocky Road Mint, Salted Caramel, Orange, Luxury Hot Chocolate, and White Chocolate. According to the supplier the majority of the flavors, except for White Chocolate and Mint, are suitable for vegans. All, however, are okay for vegetarians. Each of the flavors can make 6 servings, are placed in a lovely container, and are packaged in a beautiful box.

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Ghirardelli Hot Cocoa Gift Set

A great purchase for busy people who don’t have time to wrap their gifts, this Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa gift set from Ghirardelli includes 6 packets that are already organized in a sophisticated-looking gift box. Each of these packets contains a flavorful premium Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix that chocoholics will definitely be going to love. Perfect gift for any occasion.

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Thoughtfully Gifts, Mini Hot Chocolate Gift Set

Another great gift option for your vegetarian friends, this gift set includes 6 different flavors of Hot Cocoa mixes that are placed in adorable mini paper cups. The delicious flavors include Caramel, French Vanilla, Toasted Marshmallow, Salted Caramel, Double Chocolate, and Peppermint. As this set is already organized in a box, preparing it to be a gift, is, thus, easier. You only need to either put it in a gift bag or add ribbons and other decorations to it.

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Keto Cocoa-Delicious Sugar-Free Hot Chocolate Mix

A perfect gift to your friend who is currently trying to lose and manage their weight healthily, this Keto-friendly Hot Chocolate mix features a unique blend of Cocoa mix that is even suitable for people who are diabetic. As it contains no gluten, artificial flavors, and sweeteners, this mix is definitely going to be enjoyed by your friends who are into a Low-carb Lifestyle.

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Castle Kitchen Sugar-Free Double Dutch Premium Dark Hot Chocolate Mix with Monk Fruit

This is another great gift option for your vegan friends and those who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. While being a good source of fiber, this Hot Chocolate Mix is also gluten-free, dairy-free, plant-based, and Non-GMO. This makes this product suitable and enjoyable for individuals who have unique dietary needs and preferences like diabetic people. As this mix is not yet organized in a gift pack and is purchased individually, you may need to buy two or more and then packaged it as a gift depending on the occasion when this will be given. Nevertheless, this item will still be a great choice This is especially true since there aren’t many options for Hot chocolate mixes that are available for people who are trying to lose weight and live healthier, and we all have friends who are like that. In addition to that, this situation creates an opportunity to provide more personalized gift wrapping since you will be able to decide what the packaging will be.

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Drinking hot chocolate is a fun experience primarily because it tastes good and creates opportunities for families and friends to bond with each other. That being said, while it’s true that Hot Chocolate generally makes people happy, selecting the most appropriate gift for the important people in your life can still be tricky. You have to consider their dietary needs, their preferences, and the occasion when the gift will be given. Each of the above-mentioned gift ideas is chosen to provide options and allow your friends to enjoy Hot chocolate regardless of their lifestyle choices. Lastly, consuming Hot chocolate should be done in moderation and this is despite the joy that it brings to you and your family.