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Granddaughter gifts

Granddaughters are the most fun family members to gift. Why? Because this is your chance as a grandmother or grandfather to spoil her with the most colorful girly gifts. This list isn’t just for the girly girls, either. We will offer you options of granddaughter gifts for girls of all ages and personalities, so whether or not you have a girly girl that loves make-up, shoes, and coiffed hair or has a granddaughter that loves sports and is a tomboy, you’ll always have ideas to choose from.

Or if you have a granddaughter in the middle of both worlds, we’ll have ideas for their personality type, too. These gifts can be solely for your granddaughter, or they can also be gifts you can enjoy with them. This gift list will have you covered, so strap in, grab a snack, take down notes and see which gifts fit your price range and your granddaughter’s personality the best.

Granddaughter gifts
Granddaughter gifts

Gifts for Granddaughters of All Ages

Pixel Starz Dream House Game

Instead of a virtual pet, it’s a virtual version of your granddaughter where she can play around with three different career types and experiment with them. She can customize her virtual home, feed her virtual avatar, and style her character’s clothes, hair, makeup, and home. This also includes many mini-games for her and her virtual person to play that will advance the character’s skills, talents, and careers. This handheld game can be enjoyed by a younger girl or one of her tweens. Even adults that miss their childhood days will love this toy and inspire younger generations to reach for their dreams. Read more and order

Original Tamagotchi Virtual Pet Game

If your granddaughter didn’t grow up in the age when Tamagotchis were the most revered toys ever, it’s not too late to buy them the original toy that has a black and white display. Suppose you feel the original ones might not capture their attention as much as one with a fully colored and backlit display. In that case, you can also get the newer variants that can connect to the internet or connect with other friends’ devices, or even the ones that can take pics of them to upload to the Tamagotchi website. This gift is one of the most classic granddaughter gift ideas. Read more and order

Dueling Light Sabers with Sound Effects

Yes, girls can be influenced by your geeky children to become burgeoning young nerd that loves Star Wars movies. If she isn’t girly but loves to roleplay as a young Padawan, this gift is definitely for her. Not all granddaughters are the same, and thus, she deserves a gift that suits her. This lightsaber also produces sound effects upon being swung or when it connects physically with other objects during a faux lightsaber duel, for example. Read more and order

Hotfix Bedazzler Applicator Kit

This one is arguably a gift for any age of granddaughter. This can be a gift to solidify a crafty and creative bond between your daughter and granddaughter. At the same time, they bedazzle some of dad’s manly things just for the fun of seeing his reaction, or for an older granddaughter who seriously likes being crafty and making things extra sparkly and shiny. Read more and order

Hair Bedazzler Kit with Rhinestone Set

This gift once again can be for all ages or at least for granddaughters from kindergarten, elementary to middle school, or an adult granddaughter that doesn’t care if people see that her hair sparkles. This creative rhinestone stamping kit will leave her the center of attention at parties, prom, or just around the house having a sleepover with her friends. Who knew such a fun gift could be so affordable? Read more and order

Ceramic Mini Curling Iron

If your granddaughter is a young girl that wants to experiment with styling her hair, or if she’s older and needs to bring a styling tool with her while she’s traveling, then this is a great gift to give her. This ceramic hair curler is infinitely pretty in pink and will look good in her travel vlogs, her Instagram lifestyle pictures, or even just on her vanity. No matter what age, every granddaughter deserves pink hair styling tools. Read more and order

Chi Spin and Curl Special Rose Gold Edition

Hair styling technology has advanced so much to the point where you won’t even need to curl your hair yourself. Just lower a good amount of hair into the machine and watch it curl your hair for you automatically, no manual labor is needed. Since the brand is Chi, you are assured of quality and a tool that will last your granddaughter for a long time, and because it’s a special edition, the rose gold will look so good with her rose gold iPhone. Read more and order

3 Barrel Tourmaline Hair Crimper

Do you have a granddaughter looking back to earlier generations for hairstyle inspiration? Enter the hair crimper where she can look like her favorite female celebrities or mermaids from the early 90s. This hair crimper heats up in no time is durable and easy to use. It is also in bright pink, making it so much easier to have this styling tool conform to the theme of her girly bedroom. Read more and order

Conair Infinitpro Rose Gold Flat Iron

We made sure to choose a pink hair styling tool to complete the list of pink hair equipment just in case you were planning on giving your granddaughter a complete set that all complement each other. This flat iron has 30 heat settings depending on the thickness or kind of hair your granddaughter may have, so she doesn’t damage her thin or curly hair. Conair makes sure that their styling tools are for all hair types, so no matter what kind of hair your granddaughter has, she will never feel left out. Read more and order

Clear Perspex Pointed Toe Heels

The Amina Muaddi brand of shoes and heels has increased in popularity thanks to the unique heel that is the signature to the designer herself. However, the price for her heels and boots can be extremely steep and can be unnecessary if you’re wanted to get your granddaughter some memorable heels for the same, if not better quality. This dupe of the Cinderella shoe and the triangular heel has the signature sunburst pendant over the toes. These shoes are great to wear to prom, at weddings, or to wear in public life. Read more and order

Pink Gaming Headset with Cat Ears

This nifty pink gist is for your girl gamer or Twitch-streaming granddaughter. The cat ears headphones have grown in popularity to the point where every gaming YouTuber sports them in their videos or gaming streams to the point that both males and females wear them. Read more and order

Tisoog iPhone 11 Dragon Scale Phone Case

This gift is for granddaughters of all ages, well, at least the ones old enough to own an iPhone 11. This textured phone case is scratch-proof and absorbs shock should your granddaughter ever drop her phone. It’s lightweight and made of silicone, but it can still pack a punch and keep her phone safe. Read more and order

Motospeed RGB Gaming Keyboard

This pink mechanical gaming keyboard is an excellent gift for all ages and appeals to the inner girly girl of every female. This is a practical gift for a burgeoning writer or an adult granddaughter working from home. This keyboard can be attached with wire or connected via Bluetooth. Read more and order

Mattel High Tech Diary

This diary is voice-controlled, meaning the diary can only be accessed and unlocked using the owner’s voice. Anyone else that tries to break into the diary will have their voice recorded and captured so the owner can catch them in the act. Make sure your granddaughter’s secrets are safe from her snooping parents with this nifty and secure diary. Read more and order

Moon Magic Pear-Shaped Moonstone Ring

Moonstone rings and jewelry has seen increased popularity over the years to the point where couples choose them over diamond engagement rings. This ring is guaranteed s925 sterling silver, meaning it will never tarnish and is a great gift for a granddaughter of any age. This gift can also be passed on through generations as a sentimental piece of jewelry from you, her grandparent. Read more and order

Physician’s Formula Plumping Lip Gloss

This gift is to start your granddaughter on her make-up-loving journey. If you are a makeup fan and see it as an art form, this lip gloss from a physician’s formula with a neutral nude color and sparkles will encourage your granddaughter into the same avenue of creativity. This formula plumps the lips for a natural plumped-up look. Read more and order

St Ives Collagen and Elastin Moisturizer

Your granddaughter is never too young to be taught the value of caring for her skin. You want her to care for and maintain her youthfulness as early as possible. This moisturizer is nonsticky and penetrates deep into the skin, changing from a cream to a thinner texture once applied, pushing collagen and elastin into the skin’s barrier. Read more and order

Revly Collagen and C Peptide Pills

Not to discount topical collagen, but it is scientifically proven that collagen is more effective when ingested. The vitamin c will also help exacerbate the effects of the collagen and help brighten the skin, keeping it smooth, supple, soft, and elastic, preventing droopiness and the appearance of wrinkling. Your granddaughter is never too young to know how to nourish her skin. Read more and order

Tea Bloom Tea Press

If your granddaughter loves all things natural and health-filled food and drinks, then this tea press is an excellent gift for her. If she is the type to knows how to work with her herbs and tea leaves, then she will save so much money on this present. Instead of going through boxes of teas quickly, she can make her own from the homegrown tea leaves in her backyard. Read more and order

Pink Gardening Set

If your granddaughter has a green thumb, then there is no question about what you should get for her. Help her on her quest to create a bountiful garden by buying her this pink heavy-duty gardening set that will supply her with every single tool she will ever need. And, of course, more importantly, the pink tools will help her look good while doing what she does best. Read more and order

Kasa Smart LED Light Strip

Help your granddaughter decorate her room since strip and sound-responsive lights are all trending right now. LED light strips will give her room the specific ambiance she’s looking for, whether she wants to add a little sparkle or wants a neon color to illuminate her in her room whenever she takes one of her adorable selfies, It’s a cheap but genius gift idea. Read more and order

Vintage Laptop Backpack

This brand may have classified this product as vintage, but none of its capabilities counts as such. There is a battery pack within the bag that will allow your granddaughter t charge her gadgets all the while she’s on the move. The multitude of pockets and slots provides room for her laptop, iPad, phone, books, notebooks, journal, and everything else she may need on a productive day out. Read more and order

TheraICE RX Gel Ice Headache Relief Hat

This gift is for the granddaughter, that works hard but often suffers from migraines and headaches. This relief hat is form-fitting, which will adapt to the wearer’s head to ensure that it doesn’t slip or fall off during a restful nap or sleep. The cooling sensation will help your tired granddaughter heal and recover from a tiring work day. Read more and order

Kindle Oasis eReader

If your granddaughter is a child or a tween, an eReader is a great gift to ensure that they gain knowledge and improve their language and communication skills. You can even inspire them to want to become an author and writer. If you’re buying this for a much older granddaughter, then you know they’ll be using this reader to relax and unwind or to wind down in bed before sleep. Read more and order

Back to School Supplies Set

Sometimes school supplies can be expensive, so why not take the burden off your children’s shoulders and buy your grandkids their school supplies instead? Both parties will surely appreciate your contribution to the grandchildren’s education. This kit comprises folders, spiral notebooks, composition notebooks, pencils, glue sticks, crayons, markers, erasers, and sharpeners. Read more and order

Fortnite 7″ Llama Loot Plush

We can guarantee that even girls play Fortnite. Gone are the days when stuffed animals were just stuffed animals. Nowadays, they resemble video game characters, animals, or inanimate objects in-game that players might see as cute. This quirky purple llama plushy will make your granddaughter’s inner gamer girl happy. She’ll probably even display it in her gaming corner to show off to her friends. Read more and order

Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition

There’s a reason absolutely everybody plays this trendy Nintendo game, and that’s because it’s like EA’s The Sims, except with animals. Your granddaughter will love the characters and the adorable animals she’ll be able to interact with. She can customize her character’s living spaces, do missions, make friends and make her little animated town her own. Read more and order

Nintendo Switch Handheld Gaming Console

Your granddaughter can’t play Animal Crossing without a Nintendo Switch with all the power of a gaming console packed into a handheld gaming toy. The great thing about Nintendo Switches is that you can play it handheld or share whatever you’re playing for everyone to see by docking it into its port and connecting it to your TV. You can even play with family by removing the joycons, which will act as individual controllers, albeit small in the hands. Read more and order

Light Up Electronic Dance Mat for Kids

Instead of hoping your granddaughter will turn out to be a fantastic dancer so you can live life vicariously through her, you can inspire her to get up and move with this toy that feels like a Dance Dance Revolution arcade machine. It plays music that accompanies the lighting effects that light up underfoot for your granddaughter to follow. This is also a great way to trick a kid into exercising and tuckering them out if you need some peace and quiet. Read more and order

Green Life Cookware Set in Soft Pink

Cooking sets like this inspire even the most clueless cook to at least try a simple recipe. This set contains pots, pans, frying pans, a colander, spatulas, and ladles, all of which are in pink, ceramic and nonstick, so if your granddaughter is an epic fail at cooking, at least she isn’t going to burn the house down. If she also lives in a home or apartment that is more feminine in its styling, she’ll appreciate this kooky gift that will allow her to live her best Barbie dream house life. Read more and order

Granddaughter gifts
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