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45 Best Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers

There are few things more upsetting than learning that a coworker you like has gotten a new job. Finding the right farewell gift to show them how much you will miss them can be difficult. The standard best of luck card is probably the most uninteresting farewell present ever. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of imaginative farewell gifts on this list that will leave a lasting impression. Funny farewell party decorations, joke presents, and ironic farewell cards are sure to make your favorite colleague laugh. You can also choose from desk decor to self-care items as a farewell gift.

You want to commemorate their time with you because of this mutual bond on the front lines of work. Gifts are a remarkable way to express yourself, particularly when words fail. These are accomplishments worth celebrating‚ÄĒmemories worth cherishing‚ÄĒwhether you put up with obnoxious consumers or clients together, fought children to their nap zones together, or closed the deal with a high-impact partner together.¬†

Best Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers?

Whether it is due to retirement, maternity, paternity leave, or simply because they have found a better job elsewhere, the right gift will serve as a focal point for reminiscing while still ensuring they remember you forever.

1. Handmade Photo Frame

You can go for a handmade photo frame with your favorite photo of your colleagues. This frame comes with a handmade string twine heart concept crafted of high-density wood, completed with high-quality glass (made with cotton lines and nails). 

Clear glass front preserves and protects your images while allowing you to see them. It has easy-to-open tabs on the back for quick picture loading. 

2. Goodluck Tumbler

It is never easy to see a good friend leave the office. You may thank your colleague for the times you spent together with this double-wall vacuum tumbler. It is never easy to see a good friend leave the office. You may thank your colleague for the times you spent together with this double-wall vacuum tumbler. 

This flask is made with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep every drink at the perfect temperature for longer. Use it to hold piping hot coffee, iced cold fruit teas, juice, champagne, smoothies, sodas, ice cream, energy drinks, and milkshakes. 

They are robust, unbreakable, sweatproof, and rust-resistant, making them perfect for backyard barbecues, pool parties, or spending a hot day at the beach with friends.

3. Farewell Keychain

This keychain helps you in expressing your gratitude to your coworker in a stylish manner! When you look at this lovely keychain, you will get the idea right away! 

This farewell gift is of stainless steel. It is long-lasting and has excellent craftsmanship with the appropriate size and weight. 

4. Goodbye Bracelet

It is difficult to know what to say when saying farewell to friends, colleagues, family members, or loved ones. How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so difficult, is engraved on the back in an inspiring and meaningful style. 

Give a token of your affection to express how much you miss them and how important she is to you. Farewell Bracelet is made of high-quality stainless steel that is free of lead and nickel, hypoallergenic, and will not rust, change color, or tarnish.

5. Makeup Bags

Double-sided printing with a waterproof coating ensures high-quality photographs that stay vivid even after repeated use. 

It comes in a natural beige color with awesome coworker messages and has a sleek black zipper. It is made entirely of water-resistant material and linen. These bags make excellent gifts because they are both classic and exclusive.

6. Funny Memo Pads

Punctuate the tense day at the office with a sense of humor! These amusing memo pads will put a smile on anyone’s face and say exactly what you are thinking. Each collection includes four amusing notepads, resulting in a quadruple the chuckles and laughter. 

There is no need to worry about ink bleed-through or message pads that quickly break. We used high-quality paper with stunning graphics and a bright splash of color to complement the high-quality paper. 

7. Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a must-have in every kitchen. It is even more important for someone who sometimes likes a bottle (or a dozen) of beer. You can choose a unique bottle opener that is designed to look like a playing card, specifically the ace of spades. 

You can pop caps in style with this one-of-a-kind bottle opener. It feels oddly satisfying to hold it in your lap. It is tiny, but it packs a punch. It is the ideal companion for a colleague who throws beer-infused poker nights.

8. Zen Garden Kit

A workplace can be a monotonous environment at times. When you work in a well-decorated, customized setting, you can feel more refreshed and satisfied. And you are more likely to be active and innovative when you are in a good mood. 

So get this fantastic tabletop decoration package ‚ÄĒ the zen garden kit ‚ÄĒ for your favorite coworker to help her do better in her new job. It includes sand and stones, which can shift the sands in various directions and patterns.¬†

9. Ice Cream Maker 

Since everybody enjoys ice cream, this is a fantastic unisex gift concept. The ice cream maker is not only attractive but can present you with your favorite dessert any time of the day. 

Who does not enjoy making ice cream at home? It is an excellent gift for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen or have a sweet tooth!

10. Farewell Message Card

This office farewell card is printed on both sides with bright graphics and letters and uses a good luck design feature to convey blessings. This message card sign poster is a great conversation starter for a variety of events. 

There is plenty of space inside this farewell message card to hand write names and personal messages. Your visitors will enjoy signing the guest book and leaving your colleague with a treasured memento. 

11. Going Away Balloons

These farewell decorations will quickly please your guests by highlighting your party theme. 

The white and gold black farewell balloons are of high-quality latex. They are solid and long-lasting, so they would not break or burst when inflated. 

These reusable latex balloons will help you easily decorate your colleague’s farewell party, providing you with a pleasant experience. With these meaningful balloons, you can give the office leaver an unforgettable good time on their last day of work.

12. Scented Candles

Candles make excellent presents. Especially when it’s a candle with your message or wishes for the receiver. 

The candle’s glass jar and the small box it comes in both say Thank You, making it ideal for expressing gratitude to a departing colleague. The scent of roasted chestnuts fills the room when the candle is lit.

13. Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

The bowl’s sound has a soothing impact and offers clarity and peace of mind. It is used for meditation, yoga, and reiki sessions to help with critical thought. 

This Tibetan bowl promotes relief from tension, discomfort, depression, and a variety of other ailments. The hand-sewn cushion is densely packed and fits well in the palm of one’s hand. 

14. Bottle Humidifier

A bottle humidifier does not take up too much room; it can fit into a handbag, briefcase, or carry-on suitcase with ease. And while traveling, take advantage of the fresh air. 

The humidifier comes with a storage bag to make it easier to transport and secure. 

The humidity level, the amount, and speed of mist can all be adjusted with the fog control knob to suit your comfort needs. It is perfect for bedroom, office, motorcycle, tent, or even flights.

15. Mini Golf Set

The mini-golf pen package is of a high-level aluminum alloy that ensures consistency and longevity. It is wear-resistant and environmentally friendly with excellent workmanship. 

With exquisite golf model shape design, it can offer your colleague a lot of pleasure and fun. Pleasant for laptop putting or passing the time during free hours and having a good time at home, at work, or outside, etc. 

This mini-golf pen has a novel exquisite golf model form style to impress your golf loving co-worker. These pens come in a variety of refill ink colors (red, black, and blue). 

16. Printed Coffee Mugs

This funny coffee mug is a great way to go if you are looking for a funny gift idea to surprise a colleague. The saying on the mug Chance made us colleagues, but the fun and laughter we shared made us friends and made it a nice gift for colleagues. 

They are of food-grade ceramics that meet the strictest quality requirements. Secure and long-lasting. Microwave and dishwasher security. 

Both sides of the cup have the printed words. This colleague mug can hold any beverage you like, like hot milk, coffee, cola, and more.

17. Smart Book

If you are looking for a gift for your boss or an office gift that keeps on giving, this book about 100 Tricks to Appear Smart is a good option. 

After all, faking it before you make it is half the battle of success. This book is a laugh for the right humor, full of interesting ideas and humor.

18. Multi-Purpose Table Organiser

A multi-functional wooden eyeglass holder in the shape of a lovely animal is a touching gift for a pet-loving co-worker. The Desk Organizer with Cell Phone Stand provides them with something both pleasant and practical.

It is made with environmentally friendly wood with non-toxic paint. Great for adding comfort as well as a charming and decorative touch to one’s desk at home or work.

19. Solar Power Bank

It is a perfect gift for colleagues who are on the phone most of the time. It can be used with almost any USB-powered computer. 

Because of the small panel size, high capacity, and uncontrollable sunlight strength, solar charging can be used as a backup solution when other power sources are inaccessible. 

This PD power bank can withstand a variety of conditions. It is waterproof and has tough shock-absorbing corners, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and camping.

20. Vintage Journal

It is an ideal gift for those who write poetry or keep a diary as a best friend. The texture of this journal is fantastic. It shines with its faux leather cover, beautifully raised embossing, gold-foil highlights, and gilded top edge. 

Within are all ruled pages, making it easy to schedule, design, and create charts and graphs. 

21. Desktop Note Pad Holder

Why settle for a bland paper cube when we all need to post notes and reminders? 

When you place this humorous memo holder on your desk, you’ll be dazzling the whole office with a realistic decorative flair. 

Put a memo in Morris’s clothespin mouth, and he will keep it patiently where you can not help but notice it. It also holds pens. You can put a pin in the clip or stand a couple of notes upright in it. 

22. Yearly Planner

Gift a yearly planner if you want to see your co-worker more organized. Each month, you will be assigned a personality trait to concentrate on to help you set goals and reflect on your progress. 

Each month begins with an aim-setting page with room to set goals and make plans, and each month ends with a reflection page‚ÄĒthe ideal way to ease into a new trait.¬†

23. Flexible Keyboard

You can give a flexible keyboard that is soft foldable, roll-up, silent, water- and dust-resistant, lightweight, portable, and simple to store. It has a lot of features that make it a great machine keyboard! 

Flexible material allows you to fold or roll it up as needed, making it very handy and convenient to carry around with your notebook, laptop, or Mac. Food crumbs or dust can be quickly washed without the need for an extra keyboard cover skin. 

24. Luxury Bath Tray

You have a colleague who loves luxurious baths then, this bath tray is for them. It is of top-quality bamboo and is not only beautiful and eco-friendly but also durable and mold-resistant. 

It includes a wine glass holder and a free bamboo soap holder. 

25. Fidget Dice

Fidget Cube is a toy that you can use to entertain yourself. Fidget Toys relieve tension and anxiety in children and adults of all ages, helping you to let go of your worries and enjoy life. It is an excellent portable decompression unit. 

Allow you to be bored and irritable no longer, and give you a sense of relaxation and decompression. It can be given to colleagues who are trying to stop nail-biting, smoking and leg-shaking.

26. Virtual Reality Headset

If you have a colleague who loves gaming, there can not be a better gift for them other than a VR headset. Use OPTOSLON VR glasses to watch and play without straining your eyes and neck. 

Adjustable headgear, and soft masks to reduce stress and thus provide a comfortable wearing experience.

27. Coffee Warmer

Built-in gravity induction switch with indicator light, 19-watt mug warmer for use with coffee, tea, milk, hot cocoa, or candle wax. Your coffee-loving co-worker can warm his/her beverage to the temperature they want. 

The heating plate is coated with a sheet of thermal conductive glass, which eliminates the need for extra protection in the event of a spill and makes it simple to clean. 

28. Hand Sanitizer Holder

The artificial leather keychain hand sanitizer holders are soft and smooth to the touch, with a gold lobster clasp that makes it easy to clip to a diaper bag, purse, or travel bag. 

These keychain holders have a flip cap that makes it simple to dispense, and the 25ML empty bottles are lightweight and portable. A tight seal prevents leakage, while hard plastic and a leather hold pouch keep the bottle secure. 

29. Smart Alarm Clock

You want your latecomer colleague to be punctual henceforth give this alarm clock. Simulation of the sunrise‚ÄĒ‚ÄĒ Before your designated wake-up time, the light steadily rises until your room is filled with bright yellow light.¬†

The sunrise-like wake-up light will help you wake up more naturally. There are seven different types of specific alarm clock sounds to choose from.

30. Spa Gift Basket

This versatile basket is made with care and attention to detail while remaining environmentally friendly. It’s the ideal gift for making someone feel pampered and unique. 

Relaxing Lavender essential oils deliver the ultimate spa experience by calming the mind, promoting general well-being, and providing the ultimate spa experience. Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E are natural ingredients that help to moisturize and soften dry skin. 

31. Hourglass

The Hourglass Sand Timer is a time management tool that keeps track of 60-minute work cycles to help you maximize productivity and concentrate. 

This productivity timer will assist your colleague in achieving large targets by breaking them down and measuring them with sand timer intervals. 

32. Sweet Delight

There is no better gift for a sweet tooth co-worker than delicious gourmet chocolate-covered sandwich cookies in six decadent flavors. It is ribbon wrapped and ready to give as a gift.

 Every piece is hand-dipped in quality dark chocolate and topped with a variety of sweet toppings before being carefully packed to ensure safe delivery! 

 33. Cushions For Office Chair

To give relief to your friend suffering from back pain, give him this non-slip rubber bottom, a built-in handle for quick transport. 

It provides relief from lower back pain which sciatica, and is ideal for use in the office. Lower back pain, herniated discs, tailbone fractures, sciatica, and other spinal conditions can all be helped with this supplement.

34. Plant Terrarium

Bring a piece of nature to the table of your nature-loving co-worker with a plant terrarium. Fill the bottle with colored water or add some cobbles, grass, or a little fish to make it more attractive and eye-catching. 

The frame is of natural wood with a mottled finish, and the three bulb terrariums are of high boron silicon heat-resistant glass. Ideal for floral arrangements, home décor, and a variety of gift ideas.

35. Water Bottle

It’s perfect for keeping track of your regular water consumption and reminding you to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day. Any fitness target, including weight loss, appetite management, and good health, necessitates this. 

The weighing scale allows you to quickly and verify the actual amount of water consumed. The large opening makes it simple to fill with ice cubes and clean. 

Simply press the button, and the flip-top will immediately pop out. It is ideal for the gym, workout, office, and any outdoor activities.

36. Office Game

Office Madness cards were designed with various workers of all ages in mind to ensure that everyone in the office participates and has a good time. In addition, your team will create relationships through great interaction, regardless of your comfort zone. 

This game makes a perfect coworker gift, with sturdy, long-lasting packaging to fit those high-quality conversations. 

37. Monitor Stand

Monitor stand helps to adjust the height of your display for a more comfortable viewing experience. It is an ideal gift for coworkers who are using desktops. 

The sliding Drawer helps to relieve neck and eye strain. Files and letters can be kept in the Letter Tray. 4 Storage Pockets on the Side For your iPad, mobile phone, calculator, pens, and other office supplies, there are two compartments on either side.

38. Talkie Toys

The Blah Button is your best bet for easily and amusingly exciting a dull conversation of your co-worker. 

The blue and orange button is well-made, and it plays 12 different Blah phrases in a variety of vocal tones and styles. Ideal as an amusing joke gift or as an office toy. 

39. Stationery Set

If you are in doubt about what to give as a parting gift then go for the Stationery set. It has 1x Metal Fountain Pen/Ballpoint Pen; 2 Pads of Sticky Notes of Various Sizes 6 realistic and coordinated pieces in total: 1x Mini Journal; 75pcs 28mm gold paper clips; 2pcs 32mm gold steel wire binder clips; 5pcs marble AND gold 19mm binder clips.

It has cute ocean elements in an elegant marble white color. It is of superior material, long-lasting, rust-resistant, and reusable. 

40. Pen sets

You can gift this pen set which has a fountain pen with adapter, ballpoint pen, gel pen, wooden gift box, 2 ballpoint refills, and 2 gel pen refills 

Craftsman makes the finest pens out of just natural rosewood. The nib is made of German iridium with gold accents, and refills are imported from Japan. Not only is it easy to write effortlessly, but it is also environmentally friendly. 

41. Table Lights

You can gift this multifunctional LED desk lamp office light with a 5V2A adapter that is wall mountable and portable. 

It has touch control and 25 lighting options: 5 lighting modes, 5 brightness levels, and Sensitive Touch Control 

42. Mouse Pad

We all appreciate elegance, and we appreciate beautiful patterns and designs. So, get this patterned mouse pad to your art-loving colleague. These mini mouse pads have delicate designs and flawless workmanship, and they are more than just a mouse pad; they are also a good companion when working or studying. 

The cursor is easy to maneuver, and the pad does a good job of shaping it. In addition, the reinforced edges effectively prevent deformation and injury, ensuring long-term usage. It is non-toxic and free of additives, and it is of a soft smooth breathable material with non-deformable memory foam. 

43. Screen cleaner

For your colleague who loves to keep his working space crystal clear, this set of screen cleaner and shining cloth is the best bet. 

They’re specifically engineered for screen cleaning and never leave behind any lint. 

It is a highly efficient and safe solution for all high-end digital displays and electronics, including those with multiple coatings. OLED, LED, 4K, 5K, 8K 

It is non-toxic and natural. There are no VOCs or fragrances in this product. 

44. Earbuds

These premium speakers offer clean, balanced sound with dynamic audio and active noise cancellation (ANC). Background noise is reduced by a sealed in-ear configuration and active noise cancellation (ANC). 

Buds are tiny, compact, and sweat-resistant, with a safe, adjustable fit that moves with you. 

Only ask Alexa to stream music, play podcasts, or read Audible audiobooks using Echo Buds and the Alexa app. 

Your music-loving co-worker can listen to music for up to 5 hours on a single charge.

45. Compact Coffee Maker

It is an ideal gift for those colleagues whose day can not start without a cup of coffee. To brew, simply click the ON/OFF button and enjoy delicious coffee in minutes. The ON/OFF indicator light indicates whether your coffee maker is turned on or off. 

Keeps coffee warm until you turn it off, the stain-resistant warming plate keeps coffee warm, ensuring that every cup you drink is hot. The filter basket is easily removed for cleaning. 


Whatever the case may be, express your gratitude and best wishes with a small gift. This small gesture makes the person leaving feel unique, which could benefit you professionally or personally in the future. 

We hope you found something useful in the list above. 

45 Best Goodbye Gifts For Coworkers
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