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Gifts for parents who have lost a child

It’s a tough time of year for parents who have lost a child. Maybe their firstborn, or maybe an older child. For those left behind on this side of heaven, it’s hard to know what to do. But thankfully, there are many things you can do to celebrate their life and help heal your family.

23 Best gifts Ideas for Parents who have Lost a Child

Give them a hug

A hug from a stranger or even from someone on your team can make all the difference in helping a family heal. Even if you’re not close with them, it’s only for a few minutes. You can share how your child affected you or how bad it feels to lose anyone who was so important to you. Or even just tell them that you care about their loss and are there for them. That’s all you need to say before getting up and going on with your life.

Always with You Memorial Blanket

This is a really nice blanket that is made out of knitted material. While it’s not really meant for babies or small kids, it would make an excellent gift for those who were lost because of something like a car accident. Even if they don’t want the blanket, giving this to a grieving family member can help them feel like their child isn’t really gone and their child’s presence will help comfort them as they do so.

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Personalized Baby Book

This is a really nice way of remembering those who have passed and keeping their memory alive. With this book, there is room to write notes to the child, any special memories you have of them, and even anything you would like to remember as well. While this might not seem like a great gift for grieving parents, grandparents, or other family members, it could make a great gift once they’re back on their feet again.

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Best memorial gift

While this might be a great gift for grieving parents or grandparents. It is perfect for all those who are going through the same thing. This is a remembrance picture frame with a keepsake. It will help them express how they feel and remember their child and store important memories.

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Grief Gifts

This is an encouraging gift that is perfect for grieving parents who are going through the same thing and might feel a little lost at times. While they are mourning their child, they can use these cards to help them remember the life of their child and find hope in the future. While this gift might not seem like a good one for grieving parents, it could be a great thing for siblings or other family members who need some support as well as a reminder of what to hold on to in the time ahead.

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Magara Sympathy Gift Card

This is a really nice way of showing how much you’re behind them while they’re going through this tough time. Whether it’s a gift card to get them a new outfit, some new makeup, or even just some encouragement to help them feel better, you can get everything they need and more. This is also great because the money doesn’t go through the family and it’s something that only helps the grieving family.

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Memorial Wind Chimes for Baby

While these are a little more expensive than other items on this list, they are really nice. These wind chimes are very pretty and they come in a nice package as well as with a card that can be used to help comfort grieving parents. While this gift isn’t ideal for everyone or every situation, it would make a great gift for those who are still going through the struggle of losing their child and still need to find a way to cope with the loss.

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Personalized Blanket

This is a really nice, thoughtful gift for parents who are still grieving and need some comfort, especially if they are alone while they grieve. These lightweight blankets are super soft and make the perfect way to help bring comfort to someone who has lost a loved one.

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Crystal Glass Heart Memorial Gift

This is another really nice gift for a grieving family member who is trying to cope with the loss of their child. This comes with a card as well as a beautiful paperweight that can be used to remember the beloved one. This gift isn’t cheap, but it would make an excellent thing for those who are still going through the pain of the loss and need something to help them know their child will never be gone from their life.

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UOKPT Scented Candles Lavender, Mustard, and Jasmine

These candles are a really nice way of helping you to remember the child who has passed. While they might not be suitable for everyone or every situation, this would be perfect for the family members who have lost their loved ones. If you don’t have much money or are on a budget, these can still make a wonderful gift for those who are still grieving and need something to help them feel better in their own homes.

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Memorial Keychain

This is a really nice and cheap gift that can be used to show support while you’re still there and able to help them. With this gift, they can keep their child close to them until they are okay again, and it even comes with an I love you card with the picture of their child on it as well. This is a great thing for those who want to support the grieving family while trying not to waste money on things they don’t need or don’t really care about.

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Books on loss

This is a good way to help both you and your child heal from this tragedy. By reading or listening to stories about loss, you can help them process their feelings. The second best would be playing or singing songs about the loss with your child. You can even get together with other parents who have lost children and share songs that the kids might find comforting. Some of these books are written by people who have lost children, and they are very helpful.

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OakiWay Memorial Gifts

These make wonderful gifts for parents who have lost a child. Oakley takes on the design aspect and delivers an elegant, custom-made rocking chair with your child’s name or initials placed within the carving on the headrest. It’s a very special gift to give, and one that will bring comfort to your child, as well as the parents.

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A Meal Together

Food can be a great gift to share locally or internationally to show that you care both for the family who lost their child and for the grieving people in the other family. You might want to make your own meal or cook one that brings back happy memories.

Golden State Fruit Sympathy Basket with Cheese and Nuts

In the last few months of 2021, Golden State Fruit Sympathy Basket sent out more than 300 baskets filled with food to parents after the death of a child. Your local grocery store can donate food to a charity basket. When you order, make sure you specify that it is a gift for a family whose child has died.

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Write a Poem or Song

Write a poem or song about the child who’s gone, how he affected others’ lives, or even how he was remembered after his death. If you play an instrument and want to share it, you could even write a score for a song you play on your instrument for those in the family who may be musically inclined.

Write a Letter to the One Who Lived

Maybe you have a friend or family member who knew your child. Write them a letter expressing your thoughts about the lost one and how it affected you. You can include how your child’s death has changed you, what it has meant for the family to lose their son, and how the person who lived through the loss still keeps on going despite their grief.

Organize a Prayer for the Family

Write up a prayer for the family that’s still going through their pain. But instead of sending it in the mail, send it by email or text message. You can find prayers here from the Bible or you can even type your own custom one based on your situation. Prayers are a great way to express to others how much you care about their loss, how you want them to heal, and how sorry you are that they lost their child.

There are many charities that provide help to grieving families. Give them money or send them a gift card. You can also suggest that the family use their gift cards instead of cash because it will not hinder the funds used for the charity. If you want to do something bigger, you could even donate furniture or other items that might make it more comfortable for the family to get through grieving and transition back into everyday life.

Go visit the family

Visit them in person if you live near them. Make a casserole or a quiche, take it over, and then spend some time with them. If you live further away, send a box of your treats or cookies, pound cakes or brownies, and include a note letting them know you care about their loss. Or maybe invite them to come for an extended period of time for a restful visit and to help with the work needed around the house during that time.


There are many ways to help someone who’s grieving, and you could probably send a note every day for a year. These gifts can truly be helpful in showing love, support, and understanding for those who are still struggling with the loss of their child. Whether you spend a lot of money or not, the important thing is that you’re there for them.

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Gifts for parents who have lost a child
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