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49 Unique Gifts for Hairdressers That Your Stylist Will Love

Ah, the mystical world of hairdressers – they wield magical scissors and transform our tresses into works of art. But, what do you gift these wizards of the salon? Fear not, for we’ve conjured up 49 unique gifts for hairdressers that your stylist will adore. Prepare to be enchanted by this treasure trove of ideas, from customizable aprons to eco-friendly essentials. Let’s snip our way through this fabulous list of gifts!

Key Takeaways

  • Customizable aprons, salon-themed drinkware, and stylish tool organizers – a stylist’s dream come true!
  • Pamper your hairdresser with professional hair care products, fashionable accessories & relaxation gifts.
  • Show appreciation for their work with personalized jewelry, educational opportunities & eco-friendly essentials.

Custom Hair Stylist Apron

Picture this: your favorite hairdresser, donning a custom hair stylist apron that showcases their one-of-a-kind personality while guarding their attire from the perils of hair dye. Offering a hairdresser gift like a hairdresser apron is not only thoughtful but also quite practical, as a hairdresser’s apron is their first line of defense against hair-raising experiments.

Choose an apron whose design accentuates their personality and highlights their hair styling skills. Etsy is the treasure trove for modern design and personalized aprons that will have your hairstylists strutting around the salon like the trendsetters they are.

Consider gifting your hairdresser the ANBES Selfie Ring Light to enhance their apron showcase, perfect for showcasing their hair tools and snazzy apron. With its extendable tripod, two phone holders, and adjustable light settings, they’ll be snapping Insta-worthy pics in no time.

Salon-Themed Drinkware

Given the demanding nature of their job, hairdressers often require a refreshing interlude to recharge. Enter salon-themed drinkware –insulated travel mugs or wine glasses featuring a hair salon sign make for fun and practical gifts. These trendy vessels pay homage to your hairdresser’s skills while quenching their thirst for coffee.

For the mobile stylist, a thoughtful gift like a coffee mug can make a difference. An insulated travel mug keeps their coffee warm during appointments. These coffee mugs are light, environmentally friendly, and retain heat like a champ. And if your hairstylist is more of a wine aficionado, a wine glass is the perfect way to show you care. Gift them a bottle of Amici Cabernet Sauvignon Napa and let them savor a glass of vino after a long day of taming tresses.

Salon-themed drinkware, suitable for both coffee and wine, makes an excellent gift for hairdressers. So, why not raise a glass (or mug) and toast to your favorite hairstylist? Cheers!

Stylish Tool Organizers

Tools are the lifeblood of any hairdresser’s profession. From scissors to brushes, they rely on their styling tools to create mesmerizing masterpieces. However, these tools lose their styling tools if misplaced in a disorganized workspace. Stylish tool organizers, like snazzy tote bags or swanky storage solutions, help hairdressers keep their tools looking neat, tidy, and easily accessible when they need them.

One such organizer is the Zuca Pro Artist Case, a four-wheeled bag of awesomeness with a long telescoping handle of convenience and five utility pouches of practicality. Another stylish option is the hairdresser’s dream team of packing cubes, which includes four sizes of cubes, a laundry bag for those spiffy hairdresser aprons, and a shoe bag for those fancy kicks.

Another noteworthy gift could be the Hair Clips. With their silky-smooth surface, these little wonders ensure your client’s hair won’t be left in tears. With these stylish tool organizers, your hairstylist will be on top of their game, and their tools will be ready for action.

Hairdresser-Inspired Home Decor

There’s no need for hairstylists to limit their passion to the salon alone. Hairdresser-inspired home decor, like salon wall clocks or themed artwork, adds a personal touch to their workspace or home. Besides, who wouldn’t want to feel the chic salon vibes every time they step into their living room?

To bring a smile to your hairstylist’s face, gift them a salon wall clock – the Beauty Salon Special Wall Clock. This clock features:

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Hair salon theme
  • Vibrant colors
  • Approximately 12 inches in diameter

Incorporating a great idea, this product is a perfect addition to any hairdresser’s sanctuary.

If you’re looking to add a touch of style to their home, consider salon-themed wall decals, hair salon-themed throw pillows, or sleek and modern furniture plucked straight from the salon decor. With these fabulous hairdresser-inspired home decor gifts, your hairstylist’s home will be the talk of the town.

Professional Hair Care Products

Given that hairdressers are hair care experts, professional hair care products make a fitting show of appreciation. Luxury hand lotions and high-quality styling tools make for thoughtful gifts that will keep their hands moisturized and looking fabulous. A monthly mani-pedi or a hefty helping of hand lotion and cuticle oil makes for a great hairdresser gift, as they remedy dry hands from all that hair product and hand-washing.

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm, for example, is the perfect gift for hairdressers to keep their hands moisturized and looking fabulous. For the jet-setting hairdresser, consider the Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer (5-Pack). This handy sanitizer keeps germs away while they’re globetrotting, ensuring their hands remain healthy and ready to work their magic on clients’ hair.

Hair Styling Gadgets

Hairstylists often have a penchant for unique and handy gadgets. Innovative hair styling gadgets, such as heated neck wraps or magnetic bobby pin bracelets, make for totally awesome and useful hair stylist gifts.

The PERFEHAIR Magnetic Bobbie Pin Hair Clips Bracelet is a magical bracelet that can hold:

  • bobby pins
  • hair ties
  • rubber bands
  • screws
  • nails
  • bolts
  • tiny tools

with the help of a heavy-duty magnet.

And if your hairstylist needs some extra pampering, the Ostrich Pillow Heated Neck Wrap will make them feel as snug as a bug in a rug while relieving any aches and pains in their neck.

Taylor, a satisfied customer, is absolutely smitten with the PERFEHAIR Magnetic Bobbie Pin Hair Clips Bracelet. She believes it’s a great and affordable gift that any hairdresser will adore. Therefore, innovative gadgets can make an ideal gift for your beloved hairstylist.

Fashionable Hair Accessories are wonderful gifts for hairdressers

Being style enthusiasts, hairdressers would appreciate fashionable hair accessories that offer both aesthetics and hair health benefits, ensuring good hair. Items like satin pillowcases or silk hair ties are sure to make them look stylish while styling hair and giving their locks the pampering they deserve.

Silk pillowcases are a popular choice among hairdressers, as they prevent breakage, dryness, and frizziness, keeping hair looking fabulous. Slip The Icons Edit Gift Set, for instance, is a five-piece set that includes an eye mask and three hair ties made of luxurious, silky smoothness.

Silk pillowcases are beneficial for the skin. They absorb less oil, dirt, and moisture than cotton leading to fewer breakouts and irritations. This makes them a derm-approved fabric for acne-prone and sensitive skin. A Bedsure Satin Pillowcase from Amazon Prime is another great option for those looking to save a few bucks and get it in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Relaxation Gifts

Hardworking hairdressers certainly earn their moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Gifts like massage cushions, foot massagers, or spa days can help hairdressers chill out and kick back from their strenuous work, enabling them to be more efficient and imaginative.

Consider gifting them a heated neck wrap, which can help soothe neck muscles and provide a luxurious level of comfort. Or how about a Touchland Power Mist Hydrating Hand Sanitizer (5-Pack), perfect for jet-setting hairdressers to keep their hands clean and healthy while they’re traveling the world?

Chillaxin’ gifts like these can do wonders for a hairdresser’s well-being, so treat them to some relaxation and watch them return to work revitalized and ready to create more hair masterpieces.

Personalized Jewelry

Personalized jewelry, both thoughtful and stylish, adds a delightful finishing touch to a striking outfit. Hairdresser-inspired necklaces or earrings make for amazing gifts that showcase their passion for their craft.

Customization options on Etsy allow you to create unique hairdresser-inspired jewelry, like sparkly scissors, glittery combs, or shiny blow dryers. These personal touches make the gift all the more meaningful, showing your hairstylist just how much you appreciate their work.

So, why not add some bling to your hairdresser’s life with a personalized necklace or pair of earrings? They’ll be sure to wear it with pride and remember your thoughtful gesture each time they put it on.

Educational Opportunities

For hairstylists to stay updated with the latest trends, ongoing training, and skill enhancement are indispensable. Supporting their professional growth and skill development with educational opportunities, like cosmetology courses or workshops, is an invaluable gift.

Encourage your hairstylist to pursue additional education by offering to book a course as a gift or sending them a guide to cosmetology scholarships. By investing in their education, you’re not only helping them grow professionally but also showing them how much you care about their success.

So, give your hairstylist a little ‘hair-a-up’ by gifting them a hair stylist gift, an educational opportunity that will benefit their career for years to come.

Experience-Based Gifts

Often, the best gifts that offer memorable experiences can be the most cherished. Concert tickets or weekend getaways offer hairdressers memorable moments outside of work and a chance to unwind and recharge.

Rita Hazen knows just the perfect gift for a hardworking hairstylist! Tickets to the upcoming Beyoncé Renaissance Tour will no doubt provide for an amazing experience. Or, consider other summer tours available via Ticketmaster, like Lizzo and hundreds of other artists, for a truly unforgettable gift.

Experience-based gifts like these create lasting memories and offer hairstylists the opportunity to enjoy life beyond the salon.

Eco-Friendly Salon Essentials as a Hairdresser Gift

Eco-friendly salon essentials would be appreciated by environmentally conscious hairdressers. Gifts like bamboo travel mugs or reusable towels help them maintain a sustainable workspace and reduce their environmental impact.

Eco-friendly salon essentials are important because they help protect the environment and reduce the salon’s carbon footprint. Consider gifting your hairstylist items like eco-friendly cleaning products or bamboo travel mugs, which not only look stylish but also contribute to saving the planet.

By choosing eco-friendly gifts, you’re supporting your hairstylist in their efforts to maintain a sustainable workspace and showing that you care about their values.


When the holidays roll around, treat your hair professionals to a little something that she or he will love to decorate her/his working stations.

From customizable aprons to eco-friendly essentials, we’ve covered 49 unique and thoughtful gifts perfect for hairdressers. With these ideas in hand, you’re sure to find the perfect gift to make your favorite hairstylist feel appreciated and inspired. So, go ahead and show them some love – after all, they’re the ones who make us look and feel fabulous every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good Christmas gift for a hairdresser? Welcome your hairdresser with a personalized doormat, tote bag, or wall clock. Or get them something extra special with a barber shop sign, scissor bracelet, LED light dreamcatcher, or an apron. Get your hairdresser a gift they’ll love this Christmas!

How do you thank a hairdresser? Thanks for being such a talented and amazing hairdresser! I truly enjoy my appointments and appreciate your skill in helping me look my best.

Should you gift your hairdresser? If you have a good relationship with your hairdresser, why not give them an extra special treat this holiday season? Consider giving a gift that is within the same price range as what you’d usually tip them and show your appreciation in a more thoughtful way.

What is a generous tip for a hairdresser? Show your appreciation for great hair care with a generous tip of 20%, the standard advice from etiquette experts and salon pros. Whether it’s a trim, blowout, or color transformation, reward good work with a little extra.

What are some unique and useful gifts for hairdressers? Surprise your favorite hairdresser with some creative, hair-themed gifts that will really show off their style! Heat wraps, magnetic bobby pin bracelets, and trendy styling accessories are all great options for the hairdresser who has everything.

49 Unique Gifts for Hairdressers That Your Stylist Will Love
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