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8 Gifts for Ex-Wife You Need to Check

Buying gifts for the significant people in your life is already hard. Choosing a present to give to your ex-wife can be downright challenging. You must find something that is impersonal but must at least seem like you put some thought into selecting it. 

Your gift cannot be too cheap nor too expensive either. And you cannot buy anything too sweet unless you want to make her think that you want to get her back. This list will help you find the perfect gift for the significant woman in your past. 

Gifts for Ex-Wife?

A Beautiful Journal for Her to Write on

Whether the breakup was amicable or not, your ex-wife may have felt that she can no longer share with you. Having a beautiful journal where she can write her thoughts will help her heal faster. 

Journaling has been proven to be therapeutic, and writing down her thoughts will help make your ex-wife calmer and feel less stressed. A good notebook will also help her organize her days. She can write down her appointments and list down her things to do in a journal. 

Don’t settle for generic notebooks that you can find at a regular stationery store. Poor quality paper will tear and let the ink bleed. Get her this beautiful Bordeaux Journal by Peter Pauper Press. This 192-page journal has an embossed leather-like cover with sepia brown and red shades that will look great on any desk or bedside table. 

Its smooth pages have extra-light lines, making it ideal for writing and for sketching. The thick pages resist bleed-throughs, so she can use any pen that she has. The manufacturer outdid itself by using gold gilding on the edge of the pages. 

It even has gold-foil stamping on the spine and cover. This journal is truly a masterpiece. Any person would love to receive this as a gift and I’m sure that your ex-wife would do too.

A Set of Writing Tools for her to Use

If your ex-wife already has a notebook or a journal, getting her a writing set would be the next best thing. If she likes making lists or writing down her schedule, then this is the perfect thoughtful gift. 

Don’t settle for an ordinary ball-point pen that you can get free from the bank. Go for a refillable fountain pen set like the Monaggio Dark Chocolate Fountain Pen. This handcrafted writing tool doesn’t just glide on paper beautifully. It also looks sophisticated. 

It comes in an elegant case and comes with a refillable converter. It is made of light bamboo wood with beautiful gold details. So, not only is it beautiful, but it’s also earth-friendly. 

Most fountain pens have to be refilled with ink from a bottle. This pen can be refilled for that authentic fountain pen experience, but it also comes with a cartridge converter. If your ex-wife enjoys writing, she will appreciate this set very much.

An E-Reader for her reading pleasure

Self-help books and fictional stories will help your ex-wife get her mind off of your situation. Instead of buying her a book which she will read once and store on the shelf, why not buy her an e-reader? 

This gadget is lighter than a typical tablet, so it is easier to carry around without feeling fatigued on your wrist. Plus, the non-glare screen makes it possible to read under bright sunlight. It is designed to prevent eye strain so she can read for longer periods without getting a headache. It is generally more affordable than a tablet too.

With an e-reader like the Kindle Paperwhite, your ex-wife can read while your kids, if you have them, are in the pool because it is completely waterproof. It has 8 GB of storage, but you can choose the model that has 32 GB if she reads voraciously. It even comes paired with Audible to listen to her books while driving your kids to school. 

One complete charge, and she can read her books, magazines, or comics for weeks. With this gift, she can buy her books and get them directly sent to the device. She wouldn’t have to worry about building storage for her new reading materials. This is the perfect gift for any book-loving ex-wife.

A health tracking smartwatch 

Watches may be selling less because people use their phones to keep track of time, but smartwatches are bucking this trend. A smartwatch doesn’t just tell you what day or time it is. It also lets you keep track of so many things. 

If your ex-wife likes keeping herself healthy or needs to start doing so, a good fitness smartwatch, like the Fitbit Versa 3, maybe the right gift for her. The built in- GPS enables the watch to keep track of the wearer’s pace while hiking, biking, or to run, even without a phone. 

If she is trying to increase her daily steps, this tool will help her achieve her goal. The watch buzzes, so the wearer would know that the intensity of her movement has increased and the body has entered the active zone. If she is looking to burn more calories, this feature will help her maintain that intensity and make the most of any physical activity. 

The best feature of this fitness smartwatch is that it enables the wearer to track their heart rate and blood oxygen levels. You can check on your dashboard if there are any changes in your wellness that you need to look at. Is your heart racing? This watch will alert you of any potential problems and help you determine if it is time to see a doctor. 

It even has a built-in speaker and mic, so your ex-wife will be able to answer calls while on the go. This is definitely a good purchase if you want to give this significant person in your life something that will help her stay fit.

An air fryer to help her cook healthful meals

Air fryers are everywhere. People have been buying it like it was the next microwave oven. If your ex-wife enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, this might be the perfect gift for her. 

An air fryer just like a convection oven but smaller. It circulates the hot air, so the food cooks much faster. You can get crispy and crunchy food like chicken fingers and French fries without using too much oil. 

You can also bake bread and roast vegetables in it. Reheating leftovers is also very convenient if you do it in an air fryer because the food doesn’t get soggy. 

Busy moms love this kitchen appliance because it lets them cook meals with little or no preheating necessary. If you and your ex-wife have kids, giving her an air fryer, like the Cosori Air Fryer Max XL, will help prepare meals for her and the kids much more conveniently. 

This award-winning air fryer has thirteen cooking functions. It is quite spacious and has a 5.8-quart basket. An entire chicken can fit in it easily. It is made of safe materials, both BPA and PFOA-free. 

And because nobody likes washing up after cooking, the fact that the basket can be washed safely in the dishwasher is a huge bonus. If you want your children to eat healthful meals when they are at your ex-wife’s house, buying her this air fryer is a good idea.

A coffee maker to wake her up in the morning

Mornings can be hectic for a mom. If your ex-wife has to bring your kids to school every morning, she needs something to perk her up. Having a coffee maker will make it more convenient for her to brew a nice cup of caffeine-laden drink while she is busy preparing the children’s breakfast. 

Don’t give her just any coffee machine. Most moms don’t have the time to measure and grind coffee beans in the morning. It would be better to get a pod coffee maker, so she will just need to pop in a capsule, and the machine will do the rest. 

Coffee pods are so convenient to have because she will be able to choose the variant that she likes, and she doesn’t have to mix milk and sugar to her drink to get the perfect cup of coffee. There are many pricy coffee makers out there, but the Keurig K-Mini Plus is quite affordable for a single-serve pod coffee maker. 

It makes coffee in a matter of minutes, and its drip tray is removable so she can fit her favorite travel tumbler under the spout. She will need to grab it, put the cap on, and go. 

This model is compact and will go with any kitchen theme. It is the ultimate gift for the busy ex-wife who needs a cup of coffee to get her going every morning.

A set of planting tools for the ex-wife with green thumbs

Planting is such a therapeutic activity. Even if your marriage’s breakup wasn’t that bad, your wife must still have some negative feelings trapped inside her. Help her get rid of those bad vibes by giving her the tools to make her garden beautiful. 

Looking at pretty things can help a person relax, especially after a busy day of work. Plus, gardening for a few minutes each day has been shown to do great things for the body. It helps lower cholesterol, bring down blood pressure, and get rid of muscle tension. 

For your ex-wife’s well-being, a few minutes of gardening can do wonders. But working with soil can be hard on the hands if you don’t have the right tools. Get her a sturdy set of gardening tools like the Tacklife 6-piece stainless steel garden toolset.

It is heavy duty and will help her dig up the soil, get rid of weeds, and pour in fertilizer. It even comes with a durable bag that she can use to store the tools after working in the yard. The sharp pruning shears will enable her to prune her vegetable plants and eliminate shallow branches with one quick snip. 

What’s great about this set is that each tool’s handles are designed to provide ultimate comfort to the person who will wield them. The rubberized grip not only relieves the pressure from the hand but also allows the wielder to hold on to it properly. No more accidental slips that could result in an unwelcome trip to the emergency room. 

The tools have multiple uses. The shovel even has a jagged edge, so you can use it to slice into a bag of seeds. So if your ex-wife is a garden pro or a novice in planting, getting her this set of tools might be a great idea.

An instant camera to document her new memories

Because things are over between the two of you, she should start making memories of which you are not apart. And what better way to keep those memories than by seeing them on paper ‚Äď photo paper.¬†

A camera is a great gift for anyone. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive one too. If your ex-wife likes taking pictures, the Fujifilm Instax Mini might be a wonderful thing that she wouldn’t think of buying for herself. 

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos with this camera. It has auto exposure measurement features, so she will know which setting to choose for different conditions. 

It even takes great portraits using its high key mode. She will love taking pictures of your kids using this gift.

Whichever gift you decide to buy, the most important thing to consider is how your former partner is going to interpret this gesture. If it really is over between the two of you, make sure that your gift says that by being thoughtful but not too personal. The way the message it will send will be clear ‚Äst your romantic relationship is over, but you still want to stay on good terms with her.

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8 Gifts for Ex-Wife You Need to Check
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