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What Does Gifting Perfume Mean?

We all have been faced with the question of what to buy as a gift for our husband, wife, kid, or friend? Sometimes, when we come across suggestions, we wonder if they are great ideas. A very common dilemma we face in that regard is whether perfumes are good gift options. But what does perfume gifting mean?

Perfume gifting is simply the act of giving perfume as a gift to someone else. While it sounds simple on the surface, it’s one of the most complicated and controversial gift ideas out there. However, perfume gifting is common among couples, families, close friends, and romantic partners.

When it comes to gifting perfume, there are a lot of questions that arise. Is it right to give perfume as a gift? Does perfume gifting bring bad luck? Is perfume a good gift? Is perfume a romantic gift? If you have any of these questions bothering you, we’re going to provide answers and more in this article. 

What Does Gifting Perfume Mean?

What Does Perfume Gifting Mean?

Perfume gifting simply refers to the act of giving perfumes as gifts to another person. Whether it’s the holiday season, an anniversary, or every other day – we all love to receive gifts. When the table turns, gifting is a way to show people that we truly care about them. It helps make certain events special and memorable. 

The practice of giving perfume as a gift has a long history that dates back to ancient Egypt. Then, perfume was considered an item that showed affection. This concept has transcended several generations to this present day. No wonder many people believe that whoever gifts them perfume is romantically interested in them.

Regardless of the purpose, gifting perfume is an excellent idea. It helps reflect your personality and emotions. However, it’s important you know the other person well enough before you send a perfume gift. That’s to ensure you don’t send a fragrance the person completely abhors.

Perfumes are so important because it helps people feel more confident and also helps with attractiveness. While the original purpose of perfumes was to mask the bad odor from our clothes and bodies, there are many more reasons people wear perfumes these days. The fact that there are tons of fragrances out there shows that there’s more to it than disguising body odor. 

People wear perfumes to smell nice. There’s always a particular emphasis on getting the fragrance that combines well with the person’s normal smell. The right perfume blends well with the body natural smell to give a fantastic and attractive scent. 

Is Perfume a Good Gift?

Perfume is a good gift and befitting for several occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, dinners, thanksgiving, and Christmas. For many people, gifting perfume allows them to express themselves. The thoughtfulness that goes into picking the right perfume bottle is something many people want to be associated with. 

Also, perfumes are charming and aesthetically appealing gifts. Some bottles are so well-designed that you don’t want to throw out the bottle after exhausting the person. So, if you’re looking for a fancy gift to give, perfume makes the list.

Perfume is considered an emotional gift. This is something people are going to wear on their clothes and smell like. When picking the right perfume, you have to put in a lot to ensure the receiver loves it. If you’re able to get the fragrance right, then you’ve hit a jackpot.

Perfume gifting is a good choice because there are several nice options out there. If you’re lucky enough to know the recipient’s signature scent, you can select a collection in that regard. They are portable and easy to pack – so you don’t have to worry about a clumsy gift. Also, the pricing is usually great, and you have a wide range of options to choose from.

From studies, people buy more perfumes than other items during a crisis. You may wonder why. Nice fragrances help people forget about their reality and take them to a completely different world. While perfume is a luxury, you don’t need to spend a fortune on one – like other luxury items. 

Is Giving Perfume as a Gift a Bad Luck?

Some people believe that gift perfume brings bad luck. Believe it or not, there’s actually a superstitious belief in India – even to this day – that perfume gift is a bad idea because it brings bad luck. The belief purports that there’s a way you can reduce the amount of bad luck the recipient suffers. Just let them give you some rupees in return for the perfume gift.

If you think that’s the only superstition around perfume gifting, you’re a thousand miles from being right. There’s a popular belief in Asia that when a person gives a perfume gift to his or her partner, the love between them disappears quickly like the perfume fragrance. This may sound bizarre, but many people believe this.

Ancient Chinese and Greeks also believed that perfume gifts can invite a third party to the relationship. This will, in turn, destroy the relationship. People opted to not give out perfumes to their partners to avoid this ‘bad luck’

Besides these superstitions, there’s another reason why gifting perfume may be a bad idea. Gifts make for a great way of expressing ourselves. Perfume gift is a fancy and classy way of doing that. But some recipients might misinterpret the act as a rude gesture. They might think you giving them a perfume gift because you think they have a bad body smell. That’s the worst thing possible you want someone to think.

This likely misunderstanding explains why some people never consider the idea of a perfume gift. Although the same can be said for some other gifts, none comes close to perfume gifting.

We cannot deny how strong and popular these superstitions are in certain cultures. So you have to be careful if there’s a chance the recipient might be offended by the perfume gift. That’s why we recommend that you only gift perfume to someone you know well enough. You don’t want to ruin your relationship because of an honest mistake.

Is Perfume a Romantic Gift?

A long look at history reveals that perfume has always been seen as a nice romantic gift. That idea hasn’t changed so much in the modern world. Today, perfume is a good gift idea that lets you demonstrate a romantic gesture to another person. Romance is usually associated with perfumes because of the amazing fragrance that often creates lasting memories.

Perfumes aren’t gift items you buy for a random person. In most cases, it has to be some special and very dear to your heart. It’s an excellent way to show how much a person means to you. Besides being an expensive gift item, the thoughts put into selecting the right fragrance are often what makes it even more special.

Perfume is also an intimate gift. If the receiver wears it, he or she is going to leave a memorable scent. That’s why it’s one of the best gift options for couples and romantic partners. Once you’re able to get the scent your partner likes, your perfume gift is likely to turn out great. 

But all isn’t all nice and great about perfume gifts. Trying to get the right scent can be a headache and you may end up with the wrong one. If the scent is completely opposite of her taste, she’s never going to wear it. It’s even worse if it comes across as a gift you didn’t put enough effort to get. So, how do you select a perfume with the fragrance she’s going to like.

Another issue with perfumes is that one bottle may just be the end of it all. If you’re lucky and your partner likes the fragrance, she could replace it when it finishes. That helps create a lasting scent. If, on the other hand, no replacement is gotten, the pampering feeling of the present will fade away after some time.

What Does it Mean When a Guy Gives You Perfume?

If a guy gives you perfume, it could mean different things. Many a time, it depends on the personality of the guy and your relationship with him. So, it’s quite impossible to be exact on why he is gifting you perfume. However, let’s look at common reasons a guy might give you a perfume:

He likes you. If the guy gives you a nice perfume gift, there’s a possibility that he likes you. Since perfumes are historically believed to be romantic gifts, there’s a chance he wants to start a relationship with you. 

Perfumes bring a nice, positive fragrance, which is always a sign of attraction. It’s the same reason why someone who’s romantically interested in you is likely to gift you flowers. So, it could be a sign that he has feelings for you.

While this may seem to be the most likely option, you can never be too sure. He could be giving you the perfume for other reasons. For example, it could be that he likes the fragrance of the perfume and felt you’d like it too – nothing more. You’d be mistaken if you took that nice gesture as a sign of affection.

When a guy gifts you perfume, it could also mean that’s the only gift he could think of. Choosing the right gift could be a headache – even for people, you have a platonic relationship with. So, there’s every possibility the perfume gift is nothing more than what it is – a gift.

Do Guys Like Perfume as a Gift?

Perfume doesn’t seem like a typical gift for a man, but men like to smell nice. You may want to save yourself the stress of shopping for the right gift and go with perfume. Shopping for a man can be the most frustrating task on earth – you never know what they’re going to like. Sometimes, it seems like you need a special skill to do so.

One thing is sure, guys like perfume as a gift. So, you can quit worrying and running around. The important task is finding the right perfume for a man. Perfume experts believe you can easily achieve that by figuring out what category of men he belongs to. Let’s take a quick look at that.

The Classic Man is a traditional man that loves class and elegance. He derives a great deal of confidence from looking fresh and powerful. Such a man would love a perfume with an aromatic fragrance to give him that strength and boldness he craves. You’ll never go wrong with a perfume that has an aromatic or citrus scent.

The next category is the Bold Man who revels in being a pacesetter in fashion. More than anything else, he wants to be different from everyone else in the way he appears and smells. Men in this category love perfumes with a unique and ecstatic smell. You’ll be hitting the mark if you went for a woody, grass, or fruit fragrance for this kind of guy.

Then you have the Sensual Man who is typically charismatic. Men in this group care about their looks more than anything else. They want to be attractive as possible. That’s why they prefer woody and oriental fragrances.

Lastly, we have the Casual Man who is energetic, but laid-back. He’s not out to impress anybody with his looks or smell. If he wears perfume, he does so to just small nice and get some energy for the day’s task. A light perfume with a woody or citrus fragrance will always do for men in this category.

Can I Gift Perfume to my Girlfriend?

There’s absolutely nothing inappropriate with gifting perfume to your girlfriend. There’s no better person to give perfume as a gift than your intimate partner. As we’ve seen so far, a perfume gift is an excellent way to show your love and affection. Besides, a lot of thoughts go into picking the right perfume for someone else.

A perfume gift is both fancy and classy. If you’re able to get your girlfriend’s favorite fragrance, then you’re good to go.

These are my personal favorite perfumes. Fragrances that I know many women love, so they are good choices when buying perfume for the woman in your life.

La Vie Est Belle by LANCOME PARIS
Naomi Campbell By Naomi Campbell 
Britney Spears Fantasy
Red Door By Elizabeth Arden
Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia
Yves Saint Laurent Mon Paris 
What Does Gifting Perfume Mean?
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