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8th Birthday Gift Ideas

On this occasion, we want to show you a list with several gift ideas for 8-year-old children, it is ideal for birthdays or any type of celebration or recognition. Here you can find original toys and objects that seek to stimulate their mental and physical development.

So if you have a children’s celebration nearby and you need to give the child a special gift, keep reading, you are in the right place to get 8th birthday gift ideas that will make you look good with the child and her parents, so let’s get started!

So what do the 8-year-olds in the present? Some quick gift ideas for an 8-year-old are a maze ball, floating poop game, EazyMec, bath toys, outdoor play equipment, adventures, a drone, Mölkky, or a mone is good advice when to buy gifts for an 8-year-old.

What is a good gift for an 8-year-old?

But please keep reading for more great gift ideas that fit the 8-year-old, you should celebrate the birthday. Here you will find many great gifts for the 8-year-olds, but a note of caution, the 8-year-olds can be vicious! ? But more on that later!

Looking for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected lots of party ideas here.

Check out our 8th birthday gift ideas that an 8-year-old whish for

They want funny little things, things to make the room beautiful, and stuff to play a little wilder games outdoors. Experiences make great birthday gifts. An 8-year-old loves to do something fun together with their family.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

Brain Game and STEM Toy for Boys and Girls Age 8 and Up – Toy of the Year Award Winner. Thinkfun is one of the most acclaimed brain game manufacturers in the world. This maze will develop your child’s logic, critical thinking, spatial reasoning, and planning. It’s the perfect way to balance fun and education.

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Personalized Portrait Joyful girl

This picture is a personal painting that every beautiful young girl deserves. Available on a 40*30, this portrait will be the best hanging on your wall. This painting will stand in to give your little one the best experience on their special day. It could be a birthday, among other special occasions. This is a perfect way to get your girl the best memories they need. This portrait will be best for girls since they will hold flowers in the portrait.

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Joyful girl Personalized Portrait

Hoverboard for kids

Being 8 years old, children always want to try new ways of how they can move. Whether you can gift a skateboard, bicycle, or anything else, the best option is a hoverboard, it is ideal for children of this age. And it is the newest in toys for children, this type of device has had great acceptance in recent years, with it, in addition to playing and having fun, you will reinforce the child’s balance and coordination. It also gives the parents the security that it is a safe toy with which they will not be able to hurt themselves, since it does not arrive at high speed, they have a practical size to take it anywhere and store it at home anywhere.

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STEAM Projects Monthly Subscription

This STEAM gift will send monthly boxes with educational science kits for your kids to build. The subscription service offers Engineering, Technology, Science, Math, and art academic enrichment kits perfect for at-home learners aging between 6 to 12 years. New kits are sent monthly and all the materials are included, including career-related projects as well as dynamic instructional videos.

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Table games like The Game of Life

When you reach this age, it is no secret that the time comes that you can play and share a board game for seniors. This type of game has watt elements, it is a great option for entertainment and fun for children, they will practically be playing at being adults where they can have pets and much more. Also, as a curious fact, it has a roulette wheel that can spin.

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A special tablet for children will always be a good option as a gift. A Tablet is a tool that will offer you many possibilities and a lot to do, both when it is time to have fun and when it is time to study and learn.

In the market, you can get models that you can get at cheap prices and it also offers you specifications of a high-end model, some have 2 Gb of RAM. To this, we must add that its size is practical for a child’s hands, and it will be resistant to any type of accident.

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Dreams book

This whimsically illustrated book is meant for little dreamers who ask, where do dreams come from? This personalized children’s book makes a great gift for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. With this dreams book, your kid will learn about the fairies and Dream Machine that works to ensure happy dreams are delivered to kids all over the world. The book will instill pleasant dreams, encourage reading and expand your child’s imagination. This book has a total of 44 pages full of colorful illustrations. In addition to that, it can be personalized with your child’s age, first name, middle name, last name, hometown, Child’s Favorite Game, and more. It is a perfect gift for boys and girls aging 3 to 11 years.

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If you know that the child is curious about planets and stars, it is a good idea to give these types of gifts, giving a telescope will allow them to observe planets, asteroids, stars, and much more, this will enchant them and will keep them busy for a long time.

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Science lab

Children are very curious, and as adults say, curiosity has no limits. A good way for children to discover amazing things with the help of their hands is this type of chemistry game. These are created and thought for children of 8 years

It includes a wide variety of experiments and brings interesting instruments that you would find in a real laboratory. This type of gift is Ideal to have fun while they are learning new things and while they are putting it into practice when they are in school with their new knowledge about chemistry.

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Remote control car

Every child would like to have a remote control car with which they can practice jumps and drifts and all kinds of stunts on any surface of the ground. That is why if you plan to give a gift to a child on his eighth birthday, it is not a bad idea to find a remote control car, try to make it of quality and be resistant to crashes and stunts, and not be damaged in a short time.

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Surely you never thought of giving plants to a child, but although it is rare, the truth is that it is an original idea, this would not occur to anyone. However, if you choose properly, you can cause a great impression and fury in the child. Besides that, they are useful and decorative, in this way the child will learn to care for and take responsibility for a living being. You can choose from climbing plants to a carnivorous plant, mimosa pudica, which is known as the shy plant, it retracts when in contact with the hands, that is why it is a very original option to give as a gift.

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Gifts to make them feel older

Many objects that we use every day can become the perfect gift for a child. From the first set of keys, with original keyrings, a wallet just like his parents’ or a wallet to go out. Although they are simple gifts, they are not excessively expensive, but they can mean a lot to an 8-year-old child.

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Sphero SPRK+

This is an excellent gift for an eight-year-old who loves robots. The Sphero SPRK+ is a real robot that can be controlled with the included remote control or by using the app on a smart device. It can also sing, dance, and play games.

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Secret Diary

At this age, children begin to demand their intimacy and privacy and, however much it may be, they begin to keep their secrets from adults. Therefore, this is a special gift for children that usually works best, since they will use it a lot. Giving them a journal with a padlock will be an experience and discovery for them. In it, you will be able to write and write the things that happen to you in the day, your thoughts, and much more, in addition, this helps them learn to express, recognize their feelings and learn to detect and differentiate them from others.

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Electronic Safe box

Continuing with the inner idea, children like to have privacy, so it is not a bad idea to give them a safe where they can keep their most valuable objects, their savings from the counter, secret letters, and many of those things that they do not want them to others discover.

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Kit to create personalized bracelets

To develop children’s creativity in a fun way, these types of gifts are always the key, in addition to causing curiosity in children, they will be those types of gifts that they will not stop using until the materials run out.

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Magic game

The interest in the unknown and the magic tricks that they see on television usually begin at around the age of eight. At this stage, they will be able to have the dexterity and sufficient concentration it takes to learn and to repeat a trick, many times until it works. Magic can also become a hobby that you continue throughout your years. It is good to teach him how important it is to make effort and perseverance to achieve success and also this type of game will help reinforce his self-esteem when he sees that he can do something difficult. In addition, you will be motivated to organize a show for your whole family and demonstrate your skills in the art of magic. It is a good idea to give away one of the simplest cheat packs, this is if it is your first time with this type of game.

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Mysterious doll

Girls of this age still like dolls, so why not give a fun interactive doll? Today brands like Mattel have released mystery dolls in which girls must open packages or go through simple processes to reveal the doll. So it is a good idea to give these types of gifts.

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This garment is essential for girls looking to go to pajama parties with their friends, they will always want to look good while they sleep comfortably, in an original way.

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This gift, despite being very common, does not go out of style, it is the perfect companion to be in the children’s room and also serves as a decoration complement, you can choose a style of plush, in the market there is a great variety and for everyone the likes.

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Water bottles

It is the perfect and very useful gift, there are very beautiful models that you can get, in a large number of colors, brightness, designs and of all sizes, it is very useful for those children who do sports activities in the afternoons or for those children who They love to go camping every weekend, plus they can use it when they go to school to bring water or some special juice.

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In addition to being a useful accessory, it can teach you to be aware of time and time, today there are many models that you can give away, from the most classic to the most updated, you can also give a smartwatch, believe me, that your child will You will be thrilled with the idea of having your first watch on your arm.

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To encourage outdoor activities, it is not a bad idea to give football, soccer, or any other sport that may attract the attention of the child. In addition, it is a useful and practical gift that you can take to school or the park every day.

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Marvel Black Panther

Presenting a young Black Panther-enthusiast with a copy of some of his adventures will be an adventure all its own. This book is based on Marvel’s Black Panther2018 film and it has a personalized story that tells the story of Black Panther a.k.a T’Challa who faces the challenge of becoming king of Wakanda. Your kid’s name appears all through the story and will create a great adventure for Avengers fans. It can be included with a child photo on the last page and it is perfect for kids of all ages.

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Labyrinth Ball

The marble is going to be rolled on the track inside the ball. It can be a little tricky at first. It’s a gift they enjoy for many years. It requires full concentration.

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Poop Fishing for Floaters

8-year-olds still think poo is very enjoyable for some reason. Fish poop will brighten both the children’s party and evening bath.

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Foot Zip Line Kit for Kids and Adult

If there is room in the garden, it is a good gift for an 8-year-old. The track is 60 feet long and can simply attach between two trees or something else that is strong enough.

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Unicorn Terrarium Kit

A unicorn is a gift that 8-year-olds think is fun to get. This is a cute terrarium where he or she can grow a unicorn garden.

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Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids – 45-Piece Outdoor Playset for Ages 8+ 

Tighten up the climbing path between two trees. Fun for both kids and adults. They are wielding themselves between grip and strength training while they are playing.

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Pusheen Stuffed Animal Cat

Elegant decorative cushions with Pusheen cats are fun to have in bed. Pusheen cats are in slightly different variations, unicorn, cool cat, love taxes, etc.

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Giant Bubble Wands Kit

Equipment to blow giant soap bubbles. It’s not the usual stick with a little loop at the end. Here is a large circle of fabric that is west of the two sticks. The ring is dipped in the soap mix, and then you just have to move the loop in the wind.

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Candy grabber machine

The absolute best way to get candy is from a candy vending machine. You know those machines that are in various amusement parks with a claw that picks up plush toys. It works the same way. There is a claw that picks up the candy.

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Dinosaur Fossil Digging Kit for kids

An archeology set is one gift that the 8-year-olds want. Here you will find a dinosaur. The child may pick and dig into the plaster block to gently uncover dinosaur bones. When all the parts are found, they can be assembled into a whole dinosaur.

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Rock Climbing Holds for Kids

8-year-olds like to be able to play and use their strength. A climbing wall is a good birthday gift to an 8-year-old. The climbing can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

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Avocado Microwavable Heating Pad

It’s nice to find practical gifts as well. A wheat heater that you heat in the microwave comes in handy. Nice to hug when you are sick or frozen.

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Educational toys for an 8-year-old

Are you looking for educational toys for an 8-year-old? Lego and construction toys, are the first thing that comes to mind. The train mathematic and spatial (spatial) capability. The designs, try different solutions to problems, etc.

What makes LEGO so far as a teaching tool is that children love it. They play while they learn. Eight-year-olds like to build and construct things. There are lots of beautiful building toys that suit them. Here are some suggestions for excellent construction toys. 

LEGO Classic 10717 Bricks Bricks

A package of free Lego pieces that do not have a plan or something special you should build is always an excellent gift to give children. These Lego bricks can be used many times and will, of course, not be completed.

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LEGO Friends Heartlake City Resort

Lego resort is a hotel with the possibility of swimming and relaxation. There are several slides and a train that takes tourists from one end to the other. In the hotel lobby, you will find a juice bar, computer, and telephone.

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LEGO City People Pack – Outdoors Adventures

This Lego set has the theme of outdoor adventure. The collection includes, besides various figures, adventure equipment such as rubber boats, tents, a rock wall, and a bicycle and obstacles to bike over.

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Lego block tape

A novelty in Lego is the Block Tape. Now you can put Lego everywhere! Perfect if you want to secure the most beautiful Lego building in the bookcase. Decorate your computer, let lego roll up to the desk or put tape on the fridge and build something beautiful!

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LEGO Friends Andrea’s Pool Party

Lego Pool Party is a nice gift to give an 8-year-old. They usually like this kind of small world of Lego. They easily daydream and are living in their own world of Lego.

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Dragon Pit 70655 Ninjago

Lego Ninjago has many new Lego constructions.

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Lego Corvette

This toy mixes two of many children’s hobbies: Lego and robots. Because do you know a child who would not like to have a robot?

It is an original toy for children to learn to program and use the tablet for educational purposes since with it they will program the instructions that they will give the car.

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Construction toys, as Meccano is always a good idea when you’re buying gifts for an 8-years-old child. Children usually love to build and construct.

Meccano is a classic toy that you assemble plates and metal parts for all sorts of things: cars, boats, and trucks. Today, you can use the Internet to find cool models to build with Meccano.

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Gifts to an eight-year-old who likes to get wet

An excellent gift for 8-year-olds can be a visit to a water park or a pool park. Or why not have a beautiful day at the beach with the family. Bring juice and some tasty sandwiches!

Banzai Triple Racer 

Check out this watercourse. Who does not want it in his garden? Wetting itself is something 8-year-olds like. Let the kids get watering the lawn while having great fun! It is more fun than the beach!

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Arm Float Rings

When swimming, it is good to have the right equipment. If you still can not swim, it’s good to have some kind of swimming aid, so it does sink as quickly. Swimming aid for their arms – buy one for your child’s weight.

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Shark Fin for Swimming

There are a little cooler flotation devices like this shark fin, that buckle on the child’s back. With a shark fin, the 8-year-old be guaranteed the coolest in the swimming pool. It also sits a little safer and is not in the way, so the kids do not usually take off the fin to play.

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Swim Goggles

Do you remember how much it stung the eyes when you got water in them as a child? Mom had to come up with a towel, so you had to wipe your eyes. With a pair of goggles, you avoid getting water in your eyes. These goggles fit just as well in the shower as in the bathhouse. It is an excellent gift for an 8-year-old!

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Pool Floats Donut

To play in the pool can be fun to get one of these beautiful bathing rings. A donut can float around white style and impress all your friends. The 8-year-old will be a king in the pool this summer.

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Metal Watering Can

A good ewer is useful both on the beach and in the garden. The children will get wet and water the garden whole environment.

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Waboba ball

Waboba is a neat new ball for beach games. The ball bounces on the water. A fun gift to give an 8-year-old in the summer gift! But it may only be used in water.

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Flamingo Pool Floats

Another beautiful swimming ring, which is a nice gift for an 8-year-old, is this flamingo bath ring. It is a genuinely luxurious gadget when you are eight years and have a summer vacation.

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Summer Round Beach Towel 

How fun it is to swim so parents will sooner or later force the children out of the water. Then it is good to have a big towel to dry himself with.

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8-year-olds can be vicious

But I have learned now that the eight-year-olds can be both evil and lie. My oldest daughter with her boyfriend was here for dinner. The youngest daughter was sitting on the lap of the oldest. Suddenly, the older daughter poured out all the water in the glass of the youngest. She would very well have been able to do. But it turned out that the youngest had poured the water over herself, lied and said her older sister did it. Win-Win for her: She became wet, big sister got blamed. The older sister became angry and started a water fight with her. So watch out, so you do not get scammed out of your 8-year-old! They may look innocent, but it is not! ?

But the water fight is, of course, a lot of fun, especially if you have older siblings to fight. But traditional water weapons are pretty overrated. Just equip 8-year-old with the best equipment instead. This water hose will win a guaranteed water fight. Or why not combine business with pleasure let the children take care of the watering time.
Let the child attend the watering the lawn! Want to give 8-year-old the best gift to play with during the summer holidays, it is this magical unicorn you should buy. With a magical unicorn, you can both water the children and the garden at the same time. Would not it do well in your garden? The kids will love it!
A piece of equipment is this big super soaker. It contains almost two liters of water. Your kid will have a significant advantage in the water fights.
Having your pool park at home in the garden is a treat. This pool park has a climbing wall, slide, and water cannon.
To get your drone is a dream for many children. The drone was not so expensive either, so you dare to give it to an 8-year-old.
KanJam is a kind of disc golf, though not entirely. It throws it to his friend to knock down the Frisbee in a barrel.
An ordinary soccer ball is fun to get a birthday present when she or he turns 8. At this age, they understand to be careful of the windows.
A soccer goal to have in the garden makes the soccer more fun. It is easy to fold and pack it down if you want.
Together with friends, it can be fun to play some racquetball on summer evenings. The set is for four players.
Mölkky is a different kind of Kubb, but not entirely. Mölkky is to knock down the pins and have a cumulative score on the exact 50th
An inflatable kayak is a fun gift for an 8-year-old. Do you worry that placing the child on the lake alone, there is also two-seater to buy?
An 8-year-old may need to chill out a bit sometimes. Then an inflatable armchair comes in handy. It works both inside and outdoors.
When winter comes, many 8-year-olds wish for a snow racer gift.
An inflatable unicorn sledding is also a great fun way to get down the hill.
With a snowball maker, the 8-year-old easily winning all snowball fights and make the neighborhood’s most beautiful snow lantern.

What does an 8-year-old like to read?

Books that 8-year-olds like to read must not be childish! They are like to read about grand adventures, heroism, and gifted children. 

Did you know that there are witches exist? The witches are impossible to spot unless you know the right clues. The witches are out to destroy all the children. This book will be a little boy and his grandmother as they are to save all England’s children from witches.
The two detectives Jerry and Maya, help to protect the inhabitants of Pleasant Valley. Pickpockets are stealing wallets, cell phones, and jewelry from the audience at the circus. These smart kids help the police to solve the mystery.
Ronia is the daughter of a robber and lives in a fortress. She is now old enough to explore the forest, but she must beware of gray dwarfs and wild harpies that live there. This is a fascinating story where Ronia has to struggle to survive.

Movies that fit an 8-year-old

Eight-year-olds usually like to have films for my birthday. The movie can be seen over and over again until they know them by heart. It is nice to watch videos, both alone and together with friends. Here are some suggestions for good films.

The beauty and the beast
Petar Pan
The Lion King

Gifts for outdoor play

It is true that an 8-year-old needs to be active and use up some energy, so they’re tired. Playing outdoors is a good thing. There are lots of fun gifts for outdoor play.

A scooter is a great way to use up energy. It is fast and fun to drive.
A swing is also entertaining to have at home. Here is a plate to sit on, so you have to hold on to.
A Ninja climbing track is both challenging and fun to climb in. There are many fun accessories.
A wall climbing track is a beautiful gift for kids. Turn the house facade to a challenging climbing wall! The handles are designed for children.
Ninja climbing track is super fun. Why not buy some accessories to make it even more fun? Buy an example of a timer to compete in the Ninja line. Or a network!
A swing to use together with friends makes a nice gift for the 8-year-old.

Decoration as a gift to an 8-year-old

Yes, 8-year-olds like interior and to decorate. It’s fun to have a beautiful room. It might be beautiful lamps, pillows, bedding, and other furnishings that they like. Here you have some suggestions for decor that suits to give an 8-year-old birthday present:

All is not what it appears to be. This is a night light that looks like a moon.
8-year-olds use to love dinosaurs.
A Super Mario lamp will be a great success.
Children usually love cats. Even if you can don’t own a cat, a cute cat pillow can adorn the bed in their room.
For some reason, kids love emoji. Most children usually have some emoji pillows that adorn the bed in the room.
With bedding with Batman, the room will be much cooler, and it will be easier to go to bed and sleep at night.
Space fascinates children of all ages. Why not decorate the walls in the room as the child gets older picks only them down again.
A lightbox that is formed like a cloud. It’s space for shorter messages. It is a fun decor item in the children’s room.
A ghost might be nice to have in the kid’s room A ghost might be sweet to have in the kid’s room at night. This ghost will probably keep the real spirits away.

Crafting gifts to an 8-year-old kid

Decorate a piggy bank
This is a painting box that contains everything you need.
Activity Book with dinosaurs.
Stickers with emoji

Paints for window decoration

Good games as a gift to 8-year-olds

8-year-olds love to play games. Especially when they win the games, if they don’t, they can be a little bad mood, and they may cry a short dash.

A game of conventional chess is a fun game, and already eight years old kids tend to be fantastically good at chess. They may not win against the parents yet, but just wait a few more years, so they beat you easily!
Loopin Louie a fun game where you must prevent Louie from stealing your chickens. Louie is indeed on an airplane. If you do not do anything at all, fly Louie jĂ€mst the ground and takes all the chickens. But that’s well. Each player has a catapult. When Louie comes flying past your sling, turn to so he instead far up in the air. Louie is making loops and fly, hopefully, beyond just your chickens, over the opponent’s catapult so that she or he can not hit and steal a chicken. The winner is the person who has left a hen longest. This is a game that is fun to drive even with just adults.

Inexpensive gifts for an 8-year-old

Should your child at children’s parties? A gift to kids supposed to cost too much instead. $5-10 is enough. If you have three children and each child will go to the 25 kids, there will be a lot of money just to give gifts to friends.

Should your child to a party with an 8-year-old? Here I have some tips on excellent and inexpensive gifts to the 8-year-olds: Puzzle Books, glitter, reflexes, keyring, slime, small Lego boxes or bags with the hired men, Uno, Yahtzee, deck, Meccano, cinema tickets, beads pens, soap bubbles, coloring books, magnetic, magnifying glass, flashlight, hair accessories, necklaces, erasers, stickers, cheap accessories, perfume pens, small spiders, snakes, lip gloss, a splash spirit frog or a slightly more fun Lypsyl, candy, a nice pen, a magazine, books. It might be useful to accumulate some gifts for the kids this year. In the clearance book sale and purchased at the little gifts you can give this year’s children’s parties. Stores usually have a small craft corner where you can make many discoveries. Want more gift ideas for kids? I’ve collected them here.

Crafting book space
Findus and Pettson crafting book. Divided into monthly sections, Pettson, Findus and the muckles show you how to make bird feeders, plant bulbs, bake cakes and get involved in many other activities using everyday items.
Glitter is something anyway girls at this age enjoy.
For someone who is interested in soccer, balls these good reflexes.
Yatzy is another game that both children and adults likes.
A standard deck is also useful to have.
Crafting Make your own bracelet
Fine fragrance pens are something kids usually like.
Soap bubbles are something that always goes home.
Coloring book for creative children
Magnifier is another very funny gift.
Flashlights are a good gift to give an 8-year-old.
Magnets are fun gifts to bring to the party.

There is also a page with free gifts to children where you can find a lot of inspiration for gifts to the 8-year-olds. It may not fit to include a free gift at the party, but when your child or grandchild’s birthday, it may be helpful tips.

More things to give as a present for the 8-year-old

Some final tips on good gifts to an 8-year-old:

cotton candy machine
whoopee cushion

Do you have more tips, please let me know the post!

What should I buy for kids’ gifts? Good kids’ gifts are such slime, games, or if you take the opportunity to buy some books when book sale, you can give them away when it is a party. More tips for kids’ gifts, you can find here.

What is a good gift for an 8-year-old girl? An excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl is a cable car, climbing tracks, a dinosaur, a swing, track light, and an interactive unicorn. More tips on gifts to the 8-year-old girl found here.

What to buy a gift for an 8-year-old boy? A great gift for an 8-year-old boy is a water bazooka, soccer, trampoline, snowball makers, cable car, paintbox, or crafting kit to do custom keychains. More tips on gifts for the 8-year-old boys can be found here.

Tips on further reading

Here are some pages that you might find inspiration:

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8th Birthday Gift Ideas
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