Gift to a 9-year-old

It might seem a bit tricky to find a really good gift for a 9-year-old? But you’ll get some ideas you may find something that you think is good.

So, what is a good gift for a 9-year-old? A nice gift to a 9-year-olds is a mobile phone, a Nintendo, trajectory, popcorn machine, puzzles, IQ-puzzle, activity books, crafting stuff, dinosaurs, Lego and good movies. 

What is a nice gift to a 9-year-old?

Here you will find many more tips on a good gift for a 9-year-old. Looking for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected lots of party ideas here. In addition to traditional gifts like Lego, and you will also get suggestions on clothing and unexpected toys, you have not seen before. But now, to the gift tips for 9-year-olds.


Cozy evenings together with the family is something 9-year-olds love. Preferably with popcorn from your own popcorn machine and a really good movie, as he or she builds Lego and drink soda.

A nice gift to a 9-year-old is a bit hard Lego construction, Like this police house.
A popcorn machine to make your own popcorn will make the life of a 9-year-old a bit more glamours
The birthday breakfast should be served from this incredibly cute unicorn mug. And it even prevents dripping of soda on the sofa.


Almost everything that a 9-year-olds wish for originates from the mobile. To get their first mobile phone is a great gift as a 9-year-old. Try to find a used phone if you think it’s expensive. Unless you have an old cell phone yourself or ask around in your friends.
Buy a nice mobile shell to keep the phone nice and working a bit lot longer. A screen protector is also good to have, so the front does not get scratched. These cases are black plastic marble is very modern and suitable for both boys and girls. Just make sure you choose a mobile scale for the right phone model.
A trajectory requires a lot of patience, it takes a while to assemble. The family will not be able to stay away from such a fun toy. When the track is well put together and it works like a perpetual motion machine, it goes round and round … when the ball has come down will immediately take the elevator up to start over again.


So far, it’s fun to get clothes for their birthday. It can be jeans, shirts, robes, slippers, magical unicorn, unicorn one-piece and so on. Clothes can always access and usually grow out of clothing very quickly

It can also be fun to get a gift certificate at a clothing store. Then the 9-year-old to be able to choose the clothes that he or she wants. Personally, I think it’s great not to have a discussion every time we go to the store. Now the kids can bye what they want and are careful with the money.

A pair of cute unicorn slippers is something that all 9-year-olds love. They are both soft and cuddly and warm.
Unicorn Clothing, a 9-year-old will LOVE this!

Gifts and playing gifts for a 9-year-old

season pass at the bathhouse is a good birthday gift for a 9-year-old. To take the family and go to the bathhouse a few times a month usually very appreciated. The children get used to water is of course very important. Enablle that it’s an amazing gift. Make your own gift cards and buy a pair of swimming goggles or snorkels maybe. This will all 9-year-olds to like!

Water play kit glasses, balloons and water sports
Dinosaur Inflatable Ring
Swimming glasses
A good gift for a 9-year-old is also a nice beach towel. Perhaps a melon towel fits the 9-year-old?
Or are unicorns better? These towels are really cool to bring to the beach or the bathhouse.


Even if you just reached the age of 9, it is fun to get furnishings for her room. Here’s interior as 9-year-olds like.

Lightbox to make your own message.
A nice cloud board where you can write your own messages.
The finest cushions with poop and smile are nice to get.
Maybe a nice cushion to have in bed. These Pusheen are very popular. These cats are known from the internet and loved by both cat people and people communicating using MEMS. These cute cushions have sweet 3D parts and children usually love them.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the room by providing a lamp as a present to the 9-year-old. When you are 9 can still be a little afraid of the dark. To have a good bedside lamp is practical. Just a weaker bulb in the lamp becomes the perfect night lighting
No room is not really complete without a candy vending machine. Fill the candy machine with a favorite treat. This machine will also get treats last longer. I think this is the gift that 9-year-olds want most of all.

Craftin sets as a gift to a 9-year-old

9-year-olds usually like to craft and beads. When you are 9 years old, you have probably received both crayons and coloring books on previous birthdays. So when he or she reaches the age of nine, it is better to go for a little more advanced crafting materials.


Paper is always part of the crafting. But it can also be just enough to bring colored pencils and markers when the child turns 9 years.

A packing of colored papers is always nice to have.
When the child is nine years old, you can dare yourself to give it felt pens as gifts.
When she or he turns nine years, they can be in order to get a little more grown-up pens.

Beads and pegboards

If you look around on Pinterest , there are lots of nice aqua beads you can do. Pegboards can be varied endlessly. There are both 3D cars, dogs, Christmas decorations and aircraft. To get involved with pearls usually, both girls and guys think it is fun. It is possible to make necklaces and bracelets, of course, but to do pegboards are also usually popular.

Fine pegboards with different means of transport. Fun and different
Beads and pegboards
Lego Jewelry tree with a rainbow

There are many fine Jewelry crafting kits to choose from when buying a gift for a 9-year-old.

It’s great to get beads to make their own bracelets. While boys tend to like pearl jewelry.


A novelty at pärlmarkanden water pearls. It puts them in a pattern and sprays with water. Once the beads are dry, they have been glued together and solidified. The cool thing is that you can make 3D characters also with them.

Water Beads is a good gift to give a 9-year-old birthday present


The amount of crafting kits that fit 9-year-olds is huge. They are so big, that they do not put things in their mouths, so it’s fine to give them puzzles that contain small parts and crafts that one can not eat. They have become very dexterous and can, for example, make small jewelry Cernit clay. When you have been crafting with a 9-year-old the home does not look like a battlefield anymore, but it is perfectly possible to give them more advanced crafting stuff such as window color, or a craft box with many parts. 

The only concern when crafting with a 9-year-old is that they economic with their on material and use your crafting stuff instead. I bought a craft box with mixed crafts for my daughter. She is 13 now and still has plenty left in his drawer because she is so stingy and rather takes my stuff.

Crafting kit to make your own unicorn ä a good gift to give a 9-year-old.
Cernit clay to make small figurines and jewelry.
Decorate your pyggybank
Decorate your piggy bank
Making the window decoration is something kids usually like. After having made the decoration needs to dry for 24 hours. After that, it can be put up on the windows. Imagine being able to make snowflakes, an elf, and a parcel of the window of his room when it’ll be Christmas. Or perhaps write messages to passers-by can enjoy.
Something new that has appeared in the craft industry since my children were small is styrofoam clay. It is a kind of mud balls as they bake together into different shapes. It is a kind of model and may not work as usual styrofoam balls that are static and spreads in the house. The crumbs of this mud can easily make into a lump again.
Real luxury is of course to get a crafting box In the box there is a bit of everything material that they can use for their craft. These include ribbons, sequins, stickers, felt, pipe cleaners, cards, scissors, deco beads, glue, silk, clay, and gemstones. A fun mix that will be enough for lots of fun and creative craft projects in the future.
Real luxury is of course to get a crafting box In the box there is a bit of everything material that they can use for their craft. These include ribbons, sequins, stickers, felt, pipe cleaners, cards, scissors, deco beads, glue, A fun mix that will be enough for lots of fun and creative craft projects in the future.

For the crafty 9-year-old, I recommend that you give the dough a gift. They usually like to sit and tweaking and making small models. You can do both pieces of jewelry, decorations have on the door, and small trinkets in the dough. It is a gift that you can do almost entirely free of the things you already have at home. Here you will find a recipe for the dough. It can be fun with some molds and a doe-press to control the dough.

Cake tins are a great gift for a 9-year-old.
With doe-press children can make long sausages, stars, and spins.
Play-doh clay


Getting craft books tends to be very popular among 9-year-olds. Really activity books, do it yourself crafts and accessories. To learn things while crafting is actually very appreciated.

Activity book for learning to fold origami. It includes clear step by step instructions that make it easy to keep up with the description.


Puzzle is something 9-year-olds like to receive as gifts. These puzzles have a moderate level of difficulty for 9-year-olds. 3D-puzzles and puzzles with the solar system. There are fun IQ metal puzzles that both children and adults usually love. They are tricky, so to solve them all at once might.

3d Jigsaw puzzle Disney castle

Puzzle with space
IQ puzzle with different difficulty levels


Getting construction toys tends to be very enjoyable. Lego is, of course, a regular favorite. It’s fun to get both tough building systems and packages of loose pieces that you can build whatever you want to. Buy a nice lego buildings, car, or even a helicopter.

Legoland Package for wilderness adventures.
Lego Ninjago dragon
Lego Friends Restaurant

But there are also many other construction toys are great gifts for the 9-year-olds. Metso is such a toy.

Brio wooden Meccano tends to be a big popular. The set contains longer pieces and the advantage of it is that it is possible to build larger vehicles and cranes of it. Or why not a helicopter, airplane or why not the sword that you can use in the fight against their siblings or dragons.
Then, of course, there is also quite common Meccano full of small screws. But when the children fill nine Usually they usually do not stop the little things in your mouth, so it is certainly good. If you are looking for some online you can get many ideas on the models that you can build a common Meccano.
Magformers are another building system that builds in 3D using magnetic triangles and squares. Take a look at this video and you’ll see what you can build with Magformers! It is quick to build and do very nice things, so it is usually 9-year-olds like.

There are also other fun construction toys Eazymec and this trajectory. Trajectory, by the way, when it is built, you do not do more. As extra finesse ist that you do not move the balls from the terminus to start again. The balls actually take the lift up themselves. Trajectory are several levels of difficulty and 9-year-old sounds it makes sense to start with the first level, I think.

Eazymec is a new construction system. Just as Meccano are the plates that you screw together using screws. Please visit the movie to see how it works!
Check out this trajectory of Coolstuff! There is a toy that will engage the whole family. It builds up like a bag sacks coaster for marbles. Maybe a little time seized but very funny.

Dinosaur as a present to a 9-year-old

A good gift for a 9-year-old is a dinosaur in various forms. There is everything from sprinklers, dinosaur eggs that hatch, archeology sets, and decor for the room with the dinosaur theme.

These dinosaur eggs will hatch. But it’s okay to buy this gift for your child. The child will not have to stay home from school to brood on their eggs. These eggs need not be incubated to hatch. You put them in water for 24 hours. Then, just to look at when the egg hatches.
For 9-year-olds who love dinosaurs, there are wall decorations to buy. What’s so great about them is that they can take down when children change an interest as well. When you picked them down it is no trace on the walls. Much smarter than putting up wallpaper with dinosaur motif.
A two-meter dinosaur that sprays water. It is handy indeed. That way, you can cool down the children while keeping his garden lush green. It’s very environmentally friendly too because the children and the garden sharing the same water as well.
 A playset with adventurer, dinosaurs, etc.
A playset with adventurer, dinosaurs, etc.
A stuffed toy in the form of a dinosaur.
3D puzzle with dinosaur skeleton
An archaeological dig where one in advance can say what the find will be.
A good gift for a 9-year-old could also be some cool interior detail to the room.
Dinosaur bedding

WHAT ABOUT movies for the 9-year-olds?

Film the grinch
The Incredibles
Film Harry Potter box


A video game is something that 9-year-olds really want when they fill in. Nintendo Switch is top of many children’s wish lists, it is handheld and there are many tough games to buy for. Here is the handheld Nintendo Switch and some suggestions for games that can fit a nine year old.

Nintendo Switch
Game Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey
Yoshi’s crafted world
Donkey Kong 
Super Mario Party
Pokemon Eevee


A book series as 9 years old like – Jerry and Maya runs a detective agency. The two smart kids solves mysteries that adults can not. It is about lost treasures, jewels and vengeful mafia bosses. Classmates Jerry and Maya runs their own highly successful detective bureau, solve mysteries and inform residents of Pleasant Valley’s from meddling thieves.

The diamond Mystery Jerry and Maya
Jerry and Maya Cafe Mystery
Book Jerry and Maya Hotel Mystery

Some other really good books to give 9-year-olds are Captain Underpants. My kids loved this totally crazy story.

Captain Underpants

WHAT ARE A 9-YEAR-OLD wishing for?

9-year-olds are generally curious and like to learn new things. Why not give him or her some educational gifts birthday?

An experimental box tends to be an appreciated gift. Who does not want to learn in a playful way? Draw conclusions and learn lots of light, magnetism, space, and chemistry.
microscope is very exciting to get a birthday present. Children are curious by nature and like to explore things. To look at her own hair, a leaf, or a fly in magnification is very interesting.
To get your own globe is also very amazing. Then it is easy to learn where countries are and as it stands in the room the whole time, 9-year-old trying to learn all countries and where they are located.
A telescope is a really great gift on 9 anniversary
Magnetic poo
Magnifying glass


Children today are incredibly stressed. Yes, at least if you judge by all the stress balls they claim they need. Stress balls are incredibly popular. Do not ask me why they are ‘trendy right now. But children and teenagers love these stress balls. Stress balls should preferably be as large as possible, too. But they’re not so good, so do not put down so much money on it! At home, a number of them have already been broken for a week.

Great stress balls, the children prefer.
Stress ball squish small


When summer comes it will enable the children so they do not tear the house. Here are some fun stuff for them to do. Cable car is great fun. Something else that is great fun, this game Mölkky. It all comes down to collecting points. The track changes all the time and you have to be the one to get exactly 50 points to win. Getting a klätterbana the gift is also fun! These gifts will attract children from all over the neighborhood.

It’s also fun to get a little tougher outdoor play equipment. If the family lives in a private house, this is an amazing thing. A private cable car is great fun. With its own cable car garden will be transformed into a playground for all the children in the neighborhood. The cable car is 12 meters and can be mounted between two stable trees. The installation takes about 30 minutes and utilities included. Vendors recommend that you should wear a helmet and the soundest reason for departure.
You throw your log toward the other logs. The different logs have a different number of points and you have to be the first to get to 50 points. If one log overturns you will only get one point per log. Before the turn goes over to the next player you raise the logs again. This is a fun game to give as gifts to a 9-year-old who is not a too bad loser. And is not it nice with a game that does not involve a computer or phone just for a change I think?
This is a really cool gift to give a 9-year-old’s birthday. A Ninja lane is not only fun but also training. You buckle it up between two trees or another stable object. For this climbing line, there are fun accessories such as a timer in order to organize competitions. There is also a net, a ladder and a wheel to buy his klätterbana. Maybe you can challenge the 9-year-old on a klättertävling? This is fun toys for the whole family, actually.


Games are something 9-year-olds usually like. It can, for example be Scrabble, want to bet, the missing diamond or diamond.


A music CD, jump rope, “microphones”, and disco ball will turn 9 year old to pop-idol directly!

I hope you found a good birthday present for 9 year old, you should celebrate!


What is a good gift for kids? Great gifts for kids, for example, a Frisbee, a glittering beach ball, flying saucers, unicorns, and dinosaur toys. If you want to read about more great gifts for the kids, there’s this.

What is a good gift for a daughter for nine years? Great gifts to give his daughter to fill 9 are disco equipment, games, books, and experiment boxes. It’s also fun to give his 9-year-old daughter self-made gift cards on different adventures such as a water park, a fun museum, or something that you are close to where you live.

What should I give as gifts to a 9-year-old girl? Good gifts to a 9-year-old girl are a cute night light, loom, wooden models, a ninja path, and cuddly toys. More tips on a good gift for a 9-year old girl, you can find here.

What should I give as gifts to a 9-year-old boy? Great gifts to give a 9-year-old boy are joking things, safe, radio-controlled cars, video games, a candy machine, and a cable car. More tips on a good present for a 9-year-old boy found here.


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