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7th Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift for a 7-year-old? I know it can be tricky to find a good gift for children, even if you know them well. Maybe it’s the desire to find that perfect gift that makes it so difficult?

What is a perfect gift for a 7-year-old? Good gifts to a 7-year-old Lego, origami, beads, a swing for two, Meccano, toolbox, plaster painting, radio-controlled car, activity books, makeup dolls, bike, skateboards, stickers, and scooter.

What is a nice gift to a 7-year-old?

Looking for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected many party ideas. But please keep reading, so you’ll get more great gift ideas for a 7-year-old’s birthday.

7-year old have preference in the sports they play, the movie or TV show they watch or even have clothes they love to wear, and you will find something special to give a kid who’s turning 7-years old. Below are some samples of 7th birthday gift ideas you can give to your kid and something they will surely enjoy.

Check out these 7th birthday gift ideas

Dance Mat

Get your kids to exercise in the most fun way possible! Collaboration and physical exercise are encouraged in this SUNLIN dancing pad game. The game also encourages parents and children to engage and cooperate. Both children and adults have a good time.

The SUNLIN dance challenge playmat is made of the heavy-duty vinyl material that is toxin-free and softly cushioned, making it easy to clean. It’s also tough enough to withstand repeated hopping and dancing. The back patterns are designed to be non-slippery.

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Soft & Cuddly Stuffed Dog Plush

This dog plush assortment is designed from high-quality plastic and plush components which assure you of a longer-lasting unit. This set has 6 puppies that are huggable because they are soft and comfortable to hold. They have an eye-catching combination making them a treasurable gift at all times.

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A Counting Birthday Book

For kids at every age, a birthday book is a great gift that’s as thoughtful as it is fun. Filled with rhymes, pictures, and numbers, this pleasant personalized Counting Book will assist any small child to be entertained as they learn counting and name recognition. Clear, bright, and big pictures are accompanied by clear figures and rhyming text that will assist to make learning enjoyable and easy. This book has 22 pages of colorful illustrations. It features the child’s name within the illustrations and the name on the cover.

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Electronic Coin Money Bank for Kids

It is a great way to let a 7-year-old start saving. They will have a chance to keep coins or bills, and security is like having your ATM with four electronic password protection. The design is sturdy, odor-free, and made of ABS plastic. It is designed to make saving a fun activity for your kid.

It will also keep them curious as the machine accepts paper money automatically and is not only meant for coins.

If you want a cool gift for your kid’s birthday, this is a gift that will be highly appreciated.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

This sweet young Queen’s portrait will bring joy to your little girl. Since the artists do not change what is in the personalized portrait or background, expect a royal look with a crown and royal clothing. You cannot ignore this young Queen, with a perfect smile. It is best to consider the picture with a perfect smile to befit this sweet young Queen. It is ideal for hanging on the wall or placed on a surface that matches the beauty in the portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

My Book About Space

This personalized book will get your kids excited about space travel. Ideally, this My Book about Space has a story of a little alien who is going on holiday with Dad, Mon, and Zoggle the teddy. The story of each planet has been explored in an orderly manner so that your kid will learn and find out fun facts about each planet along the way. With just a few sentences and your child’s name, an astrological sign, and a fun image, My Book about Space creates book kids will love. It also includes fun activities and encourages readers to go out into their own communities and get involved with local science fairs.

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Flashing Cube Electronic Handheld Game

A game that will keep both kids and adults entertained when traveling, while at home, or when there is just nothing else to do. It will not just improve hand-eye coordination but will enhance brain skills. It also lights up and has a volume control that can be muted.

You can let your kids start early and let them learn about memory games that are easy to study but can master through practice.

With the colorful design of this toy, a 7-year-old will enjoy looking at it and be fascinated by how it is played. This toy is also durable and will not easily get damaged with rough play and throwing that kids at this age do.

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15-inch LCD Writing Tablet

If you have a 7-year-old kid who has an inclination toward doodles and loves to scribble, this gift is the best to purchase. It is colorful, easy to view, and has a vivid outcome. It can be used continuously for hours, especially when your child feels bored while traveling, or want to free their imagination through drawing and doodling.

The writing tablet is easy to use, and it is also smooth to write on, lightweight, and convenient to carry around. It is just like writing on paper and will not be difficult for a 7-year-old.

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Anki Cozmo Robot

This is an excellent gift for a seven-year-old who loves robots. The Anki Cozmo Robot is a real robot that can be controlled with the included remote control or by using the app on a smart device. It can also sing, dance, and play games.

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Sleep help

Bedtime imagination is a soothing musical lullaby and color game that uses a unique, effective approach to relax and inspire your child to sleep in their own world of color and wonder in less than 30 minutes. This is a lifesaver for many families. Instead of trying to put their child to sleep for hours, this helps children to relax and fall asleep faster than ever before.

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Kid’s Digital Camera with 32 GB SD card by HelpLex

This digital camera will keep your kid busy for hours while video shooting and taking photos of what fascinates them in their surroundings. This camera has an 8x digital zoom function, 11 filters, and 28 photo stickers to enhance the images taken. The 2-inch HD display with the IPS eye protection layer ensures that your kid’s eye is secured from hours of camera use. To top it off, there is a 32GB TF card to store thousands of photos and can record videos.

With the environment-friendly material used during the manufacture of the camera, it will not harm your child while using it. It is also designed for easy handling and management for your child to hold on to the device. It is comfortable, colorful, and light.

Kids will not find it difficult to use with the simple UI, and it can last for hours with the 850mAh Lithium-ion battery. If the battery empties, charging is also simple with the USB charging cable included in the package.

You need not look for other gifts that will light up your child’s eyes cause this product also has games such as Tetris, Snake, and Sokoban. A 7-year-old will have plenty of things to do, not just taking photos and videos but enjoying the included games.

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Walkie Talkies for Kids, sets of 3 by Selieve

What is the best way to let your 7-year-old spend their free time but bond with friends using their Walkie Talkies? This interactive kid toy has crisp and smooth sound quality with a volume that is adjustable and is perfect to use during outdoor activities. If your child finds it difficult to enjoy during summer camping or spring outing, this is the best solution to let them have some fun while having a family bonding at the same time.

This toy has over a 3KM range and has 22 channels, a built-in flashlight, uses 4 AAA batteries, and it is lightweight with an LCD for easy visibility.

It is also manufactured using only kid-friendly materials that are non-toxic and safe for the environment as well. It is the gift to get your kid to let them have some fun while playing with their friends or even when you want to have that bonding time with them during your free time.

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Digital Shooting Game Toy with Foam Dart Toy Gun by Baodlon Store

This toy is perfect whether for indoor or outdoor play cause it is safe and fun to use. It includes a foam dart gun, 20 soft foam darts, and an electrical digital target shooting gallery. The 3-ring shooting has 2, 3, 5 point rings and the electronic scoring will accumulate based on the areas targeted.

The key is in getting the most points possible for your kid. It is the best target practice and challenges that they can find and will be a big hit with their friends or with family.

What is more exciting is the sound included with every hit, the automatic reading score, and the sound of gunshots will make this game fun.

Perfect during parties, outdoor games, family gatherings, or just for simple family bonding time.

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Window Glitter Paint Art DIY Project Kit by TOYLI

For your 7-year old who is a blossoming artist, this will catch their attention. It has 12 characters, such as unicorns, sea horses, hearts, donuts, whales, and more. Your kid will want to make stunning artwork using this art set and can do it with so much fun and excitement.

It is safe for kids and is non-toxic. It will give your kids hours of creating beautiful window art or maybe used to any window-like surface.

Kids will find happiness with every art piece they finish and take comfort with the experience each time.

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Paint by Sticker for Kids by Workman Publishing

A simple but meaningful gift for a 7-year-old. It will not just let them peel the sticker but will find satisfaction with the finished product. It will also take time to create an artwork with just stickers and no need to use paint and water.

This gift is perfect for your budding artist who loves experimenting with various art projects. An affordable piece of gift that your child will enjoy and have the fun and happy hours creating a masterpiece.

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Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone by Keyian

7-year-old love to explore, and they want to hear their voice when they see microphones, and this gift will keep them entertained with the karaoke microphone to let them sing to their heart’s content.

It is portable, wireless, handheld, Bluetooth with various colors to choose from. The sound is clear and has a perfect outcome every time.

The voice is loud depending on the volume preference. Also, there is a cable USB for charging. It is easy to operate with a connection to cable or BlueTooth plus a singing app on your phone. There is echo, music, and volume that is adjustable.

Kids will find this gift a perfect tool to practice singing, speaking, and recording their voices. They can also use this as an instrument for playtime with their friends.

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Tshirt Gift for 7-year-old Black

Made from cotton, and polyester. It can be machine washed and dried in low heat. It has a solid color that does not fade with frequent washing. A 7-year-old will appreciate this shirt because of the cute and simple design that is perfect to be worn on their special day. Let the birthday girl or boy shine on her 7th birthday by having their own shirt to wear. It is funky, classic, and lightweight, with comfortable material to wear on the skin, and durable stitching.

Your kid will surely know how awesome their birthday is if they have this shirt for their birthday.

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DIY Night Light Kit Dinosaur Lantern by Hapinest

Perfect gift for your kid’s 7th birthday, whether they are a boy or a girl. The kit includes a jar, changing color light lid, foam brush, dinosaur tooth, dinosaur stickers in six pieces, beads, lantern handle, vellum dinosaur landscape, and the instructions. Your kid will love creating their masterpiece, and their interest in craft-making will peak with this gift. You can also assist them in making sure they come up with the best dinosaur lantern they will love for years.

The six stickers included in the set will help your kid make their own dinosaur scene, and the beads or dinosaur teeth can make the lantern as unique as possible.

To make everything work, you will only need 2 AAA batteries to see the lantern come to life. Your kid can turn it on and off while you can both watch the changing colorful lights and be mesmerized every time the lamp is in use.

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What is a 7-year old wishing for?

7-year-olds wish for many things! But let me tell you about perfect gifts to give them as a birthday present. 7-year-olds are curious and like to learn new things. Why not give him or her a star projector or a kaleidoscope as a birthday gift. Do you want to give a seven-year-old an exciting gift? Panning for gold is a fun birthday present.

Projector to show the starry sky on the ceiling. Here you can choose whether to show the constellations as well.
 7-year-old likes to be a part of exciting experiences. To pan for gold can be pretty breathtaking.
7-year-old likes to be a part of exciting experiences. To pan for gold can be pretty breathtaking.
A 7-year-old is of a curious nature. A kaleidoscope is a good toy for them.


You can tell when you have a 7-year-old in the house. Sometimes it’s full speed, and they have to go out and play with their friends. The next time they pick up a game, they play for three minutes before moving on to the next game. 7-year-olds tend to be marked as the mess spreading around the house and on a noise level. To get some peace sometimes, it can be good to have some really great gifts for a 7-year-old. Here are some gifts that 7-year-olds want and things that can keep them occupied for a while.

A Lego construction is a police station. It is usually 7-year-olds think is fun.
Monopoly Super Mario is a fun game to give the 7-year-olds as a present.
A scooter is good to take the 7-year-old to lose some energy. 7-year-olds usually like to travel fast.
Do not be surprised if all their friends gathered in the garden. A cable railway is a very fun toy for 7-year-olds and it will attract more children from the neighborhood.
A doctor’s bag is a fun gift to give 7-year-olds when they have their birthday. They will cure a variety of conditions!
A buddy swing is also a really good gift for a 7-year-old. They usually like to swing both themselves and with a friend.
Farting clay in a toilet
Fake poo is also a toy that is always funny!


7-year-olds usually like to build and construct things. The supply of Lego is huge, and it is possible to buy the most amazing kits. But there are many more nice things than lego to choose from. Here you can find some nice construction toys that my kids liked when they were this age.


Lego, of course – is the obvious favorite. 7-year-olds usually like when the construction is a bit tricky and takes a while to build it together. Then save the construction of the bookcase in the child’s room. Lego is fun in two steps. First, when you build, and then when you are playing with a miniature world.

Legos castle is a gift that 7-year-old girls will like a lot. Elsa and Anna from Frozen in their castle. The guys tend to not be as interested in the life of a princess.
As a gift for a 7-year-old boy might fit better to go for Lego speed. As might hear the name, it’s fast cars in the Lego system. You can also find a car museum, service, and fast Ferraris.

Or you might want to go for something more gender-neutral. Then I would recommend that you look at Lego Creator systems. It is good to buy Lego that all children in the family to use regardless of gender. 
Lego dinosaur
Lego Ninjago


There are many lego constructions to choose from, so I can guarantee that you will find something nice to give the birthday child. It is also very gender-segregated nowadays. Is there a girl you’re celebrating with, you can Look for Lego Friends. It tends to focus on home and family, animals, and shopping. But there are also cars and service facilities in Lego Friends.

Heart Lake City resort is a hotel with a water park, slides, and a juice bar. There are also a lot of accessories ranging from ice cream to a boat.

At Olivia’s cupcake cafe selling the cupcakes of course, but also coffee. Best of all is that they also have a delivery van to drive out cupcakes to the clients.
Lego Friends restaurant serves the hamburgers along with fries at the counter. At the restaurant, there is also a drive-in cinema.

Meccano and stuff

Meccano and other such construction toys.

When the child is seven years it is nice to buy this Meccano with lots of small parts and screws. It is possible to build very advanced designs.
HomeTTER Educational Building Toys STEM Learning Kit
The next construction toy that I am going to suggest that you buy a gift for a 7-year-old is Magformers. They are triangles that can attach to each other’s edges using magnets. One can build various 3-D structures and you have a base to build cars.

Carpenter’s box

Both girls and boys think it’s fun to build. Not only with Lego! They love to help their parents to do carpentry. With the proper tools, they can do just that. Unleash the kids with some nails and planks. With its own carpenter’s toolbox so they can accomplish the most amazing creations.

Toolbox with real tools. It contains among other things, a screwdriver, brush, saw, ruler, and set square.
Tools in plastic with drill saw and the other as a small carpenter might need

Free gifts to the 7-year old

Children usually like to craft. But then you have to have some good crafting stuff at home. Many things you’ve probably already have at home for a 7-year-old do crafting with—regular printer paper, scissors, empty boxes, glue sticks, etc. You can accomplish amazing things with very modest means indeed. My daughters have made a wedding dress with tape and bubble wrap, a Barbie Garden of just paper and tape, and to my horror, even heel shoes for the dog. Looking for things for more gifts you can give a child? I have written a page of it and filled the time with more tips as I will in no. So please continue to read about the gifts to the children!

But it can also be fun to get some extra fine crafts things when one’s birthday.

Crafting stuff as a gift to a 7-yar-old

Paper and planes

Fine paper in different colors is a good gift for a 7-year-old. It’s fun to cut fine patterns, fold origami, use to make Christmas cards, Easter cards, etc. Completed with a book on folding paper airplanes or a simple book about origami.

Activity book containing instructions on how to fold planes of various kinds.
Paper in different colors is very fun to have when getting grafting. A good gift to give a 7-year-old birthday.
A book with a really simple and very educational explanation of how to fold paper various figures.


Pattern scissors are fun to have for their paper crafting. Instead of ordinary scissors to cut the paper quite right, you can, with pattern scissors, get the edge wavy differently. Pattern scissors are ideal if you, e.g., want to make cards or get involved with scrapbooking. It is impressive to see how many pieces you can actually cut a standard A4 sheet in. And by the way, do not forget to complete the scissors with a really good wastebasket too!! Papers and scissors are It is a fun gift for a 7-year-old.

Patterns scissors are a good gift for the 7-year-old who likes crafting.
A package with everything you need to start scrapbooking.


What child does not like it when it glimmer and shines? A good gift for a 7-year-old should at least have a little glitter on the wrapping paper. With a package of its own glitter, she or he can decorate everything. Suitable for both Christmas cards, crafts, clothes, the room, hair, and school books. Life gets a little fancy with glitter!

Glitter powder
Sparkly sequins

Beads and pegboards

Adding pegboards is a classic toy that kids usually love. This is a great bead box that contains everything you need: lots of beads, pegboards, inspirational images, and paper to emphasize the pegboards. You will even find inspiration for pegboards here. 

You can also find a little more difficult pegboards that will be good gifts for the 7-year-old. I think it’s nice to see that all is not ponies, hearts, and the regular stuff.
Ordinary beads to make pegboards of. There are three pieces of pegboards here, too. The jar is filled with 13,000 beads. Nice gift to give a 7-year-old’s birthday.
If you want a little more special pegboards, these can be a good gift for a 7-year-old. It is pegboards with different means of transport such as cars, bikes, aircraft, tractors and so on.

Water beads

Water Beads is a novelty in the craft industry. There are gems to put on each other and spray the water over when it is finished. When the water then dries, the beads stick to one another. Water beads need no iron.

Bounce balls

Crafting kit to make your own bouncing balls. The set contains glitter mass and molds to make your own cool bouncing balls. Why was it not like this when I was a kid? I loved this when I was 7 years!

Crafting kit to make your own bouncing ball

Cernit clay

Cernit clay is a kind of clay used to produce small figurines, pendants for earrings, beads necklaces, little men, or some small figurines. Really fun for both 7-year-olds and adults who like crafting.

Cernit clay to make small figures.

Figures to decorate

Figures can also be fun to get a birthday present for a 7-years-old. They can be decorated with paint, glitter, and stickers.

Stickers as a gift

Stickers are usually fun to be happy with something really nice motives such as unicorns or emojis on. Creative Kids like to get stickers as a gift.

Sweet stickers with unicorns are very popular.
Smileys, or emojis as the kids say these days are those that a large package of stickers.

Activity books

Activity books are something that 7-year-olds really like. With an activity book, they get the knowledge effortlessly. There are also activity books with stickers. Perhaps a clever solution if you want to prevent it from putting stickers all over the home. But an activity book tends, in any case, to be a trendy gift for a 7-year-old.

7-year-olds tend to like space and would like to learn more about it.

Other good toys for 7-year-olds

RC cars

7-year-olds like (both boys and girls) like radio-controlled cars.

RC car is probably the coolest stuff you can buy
A monster truck is among the coolest thing you can give a 7-year-old in a gift

Small mini-worlds

It’s fun to play with small miniature worlds such as Pet Shops, small dogs, or dinosaurs. Children tend to craft the most amazing home for their toy families and find many exciting adventures for them.

Pet Shop mini
Dinosaur safari

Glitter and glamour as a present for 7-year-old girls

Girls 7 years old and is in “the pink and sparkly” stage. If you find something pink or anything that glitters, you know you’ve found an awesome gift for them. It does not matter what it is. If it sparkles and shines, it is fine. Here are some luxurious gifts for the 7-year-old girl. (yes, she will think it is really glamorous) Small girls like to wear makeup sometimes and will like this makeup doll. She will also get a mass of brushes, combs, hair stuff, makeup, and other accessories. You can find more gifts for the 7-year-old girls here!

Makeup and hairstyle head are usually liked by the girls. They like to try different hairdos, put in the colored hair, and makeup, and dress the doll.
It’s fun to start with a little lip gloss and feel a little grown-up. Why not give her this super cute lip gloss in the form of cupcakes.
Maybe it’s time for the first real piece of jewelry when the girl turns 7? Here is a nice butterfly in 14 K gold paled with cubic zirconia.
Little girls tend to be full of necklaces that they have beaded. Why not give her a stylish jewelry box to store it all in?
Perhaps she would like to get a little more grown necklace for 7 birthday present?
The best part of being seven years is that the “diamonds” are so cheap and that the jewels can be easily manufactured at the kitchen table.

Bath salts, body wash, lotion, and bath foam tends to be very popular. These can be the cheapest in an ordinary supermarket. 

Gifts for outdoor movements

Outdoor play equipment for the summer as 7-year-olds enjoy the scooters, skipping ropes, hoops, clubs and hockey ball, möjkky, soap bubbles, kites, skateboarding, football, and soccer. If you go for a swim, it is fun to have goggles. Perhaps even arm aid if the child can not swim yet.

A good bike is a must when you’re 7 years. It has to be super cool and in the right size. Accessories such as bicycle baskets, flags, and pearls go up and down on the spokes and sound a bit when driving is, of course, more fun. 

A scooter is only presented to 7-year-olds
A skipping rope can be used both as a microphone and to skip
To a 7-year-olds is recommended a bicycle of 20 inches.
A nice skateboard is fun to have
Soap bubbles are a cheap but fun gift
Goggles to avoid water in your eyes
Soap bubble machine
Gigantic soap bubbles
Mölkky is an educational game that resembles the game Kubb a bit
If the 7-year-old can not swim, it may be well with a swimming aid
Want a Swim belt is this shark fin is good because it is not in the way.
A water slide is a good gift for a 7-year-old. They run and slid along the track.

In winter, the fun of sleds, skis, skates, and a large shovel so they can build the finest snow house.

Flamingo sledding

Experiences to give a 7-year-old kid

A good gift for all 7-year-olds, of course, experience gifts. Make homemade gift certificates for them with the movies, visit a water park, and the like. An experience for the whole family is a nice gift when the kid has their birthdays.

Gams that a 7-year-old likes

Games like 7-year-olds like to play are for example:

Mr. Bucket should catch all the balls with a special shovel and put them down in the bucket again before it has time to spit them out again.
Twister is great fun for those who are flexible. Here, children will win over their slightly stiffer parents.

Obviously, 7-year-olds also wish for video games for their birthdays. Nintendo Switch can be a good choice for a 7-year-old because it does not have to run on the TV. You can also use the handheld.

Nintendo Switch
Yoshi’s crafted world
Pokemon Eevee

Educational Gifts for the 7-year-old

Experiment boxes

They like to learn things. Therefore, experiments and chemistry set very ar fun gifts to give 7-year-olds. It’s fun to learn new things and to discover the world.

Crazy Chemistry Chemistry box

Books as a gift to the 7-year-old

7-year-olds like to hear both fact books, such as volcanoes or dinosaurs, and storybooks like Ronja, Findus goes camping, and Jerry and Maya.

Many good stories are also available on DVDs and or audiobooks. Dinosaurs are something that 7-year-old boys tend to be very interested in. So why not give them a book about their great interest. This is good reading for an inquisitive seven-year-old.

Findus Goes Camping 
Ronia, The Robber’s Daughter
The diamond Mystery Jerry and Maya. They are two smart kids that help the police solve mysteries.

More gifts

To get your own globe or a microscope is really cool! How does a hair out of magnification? Where is Australia? How fast can the earth spin? How does your little brother’s blood look in a microscope and other important issues, 7-year-old now be able to answer? Do you want to give away an educational gift for a 7-year-old who may be able to either of these to be good?

Globe earth for kids
Microscope for kids
Flashlight blue

Practical things you can give 7-year-olds

It is great to give even 7-year-olds practical items as gifts. Getting practical things such as an alarm clock, a nice towel, or a quilt is good only. It is a fine motif. Seven years old also likes to have nice clothes as gifts. Just think about the subject so that it will not be wrong. It is more likely that a guy likes Cars and a girl like Hello Kitty. Yes, you know what I mean! 

Fine beddings is a good birthday gift to give a 7-year-old
A fun alarm clock that flys away when the alarm goes off
Clothing with Spiderman
A fine melon towel
A nice night-light snowglobe will be loved by a 7-year-old. A gift they guaranteed to be happy.
A board put up letters on

I hope that you found good gifts for 7-year-olds!

What is a good gift for friends of children? An excellent gift to give the kids are lamps, magnifying glasses, Waboba ball, bubbles, dinosaur box, cake tins, or a skeleton. More great gift ideas for kids can be found here.

What are good wooden toys for a 7-year-old? Good wooden toys that 7-year-olds like the Meccano, Kapla rods, loom, guitar, tool kit, and train in wood. 


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7th Birthday Gift Ideas
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