Gift To A 5-Year-Old

Are you looking for a good gift for a 5-year-old’s birthday? It might seem hard, but I have found out what 5-year-olds want.

So, what is a good gift for a 5-year-old? Great gifts for a 5-year-old’s Lego, princess dress, flashlight, stuffed animals, dolls house, Play-Doh clay, puzzles, activity book, swim belt, guitar, a doll kitchen, books with a nice story, walkie-talkies, or fun stuff to play outside.

Those of you who do not have quite as urgent will more tips on good gifts that 5-year-olds wishing for a birthday present. Nice presents 5-year-olds will be really happy to get.

What is a great gift to a 5-year-old?
What is a great gift to a 5-year-old?

I have collected many party tips for great party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags. Besides this page containing gifts for boys and girls, I have chosen to divide the whole bit. Please visit these pages also for more great gift ideas for a 5-year-old

What is a 5-year-old wishing for?

5-year-olds want all sorts of birthday gifts. A big teddy bear is a gift they would like to have. But it’s also fun if you do things together with a 5-year-old. Perhaps pan for gold or carpentry fun experience to share with their children.

A big teddy bear is a fun 5 birthday.
Getting pan for gold, the 5-year-old love.
Perhaps you can craft a birdhouse or similar?


There are many fun gifts to give a 5-year-old. Legos, costumes, craft books, money boxes, and flashlights are things that all 5-year-olds like.

Princess dress in purple
Lego special pieces
Activity Books
Flashlights for kids
Cute piggy bank with a cat

Computer games or video-games as a birthday gift to a 5-year-old

To get data and video games tend to be appreciated. A video-game console, which is often bought Nintendo switch, and so do the kids. They usually like Super Smash and Mario Kart. The Nintendo Switch is what counts right now. If you have time to look for some older video game consoles used, you can surely come down a little in price. When my youngest daughter was a child, the Wii applied. It happened that she got up early, put on his finest princess, and fought a fencing match before breakfast. A video game is a fun gift for a 5-year-old.

Nintendo Console Switch
Nintendo Switch Yoshi’s Crafted World
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Party
Nintendo Switch Super Mario Bros.U Deluxe
Nintendo Switch Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Suppose you have not already introduced computers, so it works just fine to do now. If you do not have any old child you can inherit, buy one in the middle price range. Computer games like 5-year-olds can play Super Lucky’s Tale. They learn very quickly and tend to be very interested. It’s good that they learn computers as early as possible. There they will have much happiness in later.

Computer Acer aspire 5 (2019)
PC game Super lucky’s tale



5-year-olds love to get clothes as gifts. But make sure it’s good clothes only! Clothes that 5-year-olds like to get the clothes with fine figures of such Frost pajamas, minionkläder, panties with frost, underwear with Batman, princess dresses, colorful clothes with Pippi Longstocking or Spiderman clothes. Do they have perfect clothes in his closet usually to get off to kindergarten in the morning? What does it matter if it does not match, or if there is a princess dress on when to go. They are, after all, dressed, and the parents had time to work on time. Proper clothing makes the whole procedure morning and night no easier. 

Shirt with Pippi Longstocking
Spiderman shoes
Pyjamas Disney Frozen Frost pink
Princess dresses are good gifts for a 5-year-old girl

All 5-year-old boys usually love to get clothes with Spiderman
A mantel is a must for small superheroes!


They are also nice to have linens with favorite figures: Spiderman, Hello Kitty, Cars, Or My Little Pony. It’s cozy to curl up in a fine bed and cuddle with their stuffed animals in the evening. It makes really sleeps in their own bed easier.

Bedding with Spiderman usually little guys like
A bed set with princess usually 5-year-olds love to receive gifts.
Young children would love to have the tough stuff in his room. A bed set with a tough dog and a cat on someone they like.

A cuddly toy to a 5-year-old

Stuffed Animals are nice to have. There are stuffed animals of all shapes and colors. I am personally very fond of Bukowski teddy bears which sells. But there are very many cute, cuddly toys as 5-year-old like. It feels safe and is comforting to hug them.

Bunny cuddly toy
Angels cuddly toy
Olof Frost Frozen Disney Cuddly toy
Who do not fall for this cute little fox?
Unicorns are also very popular
Dinosaurs are something that really appeals to 5-year-olds

Teddy, all children love stuffed toys! A cuddly toy provides security and comfort when you’re sad. It will be the best friend for many years. The good thing about Teddy is of high quality because it tends to look very threadbare out otherwise. Beloved stuffed animals get a tough life. They may go in a bicycle basket, play in the sandbox, get lost sometimes, and get crows over when the child is sick. It is good if it is a washable teddy bear in the washing machine. When a child is sick, it can be extra cozy with a soft toy which is also a wheat warmers, like this:

Wheat heater lama cuddly toy
Wheat warmers in beige colors.


There are many lovely things that a 5-year-old wishes. Miniature Worlds of various kinds are usually able to entertain the 5-year-olds for long periods. Whether it’s a dollhouse, a dinosaur world, or a pirate ship with Pippi Long Drum and her friends seem to 5-year-olds love to play with them.

Five-year-old girls use to be ver

5-year-old girls are usually very interested in makeup. A make-up head tends to be great to get. Then they both try different hairdos, makeup her, and try everything on themselves. It’s fun to be able to open your own beauty salon at home. Maybe dad needs to get a styling too.

Dinosaur Park with seven dinosaurs, houses, watchtowers safari and little else.
A makeup doll tends to be a fun birthday gift for a 5-year-old.
Pippi’s ship Hoptoad. This includes no figures but must be purchased separately.
Pippi Longstocking and her friends Tommy and Annika
Pippi and horse
Pippi’s father Efrahim and Mrs Prysselius characters 

Dollhouse is a nice present to a five-year-old

A miniature world that 5-year-olds like to get a gift is the dollhouse with furniture, dolls, and other picks. The house can also be equipped with a basement if it turns out that the dolls would be overcrowded. You can also get lighting in jail. A dollhouse is a toy that they can play with for years to come. Of course, there are the cabinets even as luxury homes. It is not necessary to get all but the furniture at once. Children tend to be free to fix the furniture in the room that is missing. It can, for example, built of Lego, matchboxes, small jars, and other things you have at home. They tend to be very creative and fix the dollhouse to get it a nice home even if it is not fully equipped.

Pippi Longstocking’s house Villekulla
pirate Castle
A deluxe dollhouse with two floors, attic, and terrace.
A dollhouse is a gift that children like to play with a lot.


After each new Disney movie is lots of products, it’s dolls, clothes, bedding, soft toys, etc… Getting, e.g., small dolls from the movie Frost tends to be appreciated by the 5-year-old children. Children wishing for all the accessories and clothes from the movie. Both with and without an Elsa dress, she will soon scamper around at home and sing in falsetto: “Do not you go out and play?” Is it wonderful to see how they live in the film and how they become the characters?

Dolls Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen
Frozen DVD
Olof snowman in frost cuddly toys

When the 5-year-old has seen the film Frost, she must have a light blue dress and sing in falsetto. Might as well buy it at the same time as the movie.
Anna doll from Frozen. A soft a cute doll that most girls wish for.
Soft and cute Elsa doll from Frost
Small dolls and a castle Arendalle from Frozen


It usually also is really appreciated to get a car mat and cars. Emergency vehicles, garbage trucks, and special vehicles tend to be better to get than ordinary passenger cars. Cars tend to be a good gift for a five-year-old.

Fun and a lifelike ambulance with lights and sound effects.
Best looking carpet is, of course, an automotive carpet with roads that kids can drive cars.
Fire engine with lots of fun effects such as bright lights, sirens and then injects the water.
A car track from Disney cars is a good gift for a 5-year-old. But this may need parents to help build up the track and make sure it does not get too wild games.
Flexitrax car track is also great fun to get. It usually both boys and girls likes! This track for cars you build yourself. It is also luminous. Cool huh?
RC car for children. The car has a different sound and light effects as a real Ferrari. The remote looks like a steering wheel and it is easy for children to understand how to do.

Barbie and Ken

Barbie is a toy that is both loved and hated. Sure, she may have odd large breasts, walking on tiptoe, and the same waist size as the baby in the same series, however. But kids love Barbie dolls. They (i.e., both girls and boys) can play with this miniature world in hours. Barbie has a boyfriend, cars, horses, stables, castles, dogs, skateboarding, pool furniture, and a million accessories. But the best part is that almost none of these need to buy if you do not want to. To not get the whole “kit” finish is also very good for creativity. I gave my daughter paper, tape, and glue again. A few hours later, she came out of her room and had taped up a garden to the dolls. She had an old bookshelf in her room. It was just the right size for the dolls would fit. Her brother also played with her. He had a Ken doll.

Barbie in a nice dress with rainbow colors
Ken is, as usual, dressed for his wedding
A house for Barbie and Ken tends to be an appreciated gift.

5-year-olds is dying to start school

To start school is now something they begin to long for. Do they have older siblings who they look up to? They are probably very eager to learn to read and count now. Why not introduce some easy-to-read books for beginners. A toddler book can be utilized again when it is time to learn to read. They are usually elementary texts, and the child reads them almost by heart. It is perfect for starting the reeding.

Activity Books tend to be fun too. There are craft books where painting, follow mazes, counting math, and pasting stickers. For the school eager 5-year-old, this is a perfect way to start learning playfully.

Gifts to a 5-year-old who likes crafting

Crafts Materials are always nice gifts: pens, crafts, glitter glue, coloring books, beads, pegboards, crafting box, crayons, and ordinary printer paper is good to have at home.

5-year-olds also likes to get glitter for their crafting
Coloring book by numbers for kids 4-8 years
Frequently crayon is a great gift for a 5-year-old
Lots of colored paper is a gift of 5 years usually like
A common drawing pad is necessary with a 5-year-old in the house.

Having a bucket of “diamonds” at home is good if the kids start making jewelry.
Colored pencils can be good to have to paint in the coloring book.
 A good gift for the 5-year-olds is glitter pens.
A good gift for the 5-year-olds is glitter pens.


Almost free gifts, indeed very cheap gifts to 5-year-old will get if you give them some old boxes, scissors, tape, crayons, etc. Cartons can usually turn into huts and more exciting if you have plenty of room, usually old cartons, to be a big shot. Gladly so large that the child can crawl into them. Build a rocket ship or a castle together! I have also written about free gifts to the children. Please visit the page also for more tips!


It is also very appreciated to get the “Dega.” When you are 5 years, you usually mean bake with Play-Doh-dough. There are rolling pins, cake tins, and doe presses to buy if you want. If you have the time and energy, you can also make the dough to give the 5-year-old gift. Parents who have the child’s ambition to become dentists are new possibilities today that did not exist when my own children were small. They also usually like to bake real cakes.

Starter with Play-Doh clay
Doe press to make different shapes
Play-Doh clay for the child to be a dentist
Cake tins, etc. to bake with
Cake tins with dinosaurs
Another type of clay that is not unlike the Play-Doh not dry


Puzzles are fun also! Now it tends to be moderate with about 60-100 bit puzzles. But of course, there are the children who can handle more bits than that. Perhaps a puzzle with Pow Patrol is a good motive? Or Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto is usually appreciated. I myself am still surprised that Goofy is a dog that can talk, and Pluto, who is also a dog, can not. Pluto, you go for a walk with a leash. Goofy has clothes and roams about freely around. 

Puzzle of dinosaurs tend to be popular
Puzzle pieces with 100 Pow Patrol


5-year-olds enjoy watching both movies and children’s programs. Good movies that 5-year-olds like are for example:

Beauty and the Beast Belle is a smart, beautiful and independent girl who is taken prisoner by the Beast and imprisoned in his castle. She is very scared of course but befriends the magical inhabitants of the castle. She gets to know the beast and see beyond his dreadful appearance. She realizes that he has a good heart and is a real prince beneath the surface.
Cars Meet superstar Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater. The whole world is a race track and the flash is once again ready to take on the world’s fastest and most skilled competitors. Lightning and Mater embarking on a world full of exciting and lightning-fast adventure around the world. This is the last film in the series Cars.
When Shrek and Fiona married, they had not planned to take over the kingdom of Far Far Away, where Fiona’s dad is king. But when he dies, Shrek is forced to take over as king. Now we have to quickly find a successor, otherwise, he settled on the throne for life! Fiona also has more surprises that Shrek is not expected. He just wants the home to their nice swamp and lives in isolation again.
Lion King when the little lion cub Simba is born, it is a great day in the lion kingdom. It will be he who will take over from his father, King Mufasa day. All pleased with the new addition, all but Scar, Mufasa’s nefarious brother. Scar wish it would be that he was king and sat on the throne. Simba is his dad and gets good advice from his friend Rafiki, a baboon. He finds a best friend, Nala. But one day something happens that should not happen. My father Mufasa is gone and suddenly Scar took over the throne.

Frozen in the story of Frozen put a curse on the country to be in perpetual winter. The fearless Anna must leave to find his sister, Snow Queen Elsa, to get out of the icy spell. She embarks along with the brave Christopher. On the way, they meet the mysterious beast and biting cold. They are forced to fight against nature to save the kingdom. It’s a beautiful story with many adventures told with humor. Frozen is a film that leaves no one indifferent.
Peter Pan’s story begins one night when Peter Pan flies into the window of the Darling family. He’s looking for his shadow disappeared. In the house, he meets the three children in the family: Lena, John, and Michael. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell fairy will take the kids to Nowhere, a country far away in the imagination. Nowhere is full of excitement, Indians, mermaids, and magic. But there is also Peter Pan’s great enemy Captain Hook and his pirates. Peter Pan is the story of the flying boy who did not want to get big. Perhaps childhood dreams forever

Outdoor play equipment as a gift to the 5-year-old kid

5-year-olds are usually still like to play outside. What is a good outdoor toy to them, of course, depends a bit on the season. When it is winter, and the snow is good to get: sledding, snow racer, skates, skis, or perhaps a mattress to go on the sledding hill. It can also be fun to get a perfect shovel. One that you can undermine the best snögrottan with.

An ordinary sledding
A flamingo sledding
A snow racer
Ice skates
A round saucer sled
Snow ball maker nippers

Is it any warmer seasons so prefer 5-year-olds to get a new bike, skateboard, or scooter. Or maybe snorkel, mask, flippers if badväder.

A scooter is a gift that 5-year-old will like.
Swimming glasses
A soccer goal to have in your garden is a good gift.
Swim belt in the form of a shark’s fin
Water Country to have in your garden
A real football is fun for a 5-year-old to get a birthday present.
sand spin is a good gift for a 5-year-old
A Sand set to dig in the sandbox
An ordinary pool is great to have in the summer so the kids can cool off a little.

5-year-olds usually like to move on and like verve and simply. They like to ride fast and crazy antics. Do you want to give the 5-year-old a bike as a gift? It is recommended one that is 16 inches.

A 5-year-old need a bike that is 16 inches
Helmet measure must be measured on the baby’s head


Everything you give a 5-year-old does not have to be things. It is equally good to give experience to a 5-year-old. There are lots of fun things you can take with him or her at:

  • Water palace
  • Museum
  • Swimming house
  • A day in the park
  • Go by train

Fun toys you can give to a five-year-old

A Brio wooden railway is usually very fun to build with the 5-year-olds. 
This railway is the theme of transport. 
It contains tågväxel, bridges and other details that make it more fun to play with. You could buy additional railroad tracks so that the 5-year-old can build a really long path across the room.
En glasskiosk är nog alla 5-åringars dröm. Här kan de både äta och sälja glass hela dagarna. Här finns det både strutglass och pinnglass. I glassvagnen finns det även olika såser att servera ovanpå glassarna. En fin leksak i trä att ge en 5-åring i present.

Findus and Pettson

Do you remember the stories about the old man Pettson and Findus? Petty got Findus like a little kitten. He came in a box where et peas been in the past. Findus was written on the box, so it was that the cat got its name. Findus and Pettson’s tales as 5-year-olds like. They are both books and movies. They love it if they even get puzzles, activity books, Findus doll, and challenging games. Personally, I laughed heartily at these stories. Findus is very similar to my oldest daughter when he “accidentally” dropping his sandwich on the wall. Anyway, it is a fantastic story that even 5-year-olds like to listen to.

Book with Pettson and Findus
Stuffed cat Findus.
Craft with Findus

To communicate with a 5-year-old

Being able to talk to friends in Walkie-talkies is exciting! They can actually be used instead of cell phones when you want the child to get into the yard. Yes, it might be easier to go out and fetch the child … but then it’s no use for his new toy as well. This is a cool toy … which can also be used for useful things.

walkie Talkie

Home decoration

The Interior of the room is also fun getting a gift when it is five years. It can, besides, be bedding bulbs with Disney princesses, Cars, or Spiderman. Or pillows with these super celebrities.

5-year-old girls love to get princess stuff. A wall lamp is both attractive décor and light up the darkness.
Wall decorations with Spiderman
Nightlight owl
Pony night light
Fine dinosaur lamp to have in the room

Music things as a gift to a 5-year-old

If it is not your child, it is great to give both a set of musical instruments or a small guitar. Lol! These musical instruments can usefully combine with Frozen movies. There are many songs that children will love. A perfect gift if you want to tease the child’s parents. The child will love the songs from the movie and like to sing and play. The fascination for that Frozen songs tends to be very high among young girls.

A package of many musical instruments, flute, maracas, and tambourine
Cute acoustic guitar for children
Cute acoustic guitar for children
For the aspiring rock musician, it can be helpful to already buy an electric guitar.


All five-year-olds like to “cook” as a kitchen + things and they’re guaranteed to love.

A cute dockkök from Jabadabbado
Ingredients for cooking
The burgers are a good gift for a 5-year-old

Would you really be good for the 5-year-old so I suggest a cake dish with cupcakes too!

A speed cake filled with cupcakes is a dream for the 5-year-old form.
Cute tableware to invite friends to the coffee can be good to have.

This then 5-year-old spend about 365 birthdays until she or he turns 6 years. A cake is also lovely at a fairytale birthday party

What more could a mini cook want? Yes, some raisins, fruit and other goodies to include in their cooking might.

Pots and stuff like that is necessary for 5-year-old should be able to cook
The fruit is, of course, useful and certainly a great gift for a 5-year-old.

In the kitchen, however, have kids of course “real” dishes to eat on.


What do you give a gift to a 5-year-old boy? Great gifts for a 5-year-old boy are a friend swing, camel, water path, a balloon lamp, or a dinosaur. I’ve actually written a full page of gifts to 5-year-old boys here.

What is a 5-year-old wishing forThe wish is often a cycle, bow, cozy, cuddly toys, costumes, lego, activity books, and toys that they see that a friend has.

What to give the kids friend as a birthday gift? Great gifts for the children’s friends for a party are a small Lego building, a whoopee cushion, a lunch box, tins for making dinosaur cakes, or a snowball maker. For more ideas on what the child can give his friend who has a birthday party can be found here.

What nice wooden toys are there? Nice wooden toys to a 5-year-old are a kitchen, wooden airplane, puzzles, blocks, Meccano, and a guitar. 

What would a 5-year-old have the theme of a children’s party? Fun party themes are aircraft parties, princess parties, and knight parties. More party themes you can find here.


You can also find inspiration in these pages:

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I hope you find really good gifts to a 5-year-old here.