Gift to a 4-year-old

Buying a gift for a 4-year-old is quite easy, actually. Here are tips on the many good gifts that fit a 4-year-old.

So, what is a good gift for a 4-year-old? There may be things such as soap bubbles, a scooter, and Activity Book. A 4-year-old likes to bike, jump trampoline, and play wild games. But afterward, it is also nice to rest for a while or watch a good movie.

But there will be other gift ideas for the 4-year-olds, and I’m sure you will find a good gift for the 4-year-old that you should celebrate.

What is a good gift to a 4-year-old?
What is a good gift to a 4-year-old?

If you want to read more, I have written about more general gift tips for 4-year-olds here. That page contains tips that are suitable for both girls and boys. I have collected many party tips here if you are looking for good party tips with games, decorations, and candy bags.

What does a 4-year-old wish for?

4-year-olds wish for everything. So a good gift for a 4-year-old can be anything, but here are three suggestions if you are in a hurry. A four-year-old wants to nice and fun toys but also wants to experience various adventures. 

Fun and different stuffed animals, these octopuses is a nice  gift. Stylish interior design, and they have a very friendly hug.
Fun and different stuffed animals, these octopuses are a nice gift. Stylish interior design and they have a very friendly hug.
The watch tower with Pow Patrol. Here you'll find sex fearless puppies that protects society.
The watchtower with Pow Patrol. 
Here you’ll find sex fearless puppies that protect society.

What do a 4-year-old like?

A pedal kart is a dream for many 4-year-olds. Children love the speed and excitement. With a pedal car, they travel at high speed. And with this car, they’ll travel in style. A pedagogic gift like Duplo is also a nice gift. All children like soap bubbles, activity books. They are also less expensive than buying a pedal car for a 4-years gift.

Duplo is a nice gift to give a 4-year-old
Pedal kart- 4-year-olds like to go fast and want to have a nice car to go around on.
Activity Book – Getting an Activity Book is a good 4 birthdays.

Sledding & Skating

During the winter, it is understood sledding, snow racer, skiing, and skating rocks. It’s nice to make a full-day excursion to the sledding hill with the whole family. Having a picnic with hot chocolate milk and salami sandwiches.

Ordinary sledding is a good gift for a 4-year-old
Perhaps a flamingo sledding can be fun to get
A snow racer is also a great fun gift for a 4-year-old

Gifts to an active 4-year-old

In summer there is a lot of fun for 4-year-olds do, they usually like to travel at high speed and always have much going on. Bicycle: 4-year-olds want to, of course, your own bike with bicycle basket, flag, and beads on the spokes so that it sounds funny when cycling. Winnie and the bucket are happy with the ride confidently while sitting in the bicycle basket. Do not forget to measure your child’s head and buy a helmet too! It’s incredible what speeds kids can get up to! To a 4-year old recommended a cycle that is 16 inches (ca. 41 cm).

Bicycle 16 inches (ca. 41 cm) for a 4-year-old
Measure the child’s head for the right helmet size!

Scooter:  Scooter’s something a 4-year-old wants a gift. At the same time, a scooter is required helmet and preferably protective. 4-year-olds have a lot of muscle and little risk awareness. The risk of warping and scratching up the knees and hands is imminent is nothing to stop them when the spurs.

Protection can be useful when 4-year-old about to go
A scooter is a gift they usually like
A helmet is also good to have

Pool:  When it’s hot outside, it’s nice to be able to cool off in their own pool. Complete also with ice cream to make the experience complete. Remember that it is good to place the pool in the shade for the children should not sit long in direct sunlight. It is not a stupid gift to give 4-year-olds flowers when they fill in.

A nice circular pool is a great gift during the summer.
Nice gift for a four-year-old – A sprinkler in the form of flowers
A pool park perfect for smaller children.
A pool park perfect for smaller children.

Pistols, soap bubbles, and golf: Less outdoor play equipment as 4-year-olds like to get involved with the summer’s golf set, soccer balls, hula hoop, playing badminton, water guns, and soap bubbles. This is also the perfect gift to give away when it’s kids too.

A proper water bazooka is a good gift for a 4-year-old

Nice gift for a four-year-old. Gigantic soap bubbles is a fun gift for someone who is four-years-old.
Nice gift for a four-year-old – Gigantic soap bubbles is a fun gift for someone who is four-years-old.
A water slide, where you run, throw and slide.
Badminton is fun for the whole family, not just the 4-year-old.
Badminton is fun for the whole family, not just the 4-year-old.
A soap bubble machine will make the bath a success!
An ordinary ball usually also become very popular.

Trampoline: The trampoline is something that all children wishing for gifts, even 4-year-olds. Just make sure you choose a trampoline with a safety net. Trampoline is a fun toy for both man himself and when friends are visiting.

Trampoline is a gift all children love to get

Play Tents:   Tents are great gifts for the 4-year-olds. Play Tents come in all shapes: Villekulla tents, pink princess castles, classic tepee, and much more. Playing house or getting a tent usually 4-year-olds like. Actually, it is enough with some blankets and sofa cushions to bits, but buying tents tends to be more comfortable and not be so messy. The tents can be used both insides (if you have space) and outside in the summer.

Teepees for small Indians
A play tent in the form of a castle

Swings: Own swing or seesaw is, of course, an ideal present if one has its own land. Why not buy both swings and slide all in one? You will have a very happy four-year-old.

Swing set with slide
Tarzan swing
Friend Swing for one or more children at the same time

Swing both with swings, slide, and knight.

Slide: My daughter was very active and had an incredible amount of energy when she was little. I bought a slide and a trampoline for her to have indoors. She jumped up and went down into it about 1,000 times a day. When she got the chance to use up all the energy that she was much nicer to have in furnished rooms, she could focus on riding and jump. She did not rip on the interior anymore when she was tired. A slide was salvation for us in all cases.

A little larger slide from Hörby Bruk
A smaller slide

Ball pool: To have your own ball pit, of course, what all 4-year-olds want in the present. Besides swimming in the balls, this house can also be used as a dwelling or house. 4-year-olds usually love ball seas when you take them to a playground, so why not give them their own ball pit at home?

A small ball pit that might fit in the four-year-old’s own room.
Ball pit with extra everything. Perhaps better suited outdoor.
A play tunnel also tends to be ‘trendy. It is exciting to crawl through.

Insect Collectibles:  Let the kids discover nature around you. It is exciting to catch spiders, ants, bees, and beetles. Watch them in a jar with a magnifying glass. Then let go of them again. 4-year-olds are full of appetite for discovery. It’s lots of both insects and aquatic animals that can be exciting to explore.

Cans to catch insects with a magnifying glass in the lid
A common magnifying glass can also be used for studying insects

Balls:  Balls are always fun. They come in various designs such as jump balls, beach balls, bowling, softballs, etc. Softballs usually go well for indoor use, well, anyway, until they hear about volleyball. When it is running, then it smokes vases and stuff. But it may be an effective way to get rid of that ugly porcelain vase you got from your aunt two years ago that you never really thought about.

Jumping ball
Ball with starfish
Bowling ball and skittles


Children at this age usually like to get involved and do things, not just to play. Good crafting things to give as gifts to a 4-year-old is:

Pearls:  Pearls are fun, both to make the necklace and pearl to pegboards. This bread contains pegboards too. When the baby gets a little bigger, they tend to like the pearl little harder pegboards with subjects they can expect. It is also brilliant to buy beads for children at this age. It’s probably the only time in life they can enjoy having the necklace full of “diamonds.” Both the 4-year-old boys and girls tend to like pearl jewelry and pegboards.

Beads to make your own jewelry that you can buy a gift for a 4-year-old

Some larger beads that make the necklaces go a little faster to do.
Some larger beads that make the necklaces go a little faster to do.
Beads and pegboards are something like 4-year-olds usually like.

Activity Books: Available with excavators, unicorns, math activity books. Of course, it is always fun to get new fine pens also activity books. It’s fun to find educational activity books that facilitate learning and sneaking them knowledge without them noticing it.

Activity book
Activity book with stickers
Colored pencils
Finger Paint is a gift that 4-year-olds love
A set of Play-doh and accessories
Ordinary wax crayons

Various crafts materials: paper, stickers, stones, old toilet rolls, glitter glue, residual yarn, glue, small cartons, flirt bullets, and the like are great gifts for a 4-year-old. Four-year-olds have a good imagination and will transform the old trash into treasures to give them a chance. I have also written about the many free gifts you can give to children. Please visit the page also for inspiration!

Decorating:  To paint usually 4-year-olds like. This is a finished figure that the child will paint with the included colors. 

Piggy bank for decoration
Robot for decoration

Puzzle: When you’re a four-year, usually cope puzzle with about 60-100 pieces. Doesn’t the pieces fit that easily? Do not tell the child to pick up the hammer! I did. It became marks. 4-year-olds have not developed an adult sense of humor yet. But a 100-pieces puzzle usually a 4-year-olds to master without using hammers.

A puzzle with dinosaurs is a good gift for a 4-year-old
Many 4-year-olds wish also Paw Patrol puzzle

Games: Games that 4-year-olds like, for example, Memory, mousetrap, and fish game. Now when the child is 4, you will get a real match in memory anyway. 4-year-olds are hard opponents! I hope you don´t mind losing.

Great gift for a 4-year-old -Games Fish game
Mr Bucket spits out balls that the child should be put back
Here one should count their chickens Loopin Louie
Fish poop game

Watercolor: Drawing and painting are fun. You’ll find a fine easel for children at IKEA. Watercolors are no 4-year-olds love. Unleash the little artist! Completed the purchase of aprons, oilcloth, plastic cover and kept you on the safe side in the bathroom! Yes, it is a little troublesome for the parents to paint with watercolors, but the children really love it.

Watercolor with brush
Drawing paper
Easel for kids painting

Woodwork:  Obtaining was with the parents, and the woodwork is exciting. Why not give the 4-year-old own carpenter’s toolbox? Why not build a soapbox car with a 4-year-old. Having time with their parents and having a car helped each other do much better than getting a complete pedal car!

Carpenter's Box of woodworking handtools
Carpenter’s Box of woodworking handtools
Carpenter Box with a drill, saw, and other cool gadgets


Books are a good gift for a 4-year-old. They love it when you read aloud to them and learn the books almost by heart. Here are some additional fine children’s books that I have chosen:

Peter Rabbit is one of Mrs. Rabbit’s four children. She tells them not to sneak into Mr. Karlsson´s garden. As kids use to behave… they can’t obey. They are curious and want his yummy vegetables. This is a classic children’s book with beautiful drawings. Beatrix Potter makes us live us into the story.
A fantastic book for kids. Pippi is cheeky, courageous and completely unpredictable. She lives alone with a monkey, a horse, and no rules whatsoever! Everything is fun with Pippi around! 

Old man Pettson is in a really bad mood. But the cat Findus is lively as usual. He wants to go fishing. In all possible and impossible ways, he tries to cheer up Petsson to get his own way. When Findus finally manage to fool with the Petty out on the lake becomes Petty immediately, in much better mood.
It’s nine o’clock in the evening, but Alfie doesn’t want to sleep. His father reads a story to him. Alfie suddenly realizes he hasn’t brushed his teeth and goes up to do that. He then feels thirsty and after drinking he realizes he has spilled, and his father has to clean up. He then needs to pee, and his father has to bring a pot.
Alfie is 5 years old and likes to play with hist fathers toolbox. One day Alfie’s father sits alone to read the newspaper not caring much for what Alfons does. When Alfons asks for the toolbox he is allowed to use it, if he watches out for the saw.
Alfons brings the toolbox and planks. His father reads and tells him not to use the saw. 

A great gift to a 4-year-old GREAT GIFT FOR A 4-YEAR-OLD


Four-year-olds usually like to play with dolls as both dolls, doll prams, doll’s bed, stove, play food, and all that comes with great gifts for the 4-year-olds. If you can sew then, it’s more fun to have more doll clothes and fine linens to be the bed. They offer happy both you and the doll on a homemade dinner consisting of freshly cooked Lego pieces.

Doll with a soft body. You can feed her with water from the baby’s bottle. She’s eating, peeing and crying. A doll to a 4-year-old is a good gift.
Getting a doll’s pram is a great gift for children when they turn four. This has many features like real prams.
The dolls need somewhere to sleep at night.
A dockkök’s a really good gift for a 4-year-old

When the child cook, it is fun to have the ingredients to choose from.
A little “porcelain” will be understood to use when the child is cooked.
The kitchen is the pots and pans in handy.
A cute kit for making salad in the kitchen, however: avocado, dressing, etc.

Small dolls

4-year-olds also starts playing with Barbie and other small dolls. Give 4-year-old a small box and some nice paper that turns the stags into a dream castle for the doll.

Barbie cooking
A dog family


Getting the car as a birthday present is often very popular among both girls and boys. A good gift for a 4-year-old is even cars: pedal car, small ordinary toy cars, truck, RC car, Magic tracks car track … preferably a bed in the shape of a car, too. It’s fun to drive yourself or build with a car track.

The pedal kart will be a very good gift for a 4-year-old
To get a package of small cars and road signs are not stupid
Why not give him or her a really nice ride?
Hot Wheels, they tend to like to receive as gifts.
A fire engine that can actually spray water.
But the very coolest 4-year-old gift is perhaps a radio-controlled car

Or maybe a radio-controlled car.

Fleixitrax is a flexible car track that can be over 3 meters.
The finest bed is obviously a racing car in red.


Dollhouse or dollhouse is really fun, and the kids can occupy themselves for long periods. They usually like to decorate the house, crafting new furniture, and playing with dolls who live in the house. Nice with a dollhouse that is not intense colors but actually can blend in some of the room’s decor in general. Kids tend to be an explosion of colors and stuff anyway.

Dollhouse in gray
Dollhouse in the form of a pirate Castle is a good 4-anniversary gift to give children.
A little more luxurious accommodations for dolls

Construction toys for the 4th birthday

Lego is fun, and when the child is 4, you can buy small pieces without the child puts them in his mouth. Lego is a great gift that they are playing well into old age. My daughter, who is 12, is still playing with lego sometimes. With a place like this basic package that you do not have to build something special, the child can use his creativity time and time again, and the building will be as well not finished.

Lego with loose pieces is a good gift for a 4-year-old
A fölstall is a fun Lego building to provide a 4-year-old as a gift.
Duplo airport tend to also be a good gift for 4-year-olds
Playmobil usually very appreciated too. There are toys that are fun to play with, are of high quality and can often be saved even grandchildren.
Wooden Meccano is a good birthday gift for 4-year-olds. It provides many hours of fun, and they will also use it for years to come
Large puzzle tiles tend to be fun to play with. The child can piece together a house, the Eiffel Tower or whatever. Really fun toy to give a 4-year-old in gift

Clothing that can be a great gift for the 4-year olds

Clothes are fun getting a gift when you are 4 years. It can, for example, be a bathrobe with something nice motives, slippers to wear to kindergarten, rubber boots, or so. 

Costumes tend to be a lot of fun. Four-year-old easily transforms into Pippi Longstocking, Spiderman, Batman, pirates, or a beautiful princess. When my youngest daughter was in this size, she fought with her 17-year-old sister over which one of them was most beautiful. The big sister, of course, was not slow to find the “princess test” to see which of them was the real princess. The princess test rarely was to the little sister’s benefit.

Getting fancy dress to become pirates tend to be ‘trendy.
Costumes for those who want to be Pippi
A wig is also good to have a 4-year-old.
Most 4-year-old girls are princesses and need this kind of dresses
To be a pirate, it requires a certain device.
Are you supposed to be the superhero, you need a cloak.


If you have space and economic opportunity as this highly anticipated birthday presents. The 4-year-old who have their own playground at home, in the garden. They will probably be the happiest in the world.

Or a tractor so he can work with heavier jobs in the garden.
Electric Vespa for kids

Interior as a gift to a 4-year-old

Children like to have nicely in his room. How about nice things to bed in the form of bedding or a blanket, a nice carpet, or a cute night light that enables 4-year-old will not to be afraid of the dark. It can also be popular to get a Sacco sack. It turns into an aircraft, boat, or house if necessary.

Bed set with Spiderman usually 4-year-olds like to get
A nice quilt making night no easier.
A sacco sack is a good gift to give 4-year-olds. It can be used for much!
A really cute lamp to use at night
A nice picture to hang on the wall in the 4-year old’s room
All 4-year-olds collect treasures, so it’s good to have a shelf for it.

Give the 4-year-old presents for the excursion

Before the trip, it can be fun to have a backpack with cars, backpack Frozen, own lunch box and water bottle. 

Nice backpack from the movie Frozen
Nice backpack from the movie Cars
A backpack with Pippi’s house
Lunchbox + water bottle Frozen
When will the outing with the nursery is good to have a nice lunch box?

What does the 4-year-year want as a present?

TIP! Save some flyers with toys, and your 4-year-old will tell you about all his or hirs wishes. We used to do this for birthdays and Christmas. There tend to be a little more convenient than to bring their 4-year-old into the toy store. The child will forget the wishes and be very happy and surprised when they open the gifts.

I hope that you have found the inspiration for the purchase of the gift to the 4-year-old! Actually, not 4-year-olds so hard. They tend to be happy with the gift they get. I hope you have a nice birthday party!


What is a good gift for a children’s party? Great gifts for the child to give their buddy at a children’s party are a splashing frog, slime, movie tickets, a stuffed animal, or a dinosaur excrement kit. You can find more ideas for a good gift for a children’s party here.

Gift for 4-5-year-old what to buy? Some quick tips are bicycle, soap bubbles, golf set, craft book, a nice bag, or a doll kitchen. It can be a gift that 4-5-year-olds will be very happy to receive.

What is a good Christmas present for a 4-year-old? I actually wrote a page about Christmas presents for a 4-year-old. There you can find more tips on things that 4-year-olds like.

What are good wooden toys to give a 4-year-old as a gift? Good wooden toys for a 4-year-old are doll kitchen and food for the kitchen. Ludo with a wooden push or a wooden plane.