Gifts for a 2-year-old

Looking for a nice gift for a 2-year-old and wonder 2-year-olds wishes for? I’ve figured it out.

What is a nice gift for a 2-year-old? Nice gifts to a 2-year-old are books on Scamp, a song bag, Pippi’s monkey, a drum, a play tent, a car, puzzles, Duplo, or a doll with the doll’s bed. Stuffed animals also tend to be a popular birthday present to 2-year-olds.

What is a nice gift to a 2-year-old?
What is a nice gift to a 2-year-old?

Here you will find lots of great gifts that a 2-year-old will love. Besides these posts on gifts for 2-year-olds, I have also written about gifts specifically to a 2-year-old girl and gifts to a 2-year-old boy and Christmas gifts for them.

What does a 2-year-old wish for?

Two-year-olds may not precisely have a wish list. But if the two-year-old could have written a file, I am convinced that both the train rail, stuffed animals, and a doll’s dinner set would have been on their wish list. These are the kind of toys that 2-year-old can scream for in the toy store.

Small children often find that it’s scary when it’s dark in the room. A cozy moon lamp is a nice gift.
Would you give away a toy that really provides hours of play, it is Pippi ship a good gift.
This is a smart frame that you can open the front on to quickly put it past the artwork on the wall.
A wooden train rail is often a favorite.
A stuffed animal is always a good birthday present for a 2-year-old.

The best gift to give a 2-year-old is perhaps, tableware.

For what is a 2-year- old wishing? They wish for doll strollers, trains, play-doh, a castle, finger paint, a kitchen, and things for their room. They also like to cook and would like to have kitchen supplies. Keep reading for more great gift ideas for 2-year-olds!

Nice gifts for a 2-year-old

A Brio train track is a beautiful gift for a 2-year-old. It is a gift that will last many years. Buy a starter kit for the 2-year-old and then add switches, more themed sets, more track sections, stations, and bridges over time. A Brio railway has high quality and is a birthday gift that children, and in the future, their children will enjoy it. So it’s a lovely gift for any kid two years of age.

Train set with animals that ride the cars.
Battery-powered train.
Firefighter train.

What does a 2-year old play with?

2-year-olds are playing with almost everything. Cars, dolls, dolls’ strollers, and railways like to make noise, go by car, cook with their kitchen toys, and play with salt dough. There is no difference between what boys and girls want to play with at this age. It doesn’t matter much what they get for their birthday—a 2-year-old play with just about everything.

Pippi backpack for a birthday gift to a 2-years-old

A backpack is both a fun and practical present. It can be used in kindergarten excursions and to pack everything necessary for a journey. For a two-year-old, it is, of course, fun to get a backpack with a lovely motif such as Pippi. Small children usually appreciate Pippi.

Pippi's house as a backpack
Pippi’s house as a backpack

Dolls and toys to a 2-year-old

Strollers and dolls are good toys for a 2-year old. A stroller can be equipped with beddings, a nursery bag, and a sleeping bag the dolly may need.

A dolls’ stroller is a nice toy for a 2-year-old.
This doll is a good choice when buying gifts for a 2-year-old because it doesn’t contain small parts.

A doll bed is needed for the dolls to sleep well.

If you can sew, you can do many things by yourself. It is possible to sew both beddings, doll clothes, etc., to the dolls. You can even match outfits with their ‘mother’ too! Getting a doll that they can feed, put to bed, change clothes and diapers is something that resonates with most 2-year-olds. Dolls and accessories doll’s accessories are great toys for a 2-year old. They are toys that the child will play a lot with.

Cuddly toys and teddy bears as gifts to a 2-year-old

Stuffed animals are a natural must-have for a two-year-old. Why not buy this adorable bunny. Stuffed animals usually become very loved and worn. A cuddly toy becomes a constant companion even as a child ages. My daughter, who is 12 now, still sleeps with her cuddly toys. Among her most liked is a pink teddy bear named Rainbow.

Who can resist this charming bunny?
A teddy is a good friend for a long time.
Maybe a little different one, like a whale.

What does a 2-year-old play with?

Usually, 2-year-olds like to play with toy kitchens and toy foods. Even if the child doesn’t want to play with dolls, they think it is great fun to cook. There are pastries, cute doll tableware, and cookware for their kitchen. If they get a shopping cart, they will also be playing shop with their toy food. Play kitchens are found in fancy variants too. I managed to find a play kitchen and doll’s dinnerware that didn’t contain small parts. You could wait with the more luxury stuff for later, but a play kitchen is a good birthday present for a two-year-old who likes cooking.

A toy kitchen is a nice gift for a 2-year-old.
A cooking set that does not contain small parts.


2-year-olds begin to take an interest in books. It is nice to read picture books together, and the baby gets a larger vocabulary. They usually like interactive books where such Pressing the buttons and getting to listen to sounds and singing. A good gift for 2-year-olds is also songbooks and song bags.

When the child is two years, it is perfect for reading and teaching the child new words. Board books are the right way. To gather and discuss the pictures. They are allowing the child to touch the objects in the picture. It is also interesting to see how the child’s abstract thinking evolves. In the beginning, the child can point out the teddy bear if you ask for Teddy. Eventually, they may think a little more abstract and such, pointing out the soft stuff when you ask them about it.

Games as presents for 2-year-old

Games fitting for 2-year-olds are memory and the balloon game. Young children tend to be superior in memory. With a little training, your child will soon beat you. With Mr. Bucket, a 2-year-old can participate on their level. They are having fun and doing what they can. It is fun games that even small children can join in.

A 2-year-old can participate on their level with this game. The faster you collect your balls, the faster he shoots them back!

Creative toys for a two-year-old

Play-Doh will be a success! Most 2-year-olds like to use their hands and make a mess. Play-Doh clay is going to be a very appreciated gift. It is also possible to make your salt dough. You’ll find recipes for salt dough here.

Play-doh is fun to play with. With Play-Doh and salt dough, you can do lots of things. You can "cook" or make some beautiful trinkets.
Play-doh is fun to play with. With Play-Doh and salt dough, you can do lots of things. You can “cook” or make some beautiful trinkets.
Painting and smudging with finger paints are lots of fun. You can make a footprint and frame it on the wall.
Cookie play set is a great gift to a small child.

Bathing Gear

Bathrobes and beach towels with a popular character on them can be fun to get. Pippi is a big favorite at this age. Going to the beach or the bathhouse and swimming are pleasant excursions for 2-year-olds.

Towels with recognizable characters are liked by two-year-olds.
Floaties may be needed depending on where you go.
A bubble-blowing machine both for in- and outdoor use.

Duplo for a 2-year-old

Duplo is made for 2-year-olds. Duplo, or big Legos as kids often call it, comes in many fun kits. For example, market places, amusement parks, and airports. Duplos are toys that little kids love to play with for long periods. There are Duplos for 2-year-olds.

Duplo excavator and truck.
Duplo farm animals are suitable for even the youngest children.
Duplo funfair – Here Duplo kids ride a merry-go-round, slides and a small train.
At the funfair is also an ice cream stand.
You can also find balloons and freshly squeezed juice.

Winter Toy gifts to 2-year-olds

Is it winter, and it’s time to go sledding and have fun in the snow. Complete the sled with a helmet for safer rides.

A simple sled makes riding down snowy hills fun.
If you want some extra back support this baby sled also fits 2-year-olds.

Pippi Longstocking toys are what 2-year-olds want

Every kid admires Pippi and her adventures. Here are puppets, costumes, pirate ships, bags, clothes, figurines, and dollhouses with Pippi. Go on your own adventures.

Small children love Pippi so that a doll will be much loved.
Pippi’s ship Hoptoad is a fun toy to play with. Do not forget to buy the figures!
To be able to dress up as Pippi is fun! (Wig sold separately)
Pippi, Tommy, and Annika figures that can sail on the boat or live in the dollhouse.
A soft Mr. Nilsson, Pippi’s monkey, is a fun gift for a 2-year-old.
If you want to capture the Pippi look fully, it is necessary to get a wig too.
Having their very own tableware with Pippi is a smart way to get a child to eat.
Pippi Longstocking Villekulla Cottage.

Music or noise?

An instrument of your own is a great birthday gift for a 2-year-old unless it’s your child. Buy an entire Music Set: xylophone, drum, and maracas. My daughter loved to make noise as a small child. So when she gets her children of her own, they will get lots of musical instruments. Surely she can’t deprive a kid of that joy? To play drum early on Sunday mornings ought to be every child’s right, is not it? Haha!

Xylophones make soft notes. Maybe too soft.
A drum gets a bit louder, but not too loud.
Maracas is also an instrument with soft sounds.

But in a few years… then you can upgrade the noise by giving your grandkids an electric guitar or maybe a noisy car.

Decorations and furniture suitable to give as a gift to a 2-year-old

Night Lights are and cozy and make a child feel safe. Many children are afraid of the dark for several years. Then, it will feel safer to have a night light on. It can also be charming decor.

A night light in the form of a sweet owl.
Or maybe a cute unicorn is a better fit.
A night light with a forest motif is pretty in the dark.

A table and small chairs that she or he can sit at and paint tend to be well-liked. Imagine being able to invite grandparents for coffee or tea at their very own table! Of course, the furniture can also be repainted in a more regal color if the small majesties require.

A table and chairs are a nice furnishing for a child’s room.
An armchair in front of the TV is usually nice and comfortable.
A car carpet is a playful decoration for a child’s room.

Your own home

Play tents, children can crawl into are usually very fun. Making tents and building forts under the kitchen table tend to occupy kids for hours. Having a play tunnel will make their building even more fun, of course.

A play tent is their cozy little place to bring their stuffed pillows to lay on and stuffed animals to tell stories to.
A play tunnel is a challenge.
It can be a bit scary to crawl through there.
A very own ball pit is every child’s dream.
It can also be used as a play tent or a magical palace in a few years.

Small becomes big

Wall rulers – kids like to be measured and see how much they have grown. It is simply fun to know how big you have become. With this wall ruler, you can also have pictures of the child. It is extra fun to look at the baby picture to see how small you used to be. The same goes for photo albums. Children usually like to see how little they once were and how tall they are now.

A wall ruler to measure how the baby grows.
Photo album with a framed cover.
Photo album with teddy bears on the cover frame.

Puzzle suitable for 2-year-olds

For a 2-year-old, a jigsaw-puzzle is a nice gift. Puzzles with 5-12 pieces or have buttons for easy grabbing will be well used. This Bamse puzzle I think most 2-year-olds will like. It is not too difficult for them.

Bamse and friends puzzle with easy to grab buttons.
Knob jigsaw puzzle with cute animals as a gift to 2-years-old.

Outdoor toys

Presents for outdoor play. Things for digging in the sand and blowing bubbles are gifts that 2-year-olds usually love.

A set of useful toys for the sandbox or the beach.
An automatic bubble blower is great both for bathtime and outdoor play.
Smaller figure molds are a bit easier to use for small hands.

Cars and tools

Most children like fire trucks and emergency vehicles. Why not gift this nice fire engine from Dickie Toys. The fire truck can drive by itself and has both light and sound effects, and it has a ladder that is both pull- and turntable. It also contains no small parts and is safe for 2-year-olds to play with.

Or maybe a toolbox for helping mom and dad usually makes a 2-year-old aspiring carpenter happy. It is safe to use for children over 12 months old. The toolkit includes a hammer, wrench, saw, screwdriver, and a set square. You also get some “planks” and nuts and bolts.

A cool firetruck.
Police car in wood from Brio.

What is cool and is a dream for every 2-year-old? A car, of course! Ideally, an electric vehicle that will allow them to drive off very quickly and silently. Would you prefer to be a little more on the cautious side? I would instead recommend a Bobby Car, and it will take them slightly longer to disappear on and requires muscle power. With your own Bobby Car, it is less likely that grandmother gets an unexpected visit. The Bobby Cars also come in a luxury version with soft seats and lights and have more basic models. Complement the car with a trailer and helmet for your race car driver. Getting a car is a perfect gift for a 2-year-old.

An electric car is a real ride for a 2-year-old.
A Bobby Car with lights and sounds. The seat is made of soft foam.
Having a trailer for the Bobby Car is extra fun.
Or maybe a swan is most appreciated as a gift?

Birthday 2-years-old

I hope you found a perfect gift for that special two-year-old that you are going to celebrate! An enjoyable and sweet gift for him or her. Two-year-old’s birthdays tend to be unforgettable! Getting cake stuck in the hair, getting distracted by the wrapping paper instead of opening the box inside. And there is always that guest who is giving away a loud “musical” instrument to the kid. A birthday party for a 2-year-old can be noisy, but also a lot of fun.

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