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17th Birthday Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a good gift for a 17-year-old? Is it difficult to get on what to give a 17-year-old birthday gift? When it comes time to give a gift to a teenager it becomes more complicated, over time they never have the same tastes and hobbies, so it becomes a hard task to give them something as a gift that they can enjoy to the fullest, that is why The only thing you have in your favor is that you know the person well or look for an ally to guide you about their tastes at that time, so you will have a starting point from which you can start.

What is a good gift for a 17-year-old? A good gift for a 17-year-old can be, for example, a movie ticket, headphones, clothes, computer skins, a camera, a fun board game, electric scooters, money, a magical notebook, Buddha painting, or a new mobile phone. 

What is a good gift to a 17-year-old?

I have collected the best gift tips on this page, so please keep reading then more gift suggestions!

This time we will guide you with a list of 17th birthday gift ideas, in this way you will not fail when choosing the perfect gift. Although teenagers give a little work and are not so open with their emotions when receiving a special detail, we hope that with this list you can imply that they are someone special for you, so keep reading how you can achieve it.

17th Birthday Gift Ideas

Legos to build

A gift that never goes out of style is something that has to do with Legos, this toy brand has brought out a great variety of toys for all ages, so if as a child he enjoyed a good time with the Legos this is the gift special for him. Besides that you can assemble it as many times as you want, it will serve as a decoration complement on your homework desk or in the room, Lego offers you a wide variety of themes to build, from castles, cars, and historical monuments with different degrees of difficulty.

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Table games to share with friends

Adolescents, at some point in their life, liked board games, although now they have other types of activities to have fun, they will never be able to refuse a game of Jenga with their friends or some type of game that transmits fun and competition. If you want to give a game to share with friends and family, try to make it a classic game that everyone knows how to play. Today there are several versions of classic games set in series and movies to make them more fun, it is a trend that game brands continue to implement and it works .. Normally you get these games in any toy store or any virtual shop.

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Bluetooth headphones

Teenagers love music, even most of the day they are listening to the songs of the moment and it is because it simply relaxes them and raises their spirits if they are discouraged, either when they are walking, studying or are in their room looking to relax. So giving away wireless headphones is not a bad idea, it is something that they will know how to use and take advantage of at any time especially when they want to get away from it all and be in their safe zone.

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A book that gives you knowledge

Although not all teenagers like to read. Some of them spend time to enjoy reading and are fans of a good story in particular, but if you are looking to share knowledge or wisdom that will serve them later for their education and their development as an adult, you can give them a book with a special topic, Make it interesting, but try to get their attention and they can’t stop reading it. Take a chance and think of the ideal topics for them. There are many special options on the internet!

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Personalized Portrait Great Viking

Every lover of the Vikings series will want such a portrait. This is in the character of a male Viking king, dressed exactly like the Vikings. He will hold an ax in his hands like they are ready to protect their families at all costs. They will come out exactly like the Vikings, including their hairstyles. This will attain perfection from the artists who never disappoint. Perfect for a young or middle-aged man. A well-done hand painting is guaranteed on the personalized portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Great Viking


Adolescents seek to immortalize special moments in their lives at all times, or even as a hobby they enjoy taking beautiful photos of landscapes or portraying friends, so if this is the case, the most sensible thing to do is to give away a camera that facilitates this hobby, on the Internet you will find good quality cameras with which they can start in the world of photography. . You just need to buy the most suitable for it, add a bag to protect the camera and that’s it.

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It is no secret to anyone that girls choose to put on makeup to look pretty among others and to be noticed by the boys they like, in addition, they are fans of the content of makeup influencers to follow the makeup tutorials to the letter This is why it is never a bad idea to give makeup to a teenager of this age. Be part and give a new product for your makeup kit, so believe me that if you choose it correctly, they will thank you with enthusiasm. Remember to choose colors according to their age.

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At this age, adolescents seek to dress well, since they are in the process of finding their style of clothing, it is a job that seeks to increase their self-esteem, that is why a good idea is to give a good Hoodie or any type of clothing item, like some nice shirt. Here the work is complicated because it is necessary to know the size of the person. So try to inform yourself before buying the gift and not fail in the attempt.

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There is nothing more useful than giving a teenager a pair of sneakers so that she can train or go out with friends. These types of gifts are useful and will benefit you. It’s just about finding a particular brand and model that you like. The only detail is that you must know the size and colors that are used the most in footwear so as not to fail and that it serves to combine with their outfits.

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Charcoal Canvas Duffle

This nifty bag is charcoal black with a contrasting interior of cream. Travel beautifully.

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Keeping with the idea of simple details, this beautiful detail works and looks good to attach to keys or simply to hang on backpacks as an additional decoration. So you can choose from many designs that you will find on the web, or you can personalize it with your name or with a special reminder. Believe me that it is a simple detail that despite everything you will appreciate because you will remember the person who gave it to you every time you see it.

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Rubik’s Cube

This curious toy does not go out of style, it is the favorite of all generations for being something ‚Äúvintage‚ÄĚ, and if we talk about its benefits, the cube helps to improve their mental and logical skills and improve motor skills, also increasing competitiveness in wanting to improve or exceed your timestamps or just have it as a decoration in your room. Today you will find on the web several designs of the Rubik‚Äôs cube, there are even pyramidal shapes, very beautiful but you can always choose the vintage and go for the classic model.

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It is a very useful tool that can be used to carry out any activity, whether for entertainment, keeping in touch or to do high school homework, it is a special and very helpful gift that facilitates certain activities, so don’t think twice and get the model that suits, even if you do not want to spend a lot of money, on the internet you will find good quality models at a considerable price.

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This garment is very practical when going to study, going on a trip or to carry personal items comfortably, it will always be necessary to give a backpack to store all kinds of things, without a doubt it is something that you will appreciate, so it is time to choose the right model, the one you think the person would like.

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This is the option that never fails, teenagers know how to appreciate good pajamas, and above all that it is comfortable, remember that at this age, they seek to stay with friends or go to pajama parties, so, therefore, they will seek to look presentable. in front of your friends, so do not be afraid to choose and give good pajamas.

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For those people who love to be outdoors and enjoy sports, it is always a good idea to give them this type of garment, a cap will help protect them from the sun while doing their outdoor activities. So you can choose between several models and special brands, on the internet you will discover many options that will look great to give as a gift.

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Girls have loved receiving accessories for years, these become great allies when it comes to complementing all their outfits for special occasions, whether to wear it to school or to go to parties with friends, so you can give a beautiful bracelet with beautiful pendants, Either from the simplest and most delicate model or something more elaborate and elegant, so it is only the moment that you know how to search and choose the perfect option to give as a gift.

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Continuing with the accessories theme, it is not a bad idea to give a wallet as a gift, on the web you will find great designs for all tastes from the most casual to the sporty, so find the wallet design that best suits the 17-year-old teenager.

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Water Bottles, to carry at all times

Although it looks like a simple detail, it is a useful gift, it is those kinds of things that will take advantage of and that are necessary to have on hand when looking to be hydrated, so choose the design that seems the most appropriate, with the color of your preference and that is of a size to store in backpacks and that is easy to carry.

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The best gifts for a 17-year-old

The gifts that the 17-year-old will be happiest for may not always be so fun to give as gifts. To get some extra money to do exactly what you want for sure to be a success. 17-year-olds’ve generally not as high income and to make money as he or they may do what they wish for will be appreciated. A cellphone of the latest models is also highly appreciated. To buy stocks for the 17-year-old might be the best gift that will provide wealth in their life.

Engraved Personalized Wallet

A wallet full of money will be a gift that the 17-year-old will be really happy to receive.

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Apple iPhone XS

iPhone XS is a mobile phone that many 17-year-old really want.

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To get the latest mobile phone is something that 17-year-olds want. Preferably with a screen protector and a neat mobile phone case. The latest model of a cell phone is top of the wish list. But to get a newer model than the one they already have usually always be appreciated. When you choose a mobile case to make sure you choose one for the right model! Otherwise, it will not case will not suit.

Although the 17-year-old does not get a new phone, the old will look nicer with a new case.
iDeal of Sweden is the brand to look for because it is what counts among young people today.

High on the wish list are also accessories for their mobile phones. It is good to have both headphones for the bed, a good speaker and noise-canceling headphones in 17:th birthday.

A pair of noise-canceling headphones is present as 17-year-olds really want.
Though a good speaker usually is high on the wish list when talking to a 17-year-old.
Wireless headphones have in bed at night are a good gift to give the 17-year-olds who listen to the phone when they should be sleeping.

Can you give clothing as a gift to a 17-year-old?

It is difficult to buy clothes as a gift for a 17-year-old. She or he has developed his own style and taste. If you buy the cloth, you risk just that they are hanging in the closet. For guys, it can still work to buy brand underwear. It can also be possible to buy a bathrobe or slippers. But do you give 17-year-old clothes, it is better to stick to gift certificates indeed. Most 17-year-olds like clothes and are interested in fashion. But it’s rarely a good idea to give them clothes as gifts. Stuff like hoodies, socks, and slippers are the best choices if you want to buy clothes for a 17-year-old.

Colorful socks are usually a good gift to give a 17-year-old
Slippers that you can heat in the microwave oven.

If you absolutely want to buy clothes for a 17-year-old, I would recommend hats, gloves, scarves, pajamas, underwear, and so on. But it’s risky to buy clothes for them. Note, it’s just for guys you can buy underwear.

Bjorn Borg underwear might work
A pair of comfortable sheepskin slippers
A cozy bathrobe

Give away experiences as a gift

Popular birthday gifts are experiences. It can, for example, be cinema tickets, concerts, go-carts, a segway, or tickets to a sporting event. If you know the 17-year-old well then you probably have an eye on his or her interests and can find an experience that will be highly appreciated. If you don’t have a clue, I recommend the movie tickets.

  • A gift certificate to the movies which includes two tickets, soft drinks, and popcorn.
  • Driving karts is something most people enjoy doing.
  • Getting a massage can be an extra-luxurious gift for the 17-year-old.¬†It‚Äôs something that he or she probably can not afford.¬†It‚Äôs nice to just relax and enjoy when you get their muscles properly kneaded.
  • It‚Äôs also fun to try to drive the segway.

The gift to the 17-year-old who likes training

For a 17-year-old who likes to work out, it can be appreciated if you give training-related gifts. It can, for example, be a new water bottle to have with gym/workout. Gift certificates in any sports store. Or, sports equipment, fitness equipment, and bags.

A new water bottle to bring to the gym is always appreciated.
Fitbit activity bracelet will be a good gift. A gift that the 17-year-old will like and that will encourage more exercise and regular sleep habits, this activity Fitbit wristband Ionic. It can measure the pulse, has a personal coach, can record speed, distance and route. Moreover, it is waterproof.
Or maybe a training set where you use your own body weight.
A piece of fun workout equipment is a fun gift to give a 17-year-old’s birthday.

Smart vacuum flasks of metal that keep the cold for long.
A stylish bag to get to and from the gym is useful.
A training set with yoga ball, rubber bands, etc. for home training.

Smart gift ideas for a 17-year-old

A stylish wallet, and cardholders for the cell phone or backpack can be fun to get. Backpacks wear out pretty fast in everyday use. So a new backpack to have on the school might 17-year-old would enjoy. Perhaps also an electric scooter can be a fun gift to get?

A cardholder for a mobile is easy, so you avoid having a wallet with him.
The backpack usually wears out very quickly because it is used daily.
A theft-proof backpack can be a good gift for a 17-year-old who often has their computer with them.

Power Scoter
A thermos mug that keeps coffee hot for long.
Show the 17-year-old how much you care about him or her! Buy reflex spray!
A skin for the computer is a fun gift to have as a birthday gift. It makes the computer much more personal.

Jewelry gift for the 17-year-old

Why not give the 17-year-old personalized jewelry, engraved with a personal message. This bracelet and the necklace are a little cooler and work great for both boys and girls if you ask me. These pieces of jewelry are lovely gifts, and my tip is that you let them engrave when you order the jewelry. (It is included in the price) When my son graduated from high school, I tried to find someone who could engrave a piece of jewelry but could not find anyone who wanted to do it. So it was no engraving. To order the engraving while you order the jewelry! It makes the gift more personal.

Want a personalized gift for your friend?

A necklace that you can let engrave.

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Men’s Stainless Steel Genuine Leather Bracelets

A cool bracelet in leather and steel

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Pearl is a classic gift that is suitable to provide both 17-year-old and older women
Silver earrings with stones of rose quartz are a good gift for the girl’s birthday.
A stunning necklace that you can let engrave with a fine text to the girl’s birthday.

Give him or her a new interest!

Do you want to give the 17-year-old a new interesting hobby? 

  • Then buy an SLR and a photography course for him or her.¬†It‚Äôs an interest that they will have much pleasure from. And it is also smart to give them a photography course as a gift to a 17-year-old, so he or she learns her new camera.
  • The pottery is great fun, so if it is an artistic age of 17 you are looking for a gift it is a good idea to give away a pottery course.
  • A fishing trip is a fun experience that you might share with him or her.¬†
To get an SLR as a gift is not only great photos but a new interest.

A game as a gift to the 17-year-old

When you purchase the game for a 17-year-old, there are some games that are extra fun and that will be played when the 17-year-old has been at a party. 

Sheriff of Nottingham
Electric chock game
Kan Jam a frisbee game

Inexpensive gifts for a 17-year-old

Maybe it’s a 17-year-old friend who you want to find a cheap gift for? A good gift need not be expensive, just thoughtful and perhaps something personal to him or her. You can also make an inexpensive gift for the 17-year-old self if you are sewing, carpentry, or are good at anything else. Here are some suggestions for inexpensive gifts for a 17-year-old.

Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

A fun gift for a 17-year-old who likes to cultivate, is this mushroom cultivation box.

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Scented candles are both stylish smells good in the 17-year-old’s room. These smell like a mixture of red currants and peach. Made of natural vax from cocos.
A smart little hammock that is easy to take with you to the beach because it fits easily in your bag.
Give a really fun note mug gift for the 17-year-old. You can write with a pencil and erase again. Why not write a funny message before handing over the gift.
Stylish vases is a nice interior detail in his or her room. They are stylish, both with and without plants.

A 1000 bit puzzle is a fun gift for a 17-year-old. The whole family will probably gather around the puzzle and put it together. Jan von Haastern makes the images where you constantly find new details.
Both cheap and huge personal gifts, these emotional mugs, are found in some variations: sleepy, mad, happy, etc.
This is a tough power bank that can be recharged by the sun. Now the cell phone always is fully charged.
It can also be fun to have a mini-fridge birthday. To have your own soft drinks in the room tends to be something that 17-year-olds like. It may be helpful to avoid having to go away from the computer when he or she plays.

Movie nights when friends come over

Young people usually like to watch movies together. Maybe a good film with the best friends is a good idea even for the 17-year-old to buy gifts for? Classic films like Lord of the Rings or Marvel might be good gifts? Great gifts for movie night are also a popcorn machine and a soda streamer.

Marvel Season 1
Marvel season 2
Marvel season 2
Bourne 1-5
Popcorn Machine cinema with a retro look
 A soda streamer with much accessories is a good gift
A soda streamer with many accessories is a good gift

What is the 17-year-old interested in?

When buying a birthday present for 17-year-olds, it is good to start by thinking about what they are interested in. Perhaps there is something of interest that you can sponsor your gift?

Like she or he is to painting it can be fun to get some different art materials such as acrylic paints, canvases, brushes, easel, and so on. Or a Buddha painting. Where to paint with water. When the water evaporates disappears artwork. Buddha painting is inspired by Zen philosophy and mindfulness. The method is used to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.
One of the coolest stuff must surely be this dashboard computer. On it, you can show a bit of what you want. The number of followers likes the number of new emails and so on. It also serves as a speaker if you want to listen to music. It can be paired with a variety of applications and can function as a clock and weather station if you want.
Is the 17-year-old interested in computers? Then it might be fun to get a subscription to a computer magazine, a new video game or a new gaming mouse. This has lots of buttons that can be programmed with different functions, which is a must when they will be used for games. It’s also fun to have a pulsating light to enhance the gaming experience.
The gift for the 17-year-old who is interested in nature, I think you should buy a survival kit with everything he or she needs to survive in the wilderness.
Is the 17-year-old interested in math and science, a subscription to National Geographic to be a fun gift to give him or her a happy birthday?
For the artistic 17-year-old, a book about drawing fantasy can be a fun gift to get.
It’s also good to get really good pens to paint with.
For a 17-year-old who is interested in nature and wildlife can be good with a really good headlamp.

Furnishing as a gift to a 17-year-old

Most 17-year-olds would probably renew their room. They like to get a little more grown-up decor such as paintings, lighting, bedspreads, pillows, and happy new luxurious duvet too.

Fragrance sticks
These literal boards have become very fashionable again. On the board, you can replace the letters and form their own message. When I was a child so put the glazed-like boards in all stairwells with tenants’ names.
Or why not give a new bedding gift to the 17-year-old? It’s nice to get something more grown-up. Teenagers rarely make the bed with a bedspread, so it is more important to have fancy linen because they are always visible.
A luxurious duvet can be used year-round because it is moderately thick. It contains duck-down high quality.
A salt lamp is nice to have in the room. Salt rocks are a little different and give nice lighting.
17-year-olds also tend to like to decorate a little more adultly. These vases will give the room a new look.
The private room is nice to have some nice plants and fine pots.
Ceiling lamps with feathers tend to be very popular among young people.
The vases from TOBERGO, is looking really nice.
Wall shelves for small trinkets and flowers will be an appreciated gift.
The candlesticks Carat is trendy decor that she or he will like.
Nice blackout curtains can be a good gift 17-year-old probably want a little more grown-up place.

Fun gifts to give 17-year-olds

Sometimes you want to find something nice and different as a birthday gift. Here are the gifts!

Another fun gift is a magical notebook. You note in it as usual … but that your type will automatically be transferred to any cloud service, and can be easily refueled home to your computer when you get home. Perfect for the 17-year-old who goes to school, likes to draw and is full of new ideas.
A fun but maybe a little bit different gift for a 17-year-old is a bow. Sniping is great fun!
Do you want to give the 17-year-old a gift that lasts the whole year? See if you can find any magazine!
An alarm clock runs away when the alarm goes off. Put the helicopter wings back in place to turn off the alarm.

I hope that you find really good gifts for the 17-year-old here!

What to give a gift to a 17-year-old guy? Great gifts for a 17-year-old guy are ballooning, dinner at a cozy restaurant, stylish socks, a cozy bathrobe, a fun alarm clock, a video game, or a subscription to a good magazine. More gifts to buy for a 17-year-old guy, you can find here.

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What is a good gift for an 8-year-old? Great gifts to give an 8-year-old are a funicular, wheat heater, visiting at a farm, poo fish games, excavation of dinosaur skeletons, and soap bubbles. More good gifts to an 8-year-old can be found here.

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17th Birthday Gift Ideas
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