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15th Birthday Gift Ideas

The subject of giving gifts is something that always tends to take a bit of work. But if there is something that we have learned over time, as the years go by it is increasingly difficult to choose the perfect gift, since people change their tastes very quickly, therefore, unless you know the adolescent very well, It can be a difficult task to come up with gifts for birthdays. It is something that happens to many people. One way to start if you are lost is to ask someone who knows them very well so that you have a starting point.

What is a good gift for a 15-year-old? Great gifts for the 15-year-olds are technology gadgets, money, clothes, perfume, and furnishings. They also will be happy to get a trajectory, games, or popcorn machine as a birthday present.

What is a nice gift to a 15-year-old?

On this page, you will find more nice gifts for a 15-year-old, so keep on reading!

Here we will tell you and help you a little to guide you with a list of 15th birthday gift ideas and not fail in the attempt. Although teenagers are not very expressive when it comes to receiving gifts, with this list we will help you that even if it is you receive a smile and an enthusiastic thank you, so read on:

Check out these lovely gifts

NINE WEST Women’s Silvertone Crystal Pave Heart Stretch Bracelet

This gift is perfect for your daughter’s birthday or a Christmas gift. If you are looking for a little girl that loves dance and gymnastics, this necklace is a perfect fit. This necklace is made of silver-colored metal with crystal accents. It has many dangling and heart-shaped beads that can add some sparkle to your child’s day. This necklace comes on a plastic stretch cord with an extender so it is easy to put on and can be worn all day from work to sleep without any problems. This necklace is perfect for teenagers and young girls that love to wear jewelry.

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Special table games

Teenagers still like board games. Although now they are not very enthusiastic about playing monopoly or some other children’s games. If you want to give this type of gift to spend quality time with family and friends, it must be original and attract attention. Today there are several versions of games that are classics about movies or series, which will make them see it in a different way or you can also get a game that is in trend, they will surely attract their attention. You can usually get them in online stores or a specialized store on the subject.

For example, there is a game that is based on the movie Scape Room and the teenagers loved it. This game is ideal for those children who are hooked on the world of movies, series, and books to discover mysteries and enigmas, in which they have to find out things and overcome some challenges.

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Lego figures for decoration

A unique and perfect object to give as a gift that they can wear in their room as a decoration accessory, it will always be a good option to be a great gift. Remember that when they are turning 15 years old, they are at a stage in which they begin to show interest in having interesting objects in their room since it is their refuge and they would always like to have it decorated with their favorite things. So the question is: why not help the room have personal touches that you will surely like? You can choose from dolls of favorite characters, framed posters, or any original idea.

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A book that will undoubtedly encourage you to read

I know, it can be tricky. But there are children at this age who enjoy reading and are lovers of a good story, so you can feed their education and learning by giving them a book with an interesting story. Either a well-known story or one that is not so well known but that you undoubtedly know will catch his eye and catch him for several hours. Take a risk and think about the topics you like the most and look for the right book on a topic related to this: it can be a short story, some comic, an illustrated book, something informative … There are a thousand options on the internet!

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Rubik’s Cube

This object or game, however you want to define it, will never go out of style, it is something that helps stimulate the mental and motor agility of children, without a doubt they will spend time trying to put it together and thus be able to later leave it as a decoration in their room or perhaps put it back together again. less time. Today there are several designs of Rubik’s cubes, but you can always go for the classic model.

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Polaroid camera

Girls at this age are looking to share moments with their friends and are looking for a way to remember them, so this is the PERFECT gift for them, on the internet, you can find very beautiful designs and colors that will surely delight the girl of 15 years old, they come from green to pink. You just need to choose the most appropriate, add one or another accessory so that you can use it.

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It is no secret to anyone that teenagers seek to look beautiful and stand out in high school, in addition, thanks to social networks, they consume content from people who are dedicated to giving makeup tutorials for every occasion, which is why a winning option is to give away Some makeup product to collaborate with your makeup kit, so believe me that if you do it the right way, they will know how to thank you in the best way. It can be from a palette of shadows to the simplest, such as a lipstick of a beautiful color according to its age.

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At this age, children do not want to always receive toys as gifts, adolescents seek to look good, find their style, and increase their self-esteem, that is why it is never a bad idea to give an item of clothing, such as a nice shirt. Here it is somewhat complicated because you must know exactly what their favorite style, size, and colors are. So inform yourself first to get the gift right and not die trying.

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Sports shoes

There is nothing more useful than giving a pair of shoes, for no one is a secret that they will use it and take advantage of it at all times, you just have to look for the right model, the size and the exact color for the person, we recommend choosing neutral colors such as black and gray so you can combine it with any type of outfit.

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Nintendo Switch

I know, children love technology, and even more when we talk about video games, this console is very practical and very fun, plus you can take it everywhere, it comes in very beautiful colors and the choice of games is very wide, there is something for everyone the likes. From Mario games to battle and combat games.

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Teenagers will want to be in touch with their circle of friends and updated with their social networks, that is why this option is the winner by a lot, you can choose between various brands and models of phone, it all depends on the use they will give it. So educate yourself first before making this ambitious purchase.

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Perfect and very useful for anything, whether it is time for entertainment or study, it is a gift and a special tool that will facilitate many things for the child, so do not hesitate to give a Tablet as a gift, on the market, there are many simple models but they are very functional.

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Personalized Portrait Young Princess

What an excellent way to entertain your young girl, whom you always pet, calling her princess. She deserves to have her royal look on the canvas. The portrait does not leave out royalty details to doubt, with a beautiful headgear, gloves, and a beautiful gown. A beautiful view is shown outside the window, and a pet is also included in the background. The young girl’s beauty will be brought out in this personalized portrait.

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Personalized Portrait of A Young Princess

Bluetooth headphones

Teenagers at this age love music, and it’s because it simply transports them to a safe area where they feel safe, whether it’s when they are studying or looking to relax. So giving away wireless headphones is a good gift option that they will appreciate at all times when they seek to escape the real world. Wireless headphones are a great gift for a 15-year-old (and the whole family).

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A comfortable pair of pajamas is always welcome, at this age teenagers tend to stay at friends’ houses or receive friends in their room, so they will always seek to look good and presentable so as not to feel embarrassed in front of their friends, so don’t issue in choosing good pajamas.

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Water bottles

Whether it is to go to school, go camping, or to school practices, a good bottle of water is never too much to stay hydrated. So choose a nice model, fun and comfortable color to carry in backpacks at all times.

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As I told you, whether to go to high school, go to a friend’s house or on a trip, it is always necessary to have a backpack to store clothes or personal items quickly and safely, so you can choose the one you like the most and like. It seems that the adolescent knows how to take advantage of it at all times.

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Although it is a simple detail, it is used to place on house keys, cars, or hang on backpacks, so you can choose a nice keychain of your favorite character or that has a plate with a phrase or personalized with your name. Believe me that it is a detail full of feeling and despite everything, you will appreciate it.

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For those sporty kids, it’s always a good idea to gift them a hat that protects them from the sun while playing outside. So choose a special model, on the internet you can find a wide variety of brands, styles, and different textures.

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Girls love accessories, they are their allies when it comes to complementing their outfits, either for school or to meet friends, so you can give a necklace with a beautiful pendant, either a simple design or something more elaborate and with style, so it’s just the moment you look for the ideal gift option, get a nice gift box and deliver.

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Continuing with the theme of accessories, it is not a bad idea to give a watch with a sporty design or something more casual, so find the model that best suits the 15-year-old child.

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What is a 15-year-old wishing for?

15-year-olds want to do fun things for their birthday. It can be a fun accessory for their mobile phone or funny things that they can do with their friends. It may be to go to the movies or play table tennis. It is nice to play both sports types of things and board games when friends come to visit. 15-year-olds also wish for clothes but want to choose themselves. A 15-year-old will also find it fun to have an experience and get your undivided attention when you are doing something together, just the two of you.

Vivere Double Cacoon

15-year-olds need a little privacy and will like to have this cocoon.

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Gold Panning Kit

Why not take him or her looking for gold?

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Ping Pong Paddles Set

When buying a gift a 15-year-old may want to give away something that he or she can do with their friends.

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Technology gadgets that 15-year-olds want

Gifts for gamers

Does a 15-year-old sit in front of his or her computer and play a lot?¬†Then there are many fun technology gadgets that you can give him or her as a birthday present‚ÄĒhigh-tech gadgets for gaming enthusiasts, like a good gaming kit.¬†A good gaming mouse is a must to be a terrific gamer.¬†With it, they will be able to play faster, and often they have more functions than a conventional mouse has.¬†They cost a bit more than a regular mouse, but this is what the gamer wants as a birthday present.¬†A good headset is also necessary for the player.

Gaming Keyboard Mouse Headset & Mouse Pad Kit

This kit also includes headphones, a keyboard, and a mouse. I was surprised when I saw how little it cost

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Gaming Headset

With good headphones do not have other families tell 15-year-old friends to shout from the computer. When buying a headset for the gamer, be aware that you need a microphone on the headphones also to talk with the other players.

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Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a good gift for a 15-year-old who plays video games. The mouse should have programmable buttons. This also has lighting inside.

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Computer Speakers for PC or Laptop

Good computer speakers for a cheap price, these Amazon Basics USB Plug-n-Play Computer Speakers. They will give you a really amazing gaming experience. 

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Video games as a gift for a 15-year-old

Video games are a very appreciated gift for 15-year-olds. Right now, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch are the most wanted game consoles.

Playstation 4
Xbox is a good gift for 15-year-old
Nintendo Switch is a video game that 15-year-olds want

Gifts for a 15-year-old who likes training

However, not all gadgets make them more sedentary. A Fitbit watch is an enjoyable technical gadget in which you can measure your sleep and exercise habits. An exciting technology gadget to get a gift for a 15-year-old. With it, you can measure your heart rate, get a personal trainer to your phone, it is waterproof, you can store music on it, and it can be used as a phone. So he or she does not have to bring the phone to your workout, without the clock’s hands. A Fitbit is probably a gadget most people need!

Fitbit Ionic is a fun gadget technology to give 15-year-old gifts
A new water bottle to the gym is something that is always needed.
Fun gadgets for starting to exercise.
It can also be great with a bag to carry to the gym.
T-rex offers comprehensive training with the body as resistance.
Maybe a new backpack is a nice gift to transport all the gadgets needed.


You want to splurge. I would recommend the noise-canceling headphones from Sony. There are the headphones I bought myself, and I’m thrilled. But it might be a bit much money for a pair of headphones for a 15-year-old. But they provide excellent sound and effectively remove all noise around the environment.
Make sure that the expensive headphones do not break, but give the 15-year-old a headphone holder hand as a gift too!
Even when they are not sitting at the computer, it can be helpful to have perfect headphones. Why not go for a pair of headphones with excellent quality to 15-year-old? Marshall headphones sound great, and they are very comfortable to wear.
Do 15-year-old listen to audiobooks or music else at bedtime? Maybe he or she also wishes for headphones for bed. It’s not always great to sleep with earbuds, what if you get them around your neck and strangle yourself. Night Headphones are an excellent gift for a 15-year-old that you care a lot about.
Their earbuds always seem to break. I can guarantee that a new par will come in handy.

Mobile phones and accessories

All 15-year-olds want to, of course, the latest model of mobile phone! The phone requires both cover glass and a case. Although a 15-year-old has a new mobile phone, he or she does still not answer it when mom and dad are calling. So why not complement even with power bank, so that it is impossible to provide excuses anymore.

A new mobile phone is the 15-year-olds always wish for
There are of course mobile phones are a little cheaper too.
A phone case is a good gift for 15-year-olds
A mobile case makes the phone last longer
Marble is very popular to have mobile cases now.

Educational gifts to a 15-year-old

Sometimes you want to give a gift that is not only fun to make, but gift that also leads to more knowledge. Good gifts to a 15-year-old are a telescope, books, or perhaps an IQ puzzle. Are you looking for books like 15-year-old likes recommend a look at top-ranking lists for books or maybe a gift certificate for books? It’s not easy to know which books he or she has already read or will like. But in the charts you will find the books that many may like. Therefore, it feels like a smart choice when buy books as a gift to someone.

IQ puzzle is a fun gift when you are 15 years old
It is hard to tear themselves away from the Rubik’s Cube.
Subscription of a magazine that he or she likes.


With a trajectory build, a kind of perpetual motion machine. The ball rolls from the top down in spirals and hooks. When it reached the bottom, take the elevator up and start from the top again. This trajectory is available in different degrees of difficulty, both 15-year-olds and the whole family will gather around this track. Check out the path of Coolstuff! It takes a while to build up the trail, so it’s certainly not a toy for younger children. This track is a real challenge, even for adults. The path can be purchased at slightly different levels, higher levels for longer courses, and more cool parts included. The levels found are 1, 5, and 8. However, level 1 is the easiest and eight the most difficult.

The trajectory is a fun track for marbles

3D Puzzle

3D puzzle is fun when you’re 15. Some fun puzzle that might suit is a 3D puzzle of famous buildings. The puzzles are both challenging to build and will be a stylish decor detail in the 15-year-old room when they are ready.

Metal model famous buildings
Metal model famous buildings
Metal models from Harry Potter
Metal models from Harry Potter

A drone as a gift to a 15-year-old

Drones have become very trendy among both adults and children. Imagine being able to spy on your neighbor when he waters the garden. Or find out what your brother is doing. A drone is both fun to drive and fun to spy with. An easy way to examine how the roof looks. And a fun movie to post on Youtube to show new people how they find their way to your house. It is a fun toy for both children and adults.

Racing Sets drones
Pocket sized drone

Games that 15-year-olds like

15-year-olds like to play board games and games where they are physically active. Chess, Yahtzee, and mölkky are games that fit 15-year-olds. They also love to get electric chock games!

Older children also tend to like chess. A beautiful träschack that is so beautiful that it is happy to stand in front, even when you are not playing.
Yahtzee is a classic. Convenient to take along on vacation, and a fun party game for all ages. A fun gift for a 15-year-old.

What does a 15-year-old wish for? Here are the best tips on gifts to 15-year-olds, things they want, and they will be happy to get. They want money, gift certificates to buy clothing and sports gear, furnishings for their room, phones, and headphones. When friends come over to visit, it is also lovely to have something useful to offer, such as soft drinks and popcorn.

Eatable gifts to a 15-year-old

Many 15-year-olds have taken an interest in cooking and making their candy or snacks. Perhaps a cookbook or baking book with simple recipes would make him or her happy. A soda streamer to make your soda for movie nights is a good idea. Do not be put off by the relatively high price. I have tried many different soda streamers, and cheap is not worth the money! Sometimes, they break the very first time you use them. An ice cream roles are ideal for inviting friends for Sunday dinner. A popcorn machine is also an excellent gift for a 15-year-old. And popcorn is a healthier alternative to ice cream abo. I think the design of this popcorn machine is incredibly charming. It is a miniature of the popcorn machine at the amusement park or the cinema.

A soda streamer is an excellent gift for a 15-year-old. You could buy an extra carbon dioxide cartridge and slightly different soda flavors. It is good to have at home when friends come to visit.
A soda streamer is an excellent gift for a 15-year-old. You could buy an extra carbon dioxide cartridge and slightly different soda flavors. It is good to have at home when friends come to visit.
Ice-cream-roles is a kind of flat plate where you pour out the glass mixture. The plate is cooled so that when the batter ends up where it freezes quickly and can be rolled into beautiful dessert rolls.
The popcorn machine is almost a must in every modern home. This popcorn machine is popping your popcorn without fat. Homemade popcorn is sweet to have when watching movies with friends.

Subscription as a birthday present

There are many subscriptions that fifteen-year-olds likes. Having a subscription to Spotify and listen to music without commercial breaks. A subscription to a magazine that she or he wants. Or maybe a gift-certificate from Tidningskungen so she or he can choose himself.

Gift where she or he can select a magazine to subscribe to.

To give clothing as a gift to a 15-year-old

Whatever you do, do not buy clothes for a 15-year-old. It’s very risky. Probably they will just be put away in the closet. You probably do have not the same taste in clothes. But socks and hoodies are smart options if you want to buy clothes for the 15-year-old.

Fine socks are a great gift idea if you want to buy clothes for a 15-year-old

Clothes and stuff that can still be welcome. Why not buy a pair of cozy slippers and a cozy bathrobe? It’s nice to put on a cold winter evening. Slippers and bathrobes are not in so many different colors and designs. Here it is difficult actually to fail.

Slippers Sheepskin black
Lovely bathrobe to give a gift to the 15-year-old
Colorful socks is also a nice gift.

Interior gifts to a 15-year-old

Teenagers tend to take an interest in interior design and like to have beautiful things in their rooms. It can be anything from a lovely light a little more grown-up curtains or a cosy duvet.

A salt lamp gives a pleasant light in the room.
Aroma candle
Shelves have again come into fashion and everyone wants one. Perfect to collect important things in!
A letter board to write their own texts and messages.
Perhaps it is time to change the curtains in the 15-year-old room into something more adult. A pair of black curtains are neat.
A saccosäck is comfortable to sit in when playing video games and a good extra chair for his friends.
Luxurious duvets are a popular gift for the 15-year-old’s room. Cozy to curl up under a fluffy duvet.
They’d love to have nice bed linen for their beds. It makes a huge change in the room.
A spa gift basket or candles are a lovely gift for a 15-year-old

Give the 15-year-old an experience gift

15-year-olds may seem cool on the surface. But deep down, they are sensitive and want to get both love and appreciation. A good way to give a 15-year-old’s attention is to do something with him or her. It can, for example, be shopping in the town one afternoon, going away on a spa weekend, going to the movies, going on a fishing trip, or going to a concert together. On the other hand, maybe you want to do something really different.

Present for an artistic 15-year-old

Is he or she artistically inclined? Then perhaps it’s fun to get pencils and a sketchbook. Maybe a book about how to draw fantasy or contemporary drawing will be appreciated by the 15-year-old also.

A book about learning how-to-draw is a great present.
Book to learn to draw fantasy is a fun gift for a 15-year-old who likes to draw and paint.
A sketchbook is also absolutely necessary if he or she will be able to paint
Pencils can also be good to have
A coloring book for adults is fun even for 15-year-olds
Should I paint it is also good with color pencils

Gifts that lasts

Would you instead give a gift that lasts a long time and not another gadget to collect? Then I think you should instead provide the 15-year-old stocks as a birthday present or an electric Scoter. An electric scooter is a conveyance that she or he will use a lot. It will not be another gadget that is not being used.

 An electric Scoter
An electric Scoter

Gifts for best friend at age 15

You are looking gift for a best friend who is 15? An excellent gift does not have to cost a lot to be okay. You just need to think a while longer because you have a limited budget to spend. Here, I have developed a few gifts that suit to buy for her best friend, who is 15 years old. Some are just wacky and fun to get your friend to laugh, and others are serious and loving.

A nice mug shaped as a lama is a fun gift to give a 15-year-old friend
A nice mug shaped as a lama is a fun gift to give a 15-year-old friend
Why not buy a charming tea mug that fits your friend with pattern and color if you could buy a bag of tea and wrap it in the package as well.
Voluspa wonderfully scented candles are both looking to decorate with and smell very good. These have the scent of persimmon.

Buy the world’s smallest 1000 pieces puzzle. Each piece is about one cm wide, and when the puzzle is finished, it will be 42 × 29 cm. Various subjects to choose from.
Stylish wallets are great gifts for a best friend for 15 years.
A wacky gift to give your best friend. A frog that you squish.
A personal gift for your 15-year-old best friend you get with this keyring where you can make your message.
A wacky gift to give your best friend on the 15th birthday. A unicorn poop candy.
Unicorns are very magical. This one will blow your friend’s nail polish dry.
To have your hammock to the beach or hanging out in the corner of the garden is cozy.
Maybe a nice pair of sneakers-socks can be a good gift?
Onsala makes a very stylish mobile cover that is not very expensive. It is an excellent gift for a 15-year-old friend.
An IQ metal puzzle fun gift for your best friend when he or she becomes 15. Will your friend be able to solve them?
Do you want your friend to feel like a king in the pool this summer? Then a cute flamingo swimming ring gift you should give him or her.
A fun emoji pillow to have in bed is also excellent. Your friend will always think of you when he or she sees it.

A Rubik’s Cube is an excellent gift for the best friend who is 15 years old.

Necklace engraving personalized

Want a personalized gift for your friend who turns 15? Then choose a piece of engraved jewelry.

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I hope you found a really good gift for a 15-years-old!

What does a 15-year-old guy wish to receive as a gift? What a 15-year-old boy wants is often a new phone. But he also likes to get cool gadgets such as a skateboard, alarm clock with sniping, or a fun experience gift. He is also happy to get fancy underwear for his birthday. More gift ideas for a 15-year-old guy can be found here!

What does a 15-year-old girl wish for? A 15-year-old girl is hoping for a new mobile phone, but also lovely decor for her room. A few more cheap things, as she wants, are bath salts, bath bombs, or makeup. She also likes to receive gift certificates for clothing or a fun experience. More tips on gifts for a 15-year-old girl are found here!

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15th Birthday Gift Ideas
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