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14th Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for a perfect birthday gift for a 14-year-old? It is really tough since they are at the age when they already know what they want, it is difficult to please them somehow. To make this mission of finding gifts easier, I pulled together a list of gifts that will put a smile on your 14-year-old. Whether they are into photography, music, craft, sports, or whatever passions they like, I hope this list of 14th birthday gift ideas will help you out and give you a lot of options. All of them can be easily found on Amazon, because of the pandemic it is more appropriate and practical to do all our shopping online not only for this coming holiday but also for any special event and occasion of our life.

So what is a good gift for a 14-year-old? Some examples of nice gifts are movie tickets, candy machines, money, mobile phone, headphones, a bow, balance line, bat safari, and a marble trajectory. They also wish for beautiful gifts for their rooms like nice bedding, lamps or plants.

What is a nice gift to a 14-year-old
What is a nice gift to a 14-year-old?

But please keep reading because here I have collected quite good gifts for 14-year-olds!


Charm bracelet/necklace

Complete your little woman outfit by gifting her with a complete set of charm bracelets and necklaces. It is made of 316L metal. It never changes color or gets tarnished, Strong and durable for daily wear. It can adjust easily and will fit most wrist sizes, perfect for 14th birthday gift ideas.

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Joyora Scrunchie Holder Stand

Scrunchies are a super fun hair accessory but also the common mess in a girl’s room. So free up your girl’s bathroom counters and drawers by gifting her with this Joyora Scrunchie Holder Stand. It may be small but it is mighty in saving space, time and money because it can fit up to 24 scrunchies without damaging them. It is easy to care for and wipes easily. It looks cute when they are neatly stacked in one place as it won’t overstretch or damage and it prevents molds from growing. Holding scrunchies securely in place without requiring any tugging, yanking, or massive stretching to get them free.

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Vacuum Insulated Bluetooth water speaker

This vacuum-insulated Bluetooth water speaker comes in three colors; blue, black, and pink. It is perfect to take on the go because of its insulated steel double wall design that will provide you and your teenager with hydration and hours of music at the beach, park, home, school, and everywhere else. The speaker is easy to sync up with any cell phone or iPad so just turn it on. The speaker is water-resistant but doesn’t submerge in water or wash the speaker directly underwater.

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Happiest DIY Wall Collage Picture Arts and Crafts Kit

Turn their wall into a masterpiece. Wondering how to achieve that chic vibe for your room? Happiest Wall Collage is a great DIY that you can bond with them. Its trendy aesthetic designs can be used to mix and match a design that fits their personal style. It is truly a great gift idea of creativity and self-explanation.

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Keyian 1pc. LED Bike Wheel Lights Waterproof

One of the best 14th birthday gift ideas is this LED bike wheel light string that has no welding point, is not easy to break off, has high flexibility, can moderately bend, and make any shape you like. It is also waterproof, the bike tire light is made of high-quality materials so that no need to worry about the bicycle tire light will be damaged on rainy days ride, but please, of course, do not soak these coal bikes lights in the water. Also easy to install, no tools needed, you only need a minute.

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Outdoor Emergency Survival Gear Tool K

The best surprise gift for your 14-year-old darling. This all-in-one survival kit contains everything that any survivalist or outdoor would need. It is necessary when camping, hiking adventures, survival, and n emergency situations. It helps develop the child’s ability to survive with kids’ hiking and camping kits.

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Bluetooth Beanie Hat with Headphones

A stylist gift for a 14th birthday gift idea. Combining fashionable and tech into one fantastic beanie hat. Perfect for gym fitness work out outdoor sports, traveling, hiking, camping, running activities. Its wireless technology enables it to simply sync to any Bluetooth device in seconds, it also has hands-free connectivity including decline/accept phone calls and listen to music wirelessly up to 33 feet (10 meters). A good outfit for winter as well because this beanie hat is made of premium acrylic and polyester, providing maximum comfort and warmth.

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EFYTAL 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

Help her celebrate a milestone birthday with this simple, elegant, and fun gift. One of the most beautiful 14th birthday gift ideas. This beautiful bracelet is made of 14 beads, one for each precious year, she will have a reminder that your admiration for her is infinite. The perfect shiny accessory to commemorate fourteen years in the life of an awesome young woman. A sentimental gift for teens, sisters, daughters, or nieces. The jewelry is dainty but strong and will not break on you. Packed to protect the chain from tangling and the silver from tarnishing during shipment It comes with everything you need to give the perfect gift that includes a gift bag, tissue pares, and a notecard. You will never be wrong with this beautiful, hand-crafted bracelet.

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Sweet 14 Multi functional Bag

Being fourteen means being organized, that’s why this multifunctional bag is also a perfect 14th birthday gift idea. This waterproof zippered bag with quotes and beautiful print on the surface is good to be used as a cosmetic travel pouch, cosmetic bag, makeup brushes bag, travel bag, storage bag, portable wash toiletry organizer bag, pencil case, purse, etc. It is also their dose of inspiration with its printed quote, like, Always remember you’re braver than you believe and think & loved more than you know.

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THE How-To-Cookbook for Teens: 100 Easy Recipes to Learn the Basics Paperback

The most precious 14th birthday gift idea is to help them discover the joy of cooking and becoming self-sufficient. Cooking provides curious teens with a fun, creative outlet while teaching them lifelong skills. With simple step-by-step procedures and simple recipes, this introductory cookbook for teens guides young chef-to-be to prepare flavorful meals for the whole family. It also encourages them to explore flavors, textures and learned what worked and what didn’t. Transform your teen into a culinary whiz with this beginner cookbook written just for them.

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Shocktato Party Game

Gifts should also be fun. It will give your 14-year-old and his friend hours of laughter. Shocktato is a patented electrifying shocking potato game for 2 or more players taking Hot Potato to next level. Each player holds a handle, the machine will rev up while the player listens to suspenseful music, and then when the red light turns green, the player must press the trigger button as quickly as possible. If you’re the last to react, you get an electric shock, hence the name Shocktato gets. Make a great part more hilarious and fun.

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With the extreme influence of social media, these LED strip lights are as well included in the 14th birthday gift ideas. It is also known as ‚ÄúTikTok Light‚ÄĚ because of how they are used on that social media app, these sets of small lights can hang on your teen‚Äôs bedroom and program it to give them a variety of colored lights. You may also cut the light strip to show off rich, pigmented colors. It just needs a little creativity. Its personalized light effects make it perfect for video recording or just by simply setting the vibe of the room.

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Personalized Portrait Young Princess

What an excellent way to entertain your young girl, whom you always pet, calling her princess. She deserves to have her royal look on the canvas. The portrait does not leave out royalty details to doubt, with a beautiful headgear, gloves, and a beautiful gown. A beautiful view is shown outside the window, and a pet is also included in the background. The young girl’s beauty will be brought out in this personalized portrait.

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Personalized Portrait of A Young Princess

Settlers of Catan

This strategy board game is a fun game with countless replay opportunities. The completely variable board provides great value through limitless replayability. This board game was released in 1996. It is 5-6 players game that5 can enjoy trade, build and settle in the Island of Catan. Whether you play like family, this game provides plenty of opportunities for player interaction and at the same time sharpening your strategy and tactic skills.

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LapGear Lap Desk

This may be quite a costly gift, but this is worth it. We should always invest in our children’s education and this is quite a good investment. Doing a lot of homework at the house needs a sturdy and good lap desk to get anything done comfortably. This lap desk can fit up to 15.6″ laptops and most tablets. It has also a phone slot wherein it can hold all cell phones vertically in a 5″ x 0.75″ slot and strap pencils and pens with the desk’s elastic. It provides comfort as well as the dual-booster cushion conforms to their lap, keeping you cool and comfortable, it is smooth, its flat surface allows proper laptop ventilation. All these features ensure an ergonomic lap desk experience wherever they go.

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What does a 14-year-old wish for?

Here are some quick gift ideas on things that you can order online. This is presents that will make the 14-year-old very happy.

A new iPhone

A new mobile phone is a gift that 14-year-olds always want. So cool a (and expensive) model as possible, of course!

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Headphone stand

14-years-old like to have beautiful furnishings in the room. This headphone holder is as stylish as it is practical. The headphones will not be destroyed when having an elegant standing.

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Headphones are an excellent gift when it comes to teenagers. They always seem to break.

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Want to surprise him or her with something unexpected, a slackline might be fun.

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Sanlida Hero X8 Target Compound Bow and Arrow Kit with All Accessories

Buy compounder archery, for young people. You get some accessories and aluminum arrows in this package.

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CraveBox Care Package

A gift box with Snacks Food Cookies Granola Bar Chips Candy Ultimate Variety Gift Box Pack Assortment Basket Bundle Mix Bulk Sampler Treats will be a lovely gift for him or her.

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A cell phone as a gift to a 14-year old

The most important thing on the 14-year-old‚Äôs wish list.¬†The Mobile phone¬†!!¬†It is crucial to have an excellent cell phone.¬†The mobile phone is both a status symbol, entertainment, communication, and a toy today.¬†If the 14-year-old already has a good mobile phone, there are a lot of assessors for the mobile phone as she or he desires birthday.¬†It is vital to have the ‚Äúright‚ÄĚ case for the mobile phone.¬†It must be a little more expensive, often from the iDeal of Sweden.¬†It is also good with extra protection to the front of the mobile phone to avoid cracked glass.

A new phone

The gift that a 14-year-old wants most of all is a mobile phone. If you cant afford to give the very latest, it should be one of the newer models anyway. Otherwise, he or she is hopelessly alienated!

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iDeal of Sweden Mobile Phone Case for iPhone 11

The cell phone case is not just trendy. It protects the phone as well, so it has given 14-year-old an excellent mobile phone, then it’s foolish not to provide them with a phone case and also to protect the phone.

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OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones

Since it is good to have headphones on a mobile phone, it is not sure that the family puts up with all the youtube clips, pop songs, and audiobooks that 14-year-olds seem to love to listen to.

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JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker ‚Äď Ocean Blue

But if friends are visiting it is needed, of course also speakers so that everyone can listen together. Then a speaker with great sounds is great. This speaker is small in size with a massive sound.

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iDeal Of Sweden Qi-Certified Wireless Charger

‚ÄúThe battery ran out‚ÄĚ is a common excuse when teenagers do not want to answer the phone when parents call. So make sure that they have an extra power bank too, so do not raise the problem.

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Solar Power Bank

Maybe a smart power bank solar charger can be a good gift for a 14-year-old.

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They might be a little childish, but a 14-year-old girl can undoubtedly imagine having a speaker in the shape of an owl. They are surprisingly inexpensive and have an excellent sound to be so tiny.
A speaker and a lamp combined are a great gift to a 14-year old.
Even an extra-long cord to the mobile phone is a cheap but trendy birthday gift for 14-year-olds.

Give the 14-year-old an experience as a birthday gift

A 14-year-old still think it’s fun to get to do fun things with their family. So it is appreciated to get an experience as a birthday gift. The experience can be shared by the family or with a good friend.

Pleasant experiences for a 14-year-old are, for example, Adventure course where you can climb, ride a zipline, etc. 5-20 meters in the air. Visit a trampoline park with lots of different diving boards and slides to choose from. Driving a go-kart tends to be a cool experience. To drive at high speed close to the ground.

Get out of the city and enjoy a tour in a kayak. They will soon learn about how to paddle and will have a nice time.

Cheap gifts for a 14-year-old

Do you have a smaller budget, you can find a very nice gift to a 14-year old anyway. Here are some useful tips on beautiful and inexpensive gifts for a 14-year-old.

A light chain that you can mold into any text or shape you want.
Lightboxes, where you write your messages, are very trendy-now.

Scented candles are lovely to have in the room and are cheap.
A mug with a good motive can be a nice gift for a 14-year-old.
A mug with a good motive can be a nice gift for a 14-year-old.
The bottle that she or he has to the gym may need to be replaced occasionally. This bottle is both attractive and cheap.
A smooth hammock to take to the beach or to put up in the garden is a cheap gift.
A fun and very inexpensive gift to give a 14-year-old is the IQ puzzles. They come in different variations and are hard to part with once you started.
World’s Smallest 1000 pieces puzzle doesn’t cost much and is fun to make.
When 14-year-old going to the beach is a wabobaboll bouncing on the water, a fun thing to have to.
A Rubik’s Cube is almost impossible to solve. An inexpensive and fun gift to give a 14-year-old.
This maze ball has a track with a marble inside. It is hard to put away.

The gift to a 14-year-old gamer

Are you celebrating a 14-years-old who is interested in computers? Then there are very many good gifts around that interest that you can buy. Some great tips, for example, A new game, a great game chair, keyboard cleaner, a good gaming mouse, speakers, or an excellent mouse pad.

A mouse pad for gamers is a bit larger than a standard. They are worn out fast, and it is good to get a new one.
A gaming mouse has many programmable buttons. It also has cool lighting.
Buy speakers that provide a great audio experience on the PC.
A complete gaming package ‚Äď Very cheap actually
If he or she does much, it is crucial to have a good headset for your computer. They may cost a lot, but they will also be used very frequently. So based on the time they will be used, it is not that expensive actually.
Gamers love to drink soda in front of the computer. It will surely be appreciated with a mini-fridge, storing soft drinks in. This refrigerator has room for many sodas. Cool to always have cold soda when she or he’s going to play computer games.
For a player, it is vital to have a computer with a fast processor. Are you going to give him or her a laptop, it will not do with any computer. Look at the back of the game, which processing power and as required. It is the minimum requirement.
The cyber clean keyboard is an excellent way to keep the keyboard clean.

Clothes for a birthday present

Are you looking to buy clothes for the gift of a 14-year-old? Unfortunately, it’s a terrible idea. They usually do not appreciate someone else choosing clothes for them. But if you still decide to do just that, I would recommend stockings, a bathrobe, a hooded sweatshirt, or a thick sweater. But I would recommend you instead buy a gift card.

Sheepskin Slippers will be appreciated during the cold seasons.
A housecoat could also work if you know what color he or she likes.
Colorful socks from Happy Socks will make a great gift.

Educational gifts for a 14-years-old

Although the 14-year-old is becoming quite an adult, there are still educational gifts to give him or her. Model building, a trajectory, or a puzzle is fun to make and an educational gift for a 14-year-old.

A good gift to give a 14-year-old is this trajectory
If the 14-year-old reads the Harry Potter books, metal models with motifs from the books make a good birthday present.
A 1000 pieces puzzle with the motives of Jan von Haasteren is an educational gift for a 14-year-old

Give the 14-year-old nice things for their rooms

Interior design is something that 14-year-olds usually appreciate receiving as a gift. They typically like to do if their room to a more adult and remove things that look too childish. Fluffy blankets, bedding, and stuff in beautiful to get and a down duvet makes the room feel more adult. With such stylish bedding, there isn’t necessary to have a bedspread. So things that they would like to have is the example:

Wake up light is a cool light with natural lighting that awakens him or her. Instead of the usual angry howl can choose nature sounds. Now, she or he will wake up in much better spirits than otherwise!
A down duvet will give the bed a little touch of luxury. A duvet that is a little moderately thick and can be used year-round. A duvet is a gift 14-year-old will use throughout their lives.
Since teens rarely make the bed with the bedspread, it is helpful to give him beautiful bedding. Then it does not matter anymore.
With a thick, comfortable mat to get the right ‚Äúhotel feel‚ÄĚ of the room. Getting put your feet on a thick and cozy carpet feels much better than on a cold floor.
Now is the time to eliminate all traces from the 14-year-old’s childhood. Change to adult curtains. With these blackout cut curtains is no need for blinds.
More luxurious pillows to lay on the bed gives an entirely different look in the room. Why do not these trendy pillows with flamingos? A fun gift for a 14-year-old who likes to decorate their rooms.
Or maybe a carnivorous plant can be fun? Please give it away in a nice pot that will fit into the room.
A nice lamp with atmospheric lighting can also be fun to decorate their rooms. A lovely décor gift to 14-year-old

Give of your time!

14-year-olds like attention and to get out of your time. Why not give just that? Maybe you can do something together, only the two of you. Give a gift to a visit to a café, outdoor lunch, or perhaps a shopping trip with you. Or play something together. 14-year-olds may have a cool attitude, but they also want to feel loved and cared for.

Give beauty products as a gift to a 14-year-old

Gifts for a 14-year-old girl

Beauty products for girls are not so difficult. It is easy to find makeup, hair stuff, perfume, bath bombs, and luxurious creams and body kits.

A makupset in discrete earthy tones
Black mascara from Max Factor is always ate
Perhaps a larger makupset with a bit of everything in is a fun gift?
Perfume from Christina Aguilera Red Sin smells very good.
A bag of bath bombs are a luxurious gift for a 14-year-old girl
A necklace with her birthstone.

More gifts for a 14-year-old girl, you can find here!

The gift to a 14-year old guy

Guys might wish for a silver bracelet with black leather strap (just the right bit macho and stylish at the same time). Or a men’s fragrance, perhaps, a small bottle of perfume type Calvin Klein or Million or anything that is fresh and masculine. The links go to parfym.se. They are always good at price when I compared with other sites and shops in town.

Million is a perfume young guys often use.
Million is a perfume young guys often use.
Stylish cool bracelets as gifts to the 14-year-old guy
One good perfume as a gift to the 14-year-old guy

More gifts for a 14-year-old guy, you can find here!

Movie nights with friends

When friends come over and watch a movie, it is good not to show anything too violent. Iron man or Lord of the Rings is perhaps a fitting movie. It is exciting without spurring blood all the time, so their friends’ parents will not be unhappy with the choice of film. The box consists of 3 DVD movies. They wish something for something tasty to eat and drink.

Lord of the Rings is a movie that is suitable to give as a gift to the 14-year-old and to show when friends come over. Teenagers love to watch for long.
With a popcorn machine, you get a healthy snack to movie night. Popcorn has both fiber and lowers cholesterol.

For it not to be too useful, you need to add a little soda. It takes a lot, with a soda streamer saving soon the cost.
For it not to be too useful, you need to add a little soda. It takes a lot, with a soda streamer saving soon the cost.
There are many movies that 14-year-olds like to get. The safest course is to ask them what they want for the film. Ironman is a film that many 14-year-olds look anyway.

Money as a gift to a 14-year-old

Money to buy what they wish for is also very popular, although it is not as fun to give away maybe.¬†A better option might be to open a stock account for them in, where you deposit some money.¬†To now get some stocks and to follow ‚Äútheir‚ÄĚ companies will be inspiring and lead to an interest that he or she had otherwise.¬†Investing in stocks is fun!

A fine wallet of metal that you fill with little money will become a prized birthday present.
A leather wallet is a good gift. Put a little money in it as a gift to the 14-year-old also.

A camera as a gift

Digital camera and a photography course for beginners photography is an enjoyable hobby. Hopefully, it will lead to a lifelong interest when you give it away as a gift to the 14-year-old. Even if he or she is not going to work as a photographer, it will be a fun hobby, and maybe something like a 14-year-old will enjoy for many applications. It can also be good with a course so that he or she learns to shoot.

A system camera of any kind. Photography is a fun hobby

Video games are a nice gift

Teenagers like to play video games. Nintendo Switch is a popular console. Perhaps it is because it is a hybrid console that can be played both as a handheld device and it can be connected to the television. Or because there are so many great video games to buy for it.

Nintendo Switch
Super Smash 
Yoshi’s crafted world

Games that 14-year-old kids likes

It’s not just a video game that comes when you talk to 14-year-olds. Even ordinary board games can be fun to play both with family and with friends. Here are some games that 14-year-olds like.

A reaction game where the loser gets an electric shock is a game that many 14-year-olds want. There are both girls and guys who think this is fun. A reaction game for two to four players. When the music stops, you have to let go to avoid a shock.
A game of classic wooden chess is a beautiful gift for a 14-year-old.
Blokus is a game for four people. He or she will develop logical thinking in this game. I think this game will be a lot of fun for the whole family. I played it as an app on my phone, and I like it myself.

Crafting stuff as a gift for a 14-year-old

There are a lot of crafts and gifts that you can give an artistic 14-year-old. They both like to subscribe, try new styles and techniques, and work with such cernit clay.

A draw manga book, a sketch paper pad, and pens is an excellent gift for a 14-year-old.
Fine pens that are especially good for the 14-year-old who likes to draw, for example, manganese.
Cernit clay that you can make small figures, and maybe jewelry is a fun gift for a 14-year-old.
Sketchpad is such that you always go to when you have an artistic teenager at home.
Water Colors tend to be highly appreciated if you give it an artistic 14-year-old as a gift.
A book about to begin painting watercolors can be fun to have for those who have not tried before.
A slime that even 14-year olds will love to play with. It is incredibly extensible and can be extended almost indefinitely. It is also possible to blow bubbles of.
A tropical world is a coloring book for adults as 14-year-old will also like to receive as gifts. It contains fine details and new things that pop up when you look closely.
When painting watercolor needed, a particular paper is kept taut when painting to avoid the paper is crumpled by moisture. When the paint has dried, you can release the drawing.

Technical gadgets that 14-year-olds want tho have

In addition to phones and accessories to their phone, there are other technology gadgets that a 14-year-olds wants as well. It can be cool alarm clocks, speakers, and perhaps a drone to compete with friends. It is also popular to get different types of vehicles.

Does the teen have trouble waking up in the morning? An alarm clock that flies when the alarm goes off is an excellent gift. To silence the clock must be captured. Then the teenager is guaranteed to be awake.
Teens also tend to like to listen to music. These speakers are cool. They are filled with water and is lit when the music starts the light shows in time with the music.
A racing Kit with drones to compete with friends is an excellent gift for a 14-year-old. It sets up a path in the air as you’re flying, and the base station helps keep track of speed, etc.
A hoverboard is an excellent way to travel. Cool gadget to give a 14-year-old birthday. Go up to 12 kilometers per hour.
Equally appreciated, it would be even to get this hover-kart that can be linked to his hoverboard to make it into a cart.
An electric Scoter is a cool gift for a 14-year-old. It runs up to 20km / h and can go 12 km on a single charge.

Cool birthday gifts

There are, of course, lots of cool gifts to give a fourteen-year-old. To make it in the woods, off what nature has to offer is something everyone should learn. Here are some great gifts for surviving.

Survival kit gifts to 14-year-old who likes nature and wilderness. 
A guide that was written by Bear Grylls with the ambitious title Survival Skills Hiking. A good book about surviving both in nature.

Gifts for a 14-year-old who has everything

It is not always easy to find birthday gifts for a teenager who already has everything he or she needs. But perhaps a different gift, something that he or she can deal with together with friends can be a good idea?

A badminton set for four people with balls rackets networks and storage bag.
Tennis racquets and balls for two people. Tennis can be fun jobs for 14-year-olds.
Spike Ball is a fun beach games where it serves to a network on the ground and trying to feint away opponents.
A hanging hut is a fun and unusual gift for a 14-year-old who already has everything.
A padlock with fingerprint reading is something that he or she is guaranteed not to have.
Schoolbag wears quickly and may need to be replaced frequently. It could be an excellent gift for the 14-year-old who has everything already.

Hope you got some inspiration and found good gifts for a 14-year-old! There are hundred and thousand more birthday ideas. But always keep in mind that when buying gifts, practicality, simplicity, and usefulness are always important. No matter how expensive your gifts are if they will not serve their purpose, then they will be useless and a waste of money. Always keep remembering that it is always the thought that counts in buying a gift and the heart of the giver is really what matters most.

What is a good gift for a 13-year-old guy? A good gift for a 13-year-old guy is video games, chocolate, an inflatable armchair, a book, an activity bracelet, and VR glasses. More some useful tips for a 13-year-old guy here.

What is a good gift for a 16-year-old guy? A good gift for a 16-year-old guy is a necklace, driving lessons, a subscription to the magazine Science Illustrated, a bow, or perfume. More gift ideas for a 16-year-old guy can be found here.

What to give as a Christmas gift for a 14-year-old guy? Nice Christmas gifts for a 14-year-old guy are cozy slippers, bonsai trees, perfume, or a gift card at the Stadium. More Christmas gifts to a 14-year-old can be found here.

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14th Birthday Gift Ideas
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