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1st Birthday Gift Ideas

What is a nice gift for a one-year-old? Are you looking for that perfect gift for a 1-year-old? Bring a cardboard box and a gift lace. Jokes aside, to find a gift for a 1-year-old is no art! Time really flies fast. Last year you were just carrying her delicately in your arms and now your baby now runs wild inside your home. You would just sometimes wonder how you could raise this fragile little creation that becomes a wild ball of energy in a brief span of time. Babies can be very amazing.

What is a nice gift to a 1-year-old? Nice gifts to a 1-year-old are a Pippi Longstocking doll, block box, rocking mammoth, cuddly toys, cars, puzzles, bolt boards, or a song bag.

1-year-olds are not at all picky. They will love all the gifts they receive. They will love the gift box and gift lace as much as the present itself.

Nice gifts to a 1-year-old

In addition to this page with gifts for 1-year-olds, I have also written about gifts for 1-year-old boys and gifts for 1-year-old girls. Please visit the sides also for more gift ideas!

You need to prepare a lot of things for your baby’s 1st birthday party. We are sure that it will be going to be filled with lots of memories since it is her first time. It might overwhelm your baby by the influx of people that she might have just seen. You know how babies sometimes react but still, they would look cute.

What should you do for your baby’s 1st birthday gift ideas? For sure, they would love it once they get their hands on it. We love to see your little girl or your little boy get to wear their smile as they get their hands on them. Your baby’s 1st birthday gift ideas are something that you need to prepare for, don’t worry, we got your back and got you covered.

1st birthday gift ideas

Sleep help

Bedtime imagination is a soothing musical lullaby and color game that uses a unique, effective approach to relax and inspire your child to sleep in their own world of color and wonder in less than 30 minutes. This is a lifesaver for many families. Instead of trying to put their child to sleep for hours, this helps children to relax and fall asleep faster than ever before.

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Toddler Jungle Gym Play Tent with Play Crawl Tunnel Toy

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a 1-year-old, this one is going to be the ultimate treat. You’ll be going to see how much your 1-year-old kid will be going to enjoy this one. You can customize the maze option to suit your kid’s preference. A lot of laughers for hours would surely echo your home when those kids enter the maze.

It is easy to assemble and store. You can pop this toy in just seconds and you can also close it in a breeze. Playing it will fill your home with lots of fun and storing it is easy with little hassles. Made with durable materials guarantee to last long. It is safe for everyday playing. Come and get it now.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

Parents can make their children feel special by gifting them a personalized portrait when they are still babies. This portrait is a true definition of a royal baby. You can get your children this present on one of their birthdays. You may also choose to have it for your young children, and they will think they are royals, bringing them entertainment as they step into royalty character.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

TOP BRIGHT Wooden Activity Cube Toy for One Year Gift Ideas

Kids will dig it for sure, see them explore, and get lots of fun with this wooden activity cube toy. It features 5 different mazes that will surely get your kid hyped up. It is multi-functional that will make your kid play smart all day long. Keeps them going for hours since it will surely get their attention in an instant.

Children would learn more if what they are doing is fun. This game is both fun and educational. Made from high-quality materials that are safe for everyday use. Non-toxic and is sure will keep your kid safe. Make your kid’s childhood more fun and filled with beautiful memories. You will definitely not regret getting this one for your kid. Get it now.

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I See Do You See – Numbers

My Book about Space is a personalized book filled with fun facts, cool illustrations, and a color portrait of your child on every page. Kids will love sharing their adventure stories as they flip through their very own personalized books. This award-winning Numbers book will set your children on a journey of locating numbers from one to 10 when using animal recognition. Your kid will embark on an interactive journey with their hairy friend for hours of fun. This 9 x 12 book comes with 28 pages that have colorful illustrations. It is perfect for girls and boys aging 1 to 6 years.

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Conomus Piano Keyboard Toy for Kids

Your little darling deserves something that is fit for a princess. Get your kid to appreciate music at an early age with the piano toy. It is an ideal gift item for birthdays, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Your kid would literally go bananas with this one. You know exactly that kids and music go smoothly with each other.

It is a great idea to develop your kid’s love for music. It helps improve their brain memory and psychomotor functions. A great educational toy that is packed with lots of fun for your 1-year-old. Packaged with a microphone and other instruments, it is hard not to fall in love with it. It is perfect for your kid and for her development.

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Crayline Pop Up Princess Tent with Star Light

It has balls, lights, and a tent. How could you ever resist that kind of one-year-old starter pack? There is no doubt about it. Your kid will surely dig this one out. Your kid is going to be a princess as long as she likes one. She sets foot in this magical tent.

It will surprise you because it can easily pop up in seconds. You don’t need to assemble or do anything special. This wonderful piece is exceptional for birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Made with safe and durable materials, this toy will make your girl the most adorable princess she is. Get this one now.

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Little Tikes Go and Grow Lil’ Rollin’ Giraffe

Move to the sides. Our little rider is on his way. You should see the look on your kid’s face when you mount him on top of his giraffe bike. You’ll see him beaming with lots of smiles and laughter, it is just worth the effort to see your kid wear that enormous grin in an instant.

Great for both indoors and outdoors, your kid would love to be on his trike all day long as it rolls smoothly on the floor. You won’t have to worry about a thing because it is a 3-wheeled bike. The enormous wheels on the back would get your boy perfectly safe and stable with his every twist and turn. Made with excellent quality materials that are sure to last. Get it now.

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TOYVENTIVE Developmental Toddler Educational Learning Toys

One-year-olds love to associate, organize and mess up everything. That is their idea of fun. This wonderful set of toddler toys would be going to be a hit with your 1-year-old energy ball. It has several items like cups, boards, blocks, books and everything in between that would provide both learning and fun for your kid.

When you are looking for an ideal gift item for a 1-year-old, this one is one great choice for him. It helps you promote counting, which helps your kid to build his math skill portfolio. Light, compact and portable, this wonderful set of kid’s toys is just one impressive set for keeping your child at bay while he is happy with this thing.

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Lydaz Bubble Mower for Toddlers

Get your kid to pull, push, and then create millions of bubbles with this bubble mower for toddlers. We can’t wait to see letting your kid does his thing with this bubble mower. We are sure that he is going to be filled with lots of laughter when he sees bubbles going out of this toy. It is just one impressive kid-themed object.

It features a realistic sound that will encourage your kid to play it more. The more he pushes or pulls it, the more bubbles he’s going to make. What would be more fun than that? The bright colors are just fantastic. Get your kid to walk with it for hours with little fuss and mess. This one is a “must-have”, get it now.

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Night Light Stars

Kids would love it in an instant. Kids just love stars, it will attract and mesmerize them in a flick of a finger. You need to have this projector in your kid’s room so that your kid stares at it for minutes and will sleep soundly. A little bedtime story with this star projector effect would come a very long way. They’ll be going to love this, we are sure about that.

It is easy to operate, you just have to press buttons, and the toy will do its thing. Get your kid to be curious about the sky and help them learn a lot from it. It is a perfect bonding toy between you and your one-year-old. It uses both AC and DC so you won’t have to worry if batteries run out. Get this one because your kid will love it.

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RenFox Kids Musical Mat

Get your kid to step on it and see them move to the groove. It is a baby activity mat that features 8 different musical instruments piano, violin, accordion, horn, xylophone, oboe, guitar, and flute. It’s like paying for one great toy and getting others for free. Your kid will love and would dig this one, we are sure of that.

This portable baby play mat is easy to be brought anywhere, you can go on vacation, and still, your kid can play with it, it’s like they never left home. Safe to use since it’s made with soft non-woven fabric that is safe for both the environment and your kid. It is one brilliant piece since it is both fun and educational. We would love you to have it.

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Derabika Educational LCD Writing Tablet Color Doodle Board Learning Toys

If you are looking for a unique set of toys for your one-year-old, give this one a try, and we are sure that your kid will be going to love it instantly. This LCD writing tablet is just one of the best gifts out there for her birthday. It is a drawing board, a notepad, a memo board, and everything else rolled into one. It is that great.

This LCD drawing tab is radiation-free, and protects your kid’s eyes. Do not have a glaring blue light that might harm your kid’s eyes. It is 10 inches large than would provide your kid with easy viewing. It is very lightweight and your kid can bring it anywhere in the breeze. You should have this one for your kid because it is a significant item.

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For what does a 1-year-old wish?

As for the 1-year-olds, it is easy to find gifts that they will enjoy for many years to come. It will, of course, be gifts that both children and parents think are good. If a 1-year-old could have written a wish list, I believe that these gifts will be on it:

Wooden train set

The train is a gift that lasts a long time. At one year old, it is sufficient to provide a basic kit. It can then be purchased in parts as the child gets older. A train track is definitely on a wish list for a 1-year old.

A soft doll as a gift to a 1-year-old

To give a 1-year-old a doll as a gift is a good idea. At this age, they love dolls.

Block boxes

These are sorting boxes where you put blocks with different shapes in different holes and then pick them out again and start over. Sorting boxes is a fun gift for young children. The forms you inserted inside through their respective hole can be taken out of the big hole.

Plush Dinosaur Rex

Sweet and soft dinosaurs are something a 1-year-old can not resist. A cute gift that is always appreciated by the 1-year-olds, ar stuffed animals. They come in all shapes, rabbits, classic bears, or dogs.

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Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal

They enjoy playing with the small and cuddly teddy bears. It is challenging to choose just one stuffed toy. There are so many cute ones to choose from.

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Plush Elephant Stuffed Animal Soft Elephant with Bunny Ears

Getting an elephant, they also enjoy playing with it.

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Pull along animals

Small animals, cars, and the like, which you pull behind a string, make excellent gifts. I do not understand why, but the 1-year-olds I’ve ever known have been very interested in pulling things behind in a line.

Brio duck’s a classic, that is loved by many children.

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Plush Rocking Horse, Mammoth Rocker

Any one-year-old will cherish a gift of a rocking horse of any kind. Rocking Horses can be used both when they want to be cowboys, animal farmers, and circus princesses. A rocking Mammoth is a cozy decor detail in the child’s room.

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Happy Trails Rocking Dagwood Dragon

Rocking Horses are also available in the form of a dragon. A perfect choice for the little princess or prince.

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Llama Rocking Horse for Girl & Boy

A different rocking horse is this Ilama.

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The best one-year-gift is a ride in the car

The best gift for a one-year is a car. They are as much fun to ride around indoors and outdoor. These are luxurious cars for little toddlers. Who among us does not dream about getting a Lamborghini or a bright yellow Ferrari with exclusive leather seats? With these luxurious cars, the baby will be king in the courtyard and travel at high speed. Or just an ordinary ride-on-car.

Toy Chest Nyc Wooden Fire Truck

Fire trucks as a gift to a 1-year-old – everyone loves emergency vehicles! So why not give a one-year-old a fire truck to rescue cats from trees and other heroic stuff.

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Fisher-Price Little People Helping Others Fire Truck

This firetruck is also a musical toy fire engine with figures for toddlers and preschoolers ages 1-5 years.

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Light and Sounds Police Car for Baby Infant Toddler Children

Baby Toy Police Car Includes lights that flash to the beat of the music. It positively influences development through pushing and pulling, role-playing, action/reaction play, and encourages exploration. The police car has 5 fun tunes and songs.

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What to buy for a 1-year-old?

Birthday gifts that always work to provide a 1-year-old are learning go-carts. Learning to go-cart is safe to stay in when taking their first steps. In addition, there are baby walkers that act as though carts, fire trucks, or music themes. Baby walkers are a good thing for any one-year-old that is just learning to walk. However, a trolley for a 1-year-old is a classic baby walker. It is also a very convenient toy. Not only can it be used as a support when the child learns to walk, it can also be used for other purposes.

A fun activity and learning to walk at the same time. This one provides a lot of fun.
At this age, kids are really fascinated by firetrucks. This is a gift they will love.

Not only can it be used to transport their building blocks all over the house. Now they no longer get the things one by one. The trolley will also be used to drive younger siblings and dolls. However, a cart for a 1-year-old is a perfect birthday gift for them.

Outdoor play equipment

One-year-olds usually like to be both inside and out and play. Therefore, provide a 1-year-old present for outdoor play such as a baby sledding or Sandset during the summer season. Getting sledding instead of a stroller when parents are walking is something special. It also tends to be very fun to tear down sand cakes that parents build up.

Snow sled

A sled is nice to have when winter comes. For the youngest children is good with a sled with extra back support.

Sand toys for a 1-year-old

Making sand cakes tend to be fun. 1-year-olds tend to be good at tearing them down anyway. After one year, they will begin to make their sand cakes. It may be most comfortable to start with a small set.

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The best toy for a 1-year-old

Doll kitchen

This is the best toy for a 1-year-old. It is a gift that the kids love for many years – all the children usually like to cook in their kitchen. There are plenty of accessories that you can buy when the kids get older. 

Tea set

But to begin with, it is amply enough with a tea set. 

Pretended food

But then there are both food, cakes and other beautiful stuff to buy. Children usually love to cook in their kitchen, and invite their parents for coffee and food. A play kitchen is a gift that kids can play with for years. They usually cook until school age. If I had to pick out a specific toy, I would say that this is the best toy for a young kid.

Pop-up toys and block boxes

The pop-up animal is a box with buttons that kids turn on, slide to the side, screws, etc. When the child has pressed the button, an animal pops up from the pot. This was my son’s first favorite toy. It took a while before he was able to master every function. It is a toy which he played a lot with. Every time an animal jumped out of its pot, he laughed a lot. Although it was a while ago, I still don’t think that 1-year-old humor has changed since then. It is a perfect gift for a 1-year-old.

Pop the animals tend to be loved by the little ones
 Activity toys tend to be very popular
Activity toys tend to be very popular
Sorting boxes where they’ll put blocks into the right hole is usually fun for them.

Pippi Longstocking as a gift to a 1-year-old

Even Pippi movies tend to be very popular among young children. Clothing and toys with Pippi Longstocking Designs tend to be trendy. But it’s still a little early to buy costumes.

Maybe she or he would be happy for a doll?
Maybe she or he would be happy with a doll?

Mr. Nilsson, like stuffed animals, often becomes ‘trendy.

Fisher-price toys

Why not buy a Fisher-Price bus? All Fisher-Price toys tend to be fun and be able to fascinate small toddlers. Fisher-Price is known to have toys that keep. They are resistant to many children’s intense love. They are special toys that they will love and cherish.

nice gift to a 1-year-old A bus from Fisher price is a nice gift that your kids will love.
A bus from Fisher-price is a nice gift that your kids will love.

Give a puzzle as a present to the one-year-old

Puzzle with a few pieces and maybe knob puzzles, so the pieces are easier to grip. Young children usually love toys in bright colors. This puzzle is just right hard for a 1-year-old.

Knob puzzle with cute animals is a thing for the 1-year-olds.
Ice cream puzzle

Pounding bench and ball tower

The pounding bench will be a good idea for 1-year-olds. They are available in two different variants. One classic, but there is also a newer pounding bench with a ball to be hit into the hole. Even the ball tower is usually fun to play with.

Or a classic pounding bench where the child strikes nails into the board.
Here you put the balls in the top, and then they roll down the house.
Here you put the balls in the top, and then they roll down the house.

Duplo gifts to a 1-year-old

Duplo, or “big lego,” as it is also called, can usually occupy the kids for a long. Duplo pony stables are another Duplo kit that seems very fun for 1-year-olds.

Present to a 1-year-old Why not give them a farm with a pig, chicken, cat, and <a class=
Why not give them a farm with a pig, chicken, cat, and cow.
Duplo toys that will last for many years due to its durability.
Duplo toys will last for many years due to their durability.

Building blocks

Blocks are some classic toys for a 1-year-old. The most fun is if you can build towers as high as possible. The 1-year-old will be glad to demolish the tower with great delight and try to make it again. An additional good thing with these blocks is that they will be able to be also used to learning to read in a couple of years.

nice gift to a 1-year-old  Classic blocks in blue pastel color.
Classic blocks in blue pastel color.
 Blocks with letters
Blocks with letters

Large blocks of that can be stacked on top of each other.
Large blocks of that can be stacked on top of each other.

Books as a gift to a 1-year-old

Would you give away a book as a gift to a 1-year-old? If so, consider The Little tree Rabbits, Sam’s Cooke and knock, knock, knock. Picture books with colorful pictures are good gifts. Books are great gifts. My son loved his books as a child. I do not know how many times I woke up that I have just received my favorite book slung in my head. Kids are just too fond of books like that.

Music toy as a gift to a 1-year-old

Well, it may not be the whole truth – noisy contraption I’d probably call it, but it is not music. But if it isn’t your child, it’s usually fun to give away a xylophone or toys that make sounds like a great gift.

Toddler Musical Instruments Set

Box with lots of instruments. This is an entire Music Set, toddlers do appreciate music.

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Wood Drum Set

Or perhaps a drum adapted for the youngest children.

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Xylophone Musical Toy

1-year-olds usually like playing with Xylophones.

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What do the parents wish you gave their 1-year-old?

Parents tend to be happiest if the child gets some new clothes or pajamas. Other gifts that may work well for one-year-olds are duvet with something fancy.

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Clothing etc to give a 1-year-old

There are beautiful clothes that you can give a 1-year-old if you do not want to build a toy mountain. Clothes are appreciated, not so much by the child, but more by the parents.


A backpack is always helpful. If it is then a nice motif so often, it will become very popular with the baby because of its convenience to pack all their things before daycare or excursion.

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Baby Girl Clothes

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Boys Bib Overall

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Interior as a gift to a 1-year-old

It is a fantastic gift on the 1st anniversary; it is usually to give the room’s baby decor. It can be anything from furniture to nightlamps and lovely paintings for the baby’s room. Here are some tips on gifts for the aged.

For a child’s room, it is always good to have night lights. It will help keep the monsters away.
A dinosaur lamp is also nice to put in the baby's room.
A dinosaur lamp is also nice to put in the baby’s room.

 All fine treasures is good to gather in one place. This fine string shelf will also be nice.
All fine treasures is good to gather in one place. This fine string shelf will also be nice.
 Maybe painting with a loving message will be a nice birthday present.
Maybe painting with a loving message will be a nice birthday present.
 A car mat in the form of a race track tends to be appreciated in the baby's room.
A car mat in the form of a race track tends to be appreciated in the baby’s room.

Buy furniture gifts for a 1-year old

Why not give one-year-old custom furniture to have in front of the TV? It can be used for a long time.

 Or maybe a table and chairs to have in his room. It's a great way to get them to stay in their rooms with all the <a class=
Or maybe a table and chairs to have in his room. It’s a great way to get them to stay in their rooms with all the cooking equipment.
With this, they no longer need to be taken out to the kitchen to invite parents to dinner but stay hopefully in the kids’ room.
 A private television armchair is a good gift to give small children. It is easier to climb than the usual sofa and is easier to clean.
A private television armchair is an excellent gift to give small children. It is more comfortable to climb than the usual sofa and is easier to clean.

Personal one-year-gift

When my children were small, they received a respective photo album with photos of just them. They thought it was great fun. They loved looking at pictures with only themselves. If you buy something that the necklace can be engraved, you also get a very personal birthday present.

Why not give a one-year-old a personal gift? Something like this cute piggy bank with an engraved message on it.

Why not give a one-year-old baby personal photo albums, complete with photos from the first year? This photo album, you can also get with the child’s name engraved on it. They will love it so much.
A very personal birthday gift is if you give her a necklace whit her name on it. They will love and cherish it.

A gift to a 1-year-old should not contain small parts

When you buy a one-year-old gift, you have to make sure that you don’t include small items to avoid having them swallow them and suffocating from them. So, make sure that the gifts do not have the text “not recommended for children under three years.” But even if you do not find any such labeling, avoid allowing a baby to play with small items.

The wish of a 1-year-old

Children within one year old have no wish. They are delighted with whatever you give them as a present. They might even find the pack of the gift more exciting than the main gift inside sometimes. But parents will be happier if you do not give the child too many things, so focus instead on a higher quality toy than several. Although a 1-year-old does not have a wish list, I have picked out gift ideas that I know both my and other children love to play with.

Wrap the gift nicely

When you give gifts to the one-year-old, wrapping is just as important as the content—a gift to a 1-year-old needs to have excellent paper and beautiful laces.

A birthday present for godchildren, what should you buy? As Godparent, you might want to give your godchildren a beautiful extra gift when he or she is one year old. I would recommend that you buy a bobby car, a personal photo album, or start saving money.

What is an excellent gift for kids? Great gifts for kids are dinosaurs, a wallet with unicorns, movie tickets, crafting things, or putty to make your unicorn. More tips on gifts for kids, you can find here.

What are the wooden toys for one-year-old children? Good wooden toys for a 1-year-old are learning pallet trucks, blocks, drums, pad boxes, and Brio wooden toys.


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1st Birthday Gift Ideas
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