A gift for a 4-months old baby

Are you looking for a nice gift for a baby within four months? Then I have some excellent ideas that I want to share with you.

What gift can you give a 4-months baby? Children at this age do not have many toys. Maybe it is better to go for clothing and other necessities if you want to buy a gift for a 4-months baby.

You’ll get my best present things your baby might need and what the baby’s parents may be happy to get as a gift for their child.

Nice gifts to a 4-month-old
Nice gifts to a 4-month-old

Toys for a four-month old baby

In addition to clothing and necessities, there are activity toys that can be fun to give as a gift to a 4-months baby.

Baby gym

It looks like a carpet that you put your baby on. Over the mat, there are one or two arcs where small toys in bright colors are fixed. The baby is then positioned there to be entertained with the toys on it. You can also reach them with your hands and feet. A baby gym is an excellent gift for a four-month baby. At four months, the baby gym likely becomes their favorite. Hence, a fun moment for your baby and a little private time for you!

Teething toys

It is fun to play with when your baby is tiny. When the teeth emerge, it helps get a refrigerated teething ring to chew on for a while. 


Choose a rattle that does not sound too loud. I found this rattle that has a little more for your baby to pick with. It can also be fixed in, e.g., a stroller when you are out. Toys for a 4-month baby needs to be easy to grasp. 

Fabric and rustling books are nice gifts

Babies usually activate themselves in long moments. They typically have many beautiful images in bright colors, and it’s enjoyable to throw the books on the floor.

Music Box

Music Boxes are popular to put on both the bed and the changing table to get the baby to be calmed down and lay still. Your baby will love it, especially with cute cats!


It is colorful and mobile from the ceiling, and the kids love it so much. Why is this not the Moomin? Even this can be hanging over the changing table.

Songbook or song bag

Small children like it when you talk to them and sing to them. Why not invest in a songbook or a song bag. The baby will enjoy it for many years.

Song bag

Baby play mat

Since your baby is now on the stomach for long periods, it’s a good idea to invest in some baby play mat.

Baby Mirror

An unbreakable mirror in gift to a 4-month baby is usually appreciated. The baby will find it fun to play with and might consider herself in the mirror as someone to talk to when lying on her stomach on the floor. 

Small cuddly toys

Small plush toys from such Babblers will surely fascinate to lie and pick with. Remember that soft toys cannot have parts that can be bitten off, especially if they are under three years. Babies at this age love to pick the pieces that stand out as small pieces. Moreover, soft toys are fun and easy for them to handle and play with.

Present to 4-month baby – fun to have in the future

Plaster casts

Remove the plaster imprint of the baby’s hand and foot. It can become a sweet memory for baby time. The footprint only takes two minutes to do. It’s easy to do, and everything is done in a form that you can put in a frame and hang.

Photo frame baby foot or hand

Good to have presents for a 4-month baby


As your baby becomes more interested in being with you and seeing what happens around him, I suggest that you get a babysitter. The bouncer leans slightly backward to save your back and neck. But the baby can still be a little bit and see what happens roundabout. The bouncer is available in both a simpler model and an advanced one with music and vibration to calm the baby. 

Bumbo seat

As your baby gets a little more robust in the neck and back, a Bumbo seat is a good idea. With it, they can sit up and go with what’s happening in the room.


Do you want to buy something that the child will benefit from and enjoy for many years? I will suggest that you get a dining chair. IKEA usually has dining chairs that are both very safe and pretty cheap or buy a more exclusive one from Amazon.com

Jolly Jumper

Jolly Jumpers g is used by babies from 4-12 months of age. When they have learned to walk, the suit will automatically be of no use again.


This is not a fun or memorable gift. But when the parents and the baby have come home, so can this gift be good. It’s a little hard to buy diapers; you must know how much the baby weighs. But diapers and wipes are consumed in enormous amounts.

Baby Bottle

Why not give your baby a little more fun baby bottle?

I hope you found a good gift for your 4-months baby!

Baby clothes

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