Gift for someone who lost a pet

“Grief is the price we pay for love”

-Queen Elizabeth II

Pets have always occupied huge chunks of human affection that sometimes, losing one results to complete devastation and heartache.

What is a good gift for someone who lost a pet?

We humans have long stopped treating our beloved pets as just mere animals. They can be anything for us, really. Some think of them as best friends, siblings, or even children. Our daily lives are never complete without them. Almost every childhood story involves a beloved dog, cat, hamster, or rabbit. We spend most of our waking hours just looking at them and laughing at their antics. We talk to them as if they can understand us, which a fair number of pet owners swear they do. We devout most of our time and resources for them to live comfortably, as any pet owner can attest. Some owners even set up social media accounts for their pets. And for some, the company of a pet or pets almost always trumps the company of other humans.

However, having a pet is a risk as they say. The risk of grief, the risk of having to say goodbye to them forever is always looming, as most pets have significantly shorter lives than humans.

There are a few things more painful than having to bury a pet. When someone you know, whether a close family member, a friend or even a coworker, loses theirs, it will be quite nice for us to show support. This might mean something small by giving them sympathy cards or even just a good and tight hug. Sympathy gifts for the loss of a pet are also wonderful. You might think, what appropriate gift should I give someone who lost a pet? Well, here are a few inspirations or suggestions you can use to help you choose that perfect gift for someone who lost a pet.

What is a good gift for someone who lost a pet?

Commemorative Statues

These cute pet angel statues are perfect for grieving pet owners as they can be displayed as gravestones or tributes. The statues can be displayed indoors or outdoors depending on the receiver’s preference. Designs range from sleeping dog and cat angels to paw prints.

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Cremation Urns for Pets

Cremation urns gives the owners the chance to keep their beloved pets close at home. Brass metal urns with hand-engraved details provides the owner with the satisfaction of knowing that their pet’s final resting place is equal to the care and love they have given them in their waking moments. The urns offered by the Best Friend Services store in Amazon perfectly captures the lasting memory of a departed companion. With its elegant old world artisanal quality, this gift will surely be appreciated.

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Pet Scrapbook as a gift to someone that lost a pet

With this gift, you can also spend time with your loved ones and sift through their pet’s photos, toys or anything that can be put away for memories. As a bonus, you can always go down the memory lane and share the happy memories they had with their pet. This way, the pain of the loss can be shared and in a way lessened. Fill in the pages together or let them do it privately.

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Memorial Jewelries

Jewelries are also beautiful options to give to someone who recently lost a pet. Anyone will appreciate this thoughtful, wearable gift as they can also be customized through engraving. Some options are also versatile as they can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace.

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Capsule Keychain

These are perfect for holding some of the pet remains such as fur, feathers or even small amount of ashes. If an urn is too much for someone, these might be a good alternative as the purpose is quite the same however, these have the advantage of being small. It can be added to a keychain or existing jewelry. The added option to attach a customized photo is also helpful.

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Flowers or Potted Plants

A sympathy gift does not always have to bear the pet’s likeness or name. Even gifts as simple as flowers will mean so much for the recipient and it will make them feel that you care, which is what we should give them first and foremost. For some grieving individuals, this gift is more than enough. Alternatively, potted plants can also be used.

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Custom Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals customized in the likeness of the beloved pet can be helpful for children who had just experienced pet loss. Children can have difficulty dealing with the loss of a beloved pet, more so if this is their first experience with death. These stuffed animals will be quite handy for kids to hug when they feel down or miss their pet.

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Self-Help Books

Some of us are admittedly not too good with words and maybe at a loss on what words to use to help ease a loved one’s burden. Books about grief due to pet loss and how to deal with it can be very helpful for anyone experiencing them.

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Gift Cards for Relaxing Activities

Even things as simple as gift cards for spas, resorts or hotels will be very helpful for loved ones who are going through a difficult loss. By offering a way for them to relax, relieve stress or even just to get away and experience new things, you can help ease their pain.

Offer Your Services for The Memorial

Not all gifts need to be tangible. Sometimes, even the simplest ones mean so much. You can always offer to organize, or even just help with the memorial service in honor of their beloved animal companion. Your time and effort will mean so much for them.

It is important to understand that grief is a natural process. Loved ones who have gone through or currently going through one needs our gentle understanding, support and love.