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Gift for ex-boyfriend

Is it a good idea to give your ex-boyfriend a gift? In this article, we’re going to talk about what are the BEST GIVE IDEAS TO GIVE TO YOUR EX BOYFRIEND. But before we proceed to the gift ideas, I want you to know that there are two meanings to giving your ex-boyfriend a gift, it’s either you want to be together with him again or you just want to end your relationship with him indefinitely.

Gift for ex-boyfriend?

If you want to be together with him, the kind of gift that you need to give him would be something sentimental for the both of you, it is something that if he sees it, he will remember all the happy and loving memories that you had with him. Now, if you want to end with him indefinitely and just want to keep your distance from him and stay as friends only, the kind of gift that you need to give him would be something that signifies that it is all over and done. Below is the list of gift ideas whether you want to keep him or end with him.

If you want to be with him again, these gifts would be a perfect gift for your ex boyfriend

Gaming Gadgets

If your ex-boyfriend loves playing video games, it is a good idea to give him this kind of gift because it shows that you support him with his hobby and his happiness matters to you.

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Personal Gadgets

There are different types of gadgets to give him like a mobile phone, smartwatch, iPad, etc. This gift is kind of expensive and if you send him one, it only shows that price doesn’t matter because he is worth it.

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Workout or Fitness equipment

If your ex-boyfriend is devoted to working out, it will be a good idea to give him some workout equipment, it only shows that you care about his health and fitness.

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Dream shoes

Remember when he told you about pair of shoes that he likes? Now it’s time to give him that. If you give him his dream shoes, it only means that he’s still important to you and you will do all just to have him back.

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A Jersey

A jersey of you and your ex-boyfriend’s favorite player would be a perfect idea to give. It means that you want to keep and him and you still want to watch a game with him.

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A Wrist watch

It is something that will remind him of you every single day. Gifting a wristwatch means that you still care about him and you want to be in his everyday life. It also shows that time is important and we need to do what really makes us happy.

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A Necklace

Choosing a necklace as a gift is easy but you need to choose the right pendant that will definitely remind him of yourself. Choose a pendant that symbolizes your relationship with him.

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Gifting him his favorite perfume is a good move, it only shows your care and affection towards him and it means that you know him very well.

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A Wallet

Same with the watch, it is something that he will use in his everyday life and it will remind him of you, but to think about the true meaning of a wallet as a gift, means that you want your ex-boyfriend to be wealthy and successful.

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Sweatshirt or jacket

If you will have this as a gif for your ex-boyfriend, it shows that you still want to provide him warmth, comfort, and protection. It is a simple, but sweet gesture.

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Men’s Grooming Kit

Even if you two already broke up, this gift will be a signal that you still want him to be in a good condition and it shows that you still want to take care of him.

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Now, if you want to end with him for good, there are still a few gifts that signify that you want to end everything with him.

Here are few gift ideas for your ex boyfriend

A Mystery Box

Buy a box and fill it with things that he gave you. Send it to him and it will show that everything with him is now over and you want to let go of the past and move on.

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A Book

There’s a lot of books to choose from but the one that I can strongly suggest is the book that discusses your ex-boyfriend. This kind of gift only shows that you are done with him.

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A Key chain

There is a lot of keychains for the ex-boyfriend, and you can choose the one with quotes that shows that it is now over, like the one saying that ‚ÄúThank you for being a piece of my life‚ÄĚ. It only means that you are done with him now.

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A Broken heart glass

Buy a glass heart and break it, put it in a box and send it to him as a gift. It shows that even if he tries to bond it together, his effort will be useless because what’s broken is broken and he can’t do anything about it, that even if he can fix it, the crack is still there.

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Now, sending a gift to your ex-boyfriend is a common thing people feel compelled to do especially in the early stage of a breakup and this gesture is basically called damage control mode and you have the decision whether to send him a gift or not as long as you are okay with it. I hope that this article can be a help for you to decide on what kind of gift you want to send to your ex-boyfriend.

Gift for ex-boyfriend
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