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Plan A Wonderful Gender Reveal Party With These Tips

There are tons of reasons to celebrate a pregnancy! It doesn’t matter if it is the first baby or the fifth, most couples cannot wait to share the news of their new bundle of joy with loved ones. A lot of couples choose to plan a big gender reveal party to share the gender of their child before they are born. Here is all the information you will need to plan your gender reveal party, along with a few fun party ideas to make your gender reveal extra memorable.

What is a gender reveal party?

A gender reveal party is a trendy event where people gather to celebrate finding out the gender of a new baby. People gather, play games, eat some delicious food, and then the parents use some sort of creative way to announce the gender of their baby. Finding out your baby’s gender is one of the most beautiful moments in pregnancy and these parties allow that moment to be shared with loved ones. Normally, gender reveal parties are held before the baby shower but after the first trimester of pregnancy.

Who should host the party?

Gender reveal parties can be hosted by just about anyone! Parents, grandparents, and best friends can all get involved. The most important thing is to make sure that the host can keep the gender of the child a secret during the planning process. Gender reveal parties can also have multiple hosts. It can be more cost-effective to share responsibility among a small group of people.

Who should we invite?

One advantage of having a gender reveal party is that you can invite both men and women of all ages. Typically, guests at baby showers are mostly women, so the men in your life may feel more comfortable celebrating your new bundle of joy at a gender reveal party. If you would like to mix in a big gender reveal with your baby shower, simply let your guests know on the invitation. Do not forget to include the information for your baby registry if you are combining the two parties. If the gender reveal party you are planning is a small gathering, you may want to just text your guests quickly to let them know the date and time of the event. If your gender reveal is going to be a bigger event, you will want to mail invitations out so that you can finalize your guest list. If you have to limit the number of guests that you invite, do not forget to prioritize close family and friends over those who you know more casually. If you want an intimate feel, you may want to consider only inviting people who are already connected in some way to avoid the awkwardness that comes when one or two of your guests do not know anyone but you. Knowing the expected number of guests for the gender reveal party will help you ensure that there is enough food and drinks for everyone. Do not forget to include the date, venue, time, and RSVP details in every invitation. Try to give guests at least a month’s notice.

What should we use for decor and party favors?

Party decor is such an important part of any event! Before you buy decorations, you‚Äôll need to think of a theme for your gender reveal party. Many parents choose a simple pink and blue theme. You can buy table cloths, plates, silverware, and centerpieces in both pink and blue. Other popular themes include ‚ÄúWhat will baby bee‚ÄĚ, prince or princess, ties or tutus, and wheels or heels. Some couples choose to include their favorite movie or book into the theme. The possibilities are endless. You can find decor for almost any theme on Amazon. You can also decorate with things like onesies and baby washcloths that can be used once the baby comes.

You will also want to get party favors for your guests. Pick something that commemorates this huge milestone in your life. One way to thank all of your guests for coming is by giving them a special food treat to take home. Gender reveal party favors might include homemade cookies with blue or pink frosting or a bag of sugar-coated popcorn. Another fun party favor option is to give out Hershey bars with the ‚Äúhe‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúshe‚ÄĚ letters colored in.

Should there be entertainment?

Most people enjoy party games. Try to concentrate on games that will get guests even more excited about finding out if the baby will be a boy or girl. For example, hold a guess the gender raffle where everyone puts their name in a bucket labeled either girl or boy, and then at the end of the party, draw one name from the correct bucket to win a prize. Pin the diaper on the baby is a fun game for guests of all ages. You could also set up an ultrasound-themed photo booth and let guests play doctor. This is guaranteed to bring a lot of laughter to your party.

What kind of food should we serve?

There is no one right type of food to serve at a gender reveal party. First, take time to decide if you’d like to serve a whole meal or just light appetizers. Once you’ve made that decision, it’s time to get creative! You can serve food and drinks that go along with the theme. If your theme is just pink and blue, the possibilities never end. You could make all sorts of pink and blue food! Do not be afraid to ask guests to help with the food if your family enjoys potluck-type gatherings. Don’t forget about the pink and blue beverages!

Should we get a special cake?

The cake is one of the best parts of any party! Cakes or cupcakes can be decorated with pink or blue frosting placed in the center, allowing for a surprise when it is bitten into or cut open. The baked goods can be plain on the outside or decorated to match the theme.

How should we announce the gender?

There are so many fun and creative ways to announce the gender of your baby. You could have balloons of a certain color put in a box, unbox a onesie that has the gender written on it, or even use silly string. Some couples choose to involve their pets or other children in the gender reveal. If you really want to have some fun, popping specially designed gender reveal balloons is the way to go.

Three Piece Large Balloon Set with Darts and Ribbons

Everyone will be excited to find out the gender and this fun balloon kit is a wonderful way to share the news. This gender reveal kit includes three printed gender reveal balloons, packs of blue and pink powder, a blue and a pink dart, ribbons in blue and pink, and a paper funnel. The balloons are made of high-grade latex. The black balloons help make sure that no can peek through to see the colors and ruin the surprise! When you’re ready to reveal, this baby reveal party balloon will pop in vibrant colors of blue or pink. To help keep messes to a minimum, this boy or girl gender reveal fit comes with a paper funnel to help you easily fill up the balloons. For a little extra excitement, fill the balloons with helium so they will float easily.

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King Sized Gender Reveal Balloons

These giant balloons will impress your guests! They are made of natural and non-toxic materials. The thick black balloons will keep guests from figuring out what color power inside is. The color pigments are extremely strong and will photograph well. These balloons are super easy to use. Someone will just need to fill them up and then the parents to be can hit it with the supplied darts. These balloons will give friends and family an amazing show.

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Should guests bring gifts?

In general, gifts are not expected at a gender reveal party. However, they are always highly appreciated. Since the gender isn’t known until after the party has already started, many expectant parents choose not to start a registry until after the party. If you have already registered for gifts, it is okay to put a link to it in the invitation, but make sure that your guests do not feel obligated to bring a gift. You will still be able to get gifts at the baby shower or when the baby arrives. A lot of people can’t resist shopping in the baby aisle, so here are a few gift ideas to mention if someone asks what they can pick up.

HD Video Baby Monitor With Two HD Cameras

This monitor set includes a high-definition screen and two high-definition cameras. With up to a thousand feet of the working range, new parents can use this monitor from anywhere in the house. This monitor features anti-hack wireless technology, 2-way communication, and temperature monitoring.

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Sonogram Photo Frame

This keepsake frame will preserve the very first image of the new baby! This is an extremely meaningful and special gift. This sonogram photo frame is the perfect affordable gift for a gender reveal party. A gift message card is included with the frame. This photo frame is made with high-quality pine wood, eco-friendly paint, and glass.

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My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear Recordable Stuffed Animal

This adorable stuffed animal can preserve memories with a twenty-second recorder to save a baby’s first heartbeats. The child will be fascinated with it for years to come. It can also be used to record a lullaby or thoughtful message. Since it will fit in most apparel and accessories made for stuffed animals and dolls, it can be dressed up for holidays or to represent a nursery theme. Each toy is stuffed in the United States.

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Mom and Dad Mug Set with Onesie and Baby Socks

This wonderful set makes the perfect gift for expectant parents. This thoughtful set includes mom and dad coffee mugs, a unisex onesie, and two pairs of unisex socks. This is a great gift for first-time parents. The mugs are handmade, dishwasher and microwave safe, and non-toxic. The designs are printed on both sides and will not fade or wash away. The adorable unisex onesie says ‚Äúand so the adventure begins‚ÄĚ. It is made with top-quality materials. It will not irritate the baby‚Äôs sensitive skin. The gift set is packaged in a thick gift box, so no other wrapping will be needed.

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Countdown Keepsake Ultrasound Photo Frame

Celebrate each special week with this beautiful sonogram frame. The 6‚Ä≥ x 6.5‚Ä≥ frame is made with grey and silver-styled wood. It features a star and moon design along with a quote that reads ‚ÄúWeeks until we meet your little one‚ÄĚ. It includes a set of numbers for a count down until the baby‚Äôs arrival.

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Unisex Baby Bibs

These holiday-inspired unisex bibs are made from a cotton-polyester blend and feature a hook and loop closure. They are machine washable. The soft bibs will be comfortable on the baby’s skin.

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Ultra-Soft Plush Swaddle Blanket

The softness of this swaddle blanket will amaze both parents and babies! This adorable swaddling wrap is made from a high-quality faux cashmere material that will become softer with use. There are no harsh dyes or other harsh chemicals used in the production of this blanket. It is hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and gentle on delicate baby skin. It can also be used as a stroller blanket! The unisex design is perfect for both girls and boys.

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Mom To Be Necklace

This is a great gift for a first-time mom. The necklace features a double circle to represent the unbreakable bond between mother and baby. It comes in a beautifully designed jewelry box with a blank greeting card, a jewelry care guide, and a polishing cloth. The chain is eighteen inches long.

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Bump boxes

Do not let first-trimester pregnancy symptoms ruin the excitement of carrying a new life! This box can help an expectant mom manage morning sickness, fatigue, and nausea. The included anti-nausea band uses acupressure and aromatherapy to help with nausea and morning sickness. It also comes with Preggie Pop Drops, which are all-natural supplements for morning sickness. The gift set includes adorable belly stickers that let expectant moms show off the size of their baby! This box is full of amazing and helpful gifts.

Memory Book

This one-of-a-kind family journal is a must for expectant parents. It can be used to record every step of the parenthood journey. It features easy checklists and thoughtful writing prompts. This quirky memory book will have the whole family laughing and reminiscing for years to come.

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Unisex Sleeper Gowns

These cotton sleeper gowns are machine washable. They feature gender-neutral designs, so they are a great gift for a gender reveal party.

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Wooden Baby Rattle Set

This three-piece set includes one wooden baby rattle, one baby teething circlet, and a silicone pacifier clip. The teething toy is made of beech wood and silicone beads. The wood part is hand-sanded, non-toxic, and totally safe for the baby to play with. The pacifier clip holder attaches safely to the baby’s clothing.

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Waterproof Travel Backpack Style Diaper Bag

This spacious diaper backpack includes an easy-to-clean foldable changing mat and a detachable pacifier holder. This baby diaper bag is big enough to hold everything needed for the baby while leaving room for mom and dad’s stuff too. It has multiple pockets with zippers to make sure everything you need is easily accessible with one hand. This backpack is made with tear-resistant waterproof fabric. It features cushioned shoulder straps for extra comfort.

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Muslin Burp Cloths

These muslin cloths are made of natural, medical-grade material. They dry much quicker than normal burp cloths. This set of five burp cloths is hypoallergenic. The neutral colors are great for both boys and girls. These versatile burp cloths work great for catching drool from teething, spit-up, and more.

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What should we wear?

What the expectant parents and the guests wear totally depends on the theme! Some people host extravagant gender reveal parties that call for formal attire. Others host their party at a beach and ask everyone to come dressed for water fun. Some couples prefer to have a simple gathering with close friends and family at their house. No matter what the setting is, coordinating outfits for the expecting couple is always in style. For some added fun, hosts can ask guests to dress in the color that they think best represents the gender the baby will be.

What else should we keep in mind?

Make sure that you have a way to document the event. The moment when the gender is announced is the most important, but the whole party is worth remembering. You can choose to ask guests to take photos and videos with their cell phones or hire a professional to capture those precious memories. As a fun alternative, you can buy disposable cameras and put them on tables for guests to use during the party.

Gender reveal parties offer an amazing opportunity to find out your baby’s gender with loved ones by your side. It is an incredibly exciting event. Gender reveal parties can be a lot of work, but after reading this post, the planning process should be much less intimidating!

Plan A Wonderful Gender Reveal Party With These Tips
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