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Funny Housewarming Gifts

They have invited you to a housewarming party, and you’re pretty excited. Are you looking for some funny housewarming gifts? You have come to the right place. I have plenty of things that will make everyone wear a smile once you give your gifts to them.

Why don’t you invite some of your friends to look at the different things we have for you? These funny housewarming gifts are sure to make everyone laugh when they see what you have for them. Take a peek inside, we have a lot in store for everyone. Are looking for candles, glasses, or an apron? You will find all of them here!

Come now and make your choice. They are all yours for the taking! Have you told your friends about us? Give them a chat and good luck searching for some funny housewarming gifts that are now on display.

Check out these funny housewarming gifts

Funny Housewarming Gifts, Lavender Candles

When I say funny, I really mean it to be funny. Don’t you love these candles? It can burn for 50 hours straight. The alluring lavender scent is great in taking a whole new experience to the next level. Do you want to have that homey ambiance in your home? I recommend highly these candles!

It has a funny message that will make everyone burst into laughter. Order it now and try it! I am sure you’ll love it.

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Absorbent Drink Coasters with holder

These drink coasters are great during parties. The messages printed on each coaster will make the gathering lively. It’s going to be entertaining when your guest reads all the messages on each coaster. Level up the fun when you lined up these coasters on the table. They are just hilarious and protect your tabletop from spills too.

I know you can’t wait to give this coaster a try. I’m telling you they’re really hilarious and I can’t wait to hear from you what’s your friends’ reaction to these coasters will be. Be sure to give me a message and let us enjoy a hearty laugh together. Be sure to check this out in your cart on your way out.

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Funny Housewarming Gifts Succulent Planter Pot

Making your friend’s housewarming memorable is easy. It doesn’t have to be expensive because it only takes a little creativity. I can’t wait to poop in your new toilet. What could be funnier than that? This cute planter pot is sure funny. You can place it anywhere you like. It blends well with other decors. Why don’t you place it on your cart and try it?

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Donald Trump Toilet Brush Bowl with Holder

If you and your friend aren’t fans of Trump’s antics and you’d like to like to get even with him, I guess you’ll going to enjoy this one. We all need a hearty laugh with friends, right? It doesn’t matter whether they are Democrats or Republicans. They’ll be going to enjoy making your toilet great again with this hilarious toilet brush.

Are you excited about the look on their faces once they see your gift? Grab it now and get ready for a burst of laughter.

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Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book

What do I love about funny housewarming gifts? It’s one of those few things where you can be funny and get away with it in an instant. This item is no ordinary guest book. When your friends see this one, I’m sure they laugh their hearts out. We all have that one friend that stays an eternity inside the bathroom. This one is exactly what they need!

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Funny Housewarming Gifts Funny Dish Towels

I know you have been dying to say those words printed on the towels. Did I just tell you I love giving funny housewarming gifts to friends because you can be extremely funny and get away with it instantly? I’m sure I did! These soft cotton kitchen towels are great multifunctional kitchen essentials. They are also durable and lightweight.

They are great for cleaning mess, cleaning the countertops, and you can also use them to wrap fragile items. Add these towels to your cart now and make someone smile in an instant.

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Funny Adjustable Grilling Belly Aprons

Does your friend love to cook? Can’t wait for the weekend for a mouthwatering barbecue? Add some funny twist to your regular grill day with this funny belly apron. It resembles a man’s hairy breast and belly, which I am sure will make everyone laugh their hearts out.

Spice up barbecue weekend and level up the fun with this cool belly apron. I’m telling you this is going to be fun. Get it now!

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GIFTAGIRL Housewarming Gift

Having a new home is like having a fresh start. It’s like pressing the reset button and everything else is new. This gift item makes a fresh start feeling great. It is easy to install, just find a perfect spot, and it’s done in minutes. Hang your mugs and wine glasses with ease.

If you are looking for a unique concept for funny housewarming gifts, I would like to recommend this one. Get it now.

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House Warming Wish Jar Kit with 100 Tickets

This one is one of my favorite. You can personalize this one to fit anyone’s personality easily. This cute and inviting jar comes with 100 wish tickets, a pen, and a beautiful decorative lid. You’ll find this item sentimental after some time when you read all the happy wishes your friends and folks want for you. I know you’ll enjoy it. Add this to your cart now.

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Funny Mug – Badass Homeowner

This is an excellent quality mug from Retreez. Made from 100% pure white ceramic, you will enjoy your morning coffee or your late afternoon tea with this beautiful mug. If you’re looking for a wonderful gift item for a housewarming party, you’ll love this mug, everybody just loves nice hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows with this mug, how about you?

This mug may look simple, but as they, it’s the thought that counts. Share a cup of coffee or cocoa and enjoy the finer things in life while enjoying a sip of your favorite beverage. Funny housewarming gifts don’t need to be expensive, they just need to be funny and unique. Grab this cup now.

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Coasters Cactus Set of 6

Are you interested in something unique? This is not just your regular coaster, these are cactus coasters. You’ll be going to love stacking each coaster on top of the other because of its genius grooves on its side. It is cute, funny, and unique. I’m sure you’re going to love this one.

A multifunctional coaster which can you present as a lovely gift to all your friends who are going to start their lives in their new home. Made from high-quality material that is odorless and non-toxic. It’s a combination of both aesthetic and utility. Get it now.

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Toilet Shaped Bowl

Are you a fan of both bizarre, funny housewarming gifts? If you dig into those kinds of stuff, I guess this will work out perfectly for you. This one is a serving bowl for cereals, snacks, noodles, or a pet food dish. It’s a great addition to your choices of funny housewarming gifts that are sure to generate a lot of chuckles.

Made from durable ceramic, this odd and bizarre toilet-shaped bowl makes a perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. Place an order now and be sure to check out this one.

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WOOLIY Angler Fish Table Lamp

This is not only eye-catching but also an eye-popping Angler fish table lamp. It brings light into your home. This desk lamp is great when you’re reading your favorite book. It fits perfectly in your bedroom or in your living room. Made with premium-quality sheet metal, you’re sure that this one will last long.

If you are looking for a great gift item for all of your friends and loved ones for their birthday and other special occasions, you’re definitely fall in love with this one.

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Funny Trump Gifts – Trump Riding A Bear

Trump is one tough guy and has a lot of cult following not only in the US but in other parts of the world. This photograph of Trump riding a bear on a t-shirt is an absolute badass. It is also an excellent item for a themed party and other celebrations.

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Unique Equation Wall Clock

If you are looking for a unique way to track the time, this one will definitely make up your time. It features different equations rather than regular Roman numerals or traditional numbers. It is large and easy to spot even from afar. The Black and white design is an instant classic which makes an excellent item for your home.

If you don’t give something that would cause some kind of headache to your friends, you are not really friends. I must admit the first time I saw this clock, I really had a hard time reading and finding what the time is. So, I just included it in my shop so everybody will get headaches as I did. Wicked me, right? Grab this one now.

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Sharper Image Light Up Electronic Word clock

Tell the time in style! If you want a new and revolutionary way of telling what time it is, you’ll definitely love this one. It tracks time in a whole new manner and makes time tracking more interesting. It features a unique word design because it is like no other. A perfect gift not only during housewarmings but also for other occasions.

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Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine

Say goodbye to boring garden decor with our excellent set of funny housewarming gifts. This one is hand-painted and features a great artistic rendition. You don’t need to worry about a thing because this cat only devours gnomes. Perfect gift for lovers of supernatural stuff. It also fits perfectly on your bookshelf.

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Appletree Teapot

A functional decorative teapot that is a great addition to your home. This item is unique and will add a lot of color to your home. It is an excellent gift item for all of your friends and loved ones. It is such a sweet, unique item that would add a lot of class to your home. Makes the housewarming extra warm. Get this one now.

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The Boss & Real Boss Apron Set

If you are looking for a perfect pairing of funny housewarming gifts for your friends, we have something that you will definitely love. This is a unique and practical housewarming gift for your friends. Made from premium-quality material that is soft and yet very durable, puts a ton of excitement in the kitchen. These matching aprons are practical kitchen accessories. It’s sweet to enjoy spending time in the kitchen, it just adds a whole new level of sweetness for the both of them. Get this funny-designed matching apron and I am sure you’ll not regret it.

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Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook

I know you are familiar with a popular TV show where they obviously ripped off the title. This isn’t just a regular cookbook, it’s a journey towards a happier and more exciting life. Whoever thought that you can prepare in the comfort of your new home great-tasting dishes?

Learning to cook is much easier if you are making fun and spilling a few laughs. This parody cookbook is sure not to make any dull moments at home. Make sure you tell your friend to save a few pieces for us because there’s going to be a new chef in town.

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Funny Gifts for Friends

If you can’t talk smack to your friends, they say you’re not really friends. This candle is cute and funny. Good luck convincing your new neighbors you are normal. That’s the funny message inscribed on the candle, and I guess it would have to take more than just luck to convince your new neighbors about that.

Anyway, this candle is one of our most sought-after funny housewarming gifts because it is simply hilarious and insane. It provides a clean burn because it’s made from natural soy wax with sweet-smelling scents. Great gift item for any occasion. Order it now.

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Funny Housewarming Gifts
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