Funeral Home Gifts

Paying our last respect to our dear departed ones is hard to do but it needs to be done. The huge amount of emotion that reverberates in the place where the body lies can make someone think of the things that the departed one has left on his or her loved ones. Needless to say, showing up and making the bereaved family feel that we are one with their feelings is such a comforting gesture.

Our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family can only do so much to ease the feeling they are having now. Our way of providing items that will make the memory of our departed one remains strong and forever present is the least we can do. We are one with you in cherishing the good memories that your beloved has left you and we pay our respects to the families who are grieving, and we are hoping that the items we have for you would find solace and tranquility in your aching hearts.

Our list of Funeral Home Gifts

In Loving Memory Memorial Throw Pillow

In moments like this, we can show how much we care by giving the bereaved family our thoughts and sympathies. This memorial pillow though simple but it showers a lot of thoughts. As they say, “it’s the thought that counts”. You can customize this pillow by having the photo of the deceased printed. Every time a family member misses their departed one, they can always hug the pillow and they can re-live the memories once more. This polyester 16″ X 16″ memorial pillow will help you translate how you cared and sympathized with them.

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In Loving Memory Photo Memorial Pillar Candle

Our choices of funeral gifts can help the family of the deceased slowly accept and move on to the next chapter if we give and show me some bit of love in their trying times. This piece of pillar candle can make the pain bearable every time they lit the candle that signifies the journey of the repose’s soul. Being there in presence, in thoughts, and in spirit can do a lot for the grieving family, give them this pillar candle and help them ease the pain away.

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Angel Figurine Tealight Candle Holder

Express how you feel, let them feel your warmth. Sympathized with the grieving family by giving them this angel figurine candle holder. Sending flowers is okay and if you are going to accompany it with this angel candle holder, you can make them realized that you are just there and you got their backs. This is one of those funeral home gifts that can leave a lasting impact on those who receive and accept your kind gesture. This item is made of high-quality polished resin and comes with a flameless tealight led candle that illuminates the entire area with its glow. Help them relax and feel at peace. Be the angel that they badly needed just like this angel candle holder.

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Mother’s Day Memorial Sign

The strong bond between a mother and a child is unbreakable and unforgettable. Mostly deep losses such as these leave scars that mark our hearts significantly forever.  Moving on can be done more smoothly with proper funeral home gifts that lift one spirit in these difficult and dark days. Give the bereaved family this heart-shaped sympathy gift, the rustic background color can make this a very nice memorabilia that keep the memory of the departed alive and lasting. Express your deep condolences and sympathy to your friends that lost their mother. It can be placed on top of tables or any flat surfaces, keep their mother’s memory alive with this sympathy gift.

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Christian Art Gifts in Loving Memory Guest Book

Nothing is more heartwarming and consoling during the dark and trying times of experiencing a loss you have something that tells you that you are not alone. This guest book from Christian Art Gifts can help you make the grieving family celebrate life and preserve some lasting memories with the departure of a loved one, every time they open the guest book, they will remember the names of those who shared their darkest hours and gave them their much-needed light.  This guest book has 160 lined pages accommodating guests and mourners is always easy. Lay it on the podium let the guest write their encouragements. Words may never be enough, but thoughts can compensate a lot. Help ease the pain and show sympathy by inscribing thoughts on this guest book

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Commemorative Photo Plaque

Choosing the best from the several lists of funeral home gifts can sometimes stress us out, we make sure that we got your backs covered. This commemorative photo plaque can help you narrow your list of funeral home gifts that will help the grieving family members move on and continue celebrating the life of the departed loved one. Place this photo plaque on top of the table or in any space and it will keep the memories alive and ease the pain of losing someone. Remembrance can be heartwarming make sure that you are one with the bereaved family in words and thoughts by giving them this commemorative photo plaque and help shine some lights on your friend’s darkest hours.

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Modern White Marble In Loving Memory Photo Tribute Ornament

Remembering the thoughts and memories of people that are special to us would make us appreciate life more. Our friends and families could use a little help from us in any way possible. Helping the sad and grieving family move cherished the memories of their departed loved one and move on with the next chapter is a very warm and welcoming kind gesture on your part. This marble ornament allows you to carve in the hands of history the memories left behind of the person who crossed over. Share all the love you got and keep lasting memories inscribed and printed in this marble tribute ornament. Have the memories marbled and they will not be forgotten.

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Memorial Gifts, Ceramic Candle Cup Sympathy Gift

This candle cup is something that can make us remember the memories of our departed loved ones alive. It has large prints that say “There’s a little bit of heaven in home“, commemorate the life and memory of our loved one every time a candle is lit to give us light in some dark hours. Our funeral home gifts are our way of lessening the impact of the loss of a departed loved one. It has a unique design that makes the burden a little bit lighter.  Be compassionate and be thoughtful spread your love and let us make something that eases the pain.

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Heaven In Our Home Flameless Candles Copper Lantern

When darkness is at hand, our consolation to our friends is providing light and illuminate with our warmth. As the song says “heaven isn’t too far away”, we can provide a means of sympathy and care with this flameless copper lantern. We understand the sentiments of the bereaved families that is why this lantern can be lit up for several hours and can be set to turn off automatically. With just some batteries lighting their darkest hours can be easy and convenient. Hang it or display it in places where you want it and it will instantly illuminate the room and help the deceased family move on with ease and convenience. Our funeral home gifts are meant to ease the pain away.

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Milyya Memorial Gifts

We are aware that words can only do so much in easing the pain of deceased family is experiencing. Choosing the best funeral home gifts we can give the bereaved family is something that we have to do with care and full consideration of what they are feeling and be sensitive about it. This Crystal glass memorial gift can help the memory of the deceased to live and linger forever in their hearts and minds. Being thoughtful and kind to the grieving family is a welcome gesture in these trying and difficult times. Losses are hard to deal with but an extra caring set of hands can help make their loos easier to deal with.

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“Hearts Together Forever” Bracelet

The demise of a loved one may separate us momentarily from people dear to us. But our will to keep the memories alive is stronger and keeping the flame alive is something that makes us hold on to their memories. Help your friends cope up with loss by giving them this commemorative bracelet to keep the fire burning. Our hearts can preserve all the love that we would like to keep alive forever. Flowers can only last for a couple of days but this bracelet can be worn every day forever. Remembering the memories does not have to be expensive, with just a bit of love, we can make moving on easier and more convenient.

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