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How to Make a Fruit Basket Gift? 26 Tasty Ideas

Gift baskets are an absolute delight to any occasion. Funny enough, nowadays you can get a basket filled with any type of gift. Gift baskets filled with fruits are beautiful and attractive. The gift basket content will depend on the giver’s preference and maybe the recipient’s taste.

Fruit baskets are a very good choice especially when the presentation is excellent.  Making a good selection of the fruits to use in your fruit basket will go a long way in ensuring you have a unique gift for the occasion.

How to Make a Fruit Basket Gift? 26 Tasty Ideas

In the article below, we look at some of the best ideas employed to make a perfect fruit basket gift. These are; a colossal fruit basket, a gourmet fruit basket, awesome series fruit and gourmet fruit basket, a picnic in the nature-fruit gift basket, and many others. Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Choosing a Colossal Fruit Basket

With the rising health awareness around the world, you can perfectly base your basket choice on health-friendly fruits. It is crucial to note that this shows concern and care to the recipient of the gift. The basket can contain a wide range of seasonal fruits and you can add a rose to create a great mood for the occasion. This gift basket is a match for any occasion but you need to be perfect on the selection of the fruits and their accompaniments.

2. A gourmet Fruit Basket

A gourmet gift basket is a little more sophisticated. The components of the basket are more varied and can fit any occasion. The components can range from crackers, cheeses, candies, and other tasty treats that are suitable for the basket. This basket can have a wider variety and the more the variety the more beautiful it is.

3. Awesome Series Fruit and Gourmet Fruit Basket

This gift basket always tempts the recipient that Christmas has knocked early. It creates an impression of merry and you will never go wrong with this gift for any occasion. The components of this gift basket can be as wide as you may want to think and it creates a sense of uniqueness for any occasion.

 The hamper of goodies in this basket may include fruit, cheese, jam, peanuts, sausages, crackers, pretzel twists and many more goodies that will do well for a more diverse fruit basket.

4. A Picnic in the Nature-fruit Gift Basket.

The basket’s name should not limit you into thinking that this basket is limited to certain occasions. The gift basket can fit in any occasion and serve any recipients. The components of this basket are quite varied and they will make a tasty feeling for the occasion. 

The components may vary from, apples, roasted garlic summer sausage, juicy pears, crisps, and raspberry honey mustard. The presentation of the basket and its finishing is unique and that expensive touch of finishing will be best for your occasion.

5. Champagne Fruit Gourmet

Just like many other gift baskets, this basket contains a wide range of tasty goodies. As its name suggests, the champagne bottle must rest on the basket’s goodies. The baskets selection might range from apples, bananas, berries, and of course, the bottle of champagne crowns it all for your occasion.

6. Orchard Harvest

The unique arrangement of succulent fruits in this orchard harvest basket is so unique and attractive. It is suitable for any occasion and a perfect gift for any recipient whether old or young. The art in the arrangement and the finishing on the basket is special and you need to get one for the next occasion.

7. A Fruit Basket of Orchard Abundance

Its name says it all. The basket is full of juicy goodies, which include oranges, pears, and apples. The fruits are accompanied by nuts, dip, and cheese and make them more attractive and presentable. The gift basket is suitable for any person that can enjoy the variety of fruits presented.

One special thing about this basket is the unique presentation and the variety of fruits involved. You can throw in any kind of fruit and still make the basket unique. On the next occasion, you are to attend, this orchard abundance basket will do you great.

8. Super Elegance Fruit Gift

This is a very beautiful basket even when empty. The variety of delicacies added to the basket makes it so beautiful to resist. The components may range from berries. Apples, crackers, pears, and a bottle of wine. This basket is suitable for any recipient who can enjoy the goodies. The mood created by the presentation of the basket is that of celebrations and you can bet on the outcome of the gift, a happy recipient.

9. A Healthy Fruit Choice

For this kind of fruit gift, a gift box is the most appropriate. A healthy fruit gift consists of a balanced diet that is suitable for any person. The fruit and goodies selection is keenly done to ensure that they achieve the objective. It is important to learn the tastes of the recipient to ensure that you deliver the right kind of gift basket.

Usually, the components of this basket are apples, kiwis, plums, and snacks. These fruits are beautifully arranged and presented in a gift box that is stylish to make the package unique and elegant.

10. Artistic Fruit Package with Cheese Hamper

We all know that a match of cheese and fruits create a sensational feeling. This is a combination you do not want to miss especially on a special occasion for that special person. It is a classic fruit package that is suitable for any picnic. The fruits are arranged in a classic arrangement to bring out a unique presentation.

The fruit package may include apples, pears, crackers, and a bunch of accompaniments to crown this unique deal. The package can be presented to any recipient who can enjoy the delicacies in the package.

11. Healthy Snacks and Fruit Gift Basket

In the modern world, there is this tendency of over-indulging we find ourselves. Then, here is the solution, having a basket that contains healthy snacks and fruits is the way to go. This is a health-conscious basket that is suitable for any person ranging from the young to the old. You feast on snacks and you no longer feel guilty as has been in most cases.

An occasion with a healthy basket is one of a kind and one unforgettable. Fruits in this basket range from apples, juicy oranges, pears, and almond biscuits. For a picnic or the next occasion you attend, you do not need to worry about the perfect fruit basket to present. A healthy snack and fruit gift basket is one perfect match.

12. Blooms and Fruit Basket

Colors have a unique way to people’s hearts. Imagine a basket full of fruits and at the same time blooms of flowers of different colors all over. This is a classic basket. After the event is done and all the fruits are eaten, you remain with the flowers that will give you some beauty at your place for a longer time.

This is a perfect gift, especially for persons with taste and some love for nature. It creates an impression of environmental awareness and at the same time serves the purpose for the occasion.

13. Classic Wine, Fruit and Gourmet

This is one of the best surprise gift baskets. You might never know what it contains until you have it. The components of this basket will depend on the location and the season it is made. One thing that you are certain of is, the quality of fruits is very high combined with some fine wine and some delicious snacks.

This kind of fruit basket is suitable for presentation for any occasion and person depending on their preference and tastes. One thing you can be sure of is, this fruit and basket will not disappoint your recipient.

14. Ample Harvest Fruit Basket

This is a suitable gift basket for any occasion. It is usually full of fruits and gourmet snacks. It is a traditional kind of fruit basket that gives you a touch of the past in the present. The luxurious ribbon on the basket creates a perfect finishing with an elegant look. The gift can be presented to any person who can enjoy the delicious fruits and snacks.

15. The Classic of California

This deep basket can hold many fruits at once. This fruit package comes with a selection of fruits ranging from juicy oranges, crisp apples, bananas and they can be accompanied by a fine wine bottle of Merlot. It is important to note the kind of recipient you are targeting so that they will experience the value of this unique gift fully.

The deep nature of the basket is one special surprise as you might not be sure of the bottom contents of the gift package. For a nature picnic, this fruit basket will serve you right.

16. Godiva Chocolates and Fresh Fruit

Chocolates and fruits combined to form a classic combination. This basket is therefore one of the most unique fruit baskets. The selection of specially ripened fruits and the addition of chocolates create a special look and a touch of style. The addition of snacks to the basket brings completeness and you can therefore take the gift basket for a nature picnic. This kind of basket is perfect for a gift to any person because it kind of contains a balanced diet.

17. Fruit Treasure and Gourmet

This is a great and special type of fruit basket. It contains a very wide variety of fruit delicacies. It is greatly preferred due to the wide selection of fruits that can serve a range of people. For those that love succulent fruits and for those that prefer other kinds of fruits. They are mostly preferred by aged people especially those that do not love snacks.

18. Basket with Sympathy Fruit Gourmet

Eating is sometimes the last thing especially when a person has lost their loved one. These are the times that you need to be closest to such persons. You need to get the kind of fruits they mostly love to ensure that you have taken care of their dietary needs properly.

A fruit basket with a variety of fruits is the best at such times plus some snacks to boost their energy levels. This kind of fruit basket gift might not stir ant celebratory moods but it is one of the most important as it can even save a life.

19. Classic fruit Gourmet Basket

As the name suggests, this is a classic kind of fruit basket for a gift. The unique selection of fruits makes it one of the most sought for fruit baskets. The combination of juicy fruits and cheese makes it so unique and classic.

20. Delightful Combinations

This is a unique basket and full of varieties. Usually, they make a combination of sweet fruits and savory. You will also be treated to a treat of seasonal and some unique savory treats. An all-red rose is also an additional element that makes the basket unique.

This kind of fruit basket is usually presentable to people of all ages. It provides a variety for all tastes. Its finishing is also some unique thing to mention, you can match the ribbon and the rose to provide an elegant presentation.

21. Sweet Celebration Fruit Basket

Celebratory moments call for special presents. That is why you need to have this kind of fruit basket during such moments to crown the occasion. This kind of basket may include nuts, French lemonade, popcorn and other delights.

The basket always has a variety ranging from fruits to snacks to ensure maximum energy during the occasion. Celebrations range from young to old and so this type of fruit basket gift is suitable across all generations as long as it’s a kind of celebration happening.

22. A five Star Rated Fruit Basket.

This kind of fruit basket is highly rated. The fruits are usually in fresh and dried form. This is to ensure that you have all you need in one basket. Fruits included in this basket may include, dried apricots, cookies, chocolate, candied peach and a variety of fresh fruits. This is a perfect gift for any occasion and any person. The gift basket is a great item in picnics.

23. Cookies Basket and Fresh Fruit

This is a very great and attractive fruit basket. Usually, it is made up of fresh fruits and a variety of cookies to add an element of taste to the basket components. The components may include juicy pears, madeleines, and French Galettes.

You only need to have the tastes of the recipient so that you can work on the variety of fruits and check on the variety of cookies. Before deciding on the kind of fruit basket to present to a person, it is equally important to learn if they love cookies so that they can experience the greatness of the fruit basket.

24. Exciting Fruit and Chocolate Celebration

Fruits and chocolate form a sensational combination. Chocolate and fruits form a luxurious combination that will leave the recipient of this gift craving for more. With the wide selection of fruits, both sweet and savory with chocolate and snacks you have a great variety in the basket.

Combined with the beautiful nature of the woven basket you have all it takes to call it a complete style with elegance. This kind of fruit basket is suitable for all persons as long as you understand their taste. It is also found to have a more balanced approach because of the perfect combination.

25. Extravagance Fruit Basket with Wine Basket

This kind of fruit basket is composed of fresh juicy fruits and a bottle of fine wine. It also contains other delicacies such as snacks, crackers and nuts. The basket in this case is smartly woven to give the package an extra stylish touch. The finishing of the package is elegant and gives the package a luxurious look.

Such a gift basket is presentable to persons of all ages, as it is perceived to be more balanced in its nutritional values. On the next occasion, you are to attend, do not gamble with fruit baskets just go for this particular one.

26. Gourmet Treasure and Fruit Basket

This fruit basket is filled with natural treasure in the form of a wide variety of fruits. The fruits range from apples, plums, pears, mango candies, peanut brittle and many more. The gift box is a light wood box which gives the package an expensive look. The fruit arrangement is also a unique one to ensure that the recipient finds it special.

This kind of gift package is presentable on any kind of occasion. This is also suitable for picnics as it is even easier to carry. Next time you have a picnic or a special person has an occasion, a gourmet treasure and fruit basket are the best gifts to present.

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