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Adorable End-of-School-Year Gifts for Students

Summer camps, swimming, unlimited playtime, and long vacations— yes, it’s the time of the year again! As another school comes to a close, giving adorable gifts to students is always a good idea to send them off into summer break in good spirits. This is also a way to show appreciation for their accomplishments and for doing a good job.

So if you are running out of end-of-year gifts for students, we have listed the 25 most adorable and affordable presents to celebrate their success and send them off into summer with joy and love.

These simple gift ideas are simple but sure to mark every student’s end of the school year more memorable and fun. Some of the recommended gifts are sold in bulk, a perfect option for teachers who want to give presents to his/her students on the last day of classes.

End of year gifts for students

Pastel-colored Sunglasses with UV Protection

Help your students enjoy the summer break with protection and style by giving them these pastel-colored sunglasses as a present. These sunglasses have 100% UV Protection to keep their eyes safe and healthy against the harmful rays of the sun. The kids will love their new pair of cool shades over the summer. They can use it when they go to the beach or when they want to walk around while enjoying the sun on a warm afternoon. Read more and order

Celestial Bookmark with Metal Pendant

Encourage your students to include reading as one of their summer break activities by giving them this cute bookmark with a cat and moon pendant. Aside from showing your appreciation for their hard work, giving your students this cute gift will help them grow as readers. This bookmark will inspire them to read more books during summertime. Indeed after the vacation, they will show a lot of improvement in their reading skill, thanks to this beautiful gift. If you want something unique, you may gift them bookmarks with a motivational quote so he/she will be more encouraged to read. Read more and order

Disney Musical Bubble Wand

This gift will surely smile on your student’s face because who doesn’t love bubbles? This Disney musical bubble will make their summer magical because it lights up and plays whimsical music while blowing bubbles. They can also use it when they are playing with their friends or when there is a party in their house. This magic bubble wand will surely erase the students’ stress by just playing and popping the bubbles. After the summer vacation, they will become fully recharged, and 100% face another year in school. Read more and order

Minimalist Make-A-Wish Bracelet

The best way to end the school year is to encourage your students to dream and believe that wishes come true, especially if they pray and work hard for them. Before saying goodbye to the school year, ask your students to whisper their wishes on the bracelet. This will be a memorable activity for them as it gives them hope that whatever they ask, they can get it if they believe and work hard. This minimalist wish bracelet also looks stylish and can go with any outfit thanks to its crescent moon charm. Read more and order

Rainbow Jump Rope with Cartoon Handle

Keep the kids active during summer break by gifting them this colorful jump rope with a cartoon handle. This jump rope is good for exercise to keep their mind and body healthy. They can also use it when playing with their friends or when bonding with their family. Its size and weight are just suitable enough for kids making it more enjoyable for them to jump rope. Read more and order

Smiley Summer Beach Balls

You will surely lighten the mood of your student if you give him/her these Emoji Summer Beach Balls as a gift. This beach ball will create a playful atmosphere which will make their summer more fun. They can use this ball when swimming and when having a swimming party at the pool. The smiling emoji will brighten up anyone’s day because it is contagious. With this Smiley Summer Beach Ball, no one’s gonna be in a bad mood again. Read more and order

Stress Reliever Fidget Toy

Fidget toys are a new trend right now, not only because it is fun to play with, but it also helps students to stay calm and focused. This gift is affordable, and I assure you that your student will be delighted upon receiving it. This sensory bubble toy comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Up until today, it is still a trendy toy, especially for kids. Read more and order

Kids’ Summer Water Bottle

A fun and practical gift that you can give to your student to remind him/her to keep hydrated during summer. The colorful and playful patterns printed on the bottle are too cute and irresistible, which will inspire your student to drink enough water for the day. This gift will make them feel how much you care for them by reminding them to drink enough glasses of water a day. To make it more memorable, you may order a customized water bottle for the students.

Read more and order

Colorful Pencil with Cute Eraser Topper

This gift is perfect for students who love to write and draw, even after school. They can use this to improve their writing skills in a cute and fun way. Every piece has a unique design of random shapes and colors. This item is also sold in bulk, (40 pieces per box), so if you are a teacher who’s planning to give gifts to your students, then, this is the best gift idea for you. Indeed, there is one for everyone. Read more and order

Personalized Pencil and Accessory Pouch

Your students will surely feel how much you appreciate them when you give them this personalized pencil and an accessory pouch. To give your gift a personal touch, you may decorate the pouch with their names and even your special message. Aside from pencils, this pouch can also carry accessories and other stuff needed in school. It also comes in travel size, making it convenient to carry anytime, anywhere. This gift can be used by the student for the next school year while keeping your beautiful memories together from the previous school year. Read more and order

Wooden Charm Lanyard with ID Case

A gift that will keep you close to your student’s heart. He/she can use it for the next school year while keeping all the beautiful memories from the past school year. The wooden charm design will impress every fashionista student as it can go well with any attire, especially the school uniform. Whoever wears this lanyard will surely make all the heads turn. Read more and order

Play Dough in Assorted Colors

Reward your student for a job well done with this Play-Dough Set in Assorted Colors. There is no doubt the children love Play Dough, and they will appreciate it if you give them this toy as a goodbye gift for the end of the school year. This toy will also develop their imaginative and artistic side as they can sculpt simple art ideas using the dough. Read more and order

Personalized Key Chains

Make your students feel special by giving them a personalized key chain with your sweetest message or even their name or nickname. You can also put the cutest photo of your student to make it more personalized. Aside from being a key chain. they can also use it as a bag decoration they can take anywhere they go. Read more and order

Cute and Handy Sanitizer Bottle

In this time of the pandemic, hand sanitizer is a continuous must-have, especially for kids. This cute bottle will make your students love hand washing and sanitizing to keep their hands clean. Its size comes in handy, so they can carry it around without worrying about spilled sanitizer because it is leak-proof designed. Read more and order

Make-Your-Own Sticker Sheets

Summer break will never be boring again if you give your students these Make-your-own Sticker Sheets. They will have fun and creative moments while mixing and matching the stickers to play. They can also put these stickers on their old notebook cover and turn them into recycled scrapbooks. Aside from that, they can share it with their friends during their playtime. Read more and order

Mini Game and Puzzle Books

Keep them entertained during the break by giving them this educational game and puzzle books. This may look simple, but this gift improves cognitive functions as it exercises your student’s brain and memory entertainingly. They can choose from games such as crossword puzzles, tic-tac-toe, and many more. There are a lot of challenges that they can find in the mini book that they play with their friends and family. Read more and order

Squishy Water Beads Stress Ball

Bring a smile to your student’s face by giving him/her this thoughtful gift. Aside from its entertainment, this squishy ball also helps relieve anxiety, reduce stress by promoting relaxation and improve blood circulation. This calming ball is suitable for both kids and adults. Read more and order

Motivational Mini Note Cards

Motivational words are a potent tool to encourage students to study hard for them to reach their dreams. Sometimes, when they feel unmotivated, they need someone to encourage them to make them feel better. These motivational mini-note cards will give encouragement, positivity, and hope to make students more inspired. Every message in the card speaks of positivity and inspiration. Read more and order

Writing Tablet/Doodle Board

Unleash your student’s creativity by gifting him/her this writing tablet/doodle board that he/she can use to draw different patterns. This is a great toy to stimulate the kid’s imagination and creativity by writing and drawing on the board. The drawing can be erased by clicking the middle button to make another one. Read more and order

Mini Building Lego Blocks

 I haven’t seen a kid who doesn’t love playing with Lego bricks. So if you are planning to give your student a send-off gift before the end of the school year, well, you can never go wrong with these Mini Building Lego Blocks. This package contains 12 mini animal designs that would ignite their imagination while playing around. Read more and order

Glowing in the Dark Rainbow Spring

Did your student top the class? Well, he/she deserves a fantastic and unique gift. This glowing in-the-dark is a classic kids’ toy, but there is something in it that makes it irresistible. The kids will be entertained by its multi-color and glow-in-the-dark feature. Read more and order

Inspirational Kindness Posters

Teach your students the value of kindness by gifting them this inspirational kindness poster that they can decorate around to remind them of the importance of being kind to all people all the time. Every poster has an inspirational quote printed in an aesthetic font, color, and background, making it a beautiful room decoration. Read more and order

Glow in the Dark Galaxy

This gift is a perfect DIY for your student so he/she can have something to do during summer break. Let them enjoy the wonder of creating their galaxy inside their room by gifting them this glow-in-the-dark ceiling sticker. They will never forget you as they watch their galaxy before going to bed. Read more and order

Molding Clay for Kids

A gift that they will cherish forever, this molding clay is perfect for kids who love to imagine things and make them happen into reality. This molding clay comes in different colors that will allow the kids to mold anything that they can imagine. Read more and order

All-in-one Slime Making Kit

Kids can spend the whole day playing with their slime, so I’m sure that they will love it if you put some additional from their collection of slime. Aside from playing, they can learn so much by playing with the slime, particularly chemical reactions of the combination of solid and liquid substances. It a playtime and science in one. Read more and order

Adorable End-of-School-Year Gifts for Students
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