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Dove gift set

The joy of giving is always great especially when you are giving a gift set that is valuable and useful to your family, friends, and loved ones for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, valentine’s, mother’s day, and father’s day. What if I introduce a list of the best Dove gift sets that can be found on Amazon. Let’s find out.

Dove gift set

Dove gift set for any occasion

Dove Mango & Almond Bath and Body Gift Set

This Amazon Choice bath collection is an ideal gift set for anyone. Comes in cream form with a combination of vanilla, almond, and mango scent. This product is Sulfate-free so it’s gentle on any normal skin. A package with relaxing and gentle skincare with a moisturizing formula that is made with recycled bottles. The package includes:

  • Glowing care bubble bath
  • Glowing care body wash
  • Glowing care whipped body cream
  • Glowing care bath bombs
  • Body pouf (bonus)

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Dove Self-Esteem Beauty Bag Gift Set

This limited edition gift set is perfect for whoever has damaged hair or wants to take extra care of their hair for a long time. The result will be continuous and instant due to its mild nature and balanced PH. This sulfate-free product leaves your dry skin soft and is no 1 recommended by dermatologists. Protects your underarm for 48 hours after shaving with its strong antiperspirant. The package includes:

  • Nutritive solutions intensive repair shampoo
  • Nutritive solutions intensive repair conditioner
  • Deep moisture body wash
  • Advanced care antiperspirant deodorant original clean
  • Loofa (free)

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Dove Beauty Essentials Bath and Body Gift Set

A birthday gift set that is perfect for anyone. Gives a soft and smooth skin after one shower with a combination of rice milk and crushed macadamia. Continue with intensive care for hair that is damaged and antiperspirant protection for up to 48 hours. The package includes:

  • Deep moisture body wash
  • Original clean deodorant dry spray
  • Intensive repair shampoo
  • Intensive repair conditioner
  • Macadamia & rice milk body polish
  • Loofah (free)

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Dove Gift Set Deep Moisture Body Wash

The combination of body wash and body polish will remove your dry and dull skin and leave it soft and beautiful. With pomegranate and shea butter scent, it will give a refreshing and fresh skin. The package includes:

  • Dove deep moisture body wash
  • Dove exfoliating body polish pomegranate and shea body scrub

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Dove Cucumber and Green Tea Body Wash

Comes with a combination of cucumber and green tea scent that will leave your skin soft, shining, and feel natural. Combine with a body scrub that will remove dry and dull skin by restoring its nutrients. The package includes:

  • Dove cucumber and green tea body wash
  • Dove exfoliating kiwi and aloe body polish body scrub
  • Loofah (free)

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DOVE MEN + CARE Limited Edition Men’s Holiday Grooming Gift Pack

Perfect gift set for men with dandruff problems. Get strong and healthy hair, soft and vibrant skin with micro moisture technology, and 48-hour after shave protection with our antiperspirant that gives confidence in men. The body wash comes with tea tree and eucalyptus scent The package includes:

  • Clean comfort body & face wash
  • Dandruff defense 2-in-1 shampoo REMPTY conditioner
  • Clean comfort antiperspirant

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Dove Body Wash Variety Pack

3 IN 1 body and face wash for men that make your skin healthy, cool, clean, and protected from dryness with its micro moisture technology. No 1 recommended brand by dermatologists. The package includes:

  • Dove Men + care clean comfort body and face wash
  • Dove Men + care sport fresh
  • Dove Men + care extra fresh

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Dove gift set for men Dove Men + Care Everyday Grooming Gift Pack

Beautiful gift pack for men that hydrates, moisturize, and fortify your skin for 24 hours. Gives 48 hours of protection on your skin from sweat with our powerful antiperspirant. This whole package is ideal for active men. The package includes:

  • Active + Fresh 3-in-1 body, hair, and face wash
  • Active + Fresh 3-in-1 shampoo + conditioner
  • Active + Fresh dry spray antiperspirant
  • Hydrate + face wash

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Dove Men + Care Limited Edition Men’s Holiday Grooming Gift Pack

Men’s gift pack that will hydrate your skin with its micro moisture technology and fortify your hair to make it stronger. 48 hours protection for your skin and stay dry with its strong antiperspirant. Comes in 3 scents, cedar, clean comfort, and extra fresh. The package includes:

  • Clean comfort body and face wash
  • Dandruff defense 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner
  • Clean comfort antiperspirant
  • Clean comfort dry spray antiperspirant

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Dove Beauty Cream Pink 4 Pack

Cream for your dry skin. Use it day and night to revitalize, moisturize, hydrate, and make your skin soft. A very good gift set that can be used for the whole body. The package includes:

  • 4 pack of Dove cream oil body lotion

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Dove Amplified Textures

3 beautiful bottle combines to give healthy, beautiful; and detangled hair. This gift set for women is made of coconut scent and it is sulfate-free and its leave-in conditioner is made with jojoba to lock and moisture your hair for a long time. The package includes:

  • Hydrating cleanse shampoo
  • Super slip detangling conditioner
  • Moisture lock leave-in conditioner

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Dove Hair and Skin Care Regimen Pack

2-in-1 gift set to care for your hair and skin. The body wash is made with cucumber and green tea to give nutrients to the skin and make it fresh. A combination of shampoo and conditioner makes your hair silky, shining, fresh and detangled easily. 48 hours of protection for your skin with our strong and odorless antiperspirant. The package includes:

  • Refreshing cucumber and green tea body wash
  • Advanced care antiperspirant deodorant
  • Daily moisture shampoo
  • Daily moisture conditioner

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Dove Elegant Beauty Duo Body Wash & Puff Gift Set

2 bottles of body wash made with shea butter and vanilla for smooth, soft, and moisturized skin. Ideal gift for women for any occasion. The package includes:

  • Elegant beauty duo body wash
  • luxury shower puff

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Dove Renewing Ritual Gift Set

Dove’s first-ever body wash pump bottle that is self-foaming and with its NutriumMoisture technology and combination of warm vanilla and shea butter will moisturize, replenish the nutrient and make it soft. Antiperspirant made with shea butter that protects your skin for 48 hours and dry shampoo that will give a healthy and beautiful hair. The package includes:

  • Fresh coconut dry shampoo
  • Instant foaming body wash
  • Advance care antiperspirant deodorant

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Dove Milk Swirls Vanilla Raspberry Creamsicle Bath Bombs

2 Bath bomb that is made with NutriumMoisture technology and comes with vanilla and raspberry scent. These bath bombs last longer than your normal ones so that you have longer comfort in the bath. The scent, color, and sulfate-free formula will give a better and healthier bathing environment. The package includes:

  • 2 milk swirls bath bomb

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Dove Go Active Dry Shampoo, Conditioner, and Sheets

A perfect gift set for people with dry hair. The combination of the 3 sets will make your hair look fresh and clean even without washing. The package includes:

  • Go active dry shampoo
  • Go active dry conditioner
  • Go active dry shampoo sheets

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Baby Dove Gift Set

Ideal gift set for baby shower. The product is free from parabens, dye, and phthalates to clean and protect your baby’s skin. Moisturize and give nutrients with baby lotion and bar and keep it moisturized for 24 hours with baby wipes. The package includes:

  • Baby Dove Tip-to-toe baby wash
  • Baby Dove lotion
  • Baby Dove bar
  • Baby Dove wipes

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Baby Dove + Nuby Splish Splash Bathtime Gift Set

Looking for a healthy and fun bath at the same time? Then this gift set will be perfect for baby showers. This set of baby wash, shampoo, and lotion will keep the baby’s skin soft, moisturized, and safe because it is free from phthalates, parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Babies will have a fun time with the stacking cup and hot safe bath duck. The package includes:

  • Hypoallergenic Tip-to-toe wash
  • Hypoallergenic lotion
  • Hypoallergenic sahmpoo
  • Nuby bath stacking cups
  • Hot safe bath duck

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Dove Exfoliating Body Polish

If you have dry and sensitive skin then this exfoliating body wash is suitable for you. Made with mango butter and crushed almond scent that will make your skin fresh, glowing, and smooth. This hypoallergenic product is safe for your skin and environment. The package includes:

  • 4 Dove exfoliating body polish

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Dove Mixed Body Wash Pack

This will be an ideal gift for any group of people due to the 4 type of body wash that is included. This mild non-sulfate and PH-balanced body wash will keep your skin healthy, soft, gentle, and moisturized. Made from recycled bottles and recommended as no 1 brand by dermatologists. The package includes:

  • Refreshing cucumber and green tea body wash
  • Deep moisture skin-natural nourishers body wash
  • Sensitive skin hypoallergenic body wash
  • Pampering shea butter and warm vanilla body wash

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Dove Nourishing Secrets Bath Salts

These sulfate-free and gentle-to-skin bath salts are made for everyone that needs a relaxing bath after a hard day of work. Made with nourishers that are natural and come with mango and almond scent to soothe your tired muscles and care for your smooth skin. The package includes:

  • Glowing care foaming bath salt

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Dove gift set
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