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Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

“She or He. Join us for a gender reveal party!”

You feel a sudden rush of excitement after seeing the paper with the colors pink and blue inside the envelope you got in the mail. Your friend will host a gender reveal party to announce the gender of her baby! Time flies so fast. You can still remember that day your friend announced her pregnancy.

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

You even cried after seeing how happy your friend was with the news. But worry suddenly takes over after thinking about what gift to bring. Do you pick a gift for the baby or for the parents? What should you buy? Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party? These questions start occupying your mind so you immediately open your phone and consult Google like how you usually do. Well, Google took you to the right website because this article will give answers to your questions.

Everything you need to know about gender reveals

Is it pink or blue? The climax of every gender reveals is to know the color of the balloons inside the box or the color of the confetti and the smoke shot from the popper. If it’s blue then the baby is a boy but if it’s pink then the baby is a girl.

Gender reveal parties are usually done in the second trimester (18 or 20 weeks) of pregnancy after the mother had her ultrasound. The parents will then ask the sonographer not to announce the gender to them but instead write it down on a small piece of paper and seal it in an envelope for a gender reveal party later. The host of the party can be the parents themselves announcing the gender of the baby to their families and friends. Sometimes the parents pick a gender guardian among their friends or family who will keep the secret and host a party to surprise them.

There are many ways to do a gender reveal. The most common is to reveal it with a sweet treat. Either a cake or a cupcake that is pink or blue on the inside but with a neutral-color frosting on the outside, either white for vanilla or brown for chocolate. The couple gets to cut the cake and the color inside of it will then tell them whether it’s a boy or a girl. Gender reveal can also be done with party poppers filled with colored pink or blue smoke and confetti. Colored smoke poppers can be ordered online or in physical stores. Balloons can also be used to reveal the gender of the baby. Couples buy either blue-colored balloons or pink ones and hide them inside a big box to be opened later for the climax of the gender reveal party. Others make us of silly strings and pinatas. Others get creative by splashing paints on a canvas or using paintballs. Others even get sporty by using baseball to gender reveal.

You can search for gender reveal videos on YouTube or Tiktok to give you ideas as to what usually happens during a gender reveal party. They usually have small audiences exclusive only for families but others go big-time inviting all of their friends to witness the gender reveal. You can find heartwarming gender reveal videos online that can make you really look forward to your friend’s gender reveal party.

Don’t be surprised when you arrived at the party and get welcomed with the question “Are you team pink or team blue?” because that only means that there will be a game between Team Pink and Team Blue before the gender reveal to make the party more fun and engaging. A game of guessing is possible when you are asked this question. If you believe the baby to be a girl then join Team Pink otherwise join Team Blue. After the gender is revealed the couple might give you a prize if you guessed the gender correctly. Gender reveal is just the highlight of the party, the host may have prepared some fun games too!

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?

Bringing a gift to a gender-reveal party is not required but gifts are always welcome and appreciated so you still might want to consider buying one especially if you want to help the mother in any way you can in her pregnancy.

Pregnancy is challenging for the mother especially if it’s her first baby. You can help her in small ways by showering her with gifts that can help her either to relax and enjoy her pregnancy or lessen her costs even in small amounts.

You bring a gift especially if the gender reveal party will be done along with the baby shower. Gifts are a must in baby showers so if that’s the case, then you really have to start thinking of a gift to give the parents-to-be like diapers or baby bath products. If the party doesn’t include a baby shower and just a gender reveal then you might want to save your gifts meant for the baby shower that will for sure come next to the gender reveal.

If you think bringing a gift would be too much for a gender reveal then you can just bring something to the party like some food or a bottle of wine or even a bouquet of flowers. Remember that a bottle of wine is enough and you don’t need to bring too much of it because you don’t want to get the expectant mother to get envious of the people around her having some wine when she can’t have some. You don’t want to ruin the mood of the mommy-to-be.

Do you buy a gift for the parents or for the baby?

You can either give a gift to the parents or the baby. Usually, gifts for pregnant women mostly benefit the baby in their wombs so you can go either way. Since you still don’t know the gender of the baby you might want to buy a gift for the pregnant mother instead for much easier choices. You can also get the daddy-to-be some gifts because they need some attention too.

What can you buy as a gift?

You’ve already decided to go for it, bring them gifts. But what exactly do you order online or buy at the store? What is something that they would appreciate? Something out of the box, creative, unique, and most importantly serves a purpose, specially made for pregnancy.

For the baby

If you still want to give a gift for the baby then feel free to do so but pick something that is gender-neutral.


If you want something practical you can opt to buy diapers and then when the baby shower comes give them more diapers because expectant parents can never have too many diapers.

Baby Clothes

You can search for some comfy and soft baby clothes but keep in mind to pick one that is neutral-colored, black, white, or gray.

Baby Grooming Items

Towels, wipes, baby nail clippers, wash clothes, are just some items you can look for. Include baby shampoo and body wash but research on the products first because babies have sensitive skins.


Look for a cute baby blanket online and for sure lots of results would come up. Pick one that is soft enough and make the baby warm and comfy as it wraps around their body.


You can never go wrong with onesies because they not only are adorable when worn but are comfortable too for the little ones.

For the mother

It is difficult to think of a perfect gift for the baby since the gender is still unknown so it is best to give gifts to the mother instead. A happy mommy makes the baby in the tummy happy as well.

Plush Robes

A plush robe can help the pregnant mother relax after a nice bath. A spa basket can also help them relax so you can get them that one too.


Most of the time pregnant women crave sweets. You can give them a box of chocolates for that. You probably have ideas as to what chocolates she usually looks for every time, buy that specific brand to melt her heart. But you must keep in mind that too many sweets are not healthy for the baby and the mommy. Buy only enough just to satisfy the craving.

Coffee Mugs or Tumblers

A mug is always the go-to gift because they suit every occasion. Order a personalized mug for your friend to make it thoughtful enough.


A book is a smart gift both for the mother and the baby. Reading can be a pastime for the mother and as the mother reads, the baby becomes engaged too. Studies support the idea that reading is good for pregnancy for it helps in early language development among babies.

Maternity Clothes

Pregnant women are always in search of comfortable clothing as their tummy grows bigger so you can search the store for some cute maternity clothing.

Soy Candles

Scented candles are not advisable for pregnant women because they release harmful chemicals. Soy chemicals are a much safer way for pregnant moms to de-stress because they don’t emit harmful chemicals as they burn.

Sweet-smelling Flowers

Pregnant women deserve to relax. You can buy them flowers like lavenders for some aromatherapy treatment.

Pregnancy Body Pillows

Pregnant women tend to have body pains frequently so they need some comfortable pillows to cuddle with.

Comfy Slippers

Nothing beats warm, soft, and comfy house slippers especially for pregnant women to ease some discomforts.

Maternity Bags

You can search for some tote bags or backpacks that can hold lots of items and is comfortable to carry around. One that is perfect for a hospital bag that would contain items to prepare for the baby’s due date.

Pregnancy Socks

Socks can make the mommy-to-be comfy as well. There are lots of cute socks to choose from online.

For the father

Let’s not forget the daddy-to-be because he is part of the picture too. He’s the one spending late nights to offer help in easing his wife’s pregnancy. They need attention and appreciation as well.

Coffee Mugs or Tumblers

This is probably the most perfect gift you could ever give expecting fathers because they will need lots of caffeine in the future, most especially after the mother gives birth to their child. Customize the mugs for a more thoughtful gift. Has it personalized by printing their names on it and the words “the best dad” or “soon to be a dad” for a heartwarming gift?

Carrying Packs

You can buy a gray-colored or black one for a neutral-colored carrying pack. You can also pick a cute one to make it adorable.

Dad T-Shirts

You can order a customized shirt or one that has cute prints on them. You can look for a papa bear shirt or a funny dad t-shirt online.

Spa Gift Cards

Don’t you think dads deserve some relaxation too? They can suffer from body pains as well in attending to the needs of their pregnant wives. Give them a gift of relaxation with spa gift cards.

What you need to remember

As they usually say, it’s the thought that counts. The fact that you spent time choosing the perfect gift to bring for the gender reveal party is enough for the couple to appreciate your gift. There are lots of shops out there which offer various items you could buy and serve as your gift to bring to the party. Don’t stress yourself too much with choosing gifts. Don’t be too hard on yourself. A simple gift is always welcome. The gender reveals party should make you excited and not stressed. You don’t want to make the couple feel bad as they accept your gift because the difficulty of choosing the gift shows too much in your face. Remember to flash that beautiful smile as you hand them the gift and participate actively in making the most memorable gender reveal party.

Do you bring a gift to a gender reveal party?
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