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Crinkle Paper ‚Äď Makes Your Gifts More Beautiful

There are various ways to use crinkle paper, and it is not just with wrapping gifts. It is the fastest way to make your gift look amazing.

You may use ribbons, sparkles, and more, but if the gift is not protected inside the box or not wrapped securely, it may not reach the recipient in one piece. Hence, it is a must to use products that will not just make your gift or your product look attractive and presentable but should be packed with the proper materials.

What is crinkle paper?

Most people use crinkle paper to protect the gifts inside a box or any container to guarantee they won’t break, crack, and form any damage. It is also used in shipping and packaging to protect the products during shipment. Although some companies use Styrofoam to ensure that the product will not move while in transit, most companies still use crinkle paper to keep figurines, statues, glasses, displays, and other products with their packaging to protect them from damage.

Crinkle Paper Filler for Gifts

Also, some people use crinkle paper to beautify their gift and make it look stunning. Sometimes, the gift or present you buy may not be as expensive, but presentation and gift wrapping mean you find the effort to make the gift lavish.

Crinkle paper, what paper you can use to produce it?

You can use any paper and turn it to crinkle paper. Most are shredded paper or even ripped paper that one can fold to get the crinkle effect. There are also devices to buy and make crinkle paper, a shredder, and a crinkle in one. It makes your gift wrapping impressive every time.

What is crinkle paper for gift bags, how do you create it?

You can cut paper into thin sizes, or if you have a paper trimmer, this will do as well. If you don’t cut each piece manually, a paper trimmer is the easiest way. You can then take them all together and fold them depending on the size that you like, and you will have crinkled paper. Some people crumple it up if they want to make it faster, and the outcome is still the same crinkled paper that you can use for your gift bags or place in boxes for your gifts.

One can also buy a paper crimper, place each paper you want to crimp inside the device then cut them thinly using the paper trimmer after. However, there are lesser crimps or crinkles on your paper as compared to having the cut papers folded or crumpled.

Can you put tissue paper in a shredder?

It is shreddable, but you can pile them up and smooth them first before placing them in the shredder. Fold them if you like them to fit inside the shredder slot. If you want to have more shredded pieces, you may not put compressed layers inside the device but place a couple of tissue paper with just the right thickness or properly flattened pieces.

A longer cut is also possible if you fold each tissue shorter, as it will give you longer shreds.

How do you use crinkle material?

They use crinkle paper for many products, which include

  • Packaging for baby toys or products
  • Fill up boxes with have breakable products
  • They use crinkle materials for shipment when fragile material‚Äôs safety is in question.
  • Used to fill gift baskets and make them presentable.
  • It can be placed in a clear vase as a decorative detail.

What do you mean by crinkle?

It is the denting or forming creases on the paper that is otherwise flat or has a smooth surface. Once it has crinkles, there is a crimp that appears on the material. It is commonly used in papers to create an accordion-like characteristic to the material.

Great for Pets and People

You may also find crinkle paper in animal shelters, mostly on animal beddings or for animals who have given birth and need extra cushion and heat for their litter. It may also pad a kitty litter providing more depth for the cat’s enjoyment.

Many people find crinkle paper useful. It is not only for arts and crafts, but it has a high impact in most industries today because of its contribution to the safety of the products. With its availability, there are more options for shipping and packing companies instead of having some select choices for product protection during shipment and delivery, like Styrofoam or wood as a safeguard.

The crinkle paper, due to its versatility, may also beautify and enhance an otherwise regular-looking gift, and with the various colors available for crinkle paper, selecting the right color to suit the theme you are going for won’t be difficult at all.

Can crinkle paper be recycled?

The other reason that crinkle papers are useful is that they are recyclable and eco-friendly since there are no chemicals or treatments used during their production. Some crinkle papers are even re-used paper that is just crimped and shredded or vice versa. After it is used for shipping products, the recipient can still utilize it, and they may even save it when they need to wrap gifts themselves.

Is crinkle paper eco-friendly?

It is a greener solution for most companies as it reduces carbon footprint, and it is considered an environmentally friendly method that is safe for shipping practices.

Crinkle papers are non-toxic to the environment and are compostable. Papers are from wood pulp and came from natural resources, since these are shredded papers, it is fast to break down and added to compost.

One other thing that you can do with crinkled paper to make it more useful after use is to turn it into mulch for your garden. The papers can quickly absorb moisture and help whatever is in the soil.

How much crinkle paper do I need?

You can get or make as much depending on how tight you need the packaging to be. You can make more to keep everything secured. Sometimes, to protect the items during shipping or delivery, you need to have more materials than less. What you can do is to prepare double of what you intend to place for the packaging or the gift, so you won’t have any trouble about finishing the preparation of the package since you have more of what you need.

Gift basket filler ideas?

Besides using crinkle paper as a filler, you may also use the following for your gift basket.

Use of Confetti

Confettis are metallic materials or shiny papers common during parades or celebrations. It is also the material used to express festivity and congratulate someone who has won a competition, received an award, and even present during the celebration of married couples. For a gift basket, confetti makes it appealing because it is shiny, colorful, and lustrous. Its addition turns the gift into an awesome piece and makes it stand out.

Easter Basket Grass

Raffia taken from palm trees fills the Easter basket. It is often added in ten creating Easter baskets instead of the material made out of plastic.

The plastic-based Easter grass is not recyclable which makes Raffia better for gift basket filler.

Colored Foam Balls

It is made of Styrofoam materials but cut and shaped into small pieces of balls. It is decorative and colorful, that is why it is not just used for crafts and art but also for packaging products and gift basket fillers. You can also see them as ornaments or decorative pieces for weddings and other outdoor parties.

Packing Straw

Natural Wheat Straw is also another option if you are looking for a gift basket filler. Packing straws are organic and eco-friendly products to support packaging and gift needs. It is not just for gift baskets but also mulch and a more comfortable pet bedding material.

Colorful Tissue Paper

You can purchase colorful tissue paper that you can use for the gift basket since it is affordable and attractive as decorative material for your gift. There are green, yellow, red, blue, white, and more colors to choose from. The tissue papers are also usable in wrapping gifts and not just as gift basket fillers.


It comes in various colors that can make your gift basket lovely. Pieces of cellophane are used to wrap the entire gift basket and to fill the gift basket to provide a highly attractive palette of colors.

Final thoughts

Crinkle papers were used for decades, not only in wrapping gifts but for many other purposes, packaging is one of them. Crinkle paper is different from simply shredded paper as crinkled paper offers more protection and security for each product.

It can protect the product from the impact because it fills the inside of the box and cushions the content. It is considered a cost-effective way in packaging and an amazing material to use in gift wrapping. The color varies, and there are different papers used in the manufacture of crinkle paper, and you can even make your own at home without the need to spend more.

Crinkle Paper ‚Äď Makes Your Gifts More Beautiful
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