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Christmas gift to an 8-year-old

Are you looking for a good Christmas present for an 8-year-old? Finding Christmas presents can become a little stressful.

What is a good Christmas present for 8-year-olds? When you are 8-years-old, it is still huge with Christmas and Christmas Eve. The wish list is incredibly long, and they rarely have a concept of the value of money. Here you will find my best tips on Christmas presents for 8-year-olds. When I buy Christmas presents for my children, I try to mix the gadgets with experiences, knowledge, exercise, and sweets.

What is a great Christmas gift to an 8-year-old?
What is a great Christmas gift to an 8-year-old?

On this page, I’ll share my best Christmas gift tips for 8-year-olds, both 8-year-old girls and 8-year-old boys. I think you will also find excellent Christmas presents to give away!

When I buy Christmas presents for my children, I try to not only give my candy and computer games. I like to provide them with Christmas gifts for movement, increased knowledge, and fun experiences too. But of course, all children love sweets.

Toys as a Christmas gift to an 8-year-old

Things that 8-year-olds wish for at Christmas are, for example, dinosaurs, princess gadgets, legos, race carts, radio-controlled cars, party games, flashlight, beautiful patches.


Dinosaurs tend to be interested in many 8-year-olds. So it’s probably a brilliant Christmas present. Dinosaurs are available as little figures, clothes sets where you can make your excavation and look for dinosaur skeletons, reference books, small dinosaurs to play with, dinosaur eggs that hatch, memory games, gingerbread shapes and much more. A fun and fashionable Christmas present only. 


Lego is a fantastic toy. The children learn to follow building drawings, but with lego, you can also work creatively and create something entirely their own. There are lots of kits to choose from. You will surely find something that fits. You also do not have to buy ready-made kits. There are packages of loose lego blocks to allow the child to create freely.

Construction toys

Cutting rods are narrow, long blocks that are stacked on top of one another towers. Almost like blocks, though for a little older child. Even Mechano is a toy 8-year-olds usually love.

Radio controlled cars and tracks

This is a real dream Christmas gift for many eight-year-olds. Radio-controlled cars and car lanes are, of course, in a variety of variations and price ranges. 

A radio-controlled car usually becomes a popular Christmas present among 8-year-olds

Games that an 8-year-old likes

A regular chess


Having your flashlight is cozy. You can wear it and both to sneak under the blanket and when you go on ghost hunting.

Flashlights with Disney Cars
An ordinary metal flashlight

More fun Christmas present for an 8-year-old

Interior as a Christmas gift to an 8-year-old

Yes, it is usually like to get interior for their room. It can, for example, be a beautiful poster, a lightbox, or a light trail. Why not have new lovely decorative pillows to have on the bed or a new beautiful bed set? A modern super Mario lamp or a cute alarm clock is also interior details that 8-year-olds wish.

Light loop to make a little cozy with the room

Educational Christmas presents

I try to turn toys and necessary gadgets into things that give knowledge. It can, for example, be books, the little electrician, chemistry box, Meccano, various IQ puzzles, ordinary puzzles, etc. There are also math-puzzle books that they like.

Science boxes

The little electrician, chemistry boxes and experimental boxes are gifts that 8-year-old really love to get.


(binoculars and a book about stars and planets).

Activity books

Puzzle book about space
Activity Book Dino World
Activity Book Dino World

Penns and stuff

Gadgets that make school and homework reading are also popular, such as pen cases that contain everything, ruler, eraser, and fine pens.¬†Why not a box of ‚Äúoffice equipment.‚ÄĚ


Give the 8-year-old a Christmas present where she or he gets a new leisure activity. Maybe a box of baked goods and a straightforward cookbook.


IQ puzzle ‚Äď metal parts to be dismantled without using force.
Wooden IQ puzzle

Leisure activities as a Christmas gift to an 8-year-old

Leisure activities tend to be good and appreciated Christmas presents. It can, for example, be membership in the football club, tennis club, or floor training for the coming year. Or an upcoming camp. Or more structured leisure activities such as membership in the handball club or one year of swim training.

Winter equipment

Winter equipment is an excellent Christmas present for an 8-year-old that makes him or her exercise. In addition to membership in e.g., tennis club or it can also be fun to get gear for less upgraded activities: ice skating, bathing house cards, gift cards at a playground, skis, or sledding. 

Skates 35-38
 skates size 31-34

Or you might find a new hobby for him. An interest he or she otherwise would not have had. It can be both arranged activities and not organized activities. fIt can be things like skateboarding, chess, or being interested in the 8-year-old for astronomy and stars. You can give the 8-year-old the equipment he or she needs to learn how to skateboard (board, helmet, and protection). Of course, it is all made more comfortable if you, as an adult, can accompany you to the skatepark and support and patch. 

If the 8-year-old in question is already full of supervised activities, you can buy toys that invite movement. Buy new skates, hockey pipes, bathhouse cards, gift cards on a playground, a new sled or ski for as a Christmas gift.

A Wii game with some sports or dance games invites you to activity. Watch out here, just because it is a Wii game, it does not automatically mean movement. It’s a mistake I made myself. But there are a lot of dance games and sports games that are fun. (both for kids and parents) It is also possible to find many used games and consoles as there have been so many new ones since the Wii first was launched. Since then, Nintendo switch has also come out with motion games

Wii Sports resort

Activities as a Christmas gift

We all feel good about moving, even 8-year-olds. Why not give away a year of movement. It can include membership in the tennis club, dance lessons, training camps, swimming school, gymnastics, air rifle shooting, or horseback riding. There is a lot to choose from!

Give the 8-year-old sweets as a Christmas gift

All children love sweets and sweets. It is a good thing to give away at Christmas. If you have several children, it is good to give them a special chocolate box at Christmas. There will be fewer fractions, and the chocolate will last longer when they do not have to compete with parents and siblings to eat fast to get something.

Or a box of back-stuff? Not all goodies need to be finished. Why not buy a Christmas gift bag for the 8-year-old? A nice baking bowl with matching lollipops and a reasonably difficult baking book is a fun Christmas present.

Planet cake kids

Christmas gift to an 8-year-old that likes crafting

If she or he likes to do crafts, there are ready-made crafting boxes. They contain lots of materials. Supplement it with empty picture frames where he or she can create his paintings. Furthermore, it is possible to vary and always have the latest piece hung in the picture frame. I have a painting wall where yes, I have started to hang up the whole family’s artwork.

Our family’s art: 

Luxury Christmas presents for an 8-year-old

8-year-olds like luxury and flair. Give him or her a luxury spa packet. Buy a beautiful basket that you fill with bath bombs, bath salts, bath towels, a luxurious towel, and some lovely soaps. You can find this in the grocery store. Or maybe she prefers a real foot spa.

8-year-old girls enjoy glitter and flirtation. An excellent tip here is to give them a gift card at any suitable store. Getting gift cards enters an exciting phenomenon. Then they become frugal, yes, almost stint, and buy only what they want. Is it mom or dad who will pay when you arrive at the checkout, the situation is entirely different. But with their gift card, it will only be well thought out purchases of things they want.

Stylish unicorn fabrics
Dog wallet
Glitter for the piece

All eight-year-olds want a mobile phone for Christmas

Preferably a new one, of course, but it is also possible to inherit one or buy used. When the 8-year-old has received a phone, they also wish for a beautiful mobile shell and money to purchase mobile games.

What do an 8-year-old like to read?

At the age of 8, Harry Potter, the √Ąlvb√∂kerna, some small-minded books, Guinness‚Äôs record book, and exciting reference books, for example.¬†About the pyramids of Egypt with lots of pictures.¬†Astrid Lindgren‚Äôs slightly thicker books can be excellent at this age.¬†E.g.,¬†Mio, my Mio, or Ronja Robber, daughter.

Books: Harry Potter, Guinea’s record book, Mio min Mio or Ronja Rövardotter. It is also usually exciting to read about the pyramids of Egypt. 

The Harry Potter books that are available are these. NOTE: they should be read in order. The books at the end, which are unnumbered, are standalone, but if you have not read the rest, you still have not much exchange of them, so start from the top down.

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
4 Harry Potter and the flaming cup
7 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter A magical story
2 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
5 Potter and the Phoenix Order 
The unofficial Harry Potter cookbook
3 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ‚Äď Parts 1 & 2
The film box with Harry Potter
The Brothers Lionheart
Ronja Rövardotter 
Book Mio my son

Christmas gifts for 8-year-olds

Getting clothes for Christmas when you are 8-years-old may seem a bit boring. But some clothes are very much appreciated. It is, for example, tops/sweaters with fine print for a girl. Socks with fine print is something girls use to like. 

Stockings in happy colors from Happy socks are a good Christmas present for an 8 year old

But this is an excellent way to end up being hurt. Of course, 8-year-old guys need clothes too. But if you are an 8-year-old guy, then it is not a good Christmas present! I know from my own experience that if you give guys too many socks, they crawl down and lie down under the table. I was not mainly popular that Christmas. So make sure he gets a lot of toys too, and that the plot has enough sense to distribute them, so it doesn’t just come stockings first! 

Maybe gift cards on clothes can be a good idea, so that he himself can join in and choose cool clothes. For girls, however, it is usually very appreciated if you buy clothes as gifts for them.

Christmas present for an 8-year-old guy

What do you give a Christmas gift to an 8-year-old guy? The wish list is usually very long. But what is a good Christmas present? They often want technology gadgets and a little cooler toys such as Lego and radio-controlled cars. Here you will find my best Christmas gift tips for 8-year-old boys and girls.

Guys of this age can have some area that they are VERY interested in, e.g., dinosaurs, Egypt, or similar. Is the guy you are looking for a Christmas gift to be involved in something special, is it obvious what you should buy books for, toys with or maybe there is some decor with his particular interest?

Did you find any really good tips here? Then try one of these pages for more ideas: 

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Christmas gift to an 8-year-old
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