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Christmas gift to a 5-year-old

Should you find a Christmas present for a 5-year-old, in that case you should get my best tips here.

So what exactly is a good Christmas present for a 5-year-old? A good Christmas present for a 5-year-old is a princess and spider clothing, flashlight, Bimsy village, guitar, lego and toys for playing in the snow. Good Christmas presents for a 5-year-old are also cuddly toys and crafting material. This presents that they enjoy getting a Christmas present.

What is a great gift to a 5-year-old
What is a great gift to a 5-year-old?

If you keep reading you should get more great Christmas gift tips for a 5-year-old!

What do a 5-year-old play with?

There are many fun toys to give a 5-year-old at Christmas. 5-year-olds play with a lot of things, of course, but they usually like to undress. Like a princess or a spiderman suit. Playing with Lego is also very common. They also enjoy getting fun or helpful gadgets like flashlights, toys for the bath, or a radio-controlled car. Here you have some toys that 5-year-olds love to play with.

Cars are usually included in the wish lists. So why not give away a radio-controlled car?
A private car lane usually ranks high on the 5-year-old’s wish list. Is it Lightning McQueen winning?
If you want to give the 5-year-old a nice Christmas present, this luminous car track is a good tip.
A Christmas present that the 5-year-old will play a lot with is a doll’s kitchen.
For the play kitchen, it is usually good to have pots. 
A small coffee table is also needed. Getting things for your own kitchen area things that 5-year-olds really enjoy playing with.
A 5-year-old is guaranteed to be happy to get a lot of food to cook.
There are also very sweet treats to give a 5 year old in Christmas present, such as this cute cake.
A cupcake filled with muffins is also a toy that 5-year-olds really like.
A package with many musical instruments is a Christmas present that the 5-year-old will love.
A future troubadour may need an acoustic guitar. A Christmas present that only a 5-year-old soul appreciates.
A drum is also a Christmas present that children love to receive. But parents are rarely as happy about that gift.
Lego is a Christmas present that 5-year-olds enjoy getting. They usually sit for hours and play with their lego buildings.
All 5-year-old girls are little princesses, and a princess needs a dress that is suitable for preschool. This is the dress!
Little boys would rather be Spiderman. Here, too, it is good to choose clothes that are good to wear to preschool to avoid huge conflicts every morning.
Your flashlight is a fun Christmas gift for a 5-year-old.
High up on many 5-year-olds wish list is a radio-controlled car
When you are going on an excursion with preschool, it is good to have a beautiful lunch box.
The make-up head is a fun Christmas gift to give a 5-year-old girl.
Walkie Talkies is a fun toy that 5-year-olds enjoy playing with.

Video games as a Christmas gift for a 5-year-old

When the child is 5-years-old, it is possible to introduce a little simpler video games. Nintendo Switch is an excellent console to buy as it does not have to be run on the TV, but you can play by holding it in your hand. For 5-year-olds, there are slightly easier games to choose from, such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario.

Nintendo Switch can be played both on the TV and as a handheld console.
Donkey Kong swims, swings forward, jumps, and surfs.
164 courses where Super Mario and Luigi are some of the characters.

Clothes to a 5-year-old

It is no problem giving 5-year-olds clothes at Christmas. But it should be FINE CLOTHES: princess dress, Spider-Man clothes, Frozen pajamas, panties with Frozen, underpants with Batman, or clothes with some beautiful figure on. 

When the 5-year-old girl has seen the movie Frozen, she MUST wear a light blue dress and sing in falsetto. Just as good to buy it at the same time as the movie.
A little guy has more natural to put on his clothes and get to preschool if it’s Spiderman on his clothes.
Even going to bed is much easier with cute Frozen pajamas. This is Elsa, one of the favorites.
A spiderman bag is a very nice Christmas present for a 5-year-old boy.
Spiderman hat and gloves are nice to have.

Interior as a Christmas gift for a 5-year-old

5-year-olds enjoy a beautiful room. They like to get some new decor, preferably bedding and decorative lamps. The bed set is fun to get! Preferably with Hello Kitty, Cars, Tinker Bell, or Spiderman, of course.

A bed set with a princess in a pink dress, a 5-year-old girl, will love to receive for Christmas.
For a boy, it is usually popular if you give bedding with Spiderman as a Christmas gift.
5-year-olds are usually very interested in dinosaurs, so why not have them in bed too?
A night lamp in the form of a snow globe is a lovely Christmas gift to give a 5-year-old girl.
Dinosaurs are something that fascinates all 5-year-olds. A dinosaur lamp is a beautiful decor to give to the room.
5-year-old girls love getting a lot of unicorn stuff in Christmas presents. A wall lamp is both stylish interiors and illuminates in the dark.
A good Christmas present that 5-year-olds wish is a disco lamp. They usually like to sing and dance to the disco.
If the child is a little dark, a night light is a perfect Christmas present.
A cute little unicorn as a night light is also a fun Christmas gift for a 5-year-old.
Children usually have many taxes. A beautiful shelf to collect all the treasures on is a perfect Christmas present for a 5-year-old.
A beautiful rug is good to have in the child’s room. It’s fun to have a car mat with roads to drive on.
Instead of wallpapering with a baby wallpaper, you can put wall decorations. When the child gets older, simply take them down again.
Space is also a popular theme for the children’s room. Wall decorations are a nice Christmas present to give a 5-year-old.
Dinosaurs are fascinating for 5-year-olds, so why not turn the room into a watch room?
Ceiling Fan with LED Light for Kids Bedroom

Toys to give a 5-year-old for Christmas

Teddy bears, all kids love teddy bears. There are many cute toys, and there are toys from every movie! There are large toys and small toys. Before the child turns 10, it is a significant risk that he or she also needs a double bed for storing them! ?

From the movie Frozen, the child will want Elsa and Anna the dolls.
From the movie Frozen, the child will want Elsa and Anna the dolls.
Snowman Olof comes from the movie Frost, and he is high on the wish list of a 5-year-old.
A cute rabbit that 5-year-olds usually enjoy.
Dumbo is the elephant in the classic Disney film with the same name.
A cute owl is an excellent toy to give 5-year-olds in Christmas presents.
These stuffed animals with big glittery eyes are very popular.
A giant unicorn is a great Christmas present for a 5-year-old.
Dinosaurs are something that 5-year-olds like.

Small things to give a 5-year-old for Christmas

There are many cute little things to give 5-year-olds in Christmas presents. Small dolls, Barbie, Lego, stuff for the dollhouse, cars, cats, houses, and little miniature worlds. 5-year-olds no longer eat things, and it should now be quite risky to give them small things.

Barbie is a fun toy to give 5-year-old girls. As they get older, they usually start designing clothes for her as well.
For the Barbie doll, it is fun to get some accessories such as a horse, for example.
It’s fun to have Barbie baking cupcakes.
Barbie wants to have somewhere to live, preferably a beautiful castle.
A lovely Christmas present for a 5-year-old girl is this package of little dolls and accessories from the movie Frozen.
Fun lego building a cupcake shop with seating both outdoors and indoors.
Duplo is usually a fun Christmas gift to give a 5-year-old. They can play with it for hours.

Educational gifts for Christmas

Books here can also be good with ‚Äúeasy-to-read‚ÄĚ novice books ‚Ķ soon they will be interested in reading and numbers.

Activity books

Activity books you paint, follow mazes and paste stickers in. There are also smart toys for 5-year-olds who are going out and traveling over Christmas. Here you will find a sticker book with animals. It is good to bring along the journey as you can remove the stickers and paste them again. There are many hours of activity for the 5-year-old.

Disney Frozen

Kids who love Elsa and Anna will enjoy having a frozen picture book of their own. This Official Frozen Storybook can be a great personalized gift for kids. Your kid will be in for unforgettable sing-a-long-songs, the wave of heroism and enchantment with this famous fairy tale of sisterhood. In this personalized Disney book, you will get stars alongside Kristoff, Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and the loveable reindeer Sven, reindeer. It is a fairy tale that celebrates sisterhood and love. This Disney Frozen is accessible in 8 inches x 11 inches hardcover and it is included with a child photo on the last page.

Read more and order

Educational games

Ordinary games are very educational toys for 5-year-olds. Take the game Ludo with a push, for example. Here the child learns to count and practice social cooperation.

This Fiaspel game I thought was really fun with its nice colors and real wood.
Hasbro Gaming Cootie Mixing and Matching Bug-Building Game 

Coloring books

Drawing and painting is something that 5-year-olds usually enjoy a lot. Here are some painting materials that may be good to have at home for creative 5-year-olds. It’s also good to have plain printer paper at home when the 5-year-old starts painting.

Coloring book with unicorns.
Coloring book with pens from the movie Despite Me.
Very common color crayons are good Christmas presents for 5-year-olds.
Watercolor is a Christmas present for 5-year-olds to be very happy about.
5‚Äďyear-olds love activity books with the cat Findus.
Crayons are fun to paint with for 5 year olds.
Ink pens are also good to have at home

Pearls are a great Christmas present for 5-year-olds

Pearls are great Christmas presents for a 5-year-old. It is fun to make beautiful pegboards and necklaces. It’s nice that beads have come in other forms nowadays.

Slightly larger plastic beads for pearl necklaces.
Beads for pearl plates are a great Christmas present for a 5-year-old.

Crafting material

Giving Christmas gifts to 5-year-olds is a good idea. They like to work long hours. There are pens, crafts, glitter glue, blocks, coloring books, beads.

Buy a crafting box with a little all kinds of toys that fit a 5-year-old.
Buy a crafting box with a little all kinds of toys that fit a 5-year-old.
Puzzle paper in fine paper is good to have at home for the 5-year-old.
Sequins are good to have when 5-year-olds are crafting.
Glitter glue is a fun gift for a 5-year-old to get.
Pens that 5-year-olds think are fun.
Stickers also tend to be a Christmas present that 5-year-olds like
Here you decorate and paint your piggy bank.
It’s nice to have fun with the 5-year-old on Christmas holidays and print your t-shirt.
Pens for glass and porcelain painting.

Play-doh and clay

It’s fun to bake with Play-Doh dough, and there are a variety of accessories. Cookie molds, cookie presses, etc. Play-doh clay is a perfect Christmas present for 5-year-olds and the other children in the family.

Play-Doh Builder Castle Kit Building
A starter package with play-doh clay is a lovely Christmas present that 5-year-olds like.
It is also fun to get a dough press in a Christmas present.
When the kids are baking, it is usually good to have some cake molds as well.
The 5-year-old who has a career as a dentist can just as well get a dental kit already.


Puzzling is something that 5-year-olds usually think is fun. Choose a subject that your child likes. Here are some who usually go home among 5-year-olds: dinosaurs, Disney princesses, and Paw Patrol. Between 40-100 pieces are usually difficult for 5-year-olds to complete.

Dinosaur puzzles are a great Christmas gift for 5-year-olds.
For the 5-year-old girl who thinks she is a princess, this puzzle fits well.
Puzzle with Paw-patrol.

Good books to give a 5-year-old

It is nice to read together with the 5-year-old at bedtime. Giving 5-year-old books in Christmas presents may not trigger standing ovations just when opened by Christmas presents. But they usually love this moment in the evening when you soothe them and to hear an excellent story.

Peter the Rabbit is an exiting story
Findus is a fun story about a little cat.

Movies to give a 5-year-old for Christmas

When the child comes home from preschool, it is cozy to relax for a while in front of the TV. After a hard day with lots of play and noise, it is fun to watch a movie. Good films to give a 5-year-old in Christmas present are, for example, Beauty and the Beast, Cars, Frozen, Peter Pan, and more.  A lovely fairytale treasure.

Vaiana is a great Disney movie about a brave teenage girl sailing away to save her people.
Belle is beautiful and intelligent; the beast captures her. She eventually learns to see the good in his heart.
Shrek 3, Fiona’s father dies, and Shrek is forced to assume the role of king. Life never seems to be the same again.
The Lion King is a classic Disney movie. When Simba is born, it is a big day in the lion kingdom. Simba will one day take over as king after his father.
Let the 5-year-old explore the country of Nowhere and meet Peter Pan, Lena, John and Mikael. A story about mermaids, magic and pirates.
Peter the Rabbit is a breathtaking story for a 5-year-old.

Fun toys to give a 5-year-old

When winter comes, 5-year-olds usually enjoy being out and playing in the snow. They typically like to go sledding, skiing, skating, and snow caving. Of course, it is the most fun when the parents are out playing. Winter toys are a great Christmas present for a 5-year-old. It can be e.g., sled, snow racer, skates, skis, or a mattress to ride on the sled hill.

A round saucer is fun to get in the ball for a 5-year-old.
A snow racer is also enjoyable to get, but it can be challenging to pull up the hill.
An inflatable flamingo sled is much more fun to ride.
An inflatable unicorn is very fun to carry with you to the sled hill.
Ice skating is a fun Christmas gift for a 5-year-old.
With a snowball maker, he or she becomes king in the neighborhood.


Regardless of the season, umbrellas are appreciated. They can be used both when it is raining and indoors when it is not raining.

Yellow umbrella with flowers

Give the 5-year-old an experience for Christmas!

It is also excellent to give the 5-year-old some experience and adventure as a Christmas gift. Give him or her a personalized gift card to go to the water park, visit a playground, a full day in the park, or sledding hill. Maybe, you can take him or her to the Cinema to see a movie? The advantage of giving an experience to a 5-year-old is that it is not piling on the toy mountain. It’s easy for the situation to become unsustainable at home, and parents have to spend far too much time picking toys. An adventure is more fun for both the 5-year-old and the parents.

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Christmas gift to a 5-year-old
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